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In a cave on the eastern border of Solaceon Town, the trio stands in front of a stonewall with ancient hieroglyphic carvings, and Lady Berlitz reads that they are at the Solaceon Ruins, a place where lives touch. Pearl looks around to see three different flights of stairs leading downwards, and notices that the two Unowns are beckoning to them at the top right one.

Dia takes another bite of his potato chips, and is curious to know where the stairs will take them. He suspects that the path ahead will be even more rugged and winding than the primeval forest which they just went through, and says there is a chance that they can't find their way back. Pearl agrees, and points out that even the Unowns are holding different attitudes about it.

Indeed, while Unown-P is starting to get impatient, Unown-D seems to be quite lighthearted, and simply hovers about with a nonchalant look. Dia watches Unown-P tug and smack at Unown-D, and out of impulse decides to add voices to their actions.

Unown-P: (wiggles with annoyed look) Hey! You!
Unown-D: How can I help you~
Unown-P: (pulls on Unown-D's arm) Why are you moving so slow!?
Unown-D: (looks around) That's because I can't see our destination~
Unown-P: (furious) You can't see it!? Where is your eye!?
Unown-D: (opens eye wide) Heeere~

Lady Berlitz gasps in astonishment at Dia's act, and is shocked that he can understand Pokemon's words. Pearl immediately collapses, and hopes that the Lady is only joking since Dia was clearly goofing around. Lady Berlitz puts on a grin as she watches the interaction between the two Unowns, and giggles that one is hasty and the other is relaxed, which reminds her greatly of how the boys behave. Pearl sweatdrops at the remark, and says they just happen to be Pokemon with those natures.

As the group moves down the stairs, Dia sees a crack on the sidewall, and peeks through it to find five other Unowns, F, R, I, E and N, in an adjacent enclosed chamber. He quickly notifies Pearl and Lady Berlitz about it, and in that instant, circular waves begin to ripple out from the bodies of Unown-P and Unown-D again.

Dia believes that those Unowns must be the companions of Unown-P and Unown-D, and Pearl suggests that they were probably the ones whom the two communicated telepathically with earlier. Lady Berlitz wants to know if the five Unowns are currently trapped in the other room, and Unown-P and Unown-D immediately bend forward to mimic a nodding motion.

Pearl postulates that something must have happened at the ruins that caused the five Unowns to be locked in, and Unown-P and Unown-D have obviously brought the three of them there to rescue their companions. Checking on the connecting stonewall, he grins that it should be an easy task, and prepares to get Chimlord to blast it down. However, Lady Berlitz quickly stops him, and says ruins are important historical sites, which they should try their best to preserve. Pearl relents that if that is the case, their only choice is to follow the stairway and hopefully find another entrance somewhere.

The group thus resumes their descend, but soon encounters major trouble midway when a huge iron ball suddenly falls down from the ceiling behind them, and begins tumbling forward. Everyone cries out in horror that they have activated a trap, and immediately dashes down. Once they reach the bottom, they hurriedly throw themselves into a corner, and narrowly escapes the heavy collision of the iron ball.

However, before they have time to catch their breath, the wall they are leaning against without warning rotates 180 degrees, and hurls them into a dark chamber on the opposite side. Pearl struggles to get up as he holds the back of his head in pain, and grunts that they seem to be stumbling upon trap after trap. Unable to see anything in the pitch-black room, the boy calls out to Dia and Lady Berlitz, and thankfully gets a respond from both. Yet, he soon discovers that Chimlord is missing, and the Lady cries that Ponyta is not with them either.

Pearl gasps that the two Pokemon must be on the other side of the trapdoor, and tries to reverse the stonewall's rotation, but unfortunately to no avail. He grunts that they have now lost their light source with no fire Pokemon, and wonders what they should do. Lady Berlitz puts on a serious expression as she weighs their situation, and announces that they shall keep going and find their way in the dark.

She explains that the ancient writings on the stonewall in the first room actually include directions like 'Top Right' and 'Lower Left', and she has made an effort to memorize them all. With the help of these hints, they should be able to stay on the right track, and hopefully reunite with Monferno and Ponyta while they find a way to help the Unowns. Pearl remains momentarily stunned at Lady Berlitz's extraordinary ability in remembering information, and then quickly regains his composure to voice his support, stating that he is up for the challenge. Dia grins that he is also in favour of the idea, and Lady Berlitz suggests retrieving their Pokemon now to avoid further separation, just in case they encounter other traps along their way.

