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As Zekrom tumbles backwards from Reshiram's attack, Hiker Andy cheers that Black has succeeded. Janitor Geoffrey says it is still too early to rejoice, but agrees that Black gaining the competence to control Reshiram is certainly a major boost to their side. Doctor Logan states that as someone who has witnessed the boy's growth, he really feels moved, and Baker Chris strongly echoes his feelings as she sheds a tear of joy.

Patrat Showgirl Shoko remarks that they are close to reaching the Gymleaders now, and urges everyone to hold on. Giallo is surprised at how tough these ordinary trainers are, and Gorm could not understand how they managed to stand their grounds against their powerful Pokemon. Geoffrey points out that the reason is obvious, and Chris agrees that it is because every one of them has a strong desire to keep their companionship with their Pokemon.

Andy remarks that he has been working hard to collect Badges for the League this year, and although he has once again failed to complete his quest, he still came to watch the tournament, which was unfortunately tainted by the actions of Team Plasma. He declares that he will never give up on his dreams again, and no matter how many years it shall take, he will keep working towards his goal and aim to see it achieved. For that, it would greatly trouble him if the Gymleaders are no longer around, and it would extremely trouble him if the League cannot be commenced because of that. He states that not only Cottonee but all of his Pokemon share his dream, and they will surely feel troubled if they are forced to become 'liberated'.

Biker Jeremy fully agrees with what Andy says, and voices out his encouragement to Scraggy. Shoko and Riches Trish point out that despite their inadequacies as trainers, they still love their Pokemon and their Pokemon have clearly expressed their wish to remain with them. Logan remarks that at one point or another, they have all given up their dreams in order to 'grow up'. However, fateful encounters reawakened their abandoned dreams, and they have come to see that they can achieve many things with their Pokemon. Chris echoes Logan's words, and attributes her change to Black, whose unflinching desire to fulfill his dreams inspired not only herself but many others, and is no doubt the reason why they have all come to help him. That said, they will not allow Team Plasma to dogmatically justify 'Pokemon liberation', and shall strive until the end to win this battle.

Shoko tells Trish that it is time to try their combo, and gets her four Patrats ready. Trish calls forward her Heatmor, but is quickly surrounded by Seismitoad, Amoonguss and Mandibuzz. However, before they could do anything, Shoko's Patrats pull off an After You on Heatmor, which gives it priority to move. Heatmor promptly unleashes a Flame Burst, and while the attack primarily targets Amoonguss, the bursting flames also scorch at Mandibuzz and Seismitoad. With the opponents pushed aside or occupied, Shoko finally sees the chance to make her secret move. Her four Patrats adeptly sneak past the Seven Sages' Pokemon to reach where the Gymleaders are, and with their sharp fangs, quickly snap free the ropes that hold them immobile. Before the Seven Sages realize what is going on, they find themselves surrounded, on one end by the seven trainers, and on the other side, the now freed and angry Gymleaders.

Giallo and Rood refuse to believe that they have been outsmarted by inept commoners, and Jeremy fumes over their statement, although he has to secretly consult Logan on the exact meaning of 'inept'. Lenora mocks that the Sages are showing their ugly sides more and more, and Burgh sighs that it is utterly ungraceful. Clay laughs that he doesn't really care and says the only important thing is that he can finally exercise his muscles now after being held captive for so long. Without further delay, he orders a Drill Run, and his Excadrill instantly drills itself towards Zweilous, Lampent and Scolipede. The other Gymleaders follow suit, and while Burgh commands a Struggle Bug from Leavanny, Elesa gets Zebstrika to use Wild Charge, and Skyla calls for a Hurricane from Swana.

High up in the sky, Black watches as Zekrom continues to tumble, but the black dragon eventually manages to halt its fall. It spreads its pitch black wings and begins to fly off, and Black quickly gives chase on Reshiram. However, his path is intercepted by Shauntal, Caitlin and Marshal, who are speeding towards another direction on Golurk. Reshiram manages to stop its flight in time just before they collide, but its sudden halt throws Black off its back, and the boy crashes onto Golurk, landing right of top of Marshal while Caitlin and Shauntal ease out of the way. Marshal gets slightly annoyed and wants to know what Black is doing, but Black protests and says he is about to ask the same question. Marshal explains that in the middle of their battle with Landorus, Thundurus and Tornadus, the three legendary Pokemon suddenly vanished, which is why they are flying around trying to seek them out.

