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At Café Cabin's front porch, the funky old lady takes another sip of her Moomoo Milk, and wonders if they are interested to hear about the Sinnoh region's secret legend of the lakes. Pearl looks at Cynthia and wonders if the old lady is her Grandma whom she talked about, and the young woman nods that she resides in Celestic Town. Standing next to Cynthia, Dia keeps his eyes on Grandma's bottle of Moomoo Milk, and begins to drool.

Cynthia and Grandma lock hands with each other, and the old lady begins to tell her granddaughter how she got stuck at Café Cabin after the road back home is blocked by the Psyducks. Cynthia is glad that she can still have her Moomoo Milk all this time, and says the Psyducks have been taken care of by the Secret Potion now.

While the two go on and on, Lady Berlitz cuts in to apologize for interrupting, and wishes to know if the old lady just said something about the legend of lakes. Dia grins that they have also seen a mysterious light from a lake not too long ago, and offers to tell their story, but Grandma loses temper, and says they are being too noisy. Dia gets dizzy from her booming voice and wonders what has made her angry, while Pearl sweatdrops in disbelief that Dia still isn't aware of what ticks people off after being butt-in for so many times.

A few moments later, inside Café Cabin, Grandma orders another batch of Moomoo Milk, and the woman who stands behind the counter next to her Miltank says she will bring more right away. Lady Berlitz and Cynthia sit and chat over their own drinks and the trio's Pokemon enjoy themselves with dishes of Moomoo Milk, while Dia and Pearl are the only ones standing, both with sweatdrops running down their faces.

Grandma then tells them to start, and the boys are glad that someone finally pays attention to them.

Pearl: Speaking of Pokemon!!
Dia: Speaking of Pokemooon~
Pearl: This is a journey.
Dia: Yes, a journey~
Pearl: (flips out the Town Map) The road ahead of this place is... um, Route 210.
Dia: Oh~ That will lead us to Mt. Coronet.
Pearl: Indeed, but... (gets frantic) THE ROAD GETS SO FOGGED THAT IT WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE TO SEE!!!
Dia: (startled) What~!! We'll definitely get bogged!!

Pearl: In the dead white fog, even the local people will find it hard to walk.
Dia: (trembles) Yes, yes...
Pearl: (terrified) If a wrong step is made, one will plunge off the deep cliff side...
Dia: (trembles more) Yes, yes...
Pearl: (horrified) I wonder what will happen to us who aren't even able to use the Pokemon move Defog yet.
Dia: (holds stomach in pain) Uh~ My guts are getting clogged.

Grandma chokes upon hearing the joke, and spits out a mouthful of Moomoo Milk onto the faces or Dia and Pearl. She laughs that the Manzai is indeed very funny, and Cynthia is glad that she enjoys it as much as she does. The old lady calls for another performance, and Pearl sweatdrops as he tires to wipe the milk off his face.

Lady Berlitz cuts in to say that she has just discussed with Cynthia, and indeed the road ahead is heavily fogged and will be rather perilous for them to travel alone. She remarks that Cynthia has suggested they tag along as her Grandma returns to Celestic, and Dia instantly chimes in to cheer that they will be able to hear more about the legend of the lakes in that case. He thinks they should do another Manzai verse to make Grandma happy, but Pearl feels slightly reluctant. Dia grins that Grandma is an elder at Celestic and finds her to be a very great person, but again, Pearl begs to differ. Opening up yet another bottle of Moomoo Milk, Grandma lets out a roar and calls for the next performance to begin.

Later, back outside, Cynthia says she shall say her goodbyes there, and Pearl is surprised that she isn't coming with them. The young woman explains that she still has to return the Psyduck to its owner at Amity Square, and report to Mr. Backlot afterwards. She assures the trio that Grandma will take them safely to Celestic, and says she has also left Garchomp behind with them just in case.

Going their separate ways, the trio thanks Cynthia, and begins to follow Grandma onto the northern part of Route 210. As the road turns rocky and mountainous, Pearl notices that fog is getting thicker and thicker, and starts to become a little nervous. Grandma states that everything will be alright as long as they stay careful and follow her steps, and the trio makes an effort to stay close.

However, the fog gradually gets so thick they lose sight of the Celestic elder, and Pearl frantically calls out for her. Grandma remarks that it doesn't matter even if they can't see, because they can still listen to the ringing her Chingling makes as she walks, and track the source of the sound. Yet, Pearl isn't so convinced it would work, and tries to run forward to get the old lady to slow down.

Unfortunately, he takes a wrong step towards the edge of the road, and begins falling down a cliff side as he and Dia both cry out. Chimlord hurriedly catches its trainer after securing its tail on Roo, and together they work to pull the startled boy back up. Pearl thanks everyone for their help as Lady Berlitz faints against Empoleon, and says he almost thought that would be his end. Dia sighs in relief, and says his heart nearly stopped when the fog made him tumble like a log.

