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After reuniting with White, Black looks down into the stadium arena, and sees the confused and unsettled looks of the Team Plasma Grunts below. He believes that they are the ones who really need liberation, and gets ready to descend back to ground level. However, a voice tells him to wait, and Black turns around to see that N has regained consciousness. He gets pensive again when N starts to get up, and shields himself in front of White. However, N simply acknowledges Gigi's presence, and White, assuring Black not to worry, explains that she found it inside his room where the Hoodman sent her to.

N wonders if White has already learnt of Gigi's true aspirations, and White replies that she has. Having tried battles, Gigi has decided to go back to showbiz, but regardless of her choice, the most important thing is that Gigi made it itself. White attributes this to N, and says it is thanks to him that she finally hears the voice of Gigi.

N finds it amusing that he could have this conversation with Black and White, and on a deeper thought, thinks it might have been what he always wanted to do. White feels slightly moved, and Black, although silent at first, soon decides to let his guard down and confesses that he has always wanted to have an honest chat with N as well. He recalls their encounter in Accumula, during which Musha ate N's dreams and showed him, and remembers the peaceful image he saw of N gently falling asleep with his Zorua and Darmanitan. Back then, he knew that N is a good person. No matter how antagonistic their situation became afterwards, he knew that N is a good person who always prioritizes the happiness of Pokemon, which is a 'Truth' that no one can deny.

N straightens himself up, and tells Black that since their battle in Accumula, his beliefs have been challenged. He confesses that the more he journeyed, the more they wavered. In order to test whether the things he believes in is correct, he longed for a battle with Black, which was why he wished that Black would become a hero just like himself to meet him in combat. Now, he realizes that his understanding of Pokemon is no match compared with that of Black, since Black has had so many encounters with Pokemon and is constantly surrounded by what he calls his companions. N hopes that Black would give him a chance, and allow him to decide on his own path from now on.

With that, the young man bids farewell to Black, and begins to take off on Zekrom. Startled, both Black and Zorua begin to chase after him, but the young man disappears into the horizon while everyone at the scene watches, including the Gymleaders, Elite 4, the seven trainers who assisted Black, an even Ghetsis, who witnesses the departure of N through the gap between the rocks that trap him.

At that moment, Reshiram lets out a howl, and White wonders what is going on. Black believes that with its counterpart Zekrom gone, Reshiram probably feels like part of itself is missing. Suddenly, a field of energy appears around Reshiram, and to the shock of Black and White, the field is starting to draw things into the white dragon. White quickly picks up Gigi, and Black soon recognizes this familiar feeling, which he previously experienced when Reshiram was transforming into its true form from the Light Stone. However, while the sensation was of liberation before, the current vibe appears to be that of retraction. Black thinks that Reshiram is turning back into its stone form for some reason following its clash with Zekrom, and hurriedly ushers White to take shelter before they get sucked in during the process as well.

Ghetsis giggles that Black just described a lovely scenario to him, and says he would very much like it if Black really gets sucked in and become part of the stone. White becomes anxious upon hearing that, but Black tells her not to worry as Ghetsis is trapped as there is nothing that he could do. The boy peeks through the gap between the rocks, and mocks that Ghetsis must be feeling frustrated inside. However, contrary to his belief, Ghetsis is actually elated, and the Team Plasma Sage finds it amusing that the way to bury the hero who thwarted his plan is provided to him by no other than the hero himself.

In the next instant, Black is levitated from his position and to his shock, thrown against Reshiram's chest. White cries out in horror, and Black demands to know what Ghetsis has done. The Plasma Sage materializes outside the rock barrier, and Black sees that he is now accompanied by a Beheeyem, who probably used Teleport to free the man. Ghetsis grins that he has good comrades to help him, and says he would probably find things unfair too as if he is Black. However, he wishes that they would never meet again, and addresses Black as the hero of 'Truth' as he bids him goodbye. Beheeyem wields its psychic powers once more, and in a flash of light, both Ghetsis and Beheeyem disappear from the scene.