Caitlin asks about Black's Munna, which she believes should have become a Musharna by now, and wants to know if it returned to him safely. Black is surprised by her query, and Shauntal explains that when they were getting ready for the Elite 4 battles, they found the pink little Pokemon wandering around at the perimeters of the League. Caitlin, with her psychic powers, realized right away that something was bothering it, and she learnt that it wished to return to Black but had its concerns. It turns out that the reason why it left Black was because it wanted to equip itself with greater power, and Caitlin understood that what it needed was an evolution, which is why she gave it a Moon Stone to let it evolve. Black is shocked by the revelation, and Caitlin goes on to say that N and Zekrom whom he is chasing after are currently inside the Castle. With the help of Gothitelle's powers, she pinpoints the exact location to the boy, which is main ceremony hall of the building.

Meanwhile, inside a chamber on the Castle's fourth floor, White slowly wakes up and finds herself in a colorfully decorated room filled with toys and accessories. She is greeted by two young women, who introduced themselves as Anthea and Concordia, and they reveal that she is currently in N's room. The mentioning of N causes White to bolt up immediately, and she quickly sends out Amanda to guard herself. Anthea and Concordia assure White that they mean no harm, and clarify that the Hoodman is the one who left her there, though for what reason they could not really tell. Perhaps, the man had something in mind, but they were not made aware of it.

Just then, White spots a familiar silhouette in the corner, and gets astonished when she sees that it is Gigi. Anthea and Concordia explain that before N set out to his final battle, he released all the Pokemon that have kept him company so far, including Tympole, Gurdurr, Archeops, Darmanitan, Zorua and this female Tepig. However, the little Tepig came back on its own to the Castle afterwards, and stayed inside this room.

White looks around the place, and has slight trouble believing that it is really N's room. She wants to know who Anthea and Concordia are, and the two reveal that they are N's close companions who take care of him. The truth is, N was brought up with Pokemon that were betrayed, mistreated and hurt by people, and he never took a step out of this room before he was crowned King. Since he was a child, N possessed the special ability to hear the voices of Pokemon. Yet this special skill upset others and only brought him rejection and hatred. People called him a freak, and isolated him from society. One day, Ghetsis took N in as his own son, and began bombarding him with voices of Pokemon who were abused and exploited, day after day, year after year.

White trembles with shock and heartache as she listens to Anthea and Concordia's words, and tears start to well up and flow from her eyes. The goddesses share a nod with each other, and further reveal to White that when N was releasing his Pokemon, he told this female Tepig that it should decide for itself whether it wishes to pursue the path of battling or return to the path of acting. N also mentioned to all of his Pokemon that, if they should ever encounter humans whom they wish to stay with, it would be perfectly alright for them to do so.

At the ceremony hall of N's Castle, Black and Reshiram break in from the wall behind the throne, and find Zekrom and N waiting for them inside. The two dragons quickly engage in combat again, and while Black aggressively attacks, N keeps his usual calm demeanor, and gracefully passes on commands to Zekrom by waving his arms in his signature way, almost as if he is directing an orchestra.

In N's room, White finds it hard to believe that what Anthea and Concordia just said really came out of N's mouth, especially the part about how he told his Pokemon to stay with humans if they wish to. The goddesses explain that due to Ghetsis's teachings, N developed a strong distrust for humans in his heart, and thus bestowed upon himself the mission to liberate all Pokemon from humans. Before his coronation, he held firm to this belief and never wavered. However, after he became King and ventured out to the outside world, he finally saw the 'Truth' following his encounter with the trainer named Black. The way this trainer interacted with his Pokemon baffled N, and he deemed it as an unsolvable equation. Yet the truth was, it was a readily solvable equation, but N did not want the solution and refused to accept the solution. To certain extent, he refused to attempt to solve it. The way Black stayed true to his own feelings shook N's belief, and this virtue made N want to linger around this human and even follow his footsteps, inadvertently causing their paths to cross over and over again.

