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At the southern gates of the Cycling Road, the man with blue spiky hair takes out a Pokeball, and calls out a Honchkrow from it. At that moment, a reception lady who has a Budew sitting on her head calls after the man, and rushes over with a package in her hands. She explains that the package has been reserved for him there at the southern gate, and says she has actually been trying to get his attention when he was passing through just then, but the man seemed caught up in his own thought and didn't hear her.

The reception lady puts on a grin, and apologizes for delivering the package at such an awkward place. She then takes out a ball pen for the man to sign the receipt, but the man states that to leave one's name behind is equivalent to leaving one's own body behind, which is something that must not be taken lightly. He pulls out a quill pen which he claims to carry with him all the time for such an important task, and proceeds to sign the name Cyrus on the piece of paper. Watching from aside, the reception lady feels a natural intimidation and lunacy exuding from the man, who is wearing a black astronaut-like suit with a yellow G on his chest, and trembles a little with her Budew.

Meanwhile, Dia, Pearl, Lady Berlitz and their Pokemon are taking a rest at the traveller's common room within southern gate building. However, the group is apparently not too welcomed, as everyone else holds their nose in disgust and stays as distant from them as possible. Some even turn around to leave instantly upon entry, and the remaining few in the room stick their heads out of the windows to breathe the air outside.

Dia puts another handful of popcorns into his mouth, and remarks that they must stink really bad to be driving people away like this. Lady also takes a sip of her soda, and puts on a slightly embarrassed look as she nods in agreement. Dia grins that he can't seem to detect his own stench though, and Pearl hollers that he has already made himself a triple troubler of smell, first the honey, then the gas, and now the noxious fluid of Stunky.

Just then, a receptor lady accompanied by her Happiny approaches the trio, is apparently struggling to breathe through her mouth as she starts to speak. She explains that they have a natural hotsprings with a bathhouse in their gate building, where swimwear will be provided, and invites the three to come with her and try out their facilities.

Pearl sweatdrops that the lady is just using a polite way to force them into washing, while Dia sees that her nose has literally bent due to their stink. For Lady Berlitz, the thing that caught her attention was the hotsprings, and without hesitation, she accepts the offer and adds that she also hopes for a back scrub and a massage afterwards, causing the reception lady to bolt with shock and displeasure. Pearl tells Dia that it's been a while since they went to a bathhouse, and the trio begins to head upstairs.

Later, at the bathhouse, Pearl relaxes in the tub with Roo while Dia and Beh scrub themselves next to the shower. Chimlord curls itself up at the corner due to its fear of water, and Chatlord simply spreads itself on the wet floor to enjoy the steam. Pearl grins that although Stunky's stench is said to linger on for 24 hours, they seem to have gotten rid of it by now. Dia agrees, and continues to build up the foam around his body until he is totally covered in it. But then, Pearl has another idea in mind.

Pearl: Great! Since we have time, let's practice Manzai!
Dia: What~!! But we are naked !?
Pearl: It doesn't matter!! There is no one else here!!
Dia: What~~ (startled)
Pearl: Come on, let me butt-in! Act dopey now! (towers over Dia)
Dia: Whaaa~~~~~ (jumps back)
Pearl: Here, dump your soap! (throws away Dia's soap)
Dia: Whaa~~~~~ (falls into the water)

While the boys practice Manzai, Beh picks up its bowl of popcorns and joins Roo in the tub. Chatlord decides that the steam is not strong enough, and heads into the sauna room together with Chimlord.

Pearl: Speaking of Pokemooon!
Dia: Speaking of Pokemooon~
Pearl: They can hold items.
Dia: Hold items~
Pearl: It makes things much more convenient, eh? My favourite will be the Wide Lens, since it raises a Pokemon's accuracy~
Dia: Oh, write 'lens'? (turns around and wiggles butt to write the letters L-E-N-S)
Pearl: (throws basin at Dia's head) I said Wide Lens! I'm not telling you to write me the word 'lens', stupid!!

Pearl: Stones are also a kind of item.
Dia: Thaaat's true~
Pearl: Hard Stone, Oval Stone, Dawn Stone, Dusk Stone…
Dia: Moon Stone, Sun Stone, Thunder Stone, Veilstone, Fire Stone…
Pearl: (throws basin onto Dia's face) Now don't you try mixing in stuff that are not really stones!!

