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At the Valley Windworks, the group comes face to face with a floating mirror in the middle of the room which is apparently responsible for creating the abnormally strong winds outside. Pearl gasps that it is the bronze Pokemon, Bronzor, and says it is of the dual psychic and steel type. Without warning, the creature unleashes a globe of energy towards them, and Pearl recognizes it as a Gyro Ball. Everyone hurriedly jumps out of the way, and manages to narrowly evade the attack which explodes with a bang on the ground.

Pearl states that a wild Pokemon will not target its foes with such accuracy, and says the Bronzor must be commanded by a trainer. Lady Berlitz wonders if the little girl's father might be held captive by the same person, and Pearl believes that it is highly possible. Obviously, someone is ambushing the windmill-driven power plant with evil intentions, and they must find a way to stop it. But the first thing they need to do is locate the little girl's father, the manager of the Valley Windworks.

The little girl rides on Lady Berlitz's Ponyta and leads the group to where the maintenance room is, and they soon find her father sitting in front of the control panel with a Zubat hovering over his shoulders menacingly. The man wears a look of fright and trembles with fear as he is pressured to unlock the security system that safeguards the power generators of the whole place.

The little girl quickly calls out to her father and tries to dash over to him, but a voice suddenly echoes in the room and warns the young trainers to stay where they are. Zubat swiftly positions its wing blade around the neck of the poor guy, and the silhouette of a woman soon materializes outside the glass windows, together with the Bronzor that attacked the group earlier. The woman threatens to rip the man's body apart this time like she did with the white coat if he attempts another escape, and Pearl hollers that she is the culprit behind everything.

Dia sees that the woman is hardly struggling with her stance despite standing amid the strong winds outside the power plant, and exclaims at her extraordinary balance, causing Pearl to cringe and sweatdrop. The woman notices the Drifloon Dia is carrying in his arms, and realizes that the Valley Windworks's manager has sent the pathetic Pokemon off to call for help. She smirks that she has no choice but to punish him, and Zubat instantly gaps its mouth wide to show its gleaming fangs.

Fortunately, Pearl reacts just in time to send Chimlord forward, and the Chimchar hurls off an Ember to knock Zubat away before its bite makes contact. The group rushes up to rescue the little girl's father, and the woman snickers that the presence of intruders only makes her theft of Valley Windworks's electric storage much more interesting. Dia gasps in disbelief that she is there to steal electricity, and the woman giggles that the power plant generates ample amount of electric energy daily from the forces of natural winds, and it would be a waste not to claim such a rich resource.

Dia demands to know why she had to torture the little girl's father, but the woman simply laughs, and says it feels interesting to her. Dia refutes that it is not interesting at all, and the woman wonders what he considers interesting in that case. To everyone's shock, Dia hops over to Pearl with an excited look, and says they should show her their Manzai act, causing every face in the group to cringe with bewilderment. Pearl cries in disbelief that it doesn't seem to be the right time for such things, but Dia insists and takes the active role to start the verse this time.

Dia: Speaking of Pokemooon~!
Pearl: (nervous) Speaking of Pokemon, we do battles sometimes.
Dia: Battles sometimes~
Pearl: You may be inflicted by status conditions in a battle, which is a very bad thing.
Woman: (ponders) Indeed, those are really troublesome. The battle won't go the way you want if that happens.
Pearl: (still nervous) Poison, Burnt, Frozen, Sleep...
Dia: On top of that we also have Confused.
Pearl: Also have Confuuused~ Wait a second, there is still another famous status condition.
Dia: Is there?
Woman: (thinks hard)
Pearl: There is. The Pokemon's body will become stunned, and...
Dia: Um...
Woman: (grins) I KNOW!! PARALYZE!!
Pearl, Dia: (shocked)
Dia: (upset) Ho... how could she interrupt meee~~!! I was about to say 'My brain must have been paralyzed to forget the status conditon Paralyze'!!
Pearl: Let it go, Dia!! The opponent is a villain!!
Woman: (laughs hysterically) Ahahaha iiinteresting!! It's really interesting!!

However, in the next instant, the woman suddenly changes to a cold expression, and demands to know what exactly Manzai is. The boys sweatdrop at her rapid mood swings, and are left momentarily speechless by it. The woman then states that she has had enough of it, and says she shouldn't waste more time. With that, she slides the glass window open, and the strong winds immediately start whipping into the room.

Dia and Pearl hold up their arms to shield their faces, but soon notice that the wind is bringing in sand at the same time. The woman giggles that it is her Bronzor's Sandstorm attack, which as the name implies, creates a storm of sand. While it was initially intended to speed up the spins of the windmills only, it seems to work nicely as a means to toy with her intruders as well.

