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At the town center of Celestic, Cynthia's Grandma looks at the giant hole in front of them, and exclaims that the man has entered the ruins and seen the frescoes, frescoes which speak of the secrets of Sinnoh's legend that no one is ever supposed to see.

Inside the cavern of the ruins, Cyrus stares at the ancient wall painting, which depicts three creatures each with two long jewelled tails surrounding a central symbol, and recognizes them as Uxie, the one with a helmet head, who stays at Lake Acuity and governs knowledge; Azelf, the one with a cone-shaped head, residing at Lake Valor and governing willpower; and Mesprit, the one with appendages on the sides of its head, who sleeps at Lake Verity and governs emotion.

He remembers what was written in the ancient scripture, and states out loud that when all the lake beings are brought together, combining willpower, knowledge and emotion, the three split entities will return to one, and create a powerful pulling force.

Grandma and the trio rush into the ruins just in time to hear the man's words, and the old lady is bewildered that he is capable of interpreting the meaning behind the wall paintings. Lady Berlitz wonders how exactly the frescoes appear like, and wishes to get closer for a better look, causing Pearl to sweatdrop at her enthusiasm to learn even at times as such.

However, Dia suddenly blocks himself in front of the two, and says they cannot go any deeper into the cavern, especially not the Lady. Lady Berlitz gets upset and demands to know why she is especially not allowed to do so, and begins to fight her way in. Dia tries to explain that it is because of the man, while Pearl attempts to quiet them, and the little struggle soon results in all three of them tumbling onto the ground.

Lady Berlitz climbs back onto her knees, and happens to lay eyes on the wall painting of the helmet head creature when she looks up, causing her to let out a gasp while putting on an astonished expression. Dia says she has gotten her wish to see the frescoes now, and hurriedly moves her behind a boulder for shelter. Pearl spots the G-shaped symbol again on the back of the man's astronaut-like suit, and finally realizes what Dia's concern is. They have already agreed that the eerie organization which was after Lady Berlitz at Veilstone also bears the same emblem on their attires, and their strong connection to this man is probably what's putting Dia on alert.

However, Pearl believes that something is different about this man, and points out that since their encounter, he has not paid any attention to the Lady or rather, to any one of them. His sole focus was Garchomp while they were outside, and currently the wall paintings and nothing else. He rationalizes that although the man is more than likely a part of the eerie organization, he is in some special position with a completely different task at hand, and his only purpose at Celestic seems to be investigating the legend that the town holds.

Dia wonders if they should fight, and Pearl immediately calls him a fool for not seeing the obvious. He states reminds him of how the man faced Cynthia's powerful Garchomp with ease, the fact that he carries two Pokemon that not even the Pokedex recognizes, and most of all, how he nearly killed them at Mt. Coronet. These three reasons are good enough not to engage in a fight, which will definitely end up futile.

The boy then turns to Grandma, and apologizes for sounding bossy, but hopes that she could let them all ride on Garchomp, and has the mach Pokemon carry them off to the edges of Celestic. He remarks that their foe seems to be absorbed in his own thoughts at this moment, and an escape shouldn't be hard to pull off. At least, they must try to get Lady Berlitz away from this danger.

Grandma agrees that it is their best option right now, and gathers the trio and herself on Garchomp, while Pearl starts to count down from three. On one, Garchomp instantly propels itself forward to dash out from the ruins at sonic speed, and in the blink of an eye, brings everyone on a footbridge at the edge of the town.

Pearl wipes a sweat off his forehead and sighs in relief that they have made it, but then Grandma jumps in surprise, and cries that one of them is missing. Pearl and Lady Berlitz quickly look around, and bolt in horror when they see that Dia is not with them. Turning his gaze back to the ruins at the town center, Pearl's face whitens with fear when he rationalizes what the boy must have done.

Back inside the ruins cavern, Dia stands in front of Beh and Roo, and tries to steady himself as he prepares to confront Cyrus.

'Chala cha cha cha cha…~! Parapaparapara dandondadan~! Great land dashers~ Giant sky flyers~ Unite now~ Into Proteinman Omega~ Take down! Take down the demons~!!'

Giving himself confidence with his shaky singing, Dia manages to get the attention of Cyrus, and the man turns around to shoot him a cold look. Dia speaks with a trembling voice, and says it is the song of Proteinman Omega, his favourite robot animation. He states that they their group has been ambushed by an eerie organization at Veilstone, and those people strongly reminded him of the demonic fighters in the show, making him automatically regard them as the bad guys. He points out the fact that Cyrus's suit bears the same G-shaped emblem which the organization's people wear, and wants to know if the man is the boss of the organization.