And so the trio slowly makes their way through the ruins based on Lady Berlitz's directions, and scales up and down staircases and occasionally rocky paths. They first move top right, lower left, then top right once again, before heading to top left twice consecutively, and then finally a lower left, where they slide down a steep slope to enter yet another dark chamber.

Pearl wants to know where to head next, but the Lady states that the ancient writings did not give further directions from there. Dia wonders if they are already in the innermost room, and Unown-D and Unown-P hover down to coil their little arms around the boys' wrists, dragging them forward. Dia remarks that they indeed seem to be getting close to something, and the Lady tries to verify their guess from the Unowns, which she addresses as Mr. Hasty and Mr. Relaxed, causing the two to wiggle and nod.

The thing is, despite having come to the right place and knowing that there are probably hints in the room that could help them, the lack of a light source really renders their current situation helpless. Pearl is upset that all their efforts have been wasted, but the Lady isn't ready to give up yet. She convinces herself that she did not persist up to this point out of stubbornness, but because she really wishes to gain a wider scope of experience by exploring the ruins and helping the Unowns.

The girl starts feeling her way across the stonewalls to look for possible hidden gimmicks, and suddenly trips over a rock on the floor. Dia cries out in horror and hurriedly reaches out to steady her, but then quickly retrieves his hands again and wears an embarrassed look, reminding the Lady to be careful while walking in darkness. Next to him, Unown-D notices the blush on his face, and shoots him a sly look.

Lady Berlitz apologizes for being a troublemaker, and notices that Prinplup's Pokeball has slipped out from her pocket when she tripped. The ball rolls across the floor to the far-end of the room, and snaps open when it collides with the wall and has its button accidentally activated. In flash of light, Prinplup pops out under a geyser of hearts and the glittering letters of 'FRIEND', and the trio has to shield their eyes from the sudden brightness.

Pearl wants to know what is happening, and Lady Berlitz bolts with realization that it is the effect of the Ball Capsule and Seal. She explains to the boys that the chief editor of the Pokemon News Press has given her transparent capsules for holding her Pokeballs which can be decorated by various Seals. Apparently, these items create a shower of light whenever the Pokemon is called out.

Dia marvels at the brilliant design of the fancy accessory, and Pearl agrees that they are truly marvelous. But then he explodes in a fury, and hollers they should make good use of the temporary flash to look for hints in the room instead of celebrating its beauty. Dia and Lady Berlitz quickly head to opposite sides to begin their search, and Dia soon finds another stonewall that has ancient writings engraved on it.

Lady Berlitz hurries over to interpret them, and reads out loud that 'All lives touch other lives to create something anew and alive'. In that instant, a vertical crack appears on the stonewall, and a hidden door slides open to connect to the chamber with the five Unowns were trapped. Unown-F, Unown-R, Unown-I, Unown-E and Unown-N immediately rush out to join Unown-D and Unown-P, and the three young trainers rejoice that they have successfully rescued the symbol Pokemon.

Lady Berlitz lets out a contented sigh, and says she never would have thought that reading out the engraved words is the final key to unlock the chamber's door. Just then, fire torches on the walls light up on their own one by one, and all the stone doors in the ruins gradually open up. One of the doors soon slide aside to reveal the chamber where Chimlord and Ponyta are, and the Monferno immediately bursts into tears of joy as it dashes towards Pearl and throws itself into his arms. Ponyta merrily gallops up to Lady Berlitz, and the girl strokes it on the neck with a grin, glad that they have finally reunited.

The Lady believes that all the traps in the ruins were set up to ward off intruders, but the Unowns have somehow accidentally trapped themselves in one of them. Unown-P puts on an embarrassed look upon Lady Berlitz's words, and Dia giggles that they have probably guessed it right. Pearl remarks that the Unowns deserve to be called stupid in that case, but he is nevertheless grateful about their reunion. Seeing the Unowns' amiable expressions, he is certain that their rescue has earned the trust of the creatures, and they are now regarding the three of them as friends.