A while later, as Dia dries his hair with a towel, Pearl measures his weight on the scale, and feels pleased that not only have they recharged fully at the hotsprings but their Manzai's tempo has also felt good. However, he hears no response from Dia, and turns around to see the boy is looking out of the window together with their four Pokemon. Dia quickly beckons him over, and Pearl soon realizes that they are now face to face with the magnificent Mt. Coronet, which is the destination of their current journey.

Pearl is surprised at how close they are, and remembers that the mountain range extends all the way from north to south at the center of Sinnoh, dividing the entire region into east and west. He can't believe that they are finally there, and says he actually thought it was going to be a very long and tedious voyage when they started out. What's left now is to climb up the mountain trails, and they will soon reach their goal.

While Pearl continues to remain awe-struck at the Mt. Coronet's grandness, Dia notices that a number of wild Pokemon at the base of the mountain have also been captivated by its appearance, and are staring at it just like the two of them. Pearl believes that the mountain's unique energy presence, or however it should be termed, must be calling out to all the wild souls, and Dia agrees that it seems to be the case.

Soon, the trio is ready to set out on their way again, while the mysterious man, Cyrus, has already headed for the mountain himself by the time the young trainers step out from the gate building. On the Cycling Road, Lady Berlitz's real bodyguards, Phool and Ignor, pedal on with their bikes, and are convinced that they are getter nearer and nearer to the Lady.

If their postulation is correct, their client should have travelled from Jubilife City to Oreburgh via Route 203, and tracked back on Route 204 to head for Floaroma Town, passed the Eterna Forest, and finally arrived at Eterna City. They guessed that her next natural route would be the Cycling Road, and indeed, they found witnesses at the northern gate that morning who claimed to have saw a girl that fit the description of Lady Berlitz passing through not too long ago.

Ignor grins that their chase will be coming to an end, and the two men speed even quicker down the remaining few meters of the slope. Feeling all sweaty from their pursuit, Phool suggests they take a break at the southern gate, and Ignor remembers that there is a bathhouse in the building. With that, the bodyguards hop off from their bikes, and exit from the Cycling Road.

Meanwhile, Dia, Pearl and Lady Berlitz have reached the base of Mt. Coronet, and start walking up its trails along with many other wild Pokemon. They soon enter a cavern which has Mt. Coronet's road sign at its entrance, and after walking for a while, Pearl sees that the place seems to lead on and on. He stops the group with an annoyed look, and starts yelling that something is clearly wrong. He states that they should be heading for the mountain summit, and can't understand why the road sign would lead them into a cavern.

However, Dia remarks that they are actually on the right track, and explains that the only path that leads to Mt. Coronet's summit begins at midway up the mountain. Until they get to that path, they will have to navigate in the interior part of the giant mountain, and find their way through its many caverns. Unfortunately, the cavern they are currently in actually does not lead to the summit path, and the cavern that does must be accessed from the eastern side of the mountain range.

Pearl puts on a contemplative look, and realizes that if what Dia said is true, the only thing they could do now is find the eastern exit of their cavern, and look for another entrance along the eastern border of Mt. Coronet. In that instant, he walks up to Dia to place his hands on the boy's shoulders, addressing him with his full name Diamond. He wants to know if Dia learnt about those from their guidebook 'Walking in Sinnoh', and Dia grins that he just read it that morning.

His answer instantly causes Pearl to explode in a fury, and Pearl rampages around like a monster as he hollers that Dia should have told them of such important information earlier. While Lady Berlitz usually stays out of the boys' drama, she holds up her hand this time to quiet Pearl, stating that his deafening voice is echoing within the cavern and sounds really noisy.

On a rock cliff inside the cavern which is actually right above where the trio is, Cyrus stands next to a Magneton and Nosepass, and puts on a frown upon hearing the irritating sounds below. Apparently, the man has come to have a taste of what the world's beginning feels like, and is currently very upset that such a sacred task has been disturbed. He turns around to look at Magneton and Nosepass, and says now that they have received the mountain's power, it is about time that they take on a new physical appearance, and teach the intruders a lesson.

