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Inside his office at the Pokemon Mansion, Mr. Backlot cradles a Pichu in his arms, and grins that there is a lot for him to be proud of inside and outside of his home, but what makes him most proud is the Trophy Garden in the back. He wonders why people would bother travelling here and there when Pokemon are attracted to his garden, and invites Lady Berlitz to take a look at his prized garden.

The Lady beams with excitement at the offer, and quickly follows the gentleman, while Dia and Pearl wonder how much longer they have to put up with this proud place and its proud people. Earlier, on their way north from Pastoria, they came across this spectacular building which Lady Berlitz mistook as a hotel and decided to spend the night at. It is only after they barged into the place that they discovered it is the home of this old gentleman called Mr. Backlot.

Lady Berlitz gasps in fascination when she lays eyes on the Trophy Garden, and sees a variety of Pokemon running about on a lush green meadow lined by trees and bushes. Several Starlys hover down from a tree, while some a Pikachu, Roselia and two Pichus sit and listen to the musical performance of three Kricketunes.

The Lady is completely enthralled by the scene, and Mr. Backlot says he knew she would like it. Dia points out that the Lady seems to get along with the old gentleman really well, and Pearl wonders if it is because they are both wealthy people.

A maid walks up to Mr. Backlot to inform him that the guest he scheduled to meet has arrived, and the man tells her to take care of Lady Berlitz while he is away. The maid nods with a warm smile, and proceeds to present the Lady with a Sooth Bell contained in a small gift box as a souvenir for visiting the Pokemon Mansion, which the girl happily accepts.

Pearl grunts that the two of them are apparently completely ignored, but then a burly guard approaches them from behind, and menacingly warns them not to touch the bronze statue or furniture within the Mansion, for they are all priceless collections of their master, Mr. Backlot. Pearl angrily barks that they have not touched anything, and is furious about the unfair treatment they get. Dia suggests the two of them wait outside the Mansion, but Pearl says it wouldn't be a good idea to leave the Lady on her own, as they must fulfill their duties as her bodyguards now.

Lady Berlitz merrily trots over to the boys, and asks for permission to take a walk in the Trophy Garden. Pearl thinks for a moment, and decides that it should be alright. He wants Chimlord and Roo to accompany her however, and insists that she calls Empoleon out from the Pokeball as well. Convinced that the three fully evolved Pokemon should be enough to protect her, Pearl shoots one final glare at the guard, and returns into the Mansion with Dia to practice their Manzai verses.

Lady Berlitz happily takes a stroll in the garden in Roo, Chimlord and Empoleon's company, and the Starlys soon hover down to greet her, while a Roselia plops itself on her shoulder. Kricketunes fly by her side, and several Pikachus jump out from the bushes to snuggle against her. Indeed, the Trophy Garden is a very peaceful and enjoyable place to be at.

Pearl: Speaking of Pokemon!!
Dia: Speaking of Pokemooon~
Pearl: This is a mansion, a truly magnificent mansion, with a truly magnificent back garden.V Dia: There are many Pokemon at the back garden~
Dia: (puts on serious look) But I believe that there are secrets in this place that nobody knows of!!
Pearl: (shocked) Really!? Why is that!?
Dia: This is the Pokemon Mansion where many things are deliberately not mentioned.
Pearl: (smacks Dia on the face) You are just twisting things!!

Pearl: Showing visitors like us his back garden, Mr. Backlot seems be a nice person.
Dia: Is thaaat so~ (puts on a frown) But I find him to be very stingy from his proud words...
Pearl: (surprised) That's a cruel description to use, are you trying to backstab him?
Dia: (sobs) I can't backstab Mr. Backlot, or I'll get my back slapped a lot...
Pearl: (collapses)

Looking out from the window, Dia and Pearl see that Lady Berlitz's walk has been thankfully uneventful so far. They then hear a familiar female voice from behind which discusses with Mr. Backlot about the need to investigate further after making a trip to Route 210, and turn around to see Cynthia, the young woman with long blonde hair who taught them about Pokemon battling at Eterna City.

The boys beam with bewilderment upon seeing her, and Cynthia is equally excited to meet them again. She comments that they look slightly different with sharper appearances now, and feels that they become even more reliable trainers. She wonders where the girl they travel together with is, and Dia motions her to look out of the window.

Cynthia spots Lady Berlitz taking her stroll with Torterra, Infernape and Empoleon, and grins that not only is the girl looking more radiant but their three Pokemon have also evolved once again at similar times. She remarks that the trio has certainly gotten stronger, and Pearl wonders what brought her to the Pokemon Mansion.

Cynthia explains that she has been bestowed upon an investigation by Mr. Backlot, and gets a look of approval from the old gentleman before telling the story to the two boys. She reveals that Mr. Backlot also happens to be the owner of the Amity Square in Hearthome City, and Pearl remembers hearing about the place when they were there for the Pokemon Super Contest. Cynthia states that the Amity Square is a place where trainers enjoy casual walks with Pokemon such as Clefairy, Pachirisu and Psyduck, but something has unfortunately happened a while ago.

Apparently, someone's Psyduck has gone missing while they were taking a walk at the Square, and shortly afterwards, Route 210 became blocked by a huge pack of Psyducks, cutting off all kinds of traffic on that road and currently still remains unresolved. Pearl exclaims that they have encountered that on their journey as well, and Dia adds that it forced them to change routes to the east at the end.

