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Along the eastern border of the Mt. Coronet mountain range, a giant boulder gets shattered into pieces, and the three Pokemon, Prinplup, Chimlord and Roo, finally break out from the cavern which has been crumbled by a sudden quake while they were inside. Their trainers, Dia, Pearl and Lady Berlitz, follow closely behind, and soon find themselves standing on the eastern side of the Sinnoh region.

Dia stretches himself as he takes in a deep breath of fresh air, and Pearl states that the footbridge on Route 208 ahead will lead them to Hearthome City. The trio slowly begins to move forward, and Dia remarks that it feels weird to be walking away from Mt. Coronet again after going through so much to reach it. Lady Berlitz agrees, but says there is nothing they can do about it, as it has been stated in their guidebook that in order to reach the mountain summit, they must find a cavern which entrance is located along its eastern border.

Their recent crisis in the Mt. Coronet cavern makes Pearl think back on the Valley Windworks incident in Floaroma Town, during which a mysterious woman seized the powerplant to steal electricity, and the boy couldn't help but wonder who the shadowed figure might be. However, he knows that he won't be able to figure it out no matter how much he ponders on it, and decides to do something else.

Pearl: Let's practice Manzai as we walk! Come on, Dia!!
Dia: What~~! Now~~!?
Pearl: Yes! Come on! Speaking of Pokemooon~!!

Pearl: Speaking of Pokemon, one can buy items on a journey! I think this is really fuuun!
Dia: Really fun~
Pearl: They have these places in towns or cities that sell Pokeballs and medicine... hmm... what are they called again...?
Dia: Oh, I know that one. It is a friendly chooop! (chops back of hand on Pearl's forehead)
Pearl: Ouch! That sounds more like an attack!!

Pearl: It should be a friendly shop, known as the PokeMart.
Dia: Ooh, is that so~
Pearl: I wonder what I should buy this time? I think I'll get a Full Heal... ouch. (massages forehead)
Dia: Oh, because your forehead still hurts from my chop?
Pearl: (smacks Dia on the face) A Full Heal can only be used on a Pokemon, stupid!!
Lady Berlitz: I would like to buy a new broche and necklace.

Black lines start to run down on Pearl's face as he sees how easily the Lady cuts into their verse, and the girl calmly flips out their guidebook, 'Walking In Sinnoh'. She reads that Hearthome is also known as the fashion city, which sells an exclusive assortment of accessories, clothes and cosmetics, and Dia takes a bite of his doughnut, grinning that girls must like those a lot. Pearl snickers in agreement, and says the trouble is they often get indecisive and pass up on chances to buy things that they actually wanted, only to regret later on and keep moaning afterwards.

The western gate of Hearthome City soon comes into view, and the trio spots something hopping up and down right next to the entrance. On a closer look, they discover that it is a Buneary, and Pearl wonders if it is a wild Pokemon. The brown rabbit wiggles and spins around fluidly while swinging its arms and jumping about, and Dia realizes that it is performing a dance. He flips out his Pokedex to check on its information, and Lady Berlitz grins that it is really cute. Next to her, Prinplup wears a mesmerized look on its face, and starts to follow the dance steps of Buneary.

Pearl giggles that the little fellow is really interesting, and offers a Berry to it. However, Buneary suddenly shoots out its folded left ear, and strikes Pearl right on the chin, sending him tumbling backwards. Chimlord worriedly runs up to check on its trainer, and Dia reads from the Dex that Buneary can uncoil their rolled ears to slam their foes sharply.

Pearl gets upset that his friendly gesture has been reciprocated by violence, and climbs back onto his feet with a furious look, ordering Chimlord to attack. The Monferno immediately charges forward, but Buneary adeptly hops away, using the back of Chimlord's head as a stepping stone even, and dashes into the city. Pearl angrily takes out his foldable Bicycle to give chase, and Dia tries to stop him, but to no avail. To Lady Berlitz's surprise, Prinplup all of a sudden starts chasing after them as well, and she has no choice but to follow suit with Dia.

