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The sun has begun to set at the region of Sinnoh. At the Veilstone Galactic Building, the TG grunt who has his own thoughts stands behind a glass window in his cloak, and watches silently with his Chingling as the high-tech wires and cables continue to install electronic parts and components into globular machine inside the room.

Cyrus soon walks up next to him, and compliments him for getting the capital needed to complete the Galactic Bomb. He wants to know about the progress of their remaining tasks, and the grunt replies that they have already confirmed the set point location. Taking into consideration their capture simulation afterwards and the time needed for transportation, everything should be ready in one week's time. Cyrus is pleased with what he hears, and decides that they shall detonate the Galactic Bomb on the next Saturday.

Meanwhile, at Canalave City, Lady Berlitz sits under a tree outside the Canalave Gym with Empoleon and Ponyta, and is still trying to digest the shocking revelation that she has heard earlier. Inside the gym, Dia and Pearl look out from the windows to keep their eyes on the girl, and wonder how she is doing after having sat by herself for almost 8 hours now.

Pearl believes that she must be really shocked, probably not to the extent of devastated, but she has refused to stay with them nevertheless. With her father still locked up in the cube inside the gym, she would not stay too far away, and thus chose to remain just outside. Dia wants to go out and speak to her, but Pearl stops him, and says they are the ones who hurt the Lady, and there is nothing that they could do, nothing that they are supposed to do in their current position. Moreover, Byron has already gone to talk to the Lady, and the only thing they could do is wait now.

Outside, the Canalave Gymleader walks up to Lady Berlitz, and tells her to come back inside the gym after seeing the worn out look on her face. The Lady wants to know what her father and Prof. Rowan said about their current journey, and Byron, after a short pause, states that their decision is to stop it, the reason being the many dangers it entails.

Byron remarks that Sir Berlitz is now trapped inside a cubic cage by a man from an organization known as Team Galactic, who has lied about kidnapping her and demanding ransom for her release. With people like that lurking around, her father would not allow her to continue her journey. Once all these events have been tackled and handled, of course, she will be allowed to resume her journey, under the protection of real professional bodyguards.

Lady Berlitz remains expressionless as she listens, and Byron says after they manage to free Sir Berlitz and Prof. Rowan from the cube, they will all return home to Sandgem Town. The Lady wonders if Dia and Pearl would go along, but Byron gently shakes his head, and says sadly, this is where they must say their goodbyes, as the boys would be going back to their own homes. The Canalave Gymleader remarks that night has fallen, and suggests the Lady spend the night in their accommodations building if she really doesn't want to come back inside the gym.

Later, Lady Berlitz sits on the bed in her room, and holds the Pokeballs of Empoleon and Ponyta in her hands. She wonders what she should do, and the two Pokemon simply look at her with a sad expression. The Lady mutters that her mind and soul feel so worn out by all the happenings today, and she is unable to think clearly anymore. With that, she decides to take some rest, and switches off the lights.

As the night deepens, Lady Berlitz sleeps soundly on her bed, while the TG grunt with his own thoughts crouches outside her window and spies on her through the slightly opened curtains. The man feels grateful that the girl has fallen into slumber, as they would inevitably have to fight if she sees him, something which he has hoped to avoid. Thanks to the girl, the Galactic Bomb has been completed, and while the grunt has come with the intention to free her father and the professor from their restraints, he real agenda is to see how their ransom target actually looks like.

For the cubic cage that holds Sir Berlitz and Prof. Rowan captive, it would in fact lose its powers automatically when the next morning arrives, but he only intended to lock them in until the Galactic Bomb was completed in the first place, and he sees no reason why people should have unnecessary sufferings. With that, he clicks open something that resembles a remote lock on his hand, and the transparent cube that traps Sir Berlitz and Prof. Rowan instantly vanishes, causing everyone to jump in surprise inside the Canalave Gym.

The TG grunt then goes airborne on his Staraptor, and decides to tell the Lady Team Galactic's scheme for the sake of their future. The truth is, the Galactic Bomb will be used to explode and dry up the lakes and capture Sinnoh's three legendary Pokemon, Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit, the execution date being one week from now, on the next Saturday. After taking a final look at the girl, the grunt hovers away and disappears into the evening skies.

Somehow, Lady Berlitz is back on a journey with Dia and Pearl again with their six Pokemon. Their group merrily travels along as usual, but an explosion suddenly goes off from behind, and the Lady turns around to see three faerie-like creatures being engulfed by the powerful energy waves. Soon, the explosion also swallows Dia and Pearl, and begins to rip their bodies apart as they cry out in agony...

