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Hovering north from the Lost Tower, Drifblim floats across hills and meadows with Dia, Pearl and Lady Berlitz sitting on top of its head, and finally reaches its destination. It slowly descends to the ground, and uses its long arms to carry the young ones down one by one. It then goes airbourne again, and waves goodbye to the trio as the three do the same, thanking the blimp Pokemon for the ride.

Pearl takes out the Town Map which Lady Berlitz has placed under his care, and reads that they are now at the town of Solaceon. According to the map, if they wish to get back to Mt. Coronet, they simply have to continue north, and turn west after arriving at Celestic Town, which is located right next to the mountain range.

Lady Berlitz remarks that she initially thought they would have a long way to travel in the eastern part of Sinnoh, but it seems like their goal is closer than they imagined. Pearl agrees that it is a pleasant surprise, and says they should try gaining more distance that day since there is still plenty of time before twilight. The trio thus begins walking into town, with Dia, Beh and Roo busy slurping on some instant cup noodles.

Suddenly, a sharp snapping noise resounds behind them, and the three bolt up in astonishment, spinning around just in time to see a mysterious silhouette dash away. The Lady wants to know what it was, and Pearl hollers that it seems like they have been captured on a photo by what appears to be the paparazzi.

A worried look washes over Lady Berlitz's face as she ponders on the thought that someone took a picture of her without consent, and wonders if it is one of the unexpected perils that her butler Sebastian has warned her about. For this journey, her father and Prof. Rowan have hired two bodyguards to safeguard her from danger, but despite having proven themselves to be competent professionals, the boys are still in the same generation as hers, and she starts to query if the protection is sufficient.

Lady Berlitz is still contemplating on the possible identity of her ambusher when Pearl yells at her impatiently and snaps her out of her trance. He tells her to do something instead of just sitting around, and starts chasing after the mysterious silhouette with Chimlord. Ponyta quickly follows suit while Dia, Beh and Roo struggle to keep up, and they soon spot the silhouette disappear through the front door of a building.

Pearl screeches to a halt to see that they are standing in front of the Pokemon News Press, and finds it odd that a newspaper would want to publish their photo. He marches up to the locked door and bangs on it, demanding someone to come out. However, his shouting is met with sheer silence, and he has no choice but to get Chimlord to burn down the lock like he did at the Valley Windworks.

Yet, just as Chimlord is about to hurl out an Ember, the door bolts open from the inside, and smacks Pearl and Chimlord on the face. A Cowgirl darts out with a pile of news leaflets in hand, and scatters them around as she announces that they are having another extra issue. The sudden turn of events momentarily stuns Lady Berlitz and Dia, and after checking that Pearl is all right, they pick up one of the leaflets to find their photo published on it.

Pearl recovers from his faint and grabs the leaflet with a furious look, and hollers in anger as he chases after the Cowgirl. The Cowgirl notices her pursuer, and cries in horror that the people in the photo are hunting her down, convinced that they must have come to file a lawsuit. She trembles with fear at what should be done, and an old man's voice suddenly comes on to ask what is going on.

Dia, Pearl and Lady Berlitz turn around to see a Rancher sitting on a blue Gastrodon, a form of the species unique to the eastern side of Sinnoh, and the old man wonders what the hassle is all about, claiming to be the one who snapped the photo. The Cowgirl hurries over to the Rancher, calling him father, and frets that they are finally getting into trouble for publishing photos without people's consent. The Rancher demands her to call him chief editor instead of father, and tells her to just calm down.

The old man then faces the trio, and absentmindedly points his pitchfork at them, causing the three to jump back in fear. He apologizes for scaring the young ones with the sudden snap of the camera shutter, but says they have clearly misunderstood the purpose of the photo. He holds up one of the leaflets and points to a blurred spot on the picture, and says the creatures on the top edge are what they really wanted to capture. The trio takes a closer look at their photo, and sees that there are indeed two oddly shaped markings right above their heads.

The Rancher remarks that those are exceptionally mysterious beings, and while they appear to be Pokemon, they also resemble letters. There have been countless sightings of them in the city, but no one has managed to uncover their real identity yet. Now that their Pokemon News Press has successfully captured them on camera, it is their very first step towards solving the mystery. The Rancher and his daughter excitedly scatter their news leaflets around, and marvel that this exclusive coverage will certainly earn them nationwide fame, and make them the most popular news group in the region.

However, Lady Berlitz takes another look at the creatures on the photo, and nonchalantly remarks that if she isn't mistaken, they are the symbol Pokemon Unown, with a height of 1'08”, a weight of 11.0lbs, unknown gender, being a unique species that has similar morphology as the written language of an ancient civilization with multiple variations in their physical appearance, having also been found at the Ruins of Alph in Johto.

The Lady's little speech causes Pearl and Dia to gawk in awe, while the Rancher and Cowgirl slowly break into tears, surprised and disheartened at the same time that the girl can so fluently describe what they always thought to be an unidentified being in such certainty and detail. Lady Berlitz thinks to herself that it is just one of the basic qualities one must possess as the assistant of Prof. Rowan, while Pearl simply believes that it is because the Lady is a professional tour guide.

Lady Berlitz wants to know if there are any ruins or historical sites around, and explains that those are places where Unowns usually gather and inhabit. The Cowgirl replies that she will go look for it immediately, but the Rancher says the top priority now is to write down what the Lady just said, and quickly publish another extra issue. The Cowgirl obliges to her father's order, but the Rancher snaps that she has forgotten to call him chief editor again. Pearl sweatdrops at the two press people's peculiar behaviour, and tells Dia that they should perhaps take the time to practice their Manzai.

