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At the Hearthome Gym which has been turned into a wild jungle under Mismagius's chants, Pearl gasps that the ghost Pokemon has managed to knock out both Empoleon and Ponyta with its illusionary attacks. Currently, Beh is Lady Berlitz's only Pokemon left standing, and it soon becomes apparent that the little Munchlax is also falling victim to its foe's illusions.

Seeing the drooling expression on Beh's face, Pearl wonders what kind of visions it is seeing, and Fantina grins that she has studied a lot for this battle. Knowing that they are kids, she figured that the best illusion for them would be a whole room of food. With that, Mismagius sends out another rainbow-coloured pulse of energy, and the entire gym is instantly filled with an assortment of snacks and delicacies, causing Beh to lose its mind completely and start burying itself into heaps and heaps of food.

Pearl smacks his head in frustration that he needs to deal with something related to eating again, and Lady Berlitz finds herself getting increasingly dizzy from all the doughnuts and popcorns that surround her. However, while the Lady is haunted by the oversized portions of snacks, Pearl sees that Beh is fully enjoying itself, gobbling down cake after cake and pie after pie, totally losing itself in the ecstasy and putting the battle behind its mind.

Beh stuffs another bar of chocolate into its mouth, and sees a Sitrus Berry floating between two Leppa Berries. It quickly rushes over to them, and Pearl cries that those are actually the three jewels on Mismagius's body. However, Beh is completely absorbed into the thought of food and ignores the warning, giving Mismagius the chance to score a direct hit with its Energy Ball.

Pearl gets increasingly worried about the battle, and asks Dia what they should do. Yet, to his shock, Dia is also busy eating, and Pearl collapses to the ground, feeling defeated that both Beh and its trainer are showing the same response to the illusions. Lady Berlitz groans in agony as Mismagius creates even more food around her, and Pearl can see that she can't even focus on the battlefield now, let alone think of strategies to counter the situation.

With a Pokemon that has forgotten about the battle and a trainer who is too troubled to give commands, Pearl finally understands why the illusionary attacks of the Hearthome Gymleader's Mismagius are so deadly. They have already known what they will be facing prior to the challenge, and Lady Berlitz has even come up with ways to handle it, but apparently none of them can be put to use and they have severely underestimated their opponent.

Dia takes another bite from his waffle, and tells Pearl that it tastes really nice. Pearl then watches with horror as Dia chases after three dishes of pasta, and ends up falling off the edge of the floor that they are on. He hurries over to check on the boy, but to his bewilderment, Dia barely cringes from the crash, and continues to indulge in his tasty spaghetti.

Pearl sighs that Dia is really one lucky guy, and can't believe how well he is taking in the same illusionary attacks. As soon as he thinks of that, he bolts with an idea, and quickly flips out his Pokedex to check on Mismagius. He reads that certain chants can actually bring happiness, and takes another look at the radically different responses Dia and the Lady are demonstrating.

He realizes that although the chant creating the illusions is voiced by the same mouth, the final outcome depends on the party receiving it. Some people develop intense headaches and others lose their minds and become captivated in their happiness. Lady Berlitz, being a person with a strong sense of reality, finds it hard to accept the illogical images created by the illusions, and is thus suffering bad. Dia, on the other hand, being gluttonous just like Beh, is totally believing and enjoying the illusions, and shows not a single hint of pain. Having figured out the key, Pearl hurriedly rushes towards the illusionary food with Chatlord, and hopes that he still has time.

Lady Berlitz watches as Beh gets hit by another of Mismagius's Energy Ball, and knows that she must find a way to give commands since the little Munchlax is slowly running out of health. Fantina believes that they've probably had enough fun, and tells Mismagius that it is almost time to finish things off.

In that instant, Pearl calls out to Lady Berlitz, and starts munching on the giant doughnut and ice cream cone he is holding, telling her how delicious they are. He then gets onto a Baltoy seesaw with Chatlord, and says he feels really happy and blissful. Pretending to enjoy the illusions, Pearl hopes Lady Berlitz gets his message that the trick is to ride on the illusions instead of going against them, and to enjoy them as much as Beh is doing.

With her wit and good observation, Lady Berlitz instantly sees what Pearl is trying to tell her, and runs over to join Beh in its food party. She picks up a chocolate cookie to chew on, and shares a big grin with the little Munchlax. They then share a big ice cream cone and play on a swing as they eat fishballs, and Pearl is glad that the girl is starting to synchronize her thoughts and actions with Beh.