Down below, Pearl is still throwing a fit, and Lady Berlitz covers her ears with her hands as the boy continues to yell at Dia. Suddenly, the trio hears a loud thud from behind, and spins around to see a Magneton and Nosepass, which seem to have jumped down from the cliff above. Dia wonders if they are wild Pokemon, but the Lady notices that something appears strange about the two, and Pearl remarks that they are trembling and glowing, almost as if they have absorbed the energy from the ground, the air, and essentially the entire cavern.

In a flash of light, the compass Pokemon lengthens in height while its nose enlarges, its normally closed eyes snap open to become circular, its arms disappear to be replaced by three floating rocks, and it gains a red cap while growing a beard-like bush beneath its nose. The magnet Pokemon fuses its three globular bodies and elongates into a flying disc, its middle eye changes from a black point into glaring red circle, its initial six appendages merge to form three big ones, and it gains an antenna that attaches to the top of its body.

Dia, Pearl and Lady Berlitz gasp in astonishment that they have evolved, and as soon as a finger snap echoes throughout the cavern, the two floating Pokemon unleash an intense flash from their bodies, and shatter the ground underneath the trio, causing them to cry out in horror as they fall through the cracks.

A moment later, after the rumbling settles, Cyrus stands on the rock cliff with his newly evolved Magnezone and Probopass, and towers over the pile of crumbled boulders which were originally a solid ground but have just been demolished by the two Pokemon.

Down below, Dia, Beh and Roo lay battered on the floor next to the boulders with painful looks on their faces as they pant to catch their breaths, and struggle to regain themselves from the dramatic plunge a moment ago. Cyrus thinks to himself that it is a fair consequence of disturbing a sacred place like Mt. Coronet, then turns to leave with Magnezone and Probopass without a word.

A few minutes later, Dia slowly comes around, and winces in pain as he tries to get up. However, he soon discovers that Pearl and Lady Berlitz are nowhere to be found, and neither are Chatlord, Chimlord, Prinplup and Ponyta. Terror instantly washes over his face as he realizes that his companions may be buried under the boulders, and together with Beh and Roo, he frantically searches around while calling out for Pearl and the Lady. Behind them, a silhouette stands in a hidden corner, and silently keeps its watchful eyes on the three.

Back at the southern gate building of the Cycling Road, the two reception ladies are finally off duty after a long day's work, and are gossiping among themselves while they change out of their uniforms at the locker room. The one who has a Happiny remarks that they have had some bizarre customers that day, and starts talking about the young trio who stunk so bad that her nose was twisted. The other reception lady, who owns a Budew, sweatdrops that her colleague's nose is really twisted, but agrees with her statement, and says she has also delivered a package to an almost lunatic man who signed the receipt with his own quill pen.

The Happiny lady doesn't think that using one's own pen necessarily makes a person odd, and the Budew lady states that the eccentricity actually lies in the conversation they had afterwards, when she made a friendly inquiry of whether the man was heading for a sightseeing tour on Mt. Coronet…

Intrigued by the reception lady's question, Cyrus replies that he has come to experience the feeling of the world's beginning, causing the poor lady to get speechless immediately. He places a hand on her shoulder to tower over her with his natural height, and mentions that Mt. Coronet is where the Sinnoh region began. In the newly created world, the thing called strife does not exist. What is known as Pokemon battling nowadays is simply a form of combat, something utterly different from what strife is. Unfortunately, it pains him that people who use Pokemon often forget about this, and it is no doubt a disgrace.

The reception lady and her Budew tremble with fear as the man and his Honchkrow continue to tower over them, until he finally straightens up himself and lets out a sigh. He remarks that the thing known as the human heart is really weak, which seems to be a difficult thing for people to understand…

The Happiny lady shows a look of admiration on her face as she listens to the Budew lady talk, and grins that the guy sounds like some kind of wise man, but the Budew lady disagrees, and snickers that throwing around ambiguous philosophies is hardly cool. The Happiny lady wonders who the man is, and the Budew lady says she has no idea, but recalls that the sender of his package was listed as the Space Energy Development Company. The Happiny lady exclaims that she has seen the name in television commercials, and says it is an organization which claims to utilize the energy of space for the sake of everyone.

