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On the shoreline of a swamp inside the Great Marsh, a giant creature shaped like a Venus flytrap charges out from the bushes, and lashes out its leafy arms to grab Beh and Chatlord. Pearl bolts with surprise, and Dia cries that it is the Carnivine which he saw through the binoculars at the Observatory Gate earlier. With little hesitation, the Carnivine gulps down on Beh and Chatlord, and Pearl is appalled that their Pokemon have been eaten.

However, Dia soon notices that all hope is not lost yet, as Beh is struggling with its strength to keep the Carnivine's mouth from closing completely. Dia cheers for Beh to stay strong, and the little Munchlax eventually throws the grass Pokemon's mouth open, and frees itself and Chatlord.

Just when the boys are about to rejoice, Pearl's face suddenly whitens with terror, and he stutters that while they were occupied with Beh and Chatlord's crisis, they have apparently lost Lady Berlitz. Dia quickly spins around to see where the Lady was, and is instantly washed over by fear when there is nothing but a small ripple on the muddy surface.

Dia and Pearl cry that it is a big disaster, and begin to thrash around, incidentally freeing themselves from the swamp. They quickly get back onto the shoreline, and look around frantically to find the Lady.

Sunken into the muddy swamp waters, Lady Berlitz struggles to hold her breath, but finally loses it and spits out a puff of air. The air rapidly rises to the surface to form gas bubbles, and Pearl hollers that the Lady should be right underneath that spot. Wasting no time, he calls forward Chimlord, and the Infernape latches onto a vine to swing itself across the swamp surface while digging one arm into it. As soon as it meets resistance, it delivers a forceful swipe, and manages to hurl Lady Berlitz out from the mud, who promptly coughs up a mouthful of muddy waters. Chimlord then catches the Lady from her fall, while Dia and Pearl cheer that they have succeeded.

Later, as the sun begins to set, a flock of Murkrows lazily flies across the twilight skies. Dia, Pearl and Lady Berlitz, who is riding on her Ponyta, leave the Great Marsh all covered in mud, and wear disheartened looks on their faces.

Pearl: At the end, we failed to capture anything from this game of Safari.
Dia: Indeed... the wild Pokemon inside have made my head dizzy and my eyes starry.
Lady Berlitz: But I'm glad that at least every one of us is alright.

Pearl remarks that Lady Berlitz could borrow Dia's Roo if she really needs a grass type, just like she used his Chimlord at Veilstone. The Lady wonders if it is really okay, and Dia grins that he certainly welcomes the idea. Pearl then puts on a frown, and states that Crasher Wake and the Sailors at the gym seem to be unfriendly people to have fooled them to visit such a dangerous place. Dia agrees, and says it is truly hard to believe when the city appears so peaceful.

Looking around, Lady Berlitz sees that Pastoria is indeed a beautiful city that exudes a sense of harmony. Children run around with their Pokemon in the park while their parents enjoy themselves to a musical performance by some Kricketunes and Kricketots, and the old people relax with their old companions next to the fountain. She comments that everything seems so tidy and in place, and an old lady who has a Wooper in her lap agrees that Pastoria is a place where even the weak and aged like them can easily settle at.

She explains that it is all thanks to Crasher Wake, who has always used the prize money he earned for the people and Pokemon living there. It is because of his efforts that the city has such great infrastructures, and that Pastoria can fulfill its goal in protecting the marshland. He is certainly a man of his words, and even once said that he trains himself hard for the sake of the people, something which made her respect him a lot.

Lady Berlitz is left speechless at what she just heard, and begins to get lost in thought. Pearl snaps her out of her trance, and says they should get back to their hotel to clean themselves of the mud, but the Lady suddenly declares that she isn't going back to the hotel, and Pearl wonders what she is talking about. Lady Berlitz announces with a firm tone that she will not return to the hotel, but go straight to the gym directly, causing both Dia and Pearl to bolt with surprise.

At the Pastoria Gym, the trio enters and finds that its layout seem somehow different from before, with water filling up most of the room. Pearl yells out that they have come for a gym challenge, and a boat which is driven by the dragon-like statue soon appears to greet them. It begins to make its introductory speech, but soon recognizes the kids, and Dia giggles that it is them again.