Later, at the Pokemon News Press building, Dia and Pearl have decided to wait outside while Lady Berlitz passes on her knowledge to the Rancher and Cowgirl in the office.

Pearl: Speaking of Pokemon!!
Dia: Speaking of Pokemooon~
Pearl: Each and every Pokemon has a different nature~
Dia: Indeed, examples are Relaxed, Serious, Bashful, Jolly and many others~
Dia: (proud look) What I think is the Gastrodon we saw just now has a Brave nature!
Pearl: Hm? What did you know that?
Dia: Because it works in a News Press, and has to brave the long working hours!!
Pearl: (faints and blasts off)

Dia: All right, enough with joking.
Pearl: I'm glad.
Dia: Natures are closely related to the individual status of a Pokemon, and have a big impact on their development.
Pearl: A Pokemon with Naughty nature stretches out its attack stat more easily.
Dia: One with bold nature stretches out its defense stat more easily.
Dia: (takes out an instant cup noodle and starts curling up noodles with fork) One with Instant nature stretches out noodles more easily~
Pearl: (hollers) You're talking about food again!!

Pearl grins that their pace seems to be getting better and better, and Dia agrees cheerfully as he slurps up the last few strands of noodles into his mouth. At the doorway, Beh, Roo, Chimlord and Chatlord slump against each other in a slumber, and Pearl begins to walk around impatiently, wondering how much longer Lady Berlitz will take to educate those news press folks.

Inside, Lady Berlitz explains that there are currently 28 confirmed variations of Unown, and draws out each of their forms on a piece of paper. The Rancher compares them to the few snapshots he has taken, and sighs that it would be perfect if he could find one of those ancient ruins where the Unowns gather, and take much clearer pictures of them. The Lady agrees that a visit to those historical sites will be exciting, and turns around to see Pearl and Dia slouching against the window outside, the former wearing an extremely bored look and the latter waving cheerfully at her.

However, she quickly notices something else. Hovering right above their heads are two Unowns, in particular the D and P forms, and the boys are evidently in complete oblivion to their presence. She tries to alert them to the creatures, but the Rancher grabs her hands to thank her at that very moment, and says she has given them ample materials for their extra issue. As a gesture of gratitude, he wishes to give her some Seals and Ball Capsules to decorate her Pokeballs, and stuffs her a handful of the items.

Voicing a distracted thanks to the Rancher, Lady Berlitz excuses herself and rushes out to the entrance, telling the boys to look above their heads. Pearl and Dia gasp in astonishment upon seeing the two Unowns, and start running about in circles in a frenzy as the creatures follow them around. Chimlord and Chatlord bolt awake by the sudden fuss, and stare at the two boys with astounded looks on their faces.

Lady Berlitz recognizes the Unowns as the same ones captured on the press people's photo earlier, and watches in awe as Unown-D sits on Dia's cap to wiggle around, while Unown-P cuddles up to Pearl's face and squeezes his cheek. Dia relents that he has no idea what the Unowns want from them, but one thing he can be sure of is that, they are clearly not hostile. Pearl sweatdrops in agreement, and adds that they seem to be developing a quick liking to them.

Just then, the two Unowns send out a series of circular waves from their bodies, and Pearl wonders if it is some kind of transmission signal. He flips out his Pokedex to read that the symbol Pokemon communicate with each other telepathically, and believes that they must be talking to their companions somewhere else. However, he adds, despite knowing the fact, it still wouldn't help them understand what the Unowns want, since they obviously have no way to interpret such signals.

As soon as he says that, the Unowns coil their little arms around the two boys' wrists, and start ushering them forward. Pearl rationalizes that they are trying to lead them somewhere, and asks Lady Berlitz what they should do. The Lady turns around to steal a glance at the press people who are still engrossed in publishing their latest extra issue, and thinks to herself that she ought to investigate upon it as the research assistant of Prof. Rowan.

And so, Dia, Pearl and Lady Berlitz follow the lead of Unown-P and Unown-D, and soon find themselves heading towards the eastern boundaries of Solaceon Town. Pearl recalls the photo taken of them and the Unowns at the town's entrance, and wonders if the creatures have come for them right from the beginning. Dia believes that it must be the case, and Lady Berlitz is really keen to know what they want from them, and where they are taking them to.

A while later, after making their way through a primeval jungle, the trio arrives in front of a cave, and the three pant to catch their breaths as the Unowns beckon them to enter. Using the flames on Chimlord's tail as their light source, the young trainers step into the dark opening, and the Lady instantly spots some hieroglyphic carvings on the stonewall at the far end of the room. She hurries over with a bewildered look on her face, and Pearl wants to know if she can read what it says. Lady Berlitz explains that it is an ancient writing zealously discussed among scholars, and is believed to be closely related to the Unowns species.

Trying to apply the language system she has learnt through her studies, the Lady carefully makes her interpretation, reads that they are currently at the Solaceon Ruins, which is said to be the place where lives touch...

(Original Japanese Jokes)

  1. In the first half of the Manzai dialogue that plays on Natures, Dia says he believes the Gastrodon's nature must be 'Yuukan' (brave), because 'Shinbunsha ni iru Pokemon desu kara, Yuukan desu', which means 'It is a Pokemon living in the News Press, where they produce evening edition of newspapers'. The pun is only the word 'Yuukan', which could mean both brave, and newspapers published at night.
  2. In the second half, the two talk about what different natures do to a Pokemon's stat development, and Dia says 'Instant dato men ga nobiyasuitoka', which means 'With Instant, it can stretch out noodles more easily'. The joke plays on the verb 'Nobiru' (stretch), which could mean growth and development, or literally elongating.

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