A while later, Dia, Pearl and Lady Berlitz return to the town center of Solaceon, and get ready to resume on their journey. At the moment, the Cowgirl darts across the streets to scatter yet another extra issue of the Solaceon News, and Pearl sweatdrops that they surely have endless news to report on, seeing how they just released one on the knowledge gained from the Lady.

He picks up a copy to see what kind new discoveries they've made this time, and bolts with shock and disbelief when he realizes that the news press folks have taken serial screen captures of one of their Manzai verses without consent, and published it as a comic.

Frame 1
Pearl: There is the Pokedex, or simply the Dex!
Dia: Yup, I have one too.
Frame 2
Dia: (takes out an axe) Come on, I'll chop you something.
Pearl: (hollers) Isn't that an axe!?
Frame 3
Dia: (takes out some biscuits) Well, I'll share these with you then.
Pearl: (hollers) Those are snacks!!

Pearl explodes in a fury at the News Press's disregard for people's consent once again, and starts chasing after the Cowgirl. The Rancher shows up on his Gastrodon to stop the dispute, and says he just wishes to express his deepest gratitude for their help, and offers to escort them to the town's exit.

As the group travels along, the Rancher notices the dirt and mud on Lady Berlitz's clothes, and says she looks as if she has just been to the habitat of the Unowns, and found the ruins where they gather. Lady Berlitz replies that she did, and remarks that the walk through the primeval jungle was truly a unique experience. Almost immediately, the Lady realizes that she has said something she shouldn't, and quickly regains her poise and stops speaking.

Rancher: You just said you found their habitat.
Lady Berlitz: (nonchalant expression) No, I did not.
Rancher: No, but...
Lady Berlitz: I did not say that. I insist.
Rancher: (hollers) But you really said that!! You cannot deny it!!

Despite the Rancher's nagging, Lady Berlitz decides that it is best to keep the location of the ruins a secret to these press people, and remains silent. The trio soon steps out from Solaceon and continues north, hoping they will reach Celestic Town soon. Ahead of them, a pack of Psyducks gathers on Route 210, and each wears disturbed look on its face.

The next day, at Canalave City, the cross-region Pokemon academic conference continues at the Canalave Library. Standing on the speaker's stand next to his assistant Youngster Joey, Prof. Elm from Johto winds up his presentation on 'A trainer's activities and Pokemon eggs', and thanks his audience for their attention.

Up at the very back of the lecture theatre, Prof. Rowan and Sir Berlitz leave the audience stand and head for the entrance to the backstage, and Rowan asks if Sir Berlitz is ready to give his talk. Sir Berlitz assures the professor that he is fully prepared, but Rowan can see that his mind seems occupied, and wonders if he is thinking about his daughter. Sir Berlitz laughs that he really isn't good at hiding his feelings, but Rowan remarks that it is just normal for a father to feel that way. He tells the man not to worry about it, and is certain that the girl is doing all right under the professional care of her bodyguards.

Upon reaching the backstage entrance, a staff lady offers them an extra issue of the Solaceon News, but Rowan says he would rather pass up on it. He scorns that the particular newspaper publishes nothing but endless trivial news, and Sir Berlitz and the staff lady grin in unison, both clearly agreeing with the statement. Another staff lady then gestures the two men to follow her, and proceeds to lead them to the speaker's stand.

On this extra issue of the Solaceon News that has reached Canalave, the title writes 'Enigmatic creature appears!!', under which displays the photo of Dia, Pearl and Lady Berlitz, taken with the blurred silhouettes of Unown-D and Unown-P upon their arrival at Solaceon Town...

(Original Japanese Jokes)

  1. In the Manzai dialogue published on the Solaceon News, Pearl mentions about the 'Zukan' (Dex), and Dia says he has one too. He pulls out a kettle, but Pearl barks that it is a 'Yakan' (kettle). Steam then fumes out from the kettle, and Dia says the water is boiling, but Pearl snaps 'Sore ikandaro!', which means 'So what!'. The joke is on the phonetic resemblance of 'Zukan' (Dex), 'Yakan' (kettle) and 'Ikan' (so what).

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