Pearl wants to know if Cynthia believes that the two incidents are related, and the young woman replies with a nod. She remarks that she plans to inspect the situation in person, then do something to clear up the blocking Psyducks in order to restore the patency of the route. Pearl and Dia are curious as to what she will do, and Cynthia puts on a grin, wondering if they would like to come along.

Needless to say, the boys start to get excited about the idea, and when they tell Lady Berlitz about it, given the girl's eagerness to experience anything, she promptly agrees and beams with enthusiasm.

Later, outside the Pokemon Mansion, Cynthia gets on a Bicycle while Dia, Pearl and Lady Berlitz climb on her Garchomp. Sitting on the tail of Garchomp, Dia flips out his Pokedex and gasps with horror when he reads that it is the mach Pokemon who can fly in the skies with an unmatched speed. Cynthia assures him that it only moves with moderate speed on land, and with a mischievous grin, tells Garchomp to get ready for their race, causing Dia's eyes to bulge out in fear.

In the next instant, Cynthia begins to speed away on her Bicycle, while Garchomp dashes forward with the speed of a jet plane. Pearl struggles to steady himself by wrapping his arms tight around the dragon Pokemon's neck, while Lady Berlitz clutches onto its back fin. Dia, on the other hand, gets thrown up and down on its tail, and very soon gets dizzy from the motion. The group storms across the last portion of Route 212, past the gates of Hearthome, through Route 209 and Solaceon Town, and finally reaches Route 210. Upon stopping, Dia faints against Garchomp's tail while Pearl and Lady Berlitz get off, and Pearl exclaims that both Garchomp and Cynthia were moving at such an unbelievable speed, which Cynthia simply replies with a grin.

Pearl wonders why Cynthia is using the Bicycle when she has such a speedy Pokemon, and Cynthia explains that it is something she has always wanted as a child, and growing up is a process that always comes quick and catches one by surprise. She adds that the tank and hose at the back of this impromptu leisure bike will prove handy later on, and Pearl wonders what their purpose could be.

Continuing forward, the group follows the up-sloping path, and in no time comes face to face with the huge pack of Psyducks blocking the northern part of Route 210. Cynthia states that Psyducks are Pokemon who are famous for their headaches, although nobody really knows of the reason behind. That said, the only thing they need to do is alleviate their pain, and she believes that the Secret Potion will do just the trick. With that, she takes out a little pouch, and shows the trio the brown-coloured tablets inside. Pearl remembers what Cynthia said about the Bicycle's tank, and Cynthia grins that it contains the liquid form of the Secret Potion which she made by dissolving the tablets into water.

Picking up the hose, Cynthia lovingly tells the Psyducks to open their mouths towards the sky, and begins to sprinkle the liquid potion onto them. As soon as they swallow the medication, one by one, the Psyducks return to calm expressions and start to disperse. The trio watches with amazement at the miracle, and Cynthia soon spots one Psyduck whose three hairs on the top form the shape of a trident.

She quickly flips out the picture of a Psyduck, which is given to her by its trainer who lost the Pokemon at the Amity Square, and wonders if Pearl thinks they look alike. Pearl immediately nods, and Cynthia is glad that her mission is accomplished. However, on a deeper thought, the fact that not only wild but also trainer owned Psyducks are made to gather there indicates that it is clearly an intentional act of someone who was trying to stop certain people from advancing on the route.

Pearl notices Cynthia's sudden distraction and wonders if something is wrong, and the young woman quickly regains her composure and grins that she is fine. Lady Berlitz puts on a happy look as she takes over the sprinkling for Cynthia, and Pearl is glad that they have solved the trouble of the people there, now that the route coursing north towards Mt. Coronet is finally unblocked. He rationalizes that people who are coming down from Celestic Town were probably affected by the nuisance as well, and Cynthia nods in agreement.

The young woman points towards a small cottage nearby, and says it is the Café Cabin, which Moomoo Milk is a favourite of her Grandma who lives at Celestic. Dia bolts with excitement upon hearing the term Moomoo Milk, and the group begins heading towards the little café. Cynthia remarks that her Grandma frequently comes for drinks, and is sure that she must be throwing a tantrum at home for not being able to visit the store recently.

However, Cynthia is quickly proven wrong when she suddenly hears her name called on the front porch. A funky old lady in sunglasses who has a Chingling on her hair, and wears a similar fur coat as Cynthia's sits in front of a table full of empty Moomoo Milk bottles, and says she has been enjoying herself there all this time.

Cynthia gasps in surprise upon seeing her Grandma, who sits back in a relaxed position and grins that it has been a while again. Turning towards Dia, Pearl, and Lady Berlitz, the old lady wonders if they are interested to hear about Sinnoh's secret legend of the lakes...

(Original Japanese Jokes)

  1. In the first part of the Manzai which plays on the Pokemon Mansion, Dia says there must be hidden secrets because it's a 'Ayashiki oyashiki', which means 'Eerie mansion'. The pun is on the phonetic similarity between 'Ayashiki' (eerie) and 'Oyashiki' (mansion).
  2. In the second part of the verse which plays on Mr. Backlot, Pearl asks 'Nanika urami demo arundesuka?', which means 'Are you holding a grudge against him?'. Dia replies that 'Urami ha arimasen, urayamashii dake desu', which means 'I don't have a grudge, I'm just envious'. The pun is on the phonetic similarity between 'Urami' (grudge) and 'Urayamashii' (envious), and the fact that 'Urayama' is the Japanese name of Mr. Backlot.

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