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Inside the caverns of Iron Island, Dia gasps in surprise when he sees the fallen Steelix in front of him. He notices a slight movement in the shadows, and is just about to investigate upon it when Riley rushes over from the entrance to join him. The blue-suited man is equally astonished to see the ore mine's boss Pokemon in its battered state, and states that it has just taken part in a very intense battle.

Dia is curious as to how Riley figured that out, and Riley explains that he can detect it from the aura that is still lingering in the place. Holding up his hand, he reads that Steelix was up against an extremely fast opponent, which speed it failed to match even after using Rock Polish to raise its own agility.

After a moment of thought, Riley tells Dia that they shall have a change of plans, now that they have stumbled upon something so eerie. Dia's final mission will no longer be simply a cycle of Course A, but to accompany him to discover what has really happened, on top of the task to retrieve the Egg. He warns that they have no idea what kind of opponent they will be up against, and Dia voices his understanding.

As Riley and Dia scout the cavern by walking deeper and deeper into it, Dia remarks that although he wasn't very certain, he seemed to have spotted something moving in the shadows earlier. Riley believes that he must be mistaken however, since it will be impossible for the visual sense of a person to detect something which aura he and Lucario cannot read.

Just as the group is about to reach the lowest floor via the lift, a swarm of tiny creatures suddenly strikes at Riley and Lucario on the face, and pushes them off the lift's edge. Dia bolts with horror and rushes down to check on Riley, who struggles to sit up and finds his eyes jammed by something sticky. Dia sees that Lucario's eyes are plagued by the same material, and quickly recognizes it as honey, which Beh merrily picks off from Lucario's face to lick at.

Riley states that it wouldn't be a big problem even if one or two of their five senses are disabled, because he and Lucario can read auras, and detect the presence, movements and thoughts of the people around.

Just then, two voices come on to giggle that Riley must be able to sense them in that case, and Dia looks up to see two Cue Balls standing on top of a rocky platform next to a Mothim and Vespiquen. One of the burly men mocks that they wouldn't have been able to score their hit if Riley can really sense them, and the other agrees with a maniacal laugh.

Riley is baffled as to who these people are, and on top of all, why he wasn't able to feel their presence all along. The Cue Balls tease that they can relate to Riley's frustration of not knowing who he is facing when the battle has already started, and proceed to command a Power Gem from Vespiquen. The beehive Pokemon sends out a barrage of polished rocks towards Riley and Lucario, who for some reason, fail to read their motions and end up being knocked onto the ground.

The Cue Balls remarks that Riley of Iron Island is super famous for his aura, capable of reading movements, thoughts and just about anything with it. That is why in order to break into the ore mine, a special tactic is required, which is the aura seal, a very handy technique taught to them by the person who sent them there. Dia gasps at the term aura seal, but gets even more horrified when he spots the Pokemon Egg which has been seized by the Cue Balls and is currently guarded by Vespiquen.

The Cue Balls can see that Riley is absolutely helpless with their aura seal, and decide that it will not hurt to reveal their secret before they finish their opponents. The process of aura reading involves picking up the wave of energy emanated by people or Pokemon, much like detecting sound waves when one hears. Sound waves become interrupted when there is noise, and similarly, aura reading will be affected if energy waves are tampered with, which is exactly what they have done with Mothim's Air Slash attack.

Riley bolts with a start when hears the name of the move, and recognizes it as a skill that splits the air space, breaking the medium that transmits aura. The Cue Balls compliment Riley for his knowledge, and say by having Mothim continuously surround them with Air Slash, their aura is completely cut off and undetectable by Riley and Lucario.

Riley recalls the eerie air movements that Lucario picked up last night, and blames himself for not investigating into it due to its weak intensity. Thinking back, the Cue Balls must have landed on the island at that time.

The Cue Balls remark that Vespiquen also shares the glory of their success since it has first disabled Riley and Lucario's vision by unleashing the Attack Order to plague their eyes with honey. With its swarm of extremely fast moving grubs which act promptly on its order, Vespiquen also gave Steelix a really hard time during their fight.

