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At the four-storey building in Canalave City, Lady Berlitz gasps in astonishment when the curtain burns off and reveals a giant transparent cube lined by white frames, which has Prof. Rowan and her father, Sir Berlitz, trapped inside. Sir Berlitz appears to be equally shocked to see his daughter, and puts on a look of disbelief as he presses his hands against the transparent wall of the cube.

Pearl exclaims that the Lady's father has really been captured after all, but Dia lets out an even bigger exclamation, and cries that the two men inside the cube are the same ones whom they crashed into at Jubilife City. Memories of the incident instantly flood back into Pearl's mind.

Indeed, they were holding the envelope containing the prize coupon at that time, which mysteriously became a mission slip for the bodyguards after they collided with the two men. Millions of thoughts run through Pearl's head as he thinks of the impending questioning of their true identities, the reason why they are escorting Lady Berlitz when they are not the real bodyguards, and all the trouble that it will foreshadow.

However, he soon figures that they have more important issues at hand, and quickly regains his composure. Taking a glance at the scruffy man in cape in front of them, given the solid hard evidence, there seems to be little doubt that he is the culprit behind the capture of the Lady's father. Lady Berlitz angrily demands that her father be released, and orders Ponyta forward. The fire pony charges towards the two Bronzongs while spurting a Flamethrower, and faints them both onto the ground.

The man in cape gasps in disbelief that both of his bronze bells have been knocked out in one hit, and is even more astonished when he hears the girl call Sir Berlitz father. As the Lady rushes over to the transparent cube to reunite with the scholar, the man in cape sees their teary eyes, and feels a sense of horror wash over his body.

In that instant, Shieldon parades in front of him with an arrogant look while pulling along Lady Berlitz's scarf in its mouth, and the scruffy man bolts with a start when he sees the Coal, Forest, Cobble, Fen and Relic Badges pinned on the garment. He immediately recalls what Roark once told him about being defeated by a prized challenger, which he even laughed it off by saying his son was just too raw in his skills. When he saw the trio barging in earlier, he also automatically assumed that they are not good trainers, and battled half-heartedly, while it turns out that his opponent is actually a true gym challenger. The scruffy man cringes with a troubled look as he blames himself for his stupid mistake, and knows that on top of that, he has a lot of explaining to do.

Lady Berlitz picks up the man's dropped spade and tells him to back down as she attempts to break the white frames. The man in cape jumps with horror upon knowing her intention, and frantically yells for her to stop. He hollers that he is still investigating on the structural design of the cube and the method to crack it, and says he has no idea what is going to happen if she forces it open by violence.

The Lady shoots an angry glare at the man, and finds it absurd that he still needs to investigate on its opening method when he is the one who shut them in. She demands him to release the two, and points the spade towards him, causing the man to raise in arms in a surrender and cry that it is all a misunderstanding.

Looking at the hostile stares from the trio's Pokemon, the scruffy man has sweat running down his face and wonders how he got himself in such a mess. The truth is, before Roark returned to Oreburgh some time earlier, he has warned him to stay composed before they find out the truth, and not to act impulsively towards every single little strange thing. He has accused his son of being too unnecessarily worried at that time, and now he finally tastes the fruits of his thoughtless actions, and wishes he has taken the advice of Roark.

Regaining his composure, the scruffy man tells the Lady that from her interactions with Sir Berlitz's, he can tell that they are father and daughter, and believes that she must be Lady Berlitz. He states that he is actually a friend of theirs, and causes the trio to jump in surprise. The man knows that it will be hard to convince them in such a situation, and reaches into his pocket to dig out the Mine Badge, explaining that he is actually the person-in-charge of this Canalave Gym.

Dia and Pearl gasp in realization that the four-storey building is actually a gym, and the man nods and introduces himself as Byron, the Canalave Gymleader. He feels sorry for not treating them seriously during the battle, but says he would not have had the misunderstanding if he saw the badges on Lady Berlitz's scarf earlier.

With that, he shoots an annoyed look at Shieldon, who arrogantly turns to walk way with the scarf, causing Byron to fume with anger. The little shield Pokemon then trips on the scarf however, and lands hard on its face as Dia rushes over to help it up. Byron snatches the scarf from Shieldon, and says it is a difficult fellow to handle who still refuses to bond with him despite having kept it outside the Pokeball for so long.

Byron proceeds to pin the Mine Badge on Lady Berlitz's scarf, and the girl anxiously voices her confusion. She wishes to know why Byron has captured Prof. Rowan and her father is he is the gymleader, and Byron begins to tell the story.