The statue remarks that it almost couldn't identify them from their muddy appearance, and proceeds to explain the rules. At the Pastoria Gym, each trainer enters three Pokemon, and selects two of them to battle with. This means one will know the entries of the opponent, but not which exact two Pokemon they will be fighting. Also, the gym is designed to be a water maze with various floating planks, and the challenger must find the way to the gymleader.

Pearl looks around and sees that the planks are too far away to hop between, and wonders if one is required to swim through the maze, but the statue says there is more to it, and tells Lady Berlitz to press the button on a nearby wall. The Lady does as she is told, and the pool of water closest to the entrance is immediately drained through the openings on the ground, revealing a set of staircases as well as a short clear path.

The statue explains that the challenger can drain or fill the water pools by the various buttons found across the room, and adds that as with other gyms, there are other trainers to be defeated before one reaches Crasher Wake. It then turns to Dia and Pearl, and decides to let them stay and watch since they will be spying through the windows from the outside anyway. It tells them to get on the boat, and begins to navigate on the waters.

Pearl: Wait a sec! Why are we moving away from Ms. Lady!?
Statue: Don't worry. We're just travelling by the water route, and will meet up with her soon.
(Boat moves forward and takes a left turn)
Statue: Hm? This way is blocked.
(Boat takes a right turn)
Statue: Hm? Not this way too?
Pearl: (yells) DON'T GET US LOST!!

A while later, the statue finally finds its way to the platform stage where Crasher Wake is, and Pearl is severely annoyed that they were unable to see Lady Berlitz battle after all. Dia then cries out that the Lady has already made it to the gymleader, and Pearl quickly looks over to see that the announcer has finished introducing both participants, and the two are ready to send out their first Pokemon.

Lady Berlitz thinks over the three Pokemon of Crasher Wake to ponder on his most likely choice, and soon makes up her mind. As the two Pokeballs are tossed onto the ground, Empoleon and Floatzel pop into the scene, and Crasher Wake exclaims that the Lady has one splendid water Pokemon. He laughs that they can extend the battlefield beyond solid ground in that case, and decides to place an additional rule to their match, allowing all water routes within the gym to be used during battle.

His decision causes everyone to bolt with surprise, and Pearl wants to know if such a thing is allowed. The dragon-like statue mumbles with a sweatdrop running down its face, and one of the Sailors apologizes that Crasher Wake occasionally makes startling comments to heap up the combat. The Pastoria Gymleader looms over the statue with a grin to ask if it is alright, and the statue fails to think of reason to decline his request.

And so the battle begins under Crasher Wake's new regulation, and the two water Pokemon instantly lash out at one another. Empoleon delivers a powerful Metal Claw to knock Floatzel over, but the giant weasel adeptly pushes itself off the ground, and swings its strong tails forward to swat Empoleon off its feet. It then digs its fangs into king penguin's right shoulder, but Empoleon counters with a kick to drive its foe away.

Dashing from one side of the stage to the other, Floatzel and Empoleon keep their watchful eyes on their opponent, and simultaneously jump into the water. Both boys exclaim that the battlefield has now shifted to the pool, and Dia reads from his Pokedex that Floatzel is a sea weasel Pokemon who rapidly moves in water with its well-developed floatation sac and screw-like tails. Pearl also reads from his Dex that Empoleon is the emperor Pokemon who swims as fast as a jet boat, and they realize that an epic water battle of speed is about to take place...

(Original Japanese Jokes)

  1. In the Manzai verse following the trio's failure to capture anything at the Great Marsh, Pearl says 'Ketsukyoku, Safari Game deha ippiki mo torenakatta desu ne', which means 'At the end, we couldn't capture a single Pokemon from the Safari Game'. Dia replies that 'Soudesune, neratta Pokemon ni ha yubiipponsafarimasen deshita', which means 'Indeed, it was so difficult to catch those Pokemon'. The pun is on the word Safari, which Dia deliberately squeezed into the phrase 'Yubiipponmoarimasen' (can't even put a single finger on, meaning very difficult) to be 'Yubiipponsafarimasen'

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365: VS Carnivine

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