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At the entrance of the Fuego Ironworks, Pearl lets out a gasp when he turns around to see a familiar Luxray, who is leading behind it a full pack of wild Shinxes and Luxios. Pearl begins to stutter as he hesitates upon his suspicion, and the Luxray quickly lifts his doubts by showing him its broken left claws, almost as if telling him that it is the same Luxio he first encountered on Route 203, the one that had trouble connecting with its pack due to its damaged claws.

Overjoyed, Pearl immediately throws himself forward to share a hug with his old friend, and exclaims that it has been quite some time since they last met. Chimlord and Chatlord are equally excited by the reunion, and the little Chatot keeps repeating the phrase 'been some time'.

Pearl remembers that he still owes Luxray his gratitude, as Dia told him that it was Luxray who found and rescued him and the Lady when they were trapped inside the crumbled cave of Mt. Coronet. Luxray gently shakes its head to show its modesty however, and Pearl takes a good look at its huge pack of followers, praising that Luxray seems to have earned itself the position as the group's leader. Luxray blushes upon the remark, and Pearl feels grateful that fate has let them meet up there.

Just then, Pearl hears the faint call for help again, and exclaims that he has completely forgotten about rescuing whoever it is inside the Fuego Ironworks. He frantically bangs at the iron gate and even attempts to lift it up, but to no avail. He is about to get Chimlord to blast it open with its fire attacks when he feels Luxray tugging at him from behind. The electric lion beckons to Pearl with its tail, and leads him to the brick wall on other side of the building. There, to Pearl's shock, exists a hole next to a pile of rubbles, big enough for one to get through.

Pearl wonders who could have created the opening, which was clearly artificial, and bolts with surprise when Luxray starts to crawl through it. Pearl realizes that Luxray is coming with him, and expresses his heartfelt thanks when the gleam eyes Pokemon gestures for its followers to wait outside.

Crawling into the building, Pearl remarks that having Luxray's company gives him so much encouragement, and says they must find out about the G symbol on top of rescuing the person calling for help. Just then, the boy steps on an arrow-shaped tile on the floor, and is instantly sent forward, causing him to crash into a metal bin.

Pearl holds his head in pain, and grunts that he didn't expect there to be transfer belts around. He looks around the place, which is buzzing with heat, and wonders if all ironworks look like that from the inside. He decides to resume searching for the person calling for help, but before long steps on another transfer belt activator, ending up slamming him against a wall this time while Chatlord, Chimlord and Luxray sweatdrop.

Pearl sobs that he will get frightful about taking steps really soon, and Luxray's eyes begin to glow and shoot out two beams of light as it glances around. Noticing the golden gleam in the electric lion's eyes, Pearl flips out his Pokedex and realizes that it is using its see-through ability. He remembers Dia telling him how Luxray also used this special skill to locate him and the Lady at Mt. Coronet's cave, and soon sees its gaze affixed upon a distant wall.

Pearl wonders if the person calling for help is behind it, and Luxray nods with a grin. The electric lion then crouches down and wiggles its tail, and Pearl knows that it is offering him a ride on the back. As soon as Pearl steadies himself, Luxray begins to hop between metal bins and other obstacles, and in no time arrives in front of the wall. Pearl hurriedly bangs on the wall to ask if anyone is there, and soon hears the reply of an old gentleman who feels thankful that he is finally heard, or he and his Shellos will die of starvation.

The old gentleman introduces himself as Mr. Fuego, the owner of the ironworks, and Pearl wonders what has happened. Mr. Fuego explains that it started with just another ordinary request to make metallic components from an organization, and Pearl wants to know what organization it is. The old gentleman states that it is the Space Energy Development Company, and Pearl immediately remembers the 'Order Form' he saw near the entrance.

Mr. Fuego continues to explain that he has never seen those metallic components' models before, but as a manufacturer, his job was just to make them and not question their function. However, on the day that the products were completed and the organization came to collect them, he accidentally overheard their conversation that the components were for constructing something called the Galactic Bomb, and were to be brought back to the Veilstone Headquarters. At that time, Mr. Fuego was silly enough to let the organization's people know of his eavesdropping, and ended up being chased down and attacked by them. Fortunately, his Shellos held his attackers back, and with the help of the ironworks' special system, he managed to stay alive.

Pearl believes that the old gentleman is referring to the transfer belts, and Mr. Fuego reveals that he is in fact the person who invented and created it as the ironworks' security system. During office hours, the transfer belts are used for moving exceptionally heavy materials. However, after office hours, all the belts will move randomly, so as to fend off unwelcomed intruders. The problem is, while this system indeed sent Mr. Fuego's attackers away, Mr. Fuego himself has become trapped inside the building as well.

Pearl and his Pokemon all sweatdrop upon the revelation, and Mr. Fuego cries that there is more to it. Before the evil organization departed, they have left behind a number of Pokemon as an on-going threat to him, and as soon as he says that, Pearl could sense other beings slowly gathering behind him. Spinning around, he finds himself face to face with a whole pack of Magbys, and without warning, they start charging forward to attack.

Pearl quickly orders Chimlord and Chatlord to fight, and tells Mr. Fuego his name. He makes a vow to knock out all the enemy's Pokemon, and rescue the old gentleman after doing so. With that, the boy wears a determined look, and throws himself into the battlefield as well. Chatlord first uses Mirror Move to stun the Magbys, then takes them out with a Pluck. Chimlord, on the other hand, resorts to serial powerful moves, and launches a Close Combat followed by a Focus Punch.

Soon, all the Magbys lie defeated on the ground, and Pearl grins with content as he pants to catch his breath. He tells Chimlord and Chatlord to stand by just in case more enemies crop up, and decides to head for Mr. Fuego's rescue with Luxray. Unfortunately, he accidentally steps on another transfer belt activator, and is sent dashing off to the other end of the room.

This time, however, the belt seems much longer than the previous ones, and Pearl soon bolts with horror when he sees that he is heading straight for a burning furnace...

Back at Celestic Town, Cynthia makes her way to the central shrine with Garchomp, and finds her Grandma standing in front of the entrance of the ruins cavern, which is now guarded by a meshwork of wooden planks. The two greet each other warmly, and Cynthia wonders if everything is alright after the attack. Grandma remarks that thanks to the Self Defence Force Cynthia gathered, they are having a peaceful time so far. The young woman feels relieved by the news, but states that there is something else that concerns her.

During Cyrus's siege at the ruins cavern, he has mentioned about an ancient scripture. She wonders if the particular scripture is the secret old document that is passed down in Celestic, and Grandma replies with a slightly annoyed nod. She believes that the enemy must have broken into their home to read it while she was away at the Café Cabin.

Cynthia sighs that they still haven't found a way to decode the ancient scripture, and though she doubts that Cyrus could fully comprehend the document, they must play it safe with such a powerful opponent, and avoid a second chance for the man to lay eyes on scripture again. Grandma shows her understanding, and pulls out a thin scroll of paper from her bulky hair to hand it to Cynthia. The young woman spreads out the sheet which has writings that she couldn't understand, and vows to protect the ancient scripture with all her might...

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384: VS Magby

Volume 34