Lady Berlitz bolts up with a start, and realizes that she was only dreaming. She looks out from the window to see that it is already morning, and contemplates on the thought that has been on her mind all night. After a moment of hesitation, she walks over to her desk, and begins to write on a piece a paper while Empoleon and Ponyta watch on inside their Pokeballs.

Downstairs, outside the Canalave Gym, Dia and Pearl get ready to leave, and apologize to Sir Berlitz and Prof. Rowan once again for all the trouble and misunderstanding they have caused. Byron wonders if they would like to meet the Lady before they go, and while Dia wants to say he does, Pearl cuts in and says it would not be appropriate. He remarks that it will only bring pain to the Lady to see them, and thus he hopes they would bring across the message to her that the two of them wish her well.

Pearl turns to Dia, and says they shouldn't let their own feelings get in the way again. Last night, they have told Byron, Sir Berlitz and Prof. Rowan everything, from the eerie organization in Veilstone, to the mysterious man who intruded the ruins of Celestic, where he took photos of the wall paintings. They have spoken of all that they know of, and fulfilled the duties of the witnesses to the events. Whatever happens next or whatever action will be taken is no longer their business, and they are in no position to get involved in. Lady Berlitz will return home, and under the protection of her grand mansion, they will not have to worry about her danger.

Dia starts to argue, but Pearl says he knows what Dia is about to say. Indeed, the two of them will suffer from being cut of everything all of a sudden, but this suffering is perhaps the result of having hurt the Lady. Dia drops his head with a sigh, and Pearl recalls how Lady Berlitz blamed them for being liars. Indeed, they have not been truthful, and even kept things that are not meant for them in the first place. With that, Dia and Pearl remove their Poketches and take out their Pokedexes, ready to return them to Prof. Rowan after taking one last look at these items that have accompanied them for so long.

However, just as they are about to do so, both Pokedexes begin to beep, and they turn around to see Lady Berlitz with her own Pokedex in hand. The Lady addresses her father and Prof. Rowan, and says she has heard of their thoughts. She then turns to Dia and Pearl, and remarks that she has heard of their as well, but she believes that it is time they listen to what she thinks, being the one concerned in the matter.

She states that she is afraid she will not be able to say it well, so she has written down all her thoughts in a letter, which she will read out to them.

“Yesterday, right in front of you, I ran away and escaped. My mind was bombarded with the truth that I've heard, and I spent a night holding onto the thought that I should not trust anyone. But what came to my mind were scenes and incidents that have taken place during this journey, and then I realized.

This journey has been a fun one, a truly fun journey.

I have gained first-hand experience on many things that I only knew through knowledge so far, and I was able to do that because two people were always there to protect me from danger with all their might.

Pearl, Diamond, I have blamed you two for being liars, but to be totally honest, I was also a liar.

At Jubilife City's hotel, I laughed but said I didn't. That was a lie.
At Oreburgh's coalmines, I practiced digging up coal but said I didn't. That was also a lie.
At the Old Chateau, when I heard that one shouldn't eat the gateau in the chateau, I laughed but said I didn't. That was also a lie.
On the Cycling Road, I could not ride a bicycle but said I could. That was clearly a lie.
During the Hearthome Contest, I was weak-minded and said I would quit because someone was thwarting me. To certain extent, that was a lie.
At Veilstone City, when I lost my Pokedex, I knew I left it at the Game Corner but hid the truth. That was indisputably a lie.
At Mr. Backlot's Pokemon Mansion, I thought it was a hotel and went in just to make sure. I did not admit it, but that was also a lie.

In these 25 days, I have lied to you two many times, and it embarrasses me to tell you this obvious truth now. I am sorry. I will not lie again.

And to speak with honesty, with my most sincere feelings, I wish to have the company of both of you still, for those who stand up to fight against Sinnoh's impending danger will not think of anything else.

To my two knights,
From Platinum Berlitz”

Dia and Pearl listen with astonishment as Lady Berlitz reads out her letter, and for the very first time, hears her reveal her full name to them. The girl puts on a determined look, and tells her father, Prof. Rowan, and Byron that she has made up her mind to continue on their journey, and to topple over the evil powers. She reveals that the lakes will be exploded with a bomb one week from now, and she will set out to protect the three legendary Pokemon under siege, her statement causing everyone to gasp with shock...

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376: VS Staraptor

Volume 34