As the group cycles across the city streets, Dia sees that not only are the shops displaying top-class clothing, but the people are also dressed in very fashionable outfits. They eventually end up in front of a dome-shaped building which has the name 'Pokemon Super Contest' written over its entrance, and Buneary swiftly disappears through its front doors. Pearl demands it to stop, and hurls away his Bicycle as he hops off to give chase, causing it to ram into Dia's and throwing the boy off his feet.

'Are your Pokemon Cool? Cute? Smart? Tough? Beautiful? Welcome to the city of Hearthome! In this big event where Pokemon compete with their unique charm, I welcome you to the Pokemon Super Contest Hall!'

Lady Berlitz hears the deafening introduction over the loudspeakers as she walks into the building, and soon finds Prinplup standing among a big crowd. She looks around to see a room full of people with their well-groomed Pokemon, but catches no sight of the two boys. She puts on a gentle smile as she turns to Prinplup, and says she knows it is chasing after Buneary for a reason different from the boys. She remarks that it must have been captured by the charm of the brown rabbit's dance, and her words causes Prinplup to blush instantly.

Lady Berlitz grins that there is nothing to be embarrassed of, because she feels the same way, and Prinplup tries to keep its cool by coughing a few times. Suddenly, the announcer appears in the room to state that the second round of judgment is about to take place, and the crowd promptly gushes through the coordinators' entrance, taking the Lady and Prinplup along with them.

Somewhere else in the Super Contest Hall, Buneary continues to run about, and a young woman who wears a hairband without warning picks it up into her arms, grinning that she has finally caught it. Giving the little rabbit a hug, she wonders what it has gone to, and says her work will begin shortly. The Buneary wiggles its arms happily, and the young woman says it must have been practicing its dance, seeing how sweaty it is.

Just then, Pearl catches up from behind, and hollers that the young woman must be the Buneary's owner. The young woman puts on a slightly apprehensive look as she sees the fury on the boy's face, and wonders what is going on. She introduces herself as Keira, and her Buneary Eara, which rhymes with hers. Pearl and Dia state their own names, the former angrily and the latter playfully, and Pearl points to the bruise on his chin, accusing the Buneary as the one responsible.

In that instant, the little rabbit shoots out its rolled ears again, and Pearl immediately cries that it was exactly what it unleashed on him, the deadly 'Ear Punch'. Keira giggles that it was part of Eara's dance, and wonders if Pearl walked a little too near when it was practicing. Pearl becomes speechless at her inquiry right away, and Keira snickers that she must have guessed correctly.

Seeing the embarrassed look on Pearl's face, the young woman decides to reward him something for the mishap anyway, and hands them the Glitter Powder which is a kind of contest Accessory. She then excuses herself and says she must return to the stage now, since the contest is about to begin and she is actually one of the judges. Pearl watches her walk away with the Buneary as he holds the box of Glitter Powder in hand, and wonders what she means by judges and the stage. Dia munches on his chocolate bar, and points out that they seem to have gotten separated with the Lady. Pearl says they should go look for her in that case, and the boys begin scouting around within the building.

Meanwhile, on the stage of the Super Contest Hall, the announcer welcomes everyone back, and commences the second round of judgment, the Dance Competition. The curtains slowly get pulled back, and Lady Berlitz and Prinplup gasp in shock when they find themselves standing in front of a whole room of audience. High up towards the back row of the audience stand, Dia and Pearl happen to walk by, and bolt with surprise when they see the girl on stage, both bewildered as to how she ended up there.

Lady Berlitz and Prinplup steal an uncertain glance at each other upon the word 'dance', and the girl begins turning left and right and swings her forearms up and down, while Prinplup sways side to side and takes alternate steps with its two feet. Pearl instantly sweatdrops at their hideous moves, wondering if they know what dancing actually means, and Dia puts on a grin as he imitates the Lady's movements.

The announcer hurriedly rushes back on stage to call for a halt, and apologizes to the audience that they seem to have a bit of a mix-up. He explains that the girl is apparently just a spectator, and has most probably stumbled into the coordinators' quarters by mistake, and erroneously sent on stage as a contestant.