Back at the League's central pedestal, the Gymleaders and the seven trainers have gained the upperhand against the Team Plasma Grunts with their collaboration. However, Shoko and Andy soon discover that the Seven Sages have vanished. Jeremy rams two Plasma Grunts into one another, and gets frustrated that the Sages have used their Grunts to distract them and taken the chance to flee. Indeed, Ghetsis has secretly snuck back into the Castle, and wears a grin on his face as he walks down the corridor.

Meanwhile, Grimsley and his Bisharp are still chasing after the Hoodman, who is speeding away on his Klinklang. The Hoodman orders a Shift Gear to raise its Klinklang's speed and attack, and follows up with a Gear Grind. Klinklang fires off a barrage of minigears out, but both Grimsley and Bisharp adeptly evade them. Bisharp then takes the chance to deliver a slash on the minigear which is part of Klinklang's body, which stuns and disables it.

The Hoodman states that Grimsley seems remarkably different from what is said about him, and recalls that he is depicted as someone who tends to stay out of other people's business so as not to get into unnecessary trouble. Yet, it appears that Grimsley is quite the heroic type after all. Grimsley grins that what Hoodman heard was not incorrect, but unfortunately a certain reason made it unable for him to remain silent and must take action. The Hoodman is interested to know what it is, and Grimsley revealed that when Team Plasma secretly built their Castle underground, they caused subtle rumblings which have more than once threw the cards and roulettes off balance on his table in his chamber. As a gambling freak, he finds this extremely annoying, and believes that there are no better reasons to act out than this. The dark Pokemon master thinks it is time to unveil the Hoodman's heavy disguise, and orders Bisharp to slash his robe apart. However, something pops out from a Pokeball underneath the Hoodman, and speeds him off before Bisharp's attack lands.

Grimsley gasps in astonishment at the Hoodman's sudden gain in agility, and is genuinely shocked since it was purely due to speed and not enhanced by moves like Teleport. All this time, the Hoodman has been flying himself around on a Klinklang, but during the split second when the man made his escape, he has clearly sent out another mysterious flying-saucer-like creature with a pair of gleaming eyes which moved with a speed that is not matched by too many things. Feeling unnerved, Grimsley thinks hard to recall if he has ever seen or heard of something like that before, and his mind boggles at what it could be.

Inside N's room, Gigi uses the toy plane as a stepping stone to gain access to the skateboard, which it uses to spin in circles before hurling itself into the air and through the basketball loop, finally landing gracefully in the center of the room. Anthea and Concordia applaud at its cute and skillful performance, and White realizes that Gigi has decided to resume her career in the show business. She grins that it now belongs to N however, which is why it will have to join the BW Agency as a client this time around. Gigi nods in agreement with a big smile on its face, and White believes that they should now head to where Black and N are.

Back at the ceremony hall, Zekrom delivers a smack on Reshiram's face, and causes it to cringe in pain. Black is surprised that the black dragon is still capable of making such powerful hits in its current state, and tells Reshiram to give it the finishing blow. However, another Zekrom suddenly materializes next to the original one, and Black gasps in shock that there are two Zekroms. N appears to be astonished as well, and with a confused look, starts to question why. The real Zekrom shoots a pensive look towards the other Zekrom, and Black wastes no time in ordering a Dragon Pulse from Reshiram, which hits the real Zekrom directly and finally knocks it down along with N.

The fake Zekrom jumps in horror, and as it makes its way towards N, reveals itself to be no other than the genius of disguise, Zorua. The legendary black dragon lays motionless on the ground, and N questions why Zorua has come back after he set it free. Black believes that it has simply made a decision on something which N told it, and N, after connecting with Zorua's thoughts, understands what is going on.

Apparently, Zorua has chosen to stay with N as his Pokemon, which is why it has returned despite its release. N lets out a sigh, and says it was really too rash and impulsive to attempt a Zekrom disguise. The young man picks Zorua up into his arms, and the little fox bursts into tears of joy as it snuggles up against him…

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522: Zekrom VS Reshiram III

Volume 51