Meanwhile, back on Mt. Coronet, Cyrus is walking through a heavily fogged area with Magnezone and Probopass tailing after him. His Pokegear, which has a special letter G design around the screen, begins to beep, and he answers to find one of his minions calling. The guy on the other end of the line wonders if the package has been delivered safely, and Cyrus replies the affirmative, adding that the two Pokemon contained within have already evolved under the great energy of the mountain. His minion reports on the latest progress of their project, and Cyrus tells him to proceed without worries. As for the funds required, he delegates his minion to raise it at his own discretion, and believes that he will be able to come up with a good plan.

Down in the crumbled cavern near the base of the mountain, Dia, Beh and Roo are still searching around for Pearl and Lady Berlitz. Dia calls out their names at the top of his voice, but receives no response and wonders where they could be buried under. When the sudden quake destroyed their standing ground earlier, Dia has been thrown off far enough to evade the tumbling boulders, but Pearl and the Lady have clearly not been so lucky.

The boy panics with fear at the thought of what could have become of them, and feels completely helpless in his current status. Suddenly, he feels a tug at his clothes, and looks down to see that Beh and Roo are trying to comfort and encourage him. Noticing the determined look on their faces, he understands that the three of them are the only ones capable of moving about right now, and knows that he must stay strong for his companions.

Dia clears his mind by slapping himself on the cheeks, and thinks hard to come up with an idea. He remembers that Pearl has always been the one rising earlier than anyone else in the morning, and rationalizes that he should regain consciousness quicker than the Lady as well if they have both been knocked out during the fall. With that, he decides to focus on finding Pearl first, and ponders on what could get his attention. Beh reminds him by whacking Roo on the head, and Dia instantly grins that a Manzai verse will certainly do.

Pearl: …… of Pokemooon…

Dia bolts to his feet upon hearing the faint response, and quickly climbs his way over to the source of the sound.

Pearl: In different areas~! That is called the habitat of the Pokemooon!!
Pearl: Why is thaaat…!!

However, the normal butt-in fails to follow this time, and Dia fears that Pearl has once again lost consciousness. He believes that they are already in the area where Pearl and Lady Berlitz are buried, and grits his teeth in frustration that they are so close to finding them. Beh swings its arm around and prepares to smash the boulders, but Dia quickly stops it, and says without knowing where the two are trapped exactly, they might hurt them by excavating blindly.

Just then, the silhouette that has been watching them all this time swoops in front of Dia, and shows itself to be a Luxray. Dia jumps back with astonishment, and feels distressed that they now have a wide Pokemon to deal with as well. The Luxray charges forward, and Dia lets out a yelp while closing his eyes to duck down. However, to his surprise, the Luxray was actually aiming at the pile of boulders behind him, and its slam against the rocks instantly crumbles them, revealing a young Shinx buried underneath.

Luxray hops over to pick the cub up in its mouth, and Dia realizes that the wild Pokemon was looking for its trapped companion just like them. He wonders how it managed to locate it, and the Luxray slowly walks over to Dia. It puts on a grin as it swipes its front paw to smack on Dia, and instantly zaps him with the electric current running through it. Dia bolts with recognition at the nostalgic swipe, which greatly resembles Pearl's butt-in, and holds up the Luxray's paw to find the familiar broken claws on them. It turns out that this Luxray evolved from the same Luxio which they encountered on Route 203, the Luxio which Pearl taught his butt-in skills to.

Dia beams with hope at the sudden arrival of an old friend, and begs it to help him find Pearl and the Lady. Luxray nods, and promptly shoots out two beams of light from its eyes. It soon locates the two beneath a pile of boulders, and sees them struggling within the limited space while their Pokemon fight to support the weight of the rocks on top of them.

Dia learns from his Pokedex that Luxray has X-ray vision, enabling it to see through anything, and hurries over with Beh and Roo to where Luxray gaze is affixed. He orders a double Tackle from them, and the two Pokemon immediately throw themselves against the giant boulder, shattering it with the powerful impact. As the smoke and dust clear, Dia sees that his companions are both safe and in one piece, and breaks into tears of joy as he rushes over to check on them.