Down in the audience stand, a rich woman who wears a fur coat remarks with a disdainful tone that it is fortunately the case, since such kind of dance moves hardly qualifies one as an official coordinator. But her companion, also a snobbish elitist who wears a pair of top-brand glasses, points at the jewelled rings on Lady Berlitz's fingers, and says the girl seems to come from a wealthy background. She intentionally makes a scene by speaking at the top of her voice, and hollers that the girl is totally disrespectful of contests by thinking that money alone will earn her victory. The crowd immediately roars with disapproval at Lady Berlitz, and boos at her arrogance.

Dia gets worried and wonders what they should do, but Pearl clutches his head in frustration, and says he has a feeling that something more troublesome is about to follow. Indeed, as soon as the words leave his mouth, Lady Berlitz grabs the microphone from the announcer, and denies the accusation with a firm tone. Pearl immediately sweatdrops, and the Lady declares that she has truly stumbled on stage by mistake, but when she participates in a contest, she will bet her family name, Berlitz, on the fact that she shall compete with her skills and not her wealth.

At the judges' stand, the head of judges, Dexter, doubts if the girl really has what it takes to enter a contest, and questions if she will enroll in the next day's session, since there are still spaces available. Lady Berlitz answers firm and confident that she will, and says she shall officially enter as a coordinator in the Super Contest tomorrow. At the back row of the audience stand, Pearl puts on a frown, and Dia wonders if it means they are going to have what he is thinking about.

The next morning, at Hotel Great Hearthome, Pearl unwillingly gets up at 5am, and takes a big yawn as he enters the lobby hall. However, the scene in front of his eyes causes him to jump in astonishment, as their six Pokemon have all been fully dressed up in Accessories. Prinplup wears a Silk Veil, a Red Barrette, some Glitter Powder and stands on a Gold Pedestal, while Ponyta has a Mystic Fire hanging around its body and two Pink Balloons tied to its tail. Roo has a Black Moustache under its nose, a Top Hat over his head, and some Confetti on its two tail bushes, while Beh wears a pair of Gorgeous Specs while holding a Flag. Chimlord has a Heroic Headband around its forehead, two Fluffs on its shoulders, one in front of its chest, and a Coloured Parasol in hand, while Chatlord wears a Professor Hat and Googly Specs, and has a White Beard stuffed below its beak.

Pearl exclaims in disbelief at the sight, and bolts in horror when Lady Berlitz creeps up on him from behind, and hands him a set of clothes she has bought for the occasion. The girl states that all the Accessories were taken from a top-class boutique in the city, and the word 'top-class' promptly makes Pearl associate it with the term 'expensive'. Yet, the Lady calmly says the boutique is part of her properties, and Pearl begins to spasm as he collapses on the floor.

Dia soon arrives at the lobby hall with a sleepy look, still with his eyes closed as he greets his companions, and Pearl quickly stuffs him his new outfit. Dia mumbles groggily as he starts changing, and Pearl hollers that he has put his head into a sleeve. He walks over to toss aside Dia's food, and continues to yell and whack as he helps his dopey friend dress up.

A few moments later, the three young ones have all changed into their new attires, with Lady Berlitz wearing a laced chiffon shawl over a silk dress, Pearl in a clean white tuxedo, and Dia under an oversized suit with shorts and a hat. Not surprisingly, Dia has resumed eating, and is munching on a doughnut. Lady Berlitz ties up her hair into a bun at the back, and announces that it is time to start their Super Contest special training...

(Original Japanese Jokes)

  1. In the first half of the Manzai verse, Pearl talks about a place that sells Pokeballs and various medical items, and is hinting at the PokeMart, which is called the Friendly Shop in Japanese. Dia mistakenly recalls it as the Friendly Chop, and delivers an actual smack on Pearl's face.
  2. In the second half, Pearl talks about the Full Heal while massaging the painful spot on his head, making Dia think that he plans to use it on himself. Of course, Full Heal is for Pokemon-use only, and Dia naturally gets whacked for what he says.

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350: VS Buneary

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