Sand soon fills up the maintenance room, and starts gushing into other parts of the power plant, taking everyone along. The little girl gets separated from her father, and Ponyta quickly grabs her by the collar with its mouth. Dia and Beh are caught spinning in circles in the running sand, and the boy yelps that he is trapped and unable to move. Seeing how quickly the sand storm is rushing in, Lady Berlitz cries that they will soon be buried completely, but Pearl assures her that it will be all right, and orders everybody to stay hand in hand with each other. He states that since the building's front door is open, they will get washed outside eventually.

A few moments later, the flood of sand throws the group out of the power plant through the front door as Pearl predicted, and everyone pants to catch their breath and cough out the sand from their mouths. However, the little girl soon notices that her father and Dia, whom she addresses as the big appetite guy, are both missing. Pearl hurriedly digs through the sand beneath them, and puts on a worried look when he sees that Beh and Roo are not with them either.

Staring at the Valley Windworks in horror, Pearl realizes that they must still be trapped within the now sand-filled power plant. He begins calling out for Dia at the top of his voice, but it is clearly of no use. Lady Berlitz wonders if it will work if they crack open all the windows to let the sand out, but Pearl grits his teeth in frustration, and mourns that while it is theoretically possible, their four remaining Pokemon will need a considerable amount of time to free all the windows in such a humongous building, which will no doubt exceed Dia and the manager's capacity to tolerate.

Pearl thinks hard to come up with another solution, and wonders how he can shorten the time to clear the sand. Lady Berlitz remarks that it might help if they could locate their exact position, and target only at the windows in that room.

Just then, the little girl hears a familiar buzz, and recognizes it as the sound generated by the flapping wings of Combees when they fly. She finds it odd that they should come to this area of town since there are no flower fields, and Pearl suddenly bolts with realization. He quickly beckons Lady Berlitz and the little girl to follow the source of the buzz, and soon find a swarm of Combees hovering next to one of the power plant's windows, the very one which Dia, Beh, Roo, the manager and Drifloon are flattened against by the full room of sand.

Lady Berlitz couldn't understand how the Combees' presence gave Pearl the clue, and Pearl explains that before they came to the power plant, Dia and his Pokemon rammed down a tree and got themselves soaked with Sweet Honey all over. Combees are highly attracted to the aroma of Sweet Honey, and when the little girl said the tiny bee Pokemon don't usually visit that area, he instantly guessed that it was the lingering scent on Dia, Beh and Roo's bodies that drew them there.

Pearl grins that Dia's big appetite has ended up saving his life, and quickly sends Chimlord to their rescue. The little monkey adeptly scales up the walls to reach the window, and generates a ring of fire to burn a circular plate off the glass. Sand immediately rushes out through the opening, washing the trapped ones out of the building. The little girl happily throws herself against her father who is starting to regain consciousness, and Pearl feels grateful that everyone is now safe.

In that instant, the hear the voice of the silhouetted woman again, who seems amused that they have all managed to escape. Pearl and Lady Berlitz turn around and see the woman standing at the doorway of one of the windmills, and she giggles that they have truly made her mission interesting. She holds up the Pokeball of an Electivire to announce that she has already charged the Pokemon up with all the electricity she planned to steal, and says it is time for her to leave.

With that, she hops into the cabin at the base of the windmill, and calls out her Purugly to slash the whole structure off the ground. The windmill begins to go airbourne like a helicopter as Bronzor keeps its flaps spinning, and the woman grins that she hopes to hear their Manzai again some day, which she thinks is really interesting.

After the windmill gets out of sight, the Valley Windworks's manager puts his arms around his little daughter, and sincerely thanks the young trainers for their help. He blames himself for not being able to see the face of his attacker at the end, but Pearl comforts him, and remarks that they didn't manage to do so either. The manager notices that Dia still hasn't come around, and wonders if he is all right. Pearl grins that he is simply asleep, and the manager confesses that he was honestly taken by surprise when the boy suddenly decided to perform Manzai in front of the enemy.

Pearl glances at Dia with a knowing smile, and explains that it is his special way to talk people into things. Be it thieves or bullies, Dia has always used a fun and hilarious way to voice out his disagreement to their actions. Somehow, such kind of soft persuasion usually makes it easier for those people to accept.

The little girl crouches next to Dia, and giggles that the big appetite guy really has a gentle heart. Pearl agrees, and remarks that although he has been with Dia since they were little, he has never seen him break out in a rage ever. He then puts on a proud grin for his childhood companion, and says there are no sharp edges to Dia's smooth mind, an ultimate smoothness without a doubt. Behind him, Lady Berlitz feels touched once again by their strong friendship, and puts on a gentle smile...

(Original Japanese Jokes)

  1. In Dia and Pearl's Manzai verse that plays on status conditions, they deliberately misses out 'Mahi' (paralyze), and Dia plans to make a sentence that ends with 'Mahirimashita', an outdated phrase which is often added after verbs to stress on the time sequence of actions. The 'pun' is on the 'Mahi' part within 'Mahirimashita'.

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344: VS Bronzor

Volume 30