Pearl and the Lady give weak responses as they slowly come around, and Dia gestures Pearl to look at the Luxio they met before, which has now evolved into a Luxray, stating that it was all thanks to it for finding them. Pearl puts on a frail grin as he raises his arm, and Luxray responds with a nod.

Dia then hopes that Luxray will help them once more, and wonders if it can tell them the closest way out to the eastern side of Sinnoh, since the crumbled rocks have completely blocked the original pathways. Luxray shoots out its X-ray beams again, and soon fixes its gaze on a point where the boulders are the thinnest. Dia rejoices that they can leave the cavern together now, but Luxray shakes its head uneasily, and looks over to herd of Shinxes, Luxios and Luxrays which have gathered within the cavern. Dia realizes that they are planning to return to the western side, and sincerely thanks it for its assistance before bidding them goodbye.

Turning around to grin at Beh and Roo, Dia says it is time for some rock smashing again, and the two Pokemon begin to Tackle at the boulders where Luxray specified. Very soon, the rocks crumble away piece-by-piece, and light gradually shines into the cavern. Dia shields his eyes with his hands as he exclaims with excitement that they have finally made it through, and tells Pearl and Lady Berlitz that they are set to go. Pearl and Lady Berlitz put on relieved and contented looks, and slowly climb back onto their feet as their strength return. And so, having survived yet another crisis together, the trio walks shoulder to shoulder, and steps out of the cavern with their six Pokemon, ready to continue their journey on the eastern side of Sinnoh.

Meanwhile, at the headquarters of a mysterious organization, the man who has conversed with Cyrus as his minion eases into a spinning chair next to his Croagunk, and muses over his boss's permission to let him decide on any kind of method to raise funds for their project. Shrouded in shadows, he believes that the quickest way is to kidnap a wealthy child, and demand ransom from the family. However, the first thing they must do is to find such a child.

In front of him, the strange people who wear astronaut-like outfits with helmet-shaped hairstyles station before their own computer screens, and begin searching for the information their commander needs. Their powerful database soon shows that the only daughter of the number one wealthy family in Sinnoh has left home and is currently on a journey, and the shadowed man immediately grins that she seems to be the perfect choice.

Reclining into his seat, he asks for a photo of the girl, but to his dismay, none are available. However, his grunts manage to find pictured profiles of the professional bodyguards whom the girl's father hired for her, and the shadowed man thinks it will be sufficient. He takes a good look at the photos of the two men on the computer screen, one wearing a red scarf and the other a green one, and remarks that once they track the bodyguards down, they will be able to locate the girl, their goldmine-to-be.

Back at the southern gate building of the Cycling Road, Lady Berlitz's real bodyguards are relaxing themselves at the bathhouse. Phool lets out a sigh of relief as Ignor scrubs his back, and promises to return the favour afterwards. Ignor says they are another step closer to their client, and hopes that they will catch up with her very soon…

(Original Japanese Jokes)

  1. In the first half of the Manzai dialogue that plays on items, Pearl says his favourite item is the 'Koukaku Lens' (Wild Lens), and Dia spins around and starts wiggling his butt around to write the letters L-E-N-S. The misinterpretation is on the word 'Koukaku', which when written as two words 'Kou-kaku', means 'This writes'.
  2. In the second half, Pearl says stones are also items, and begins naming 'Katai-ishi' (Hard Stone), 'Marui-ishi' (Oval Stone), 'Hikari-no-ishi' (Shiny Stone), and Yami-noishi (Dusk Stone). Dia carries and on says 'Tsuki-no-ishi' (Moon Stone), 'Kaminari-no-ishi' (Thunder Stone) and 'Honou-no-ishi' (Fire Stone), but mixes in 'Pottaishi' (Prinplup) in between Thunder Stone and Fire Stone. Although 'Pottaishi' also contains the term 'Ishi' (stone), it is clearly not a stone.
  3. In the Manzai verse Dia used to locate Pearl, Dia says Pokemon 'Bunputte arimasu' (have different distributions across the land), and it is easy to know where the habitats of Beedrills and Combees are, because they 'Bunpun tonderu' (makes a battering sound as they fly). The pun is on the word 'Bunpu' (distribution) which also appears in 'Bunpun', a term that mimics the sound of flapping wings.

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