Ready for a direct confrontation, Dia struggles to suppress his fear. Yet, to his surprise, Cyrus simply walks past him, and in the next instant, takes out a camera shaped like a spaceship to take snapshots of the wall paintings, its blinding light causing Dia, Beh and Roo to wince and cover up their eyes.

Cyrus then takes out a notebook and his quill pen, and begins to write down some theories he has worked out from reading the old literatures, that when knowledge expands, life will be enriched; when emotion sprouts, there will be sorrow and joy; when a determination is made, action will be taken. He muses that all of these sound truly interesting, and wonders if the frescoes depict a specific historical time frame. He decides to return to his air-car to have his machine make a more accurate approximation, and turns to leave.

However, Dia stands in his way, and says Cynthia's Grandma has told them that the frescoes not are supposed to be seen by anyone. He demands to know what Cyrus is planning to do with what he saw at the ruins, causing the man the shoot him another cold look of contempt. Without warning, Cyrus orders a Magnet Bomb, and both Magnezone and Probopass unleash a powerful pulse of energy to throw Dia, Beh and Roo upwards before hurling them out of the ruins.

At Celestic's town edge, Pearl, Lady Berlitz and Grandma gasp with horror when they hear the deafening blast and see Dia tossed out from the ruins entrance with his two Pokemon. The boy crashes hard against the ground as his cap falls off, and Pearl's face whitens with a look of despair as he stutters that the fool has really stayed behind. He firmly forbids Lady Berlitz to leave where she is before telling Grandma and Garchomp to take care of her, and starts to run back to the town center to save his companion.

Helping Dia up from the ground, Pearl frantically checks at his injuries, and Dia grins that he is alright because Roo has managed to use its Withdraw for defense right before the attack struck. He adds that Beh has also successfully snatched the camera from the man, and says they won't have to worry about the secrets of the frescoes being put to evil use.

Pearl, on the other hand, is less concerned about this, and angrily grabs Dia by the collar. He demands to know who told Dia to risk his life for such a stupid thing, and hollers that he has already ordered everyone to escape by gathering on Garchomp. He calls Dia a fool, and Dia, after a moment of silence, defends that he doesn't mind being a fool. Indeed, Pearl may believe that escaping is the right thing to do, but he has his own thoughts as well, and has simply chosen to do what he thinks is right.

Yanking Pearl's hand off his collar, Dia mutters that Pearl has always forced him to do things, and there is something he has wanted to tell him for a long time, that he, Dia, is not Pearl's minion. For a moment, Pearl is stunned speechless by what he hears. The boy then gets emotional, and demands to know when he has ever forced things on Dia. However, Dia replies that it happens all the time, and says whether it's the content of their Manzai, their practice sessions, all the butt-ins, he has always been the one that endures.

Pearl becomes furious, and can't believe that Dia is dissatisfied with the content of their Manzai. He hollers that he has always been the one working hard to write verses, when Dia is just busy sleeping and eating. He yells that all the dopey lines he gave him are for exaggerating the effect of the butt-ins, and Dia quickly cuts in to say it is exactly what he meant by Pearl forcing him. It has always been said to be for the sake of the duo, for the sake of Dia, but at the end, Pearl was the only one who earned the shining moments.

On the footbridge at the town's edge, Lady Berlitz puts on a worried look when she sees the argument break out between Dia and Pearl, and gets even more anxious when she spots Cyrus stepping out from the ruins with Probopass and Magnezone.

Keeping a calm composure, Cyrus takes a glance at Dia and Pearl, before diverting his attention to Beh who is clutching tight to the camera which contains photos of the frescoes. He silently raises an arm, and Magnezone's top antenna instantly begins to charge up. Pearl can tell it the man is trying to snatch the camera back by unleashing a Charge Beam, and tries to get Dia to flee as the attack is fired. However, Dia stands his ground, and calls forward Roo to block the energy blast while he shields himself in front of Beh, causing Pearl to bolt in shock.

Getting angry, Pearl reiterates that their only favorable option is to escape, and tells Dia to simply toss away the camera and let the man pick it up. But Dia strongly refuses, and Pearl demands to know if he has forgotten about their goal. He hollers that they have made a promise to themselves to safeguard the Lady on her journey towards the summit of Mt. Coronet, and it is none of their business that the secret held by these ruins has been exposed.