Dia ponders on the fact that his enemies are all fast moving, and comes to the conclusion that it is exactly the area he has been working on. Facing the Cue Balls with a confident look, Dia remarks that for his training on Iron Island, Riley has given him the speed topic to practice on, in which he must come up with strategies to deal with speedy opponents whom he always has trouble with. He shall now show them the result of his efforts, and claim victory over their speed.

The Cue Balls laugh at Dia's silly speech, and watch the boy flip out his battle diary. Riley wonders what kind of attacks Dia has planned to use, and holds out a hand to read his mind. To his surprise, Dia is resorting to Razor Leaf, which doesn't really have any advantage over speedy opponents.

Dia motions to Roo, and the Torterra begins firing a barrage of sharp leaves towards the Cue Balls, who calmly counter by calling for a Defend Order from Vespiquen. The swarm of grubs instantly block off all the incoming leaves, and one of the Cue Balls mock that the ordinary attack does not match Dia's arrogance at all. The other one giggles that he finds it to be really slow to be honest, and is curious to see how the boy can topple their speed when his first attempt has been completely fended off by Vespiquen.

Dia remains unfazed however, and tells Roo to unleash the attack again. Roo sends out another Razor Leaf, which the grubs easily block like before, and the Cue Balls laugh that it has gotten even slower. Yet, Dia seems content with what he is seeing, and compliments Roo for the good job. The Cue Balls believe that Dia must be out of his mind, and Dia grins that they have apparently not understood what he was doing.

His second Razor Leaf has fired exactly twice as much leaves compared with the first one, which shows that he has successfully equipped himself with the ability to adjust the number of leaves in the attack. Riley begins to get what Dia is saying, and remarks that despite the volume increase, the second Razor Leaf's speed was halved. In reverse, the speed will increase if the number of leaves is lowered.

Dia giggles that Riley's interpretation is correct, since the velocity of the attack equals to the total power divided by the number of leaves. By keeping the same power and reducing the number of leaves to just one, this one single leaf will strike at many folds its usual speed.

The Cue Balls call Dia a fool as Razor Leaf isn't the most accurate attack, and not every leaf can hit the target normally. They find the idea of counting on one single leaf absurd, and refuse to believe that it can score a strike regardless of its speed. Dia grins that it is why he has been practicing. To make the one single leaf count, he has practiced over and over again to ensure its accuracy.

The Cue Balls still think that it is something impossible to achieve, and taunt Dia to show them what he has. Dia gladly complies, and orders the modified Razor Leaf from Roo. Before he could even finish his sentence, the Torterra has already shot out a leaf from its back at sonic speed, and when the Cue Balls realize it, the leaf has stabbed through the abdomen of Vespiquen and pinned it against the wall.

Riley puts on a content smile knowing that Dia has succeeded, while Dia strikes a pose, and decides to call his new attack the Dia-special-mach-one-and-only Razor Leaf. Vespiquen loses grip of the Egg it is holding, and the Cue Balls believe that it will break against the ground, but to their bewilderment, it lands onto the huge pile of leaves from Roo's first and second Razor Leaf, all of which were fended off by Vespiquen and collected right beneath it. It seems that Dia has planned for this outcome all along.

The Cue Balls begin to fret and attempt to order a Heal Order from Vespiquen, but the grubs have all started to panic and are moving in a chaotic manner. Mothim soon gets slammed around by the rampaging grubs as well, and Riley and Lucario begin to feel their foes' auras again with the Air Slash terminated.

Dia hurriedly retrieves the Egg to keep it from danger, and the Cue Balls quickly find themselves towered over by Lucario, who is ready to deliver its revenge now that the aura seal has been broken. Ignoring the two men's beg for mercy, Lucario unleashes a series of Close Combat, Bone Rush, Flash Cannon and finishes things off with an Aura Sphere, causing the two men to cry out in horror.

Later, with the Cue Balls tied against a metal pole, Dia shares a grin with Riley as he pats the Egg that he is holding...

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381: VS Vespiquen & Mothim I

Volume 34