About half a year ago, a weird organization whose members wear astronaut-like suits began to show up frequently at Canalave. As the gymleader, Byron started investigating the organization, and even called his son to come over and lend his wit. His son is the Oreburgh Gymleader, Roark, whom he believes the trio has battled, and Dia and Pearl nod with realization and astonishment.

At the end, the organization left without making too much fuss, and Roark returned to Oreburgh while he himself kept on guard. A few days ago, while he was scouting the streets of Canalave, he stumbled on a conversation at a back lane between Sir Berlitz and a mysterious cloaked man who carries a Staraptor, Gible and Chingling...

With a grin, the cloaked man tells Sir Berlitz that the ransom has reached their headquarters safely. He states that the huge sum of money will be used to complete the Galactic Bomb, and says the scholar should feel honoured that his wealth will contribute to the birth of a new universe. Sir Berlitz has no interest in that however, and is only concerned about the safety of his daughter. He angrily demands the cloaked man to release the girl, and the cloaked man warns him not to make a scene.

Around the corner, Byron overhears the conversation, and decides to intervene. He hollers that he is Canalave's gymleader who forbids any kind of evil business in his city, and demands to know who the cloaked man is. However, the cloaked man mocks that he has no obligation to answer him, and causes Byron to fume with rage.

In that instant, Prof. Rowan shows up and wants to know what is taking Sir Berlitz so long. The cloaked man gets annoyed that more and more unnecessary people are getting involved, and begins to get a headache from their incessant talking. Hurling out a cubic item, he remarks that they shall find silence temporarily within it, and takes off on Staraptor. The cubic item makes contact with Sir Berlitz and Prof. Rowan, and with a loud bang, transforms into a giant transparent cube lined with white frames to trap them in...

Byron explains that he has brought the cube back with him to the gym afterwards and started searching through literatures for its opening method, but so far, it doesn't seem to be something that can be unlocked. While they are able to see Sir Berlitz and Prof. Rowan through the transparent walls, they won't be able to hear them speak.

Dia finds it odd since they came to the building after Lady Berlitz heard her father's voice, and the Lady assures them that she is very certain about it. She finds the voice to be clearer when she stands closer to the cube, and on careful listening, Dia, Pearl and Byron soon hear the voice as well. Byron notices that the voice seems to be getting louder by the minute, and wonders if the soundproof effect of the cube decreases with time.

Lady Berlitz presses herself against the cube as she tries to speak with her father, and soon manages to actually pick up his words. Sir Berlitz is glad that she can finally hear him, and feels grateful that she is alright after all. He remarks that he nearly fainted when he learnt that she was kidnapped, and says she must have suffered a lot of ambushes from the strong enemy who managed to reach her after eradicating the two very professional bodyguards.

While Dia and Pearl begin to put on troubled expressions, the girl wears a confused look and says she doesn't understand her father's words. She states that she has not been ambushed at all, and has so far had a safe journey thanks to the protection of the bodyguards he hired for her. Apart from giving her lots of chances to gain experience through their professional training, the two have also been very dependable and have always kept her away from all kinds of danger.

Her speech causes Dia and Pearl to feel even more unsettled, while Sir Berlitz and Prof. Rowan look at each other with baffled looks on their faces. Sir Berlitz then voices his curiosity, and wishes to know who the two boys standing behind her are.

With that, Pearl can no longer remain silent, and calls out to the Lady. He shouts that they are not the real bodyguards, and did not really offer her any professional training for they are just ordinary kids. He hopes that Sir Berlitz will also listen to their explanation, and reveals that the real bodyguards have vanished right before their eyes at Veilstone City after being hit by a mysterious light by an eerie organization.

However, while their journey began on a mutual misunderstanding, he begs the Lady to believe that he and Dia will protect her until they reach their journey's goal, and that their promise is as real as it could be. Pearl tries to convince Lady Berlitz that they were sincere in their actions in protecting her and helping her train for gym challenges, but the Lady holds up a hand to stop him, and begins to fidget around as a million thoughts run through her head.

With a stuttering voice, she says she is very grateful that Prof. Rowan and her father are safe, but she really needs time to digest what she has just heard. She remarks that the truth is bombarding her mind with too many shocking revelations, and she feels totally overwhelmed. Yet, what she finds to be the most shocking thing of all is that Dia and Pearl have known of the truth all along, while she alone has been kept from it.

Keeping her gaze on the ground as she feels the emotions overtake her, she states that she has given them her full trust, and never thought that they would ever lie to her. The girl then turns to run away without warning, and Sir Berlitz cries out in shock, wanting to know where she is going. Pearl puts on a defeated look and remains motionless, while Dia frantically calls after the Lady as she speeds off...

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375: VS Bronzong II

Volume 34