Dia keeps silent for a moment, then says if he follows every order that Pearl deems right, it will certainly make life smoother, but he would be going against his own emotion. Giving Pearl a dignified look, Dia states that there are also times that he wishes to follow his emotion, making Pearl go speechless and left him pondering on the words. Dia remarks that someone has seen the frescoes which no one is supposed to, and if they allow that person to put what he saw to evil purposes, miserable things will be bound to arise, bringing grief to this place's people and Pokemon.

The boy puts his cap back on and motions to Beh, and Pearl sees that the little Munchlax is hiding the camera under its long fur. Seeing the determined look on his companion's face, Pearl is awestruck by his strong resentment to returning the camera back to the devilish man, for it is the very first time that Dia has ever become angry or involved in an intentional fight with someone.

With a scornful grin, Cyrus tells Probopass to send its Mini-Noses forward, and the three small units instantly fly towards Beh to start encircling it. They then charge against Beh simultaneously to search its long fur, but each only manages to pull out a different Berry. Beh sticks its tongue out at them and makes a face, and the angry Mini-Noses attempt another assault, only to reveal more hidden Berries. The Munchlax gets upset that its food is spilt, and delivers a punch to swat them down.

Dia states that dozens of Berries have been hidden under Beh's long fur, so much that not even Beh itself remembers how many, and it will not be an easy task to find something in there. Cyrus keeps a cold stare on the boy, and snaps his fingers at Magnezone instead. Almost immediately, the flying saucer creates a powerful magnetic field, and the boys bolt in shock when their Poketches, Pokedexes, Pokeballs, and just about everything that contains metal is starting to get pulled towards the magnet area Pokemon.

The field is apparently exerting its effect on the camera as well, and Beh struggles to stand its ground while the little device threatens to leave its fur coat. Magnezone lets out a mechanical sound as it powers up its magnetism, and the ground beneath them begins to crack. Dia hollers that minerals and metallic objects underground are being yanked out as well, and tells Beh to stay strong.

Unfortunately, the Munchlax finally loses the fight, and the camera flies out from under its long fur as the boys watch with horror. Yet, just when Magnezone is about to grab the device, Chatlord swoops in and snatches it with its beak before flying off. Dia gasps at the Chatot's actions, and is even more surprised when he hears Pearl commanding it to keep it out of the man's reach.

Dia turns around to face Pearl, and Pearl mutters with a slight blush that he certainly had his moment of weakness, but he is now determined to show his willpower in defying their foe, causing Dia to beam with joy. The truth is, Pearl was greatly moved by Dia's emotion, and never thought or imagine he would one day see the boy exude such kind of strong mannerism, which is why as his best companion, he will give him full support in safeguarding the camera.

Cyrus, barely changing his facial expressions, calls for a Gravity, and Probopass instantly radiates a circular wave from its giant nose, pulling Chatlord down from the skies and slamming it onto the ground. Dia and Pearl hurriedly rush over to check on the immobile Chatot, and suddenly hears Cyrus calling their strife completely pointless.

Slowly walking towards Dia and Pearl, the man states that Celestic is a sacred ground where the legend of Sinnoh has been passed on for hundreds and thousands of years, and their little strife over the camera is just totally pointless. He wonders if the boys feel the same, and spreads out his arms as he remarks that after they see the world, one will realize there are things on a much grander scale, something as grand as the universe itself.

Dia, Pearl, Lady Berlitz and Grandma all tremble upon seeing the man's lunatic behaviour, and the man introduces himself as Cyrus, who is in search of a force that can create an ideal world where all pointless strife will be put to an end. He wants to know if Dia and Pearl are interested in joining him on the quest to search for this legendary force, and says to be honest, he was greatly impressed by their determined struggle, and feels especially connected to the pure willpower and emotion behind their actions, something he wishes his minions would learn to possess.

Pearl questions if Cyrus is tempt them, and the man grins that creating a new world brings new power. Pearl requests the Gravity attack to be lifted in that case, and Cyrus motions Probopass to free Chatlord from the downward force it exerted. Pearl then nods to Chatlord, and to everyone's shock, the Chatot pecks its beak hard onto the camera to shatter it into pieces.

Shooting a determined look to Cyrus, Pearl states that he has given his answer…

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369: VS Probopass & Magnezone II

Volume 33