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High up in the skies, Fantina floats on her Drifblim, and finds herself hovering right above Celestic Town. She looks down from her seated position, and gasps in surprise when she sees the drama at the town center.

Standing across Cyrus in front of the ruins, Dia and Pearl put on determined looks after Chatlord destroyed the camera which contains the photos of the ancient wall paintings. Cyrus maintains a calm face after hearing the boys' reply to his offer, and begins to let out a low grumble while keeping his eyes closed. As his grumble gradually intensifies into a roar, Probopass and Magnezone radiate out a thundering pulse from their bodies, and fog instantly pours into town and swirls around them.

At the town's edge, Cynthia's Grandma exclaims that the man's howl has raised the power of his Pokemon, and is awestruck that even the air current's movement has been affected, and fog from Route 210 is filling up Celestic Town. Lady Berlitz cries that her view is getting more and more blurred, and starts to worry about Dia and Pearl. She urges Grandma to let her return to the boys, but the old lady is hesitant about the idea.

Back in front of the ruins, Cyrus commands an Earth Power, and a stone pillar instantly shoots out from the ground beneath Dia and Pearl, carrying them both high up into the skies. The boys look down from their position as their faces whiten with horror, and Cyrus states that it is his response to their reply.

Pearl steals a glance at Probopass and Magnezone, and is awestruck at the combination of the former's ground type attack and the latter's powerful magnetism, which has pulled out the minerals underneath the ground to create such a towering pillar. He is also appalled by the fact that the man has chosen such a way to bring across the message that any attempt to defy him will end up futile, and understands that it makes no difference to the man whether he is dealing with kids or weak people, for he is someone who forbids any willpower or emotion to go against him.

Putting on a content smirk, Cyrus pulls out his Pokegear which has the Team Galactic symbol on it, and says this visit has taken longer than he expected. He remarks that the meeting time is soon approaching, and if the president is late, there will be no one to pass down orders to the minions. With that, he calls out his Honchkrow, who delivers a swipe with its big wings to unleash a Defog.

Grandma and Lady Berlitz gasp that the fog is rapidly clearing, and an air-car suddenly appears out of nowhere to park itself right in front of Cyrus. After taking a final look at the two dragon-like creatures' frescoes at the entrance of the ruins, the man turns his gaze towards the two boys high up on the stone pillar. From Pearl, he can see his strong and tough willpower, and from Dia, he can sense his quiet and thoughtful emotion. He muses that perfection will be achieved if knowledge to added to the combination, and begins to speed off on his air-car.

Grandma and Lady Berlitz let out a sigh of relief when the lunatic man is finally out of sight, and rush back towards where Dia and Pearl are. Sitting atop the stone pillar, Dia and Pearl also feel the air instantly lighten up once the man is gone, and soon see Grandma and the Lady at the pillar's base. Lady Berlitz says she is so thankful that everyone is safe at the end, and Grandma says more importantly, she must thank Dia for risking his life to snatch the camera back from the man and destroying the photos of the ancient wall paintings. Pearl begins to brag that his companion Dia is always smart, but suddenly remembers the feud they just had, and instantly keeps his mouth shut with an embarrassed look.

Grandma states that what just happened was quite serious, and decides to inform Cynthia about it. She flips out her Pokegear which has a Moomoo Milk bottle keychain, and phones her granddaughter, telling her of how the ancient wall paintings have been discovered and seen by an outsider.

After she hangs up the call, Lady Berlitz wants to know what Cynthia plans to do, and Grandma explains that since the entrance of the ruins has been damaged already, allowing easy access to the cavern with the frescoes, a special team of people will be formed to guard the ruins, who will call themselves the Celestic Self Defence Force.

Lady Berlitz says she is relieved in that case, and Grandma is surprised by the degree of worry she shows for the ruins. The Lady explains that she is also an academic person, and has a high interest in the historical writings of ancient people which recorded events in the past. The truth is, during her brief stay into the ruins cavern today, the moment she laid eyes on the frescoes, especially the creature with the helmet head, she felt an intense sensation in the chest.