Lady Berlitz and Beh next throw themselves into a flower bush and start hurling petals around, and Fantina is slightly annoyed that her challenger is no longer focusing on the battle. She tells Mismagius to end the fight with a final Energy Ball, and in that split second, Lady Berlitz tosses out another handful of petals while Beh hurls out its hold item. Pearl beams with a grin when he realizes what Beh is really doing, and knows that the Lady has successfully gotten in sync with the Pokemon to pass down her commands.

With a loud bang, a falling black globe smacks onto the head of Mismagius from above, and Fantina lets out a cry of surprise when the ghost Pokemon faints onto the ground. All the illusions in the gym immediately vanish, and Pearl cheers that they have won. The Hearthome Gymleader wants to know if the attack was the dark type Fling as she picks up Mismagius into her arms, and Lady Berlitz nods with a grin. Fantina remembers it as a move which power changes depending on the item hurled out, and gasps a little when she sees that what struck Mismagius was the most damaging of all, the very rare Iron Ball.

Pearl explains that it is one of the many metallic items pulled out from underneath the ground by the enemy at Celestic Town, and their group has incidentally picked it up afterwards. Lady Berlitz adds that since Fantina's expert type is ghost, her plan was to get Munchlax to deliver a super effective dark type attack. Normally, Pokemon who hold the Iron Ball will become heavier and slower in movement, but since Dia's team members have never been quick in the first place, she and Pearl agreed that it would not make a big difference.

Pearl grins that Fantina has also unknowingly assisted their victory in a way, and wants to know if Trick Room was the attack she mentioned in the middle of the battle, the one which she claimed that Pokemon who move last will become first, and those who move first will become last. The Hearthome Gymleader nods, and is pleasantly surprised at his knowledge, but Lady Berlitz explains that the effect of the move has actually helped Munchlax hit first with its slower attack, and Fantina immediately smacks her forehead as she realizes her mistake.

The purple-haired woman then lets out a content sigh, and says it is indisputable that she has lost however, and congratulates the Lady for her win. She rewards her the Relic Badge to add to her collection, and Pearl puts on a grin when sees all five badges pinned on the girl's scarf.

Just then, the dragon-like statue raises its concern, and wonders if Fantina really recognizes the challenger's victory. It points out that the observers' certain behaviour during the match may be classified as advice giving, and says it in fact objected to the presence of observers in the first place. However, Fantina laughs that she doesn't mind, as it has already been several years since she met a challengers who was able to defeat her illusionary attacks, and that alone is already something to compliment on.

She pats the statue on the head, and says that since the observer is also under the same illusionary attack, she wouldn't consider it as advice giving, which is also the reason why she allowed their presence to begin with. She addresses the statue as the Sinnoh Chairman, and wonders if there is anything else it is discontent about, and the statue decides to keep silent.

Lady Berlitz thanks Fantina, and the young woman grins that she likes kids who study hard and kids who are fun because they make her laugh. She wonders where the other fun child is, and it is only then that Pearl remembers Dia has fallen onto the lower floor. The few of them quickly head towards the edge to call out to Dia, and are all taken by surprise when they see the boy dancing around with two Pokeballs on his eyes and his cap on one shoe, while his hands are opening up like the wings of a bird.

Dia: I'm too a little woozy, but I'm perfectly okeeay~

Lady Berlitz breaks into a smile and Fantina begins to laugh hysterically at the silly pose, stating that Dia is truly a fun kid. Pearl sweatdrops that Dia is still recovering from the food illusion, but incidentally, it has somehow helped him accomplish the little task he bestowed upon him. Calling out to Dia, Pearl informs him that he has finally succeeded in doing a One-shot Gag, and that it has cracked Fantina up really bad, much to Dia's surprise.

Later, Fantina moans that all the laughing is making her stomach hurt, and wants to know if the trio has visited the Canalave Library yet. Lady Berlitz states that they haven't, and the Hearthome Gymleader insists that they pay the place a visit since it is a must-go for all kids who study hard. The Lady explains that they are on a journey towards Mt. Coronet, but Fantina wouldn't hear any of it, and drags her by the wrist towards the room's Drifblim-shaped TV.

She remarks that it is the golden opportunity to visit the Canalave Library because a big Pokemon Academic Conference is currently being held there, and turns the TV on, in hopes of hearing some interesting news about the Conference. However, to her shock, the screen displays the emergent headlines that two Pokemon scholars have gone missing...

(Original Japanese Jokes)

  1. Dia's One-shot Gag involves him placing one Pokeball on each eye, standing on one foot while the other is bent backwards with his cap hanging off the shoe, and his hands touching at the base of the palms in front of his chest with his fingers opened up to the sides. His line during this pose is 'Nantomo arimashien', which means 'I'm perfectly okay' with an extended ending tone.

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373: VS Mismagius II

Volume 33