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At the back stairs inside the Canalave Library, Sir Berlitz lets out a gasp when the mysterious man in cloak states that the two professional bodyguards have been eradicated, and challenges him to test his credibility by phoning up the bodyguards personally.

Sir Berlitz dials the number on the Pokegear with a shaky gesture, and starts to feel the fear building up inside him when the call keeps ringing without being answered. The cloaked man remarks that Phool and Ignor are both professional people who will pick up the phone regardless of where they are in the world to ensure that their clients won't get unsettled. The fact that they are not picking up is a proof that they are no longer part of this world.

With that, the cloaked man takes out a video player that is shaped like a mirror, and decides to show Sir Berlitz the bodyguards' final moments. The scholar's face whitens with horror when he sees the powerful beam engulfing the two men and ripping their bodies into double-images, and instantly drops his Pokegear onto the ground. The cloaked man bends down to pick it up for him, and says what he saw was not a product of special computer effects.

He hopes that Sir Berlitz is now convinced that they have his daughter in capture, and Sir Berlitz demands to know what they have done to her. The cloaked man assures him of her safety, and says as soon as he pays the ransom, they will set her free. Putting a hand on the scholar's shoulder, the cloaked man giggles that there is really nothing to think over, as 1.5 billion dollars barely mean a thing to his wealthy family.

With a trembling voice, Sir Berlitz wants to know who he is dealing with, and why they are in need of such a huge sum of money. The cloaked man replies that they are Team Galactic, whose mission is to create a universe.

Meanwhile, at the Hearthome Gym, Lady Berlitz faces her third mathematical question, and almost immediately bolts for the door behind answer B. An open lift awaits at the end of the chamber, and Dia cheers that the Lady is once again correct. The trio takes the ride to the next floor, and Pearl remarks that he is impressed by this system where challengers must pick the correct answer out of three choices to a question in order to enter the right door and proceed to the next floor. However, he fails to understand why they are all mathematical questions, and begins to throw a tantrum.

Dia: Fantina said she studied a lot~
Pearl: Fantina was referring to Pokemon when she said that I believe. What has that got to do with calculation?
Dia: Of course there is. When she became a gymleader, she reached cultivation~
Pearl: (collapses)

Lady Berlitz picks the answer C to her last question, and opens up the final door on the fourth floor, which leads to Fantina's chamber. The Hearthome Gymleader welcomes the trio to her room, and in that instant, the trio feels their feet get wobbly. Pearl wonders if it is the effect of riding too much lifts, and the dragon-like statue calls for the challenger to take her stand.

It begins to introduce Fantina as the charming soulful dancer, but when it gets to Lady Berlitz's part, Dia and Pearl begin to get dizzy again and find it hard to focus on what the statue is saying. Pearl notices that Lady Berlitz seems to be having the same problem, and wonders if it is going to be alright. The statue reiterates the challenger's choice of a 3-Pokemon switch-in battle, and both parties get ready to make their first pick. Mismagius begins to thrash around in its Pokeball, but the Hearthome Gymleader tells it to be patient as she plans to leave it to the very last, something Pearl finds to be odd, and the statue proceeds to commence the fight.

Fantina starts off by calling forward Duskull while Lady Berlitz sends out Beh, and the two Pokemon instantly throw themselves at one another. Dia cheers for the Munchlax and tells it to give its best for the Lady, and Beh nods with a determined look. Lady Berlitz silently thanks Dia for lending her the Pokemon, and decides to show him the tactics she and Pearl have planned for it.

The girl commands a Lick, and Beh promptly lashes out its tongue against Duskull, fainting the requiem Pokemon with one hit. Dia and Pearl rejoice for the quick first win, and Lady Berlitz switches out Beh for Empoleon as Fantina calls out Drifblim. Wasting no time, the blimp Pokemon unleashes an Ominous Wind, and powerful air currents instantly swirl around Empoleon. The king penguin holds up its fins for defense, and Dia cries that it seems to be losing its ground.

However, Pearl spots some sparkling white particles coming out from its beak, which gradually build up in volume within the air currents and eventually course back at Drifblim like a snowstorm, freezing the ghost Pokemon and disabling it from battling further. Pearl puts on a big grin at the Lady's strategy, and explains to Dia that Empoleon was slowly scattering its Blizzard in the continuous twirling Ominous Wind, turning it icy until it hits back at Drifblim.

The Hearthome Gymleader compliments her challenger's accurate choice of moves, having used the super effective ghost type Lick to deal with her ghost type Duskull, and then the ice type Blizzard against her Drifblim's flying type. She states that it is going to be fun battle, and calls forward her third and last Pokemon, Mismagius.

Upon entry, the witch-like creature begins to chant, and the trio and Empoleon immediately cringe in dizziness and pain. Lady Berlitz struggles to open up her eyes and lets out a gasp of surprise when she finds herself standing in the middle of a wild jungle. Dia also exclaim at the sudden scenery change, and Pearl rationalizes that it must be Mismagius's illusionary attacks. In fact, thinking back, Mismagius has probably began using its powers when they arrived in the chamber, which would explain the wobbliness and giddiness they experienced earlier.

Pearl calls out to Lady Berlitz and tells her to finish the battle quickly before the illusions get deeper, and the girl proceeds to order a Metal Claw from Empoleon. However, to her shock, the emperor Pokemon's motions are suddenly slowed, and Mismagius delivers a hard blow on its back before it could unleash the attack, causing it to collapse onto the ground.

Lady Berlitz cries that Empoleon's attack should have struck first given its higher speed, but Fantina takes an elegant spin with her long dress, and states that in her chamber, Pokemon who move last will become first, and those who move first will become last. She remarks that the Lady's answers to the mathematical questions downstairs have all been correct, and her attacking strategy has also been following the type advantages really well, but a person who is strongly logical like her will find it hard to deal with illusions which do not fit under any logic or theory.

Not ready to give up yet, Lady Berlitz sends out Ponyta, but the fire pony almost immediately steps into a patch of land which seems to be sucking it downwards, and begins to fret. The Lady tries to calm it and tells it that it is just an illusion, but a wave of black energy suddenly scores a direct hit on it and knocks it unconscious.

Pearl sees that while Ponyta was panicking at the illusions, Mismagius has grabbed the chance to unleash a Dark Pulse. Dia starts to think that the mathematical questions are all deliberately set by Fantina, and Pearl agrees that the Hearthome Gymleader was trying to test the Lady's sense of reality, gauging her susceptibility to illusionary attacks.

As Lady Berlitz winces at the headache she is getting, Beh pops out from its Pokeball to face Mismagius, and Fantina grins that they are both down to one Pokemon now...

(Original Japanese Jokes)

  1. In the short Manzai joke, Pearl says 'Melissa-san ga benkyoushita no ha Pokemon no benkyou daro? Warizan, kakezan kankei arunoka?', which means 'Fantina meant Pokemon studying when she said she studied a lot, didn't she? What has that got to do with additions and subtractions?'. Dia then says 'Gymleader ni nareta no ha warizan, kakezan no okagezan', which means 'She became a gymleader thanks to all these additions and subtractions '. The pun is on the phonetic similarity between 'Warizan' (additions), 'Kakezan' (substractions), and 'Okagezan' (thanks to).

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372: VS Mismagius I

Volume 33