Slapping her hand on the stone pillar as she gets more fervent with her words, she adds that she also believes the two dragon-like creatures at the entrance of the ruins, who are depicted facing one another, hold a highly important message behind them, as they exude a very strong impression to their surroundings. For one, she is sure that the lunatic man also took a final glance at these two creatures before he left, and she has reasons to think that they are related to the wall paintings inside the cavern.

Grandma remains silent, but is shocked by Lady Berlitz's observation and interpretation. The Lady then gets even more zealous as she speaks of her desire to study the frescoes, and inadvertently smacks hard on the stone pillar once again, breaking off a few fragments from its base. Pearl immediately yells for her to stop, and hollers that her repeated assaults are making the pillar very unsteady.

As soon as he says that, the stone pillar snaps into half in the middle, and crumbles into pieces as Dia and Pearl begin to fall. Fortunately, a Duskull appears just in time to catch them with a Reaper Cloth, and Lady Berlitz lets out a gasp as the boys are carried to the top of a familiar Drifblim.

Sitting in the blimp Pokemon's arms, Fantina grins that it was certainly a close call, and Dia and Pearl simultaneous cry out in pleasant surprise upon seeing their old friend. Pearl thanks the young woman for her help, and wonders what brought her there. Fantina explains that she was just patrolling around the region, and saw the intense battle in the town center, but the air currents all of a sudden changed directions while the fog flooded in.

Dia wonders if she saw them fight, and Fantina says she did, but due to the fact that Drifblim can only drift with the air current, she ended up being carried farther away and couldn't find a chance to land earlier. She laughs that it felt hilarious in some way, and Pearl sweatdrops as he reads from the Pokedex that Drifblim indeed has no true control of where it drifts.

Fantina then remarks that since they happen to have met again, she is really dying to see another of their Manzai performance, perhaps as a reward to her rescuing them. Her words causes Pearl to cringe however, and he steals a look at Dia while thinking that Fantina has really said the worst thing possible since he and Dia have just had their biggest argument since the formation of their duo, and he really can't see how they can see pull off a Manzai verse under such a tense situation.

Yet, to his surprise, Dia grins that they will gladly perform for her, causing Pearl to bolt with shock.

Dia: Speaking of Pokemooon~
Dia: Speaking of Pokemoon...~ Erm... something... something...~
Pearl (thinks): Dia is not starting up well...
Dia: To battle, to raise, to evolve, to trade, to heal, to capture, to hatch... there are many things one can do, but~
Pearl (thinks): This is different from the verses I've written! Is it completely ad lib?
Dia: Afterall, speaking of Pokemon, I would think of a journey.
Pearl (thinks): !!
Dia: Everybody goes on a journey~ A journey of the heart~

Dia: (starts to get nervous) From the journey, one learns about himself, learns about the opponents... and... and... I can't think of any good words to say now~ (holds his head in panic) And, and... what should I say~
Pearl: (cuts in) Yes, yes, of course, of course!! One goes on a journey to grow and be learn-ey~!!
Dia: (collapses)

Fantina laughs hysterically as Drifblim picks Lady Berlitz up with its free arm to join the purple-haired woman on the seat, and the group waves goodbye to Grandma and Garchomp after saying their thanks. Grandma does the same, and wishes them good luck as she watches them disappear into the skies.

Sitting atop Drifblim, Pearl keeps his gaze at his feet, and mutters an apology to Dia. He hopes that DIa will still continue to be a duo with him, and Dia, keeping a gentle smile on his face, slowly agrees with a nod. Down below, Lady Berlitz is glad that the boys have finally reconciled, and looks forward to more adventures ahead...

(Original Japanese Jokes)

  1. In this chapter's Manzai about journeys where the roles are reversed, Pearl acts dopey by saying that 'Tabi ni derutabi seichoushimasuyone', which means 'By going on a journey, one grows'. The pun in on the word 'Tabi', which means journey, and is also part of the phrase 'Derutabi' (through going). An interesting thing to note is that the seven things which Dia said one can do with Pokemon are the seven special abilities of the Kanto and Johto Dex Holders.

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370: VS Probopass & Magnezone III

Volume 33