White tries to head over to Black, but Black warns her not to get too close or she may get drawn in as well. At that moment, Reshiram has started to fold in its wings, and begin to glow as it retracts. The suction force becomes so strong that Black knows he can no longer escape. White tells Black not to worry, and attempts to go get help from others. However, Black stops her, and decides to say what's on his mind before it is too late. He remarks that he has not broken his promise, and White wonders what he is talking about. Black reminds her of the pact they made back in Castelia, something about his Pokemon League challenge, and starts unbuttoning his jacket. He reveals a vest underneath which has the BW Agency's logo on it, and White instantly remembers how she demanded Black advertise her company in exchange for her financial support back then.

White is moved that Black actually remembers this, and Black states that according to his research, when a contestant claims championship at the Tournament and is about to take on the Elite 4, all the cameras would focus on him. Knowing that, he has planned to take off his jacket to showcase the BW Agency logo when he makes that achievement. He would recite the company's advertising line, and emphasize on their specialty in providing talents for dramas, movies, commercials, and plays.

Black wears a bitter smile and hopes that such an act would make White happy. As the light surrounding Reshiram glows even stronger, the white dragon begins to revert back into its stone form. Black wants to know whether his work has already paid off the sum he owes White for the damaged equipment in Accumula, but before he could finish his line, his voice fades out as he is turned into the Light Stone along with Reshiram.

White trembles with disbelief as she makes her way over to the Light Stone. She tries to say that Black has paid off his debts already and reaches for the Light Stone. However, the stone suddenly takes off into the sky, and White lets out a desperate cry as she helplessly watches it fly away.

Meanwhile, the Hoodman is hovering on his mysterious UFO-like creature outside the castle walls that have encased the Pokemon League. The Beheeyem he lent Ghetsis to help him escape has returned to his side, and the man gazes upon N's towering Castle as he continues his conversation over the Xtransceiver with Ghetsis. The Hoodman remarks that the League Tournament has been extremely interesting and fulfilling, and attributes it to Ghetsis, whom he addresses as his good comrade.

Ghetsis says it is not necessary to thank him, and points out that the Hoodman has helped Team Plasma speed up the fulfillment of their 'Ideals' after all. The Hoodman understands that the Sage is referring to the memory manipulation issue, and recalls how he used Beheeyem to kick start Team Plasma's 'Pokemon liberation' campaign. The truth is, Beheeyem tampered with the minds of a certain amount of people in the beginning, and made them release their Pokemon as if they agreed with Team Plasma's 'Ideals'. Subsequently, those who lacked confidence and had weak bonds with their Pokemon became influenced, and started liberating their Pokemon on free will.

Ghetsis hopes that they will have more chances to work together in the future, and the Hoodman states that he would love to, as long as it doesn't compromise his research work. On a deeper thought, he believes that his research work would actually have greater chances to be put to good use, since it deals with bringing out the maximum hidden potential in a Pokemon. With that, he takes off his mask and hood, and reveals himself to be Colress, a blonde Scientist with glasses who wears a piece of blue hair extension that curls backwards from his front hairline.

Back inside the Castle, a group of Team Plasma Grunts who have managed to stay hidden are getting ready to flee. One young member, a 10-year-old girl, asks her mother if they really can't take the Pokemon with them, and says they were all liberated from evil humans and are all important friends of lord N. Her mother replies that they are not allowed to, but they are interrupted by Anthea and Concordia, whom they address as the goddesses. Anthea and Concordia thank the girl for taking care of the Pokemon all this time, and want to know which of them she is most acquainted with. The girl quickly points towards a Foongus in the group, and Anthea tells her to take it with her in that case. Concordia also hands her a pendant, and the girls lets out a gasp when she sees that it bears the photo of her lord N.

And so, the small group of Team Plasma Grunts packs up their belongings, and embarks on their journey in the dark. Lucky for them, they have stars in the night sky to guide their way tonight, which makes up the constellation of the Bouffalent…

--Fin. The Tenth Chapter--

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

524: Zekrom VS Reshiram V

Volume 51