Grandma laughs at Dia's little joke, and says they should stop talking about bad things now. She states that Sinnoh is a region full of nature's richness, and fog not only clouds this road, but also Mt. Coronet, as well as lakes which the trio are yearning to hear about. All of these are important blessings that have remained unchanged since ancient times, particularly the lakes, the three big lakes that Sinnoh houses, Lake Verity, Lake Acuity and Lake Valor. At Celestic Town, people speak of an old legend about the three lakes, and each of them is home to a Pokemon that governs emotion, knowledge and willpower.

As they walk along, the fog begins to clear, and the trio soon finds themselves at an old little town comprised mostly of wooden cottages. Grandma welcomes the young ones to Celestic Town, the points to the center of the town, where a little shrine lies in the middle of a square-shaped sunken land. On the northern walls of this sunken land, frescoes of two dragon-like creatures guard a tiny hole near the bottom, and Grandma explains that behind it lies ruins cavern which has wall paintings depicting the legend she just told them. However, the hole is so small that not even children can get in.

Just then, Dia notices that Garchomp seems unsettled, and wonders what is going on. The mach Pokemon gets itself on guard as it looks around to inspect their surroundings, and Grandma cries that it isn't simply unnerved but has entered a combative state. Seeing the angry look on Garchomp's face, the old lady's mind boggles as to what could have made the Pokemon so edgy.

Lady Berlitz then spots three circling objects in the skies, resembling the shape of tiny Nosepasses, and wonders what they could be. The objects swiftly hover down to encircle the shrine and the ruins' small entrance, and Grandma realizes that they are performing some kind of location analysis.

In the next instant, Garchomp senses a new presence, and bolts its head upwards to fix its gaze on a silhouette standing atop one of the cottages. The group looks up to see a man in astronaut-like outfit with blue spiky hair, accompanied by two levitating Pokemon, and the man remarks that Garchomp must belong to someone very powerful since it is able to challenge foes on its own will in the absence of its trainer.

Pearl wonders who it is, just when the Pokemon shaped like a flying saucer fires a bolt of electricity towards Garchomp. The purple dragon adeptly evades, and Dia cries that Garchomp must have sensed this man's hostility beforehand. The boy then catches sight of a G-shaped symbol in front of the man's chest, and recalls that the eerie people who ambushed them at Veilstone also bear the same emblem.

Pearl points out that there is something more, and flips out his Pokedex to check on the man's two Pokemon. However, as he expected, neither could be recognized, and he states that they are the same ones which attacked them back at Mt. Coronet's cavern. This means that this man standing before them was also present when the rocks and boulders tumbled down on them at that time, making him the likely culprit behind the incident.

Grandma decides to take up Cynthia's role in commanding Garchomp, and orders the dragon Pokemon forward. Jumping high up into the skies, Garchomp dives towards Cyrus, and knocks his two Pokemon aside. Pearl exclaims that it is the Dragon Rush attack, and Lady Berlitz is amazed by its speed. Garchomp then quickly spins around to deliver a Hyper Beam, and hits the Pokemon with a big nose, Probopass, right in the face. The one shaped like a flying saucer, Magnezone, hovers backwards to creep up on Garchomp, but Pearl sees its intention, and warns Garchomp of the incoming Mirror Shot.

Garchomp takes a huge leap to evade the attack, before firing off another Hyper Beam. However, Magnezone moves out of the way just in time, and the powerful blast explodes in front of the ruins instead. Garchomp continues to unleash a barrage of Hyper Beams, which Magnezone struggle hard to dodge.

Pearl is astonished by Garchomp's tremendous power, but suddenly realizes that something is wrong. He looks over to the small entrance of the ruins, which is getting bigger with each explosion caused by the Hyper Beam, and cries that the man is using Garchomp to expand the size of the hole.

Hovering down via the three Mini-Noses of Probopass, the blue haired man grins that his guess is correct, and says Magnezone's Mirror Shot was deliberately fired to lower Garchomp's accuracy, allowing more missed hits to target the ruins' entrance. Without another word, he begins to walk into the now adult-sized hole, and the group hurriedly rushes forward to stop him. However, Probopass unleashes a Rock Slide, and temporarily traps them with a shower of falling boulders.

Walking into the cavern, the man, Cyrus, lays eyes on the ancient wall painting and sees its depiction of three creatures each with two long jewelled tails surrounding a central symbol. With a grin, he feels content that the fresco finally lets him know how the three lakes correspond to the three beings, Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit...

(Original Japanese Jokes)

  1. In the first part of the Manzai, Pearl hollers that 'Kiri de nanimo mienai michi nano desu', which means 'It is impossible to see anything on this road because of the fog'. Dia replies with 'Dokkiri', which means 'That's so shocking'. The pun is on the word 'Kiri', which means fog and is also part of the phrase 'Dokkiri' (that's so shocking).
  2. In the second part that continues the 'Kiri' pun, Pearl wonders what will happen to them since they don't know the move Defog, and Dia says 'I ga kirikiri shitekimashita', which means 'My stomach is starting to hurt'. The pun appears in 'Kirikiri' (to hurt). Later, after Pearl nearly fell off the cliff, Dia says 'Korekkiri ni shitehoshii desu', which means 'I want to call this quits now'. The 'Kiri' here means to cut or to quit.

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368: VS Probopass & Magnezone I

Volume 33