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With the intention to stop the evil desires of Team Galactic, the Pokemon trainer Diamond, better known as Dia, continues on his journey alone. After completing his training on Iron Island, he is currently heading towards Lake Verity. Together with his Pokemon companions, he has arrived in Jubilife City...or maybe not yet.

Dia stands at the entrance of a deep forest, and is troubled that the path he took has come to an end. He believes that he shouldn't have made any mistakes following the Town Map's directions, and after a brief thought, decides to try going left.

Later, after turning around numerous corners and hitting multiple dead-ends, Dia finally makes it to Jubilife City, and marvels at their success. Looking around, he remembers that this is the city where he and Pearl took part in the comedian contest, and met the Lady for the very first time. The three of them have travelled far and across the land of Sinnoh, moving back and forth, and it's amusing to think how fate has brought him back to where they started.

The boy voices his encouragement to Beh, Roo and Pooh, and says they are not far from Lake Verity now, but before that, they should perhaps sit down to grab their lunch, which everybody happily agrees to. Behind them, a pair of keen eyes watches closely on the group's actions.

Dia chooses a nearby grassland to settle down, and pulls out a big bag of riceballs for everyone to munch on. He grabs a handful for himself, and places it on a cut tree's remaining base next to him. Throwing a riceball into his mouth, Dia digs out his Town Map again, and reads that after passing through Jubilife, they will arrive in Sandgem, followed by Twinleaf. He wonders which route will be the best for them to take from there, and grunts that he is never good at reading maps.

He reaches out for another riceball while keeping his eyes on the map, but something fast moving suddenly lashes out from nowhere to snatch away the riceballs from the tree base, and Dia's eyes bulge out in astonishment when he looks up to see that his food is gone.

Dia: (throws up hands in shock and drops the Town Map) Gone~!! My riceballs are gooone~!!
Roo, Beh, Pooh: (bolts) !?
Dia: What happened!? What have they gone?

The mysterious thing lashes out once again, and snatches the Town Map away.

Dia: (gasps) What? The Town Map is gone this tiiime~!! (starts running around frantically)
Roo, Pooh: (also starts running around worriedly)
Beh: (continues to munch on the riceballs nonchalantly)
Dia: (suddenly stops and sits down to grab a riceball) Well I guess it's alright~ Food, food~
Roo, Pooh: (collapses)
Dia: (munches on the riceball) Someone hungry must have taken it~ I believe so~

Dia: (ponders for a moment, then throws up hands in shock again) The Town Tap cannot be eaten though~!! I get lost even with the help of the map~!! How will we get to Lake Verity without it~!! I just need my map back!! Look for it, everyone, look for it~!!

Dia and his team begin to run around Jubilife City anxiously, trying to find who it was that snatched the Town Map. Just as he is about to turn a corner, he crashes into someone, and both of them fall onto the ground, holding their foreheads in pain. Dia looks up to see that it is a man in striped suits who wears a moustache, in the company of three Clowns.

Man: I'm, I'm sorry. Are you alright?
Dia: (gets into his One-shot Gag pose) I'm perfectly okeeay~
Man: (blacklines running down his forehead)

The man is glad that Dia is alright, and the boy starts frantically looking around for his Town Map again. He tries to call out to whoever snatched his map to return it to him, and in that instant, the moustached man spots the blue Poketch on his left wrist.

Man: Are you troubled about losing your map?
Dia: (frowns) Yes, I am~
Man: But aren't you wearing the marvellous Poketch? Why don't you switch to its map function and use it?
Dia: (wears a confused look on his face and pauses) Hmm...what is a Poketch?
Man: (blasts off)

The moustached man frantically grabs Dia's wrist with a frustrated look, and hollers that the thing he is wearing is the Pokemon Watch, also known as the Poketch, which is installed with a variety of apps. He finds it hard to believe that Dia doesn't know of this high-tech small computer, and Dia cries that he has never used it at all since he received it.

The moustached man starts flipping through the apps on Dia's Poketch, and introduces several basic functions of it, including the Digital Watch, which allows one to know the exact time; the Calculator, making even the hardest calculation manageable with a few taps; the Pedometer, keeping track of the number of steps taken; and the Memo Pad, enabling the user to write or draw anything on it. The man draws a riceball on Dia's Poketch, and the boy beams that it looks great.

The man then switches to the Marking Map app, and says it is the function he would like to use. He wants to know where Dia is heading, and Dia replies that it will be Lake Verity. The man uses his touch pen to drag the star marking to Jubilife City, their current location, and moves it towards the west, stopping at where Lake Verity is.

Dia exclaims that it is really remarkable, but suddenly gets unnerved about this man's behaviour, and quickly withdraws his hand, requesting to know who the man is, and why he is so familiar with the machine. The moustached man puts on a grin, and proudly shows Dia his own Poketch, introducing himself as no other than the Poketch Company's President, the person who developed the Poketch. He boasts that the Pokemon Watch is highly popular everywhere in Sinnoh, available in two colours, the boy's model in blue for the trendy guys, and girl's model in red for the fashionable gals.

Dia is surprised to hear that there are only two colours, and wonders why the one Pearl has is orange in colour. The Poketch Company's President gasps at the mention of an orange Poketch, and rationalizes that Dia must be one of the trainers dispatched by Prof. Rowan. Dia is astonished that the President knows Rowan, and the man explains that the professor personally came to him about 2 months ago.

Back then, Rowan ordered a total of three Poketches from the company, and requested that each of them be easily distinguishable from each other in appearance since the three people using it would be travelling together all the time. The President suggested making two of them the standard red and blue colours and the third one into orange, which Rowan agreed, and decided to match his Pokedexes with the exact same colours, creating three sets of matching items.

The President feels a sudden closeness to Dia knowing that he is one of the users of those three Poketches, and explains that he is actually holding a Poketch campaign right now on these streets. He believes that it will be a good idea for Dia to join their ensemble, and together with his Clowns start pulling off Dia's clothes and dressing him up as their campaign boy.

Later, wearing the outfit of a Clown with the red nose and all, Dia gets unnerved and mutters that he actually doesn't have much time to spare. The President keeps his excitement however, and remarks that the best strategy to sell a product is to get the people who are already using it to advertise about it. Dia argues that he has only started to use the device a few moments ago, and the President throws the manual book to his face, laughing that it is why he must quickly browse through the booklet.

And so in the busy streets of Jubilife, Dia joins the President and his Clowns in a Poketch campaign to advertise the little machine. Setting up a counter with colourful banners on top, the President calls for the people's attention, and introduces themselves as the world's famous Poketch Company. He announces that anyone who purchases a Poketch will get the chance to challenge a special quiz, and should they answer all questions correctly from the Clowns, they can receive free new apps for their devices at their counter.

A Young Couple gets immediately interested and asks the President to demonstrate the Poketch for them, but just as the moustached man holds out a Poketch is about to tap on the button to flip through its apps, something fast moving strikes out and snatches the watch away. The President hollers that his product has vanished, and the girl of the Young Couple exclaims that she saw something like a pink arm.

However, Dia takes a closer look at the President's hand, and believes that it wasn't an arm. He touches the man's palm to find it slick with drool, and after a moment of thought, decides that it is more likely a tongue. He looks around to see small patches of drool on the ground, and follows their trail until he reaches the bushes.

Just then, a pink Pokemon with a huge tongue appears behind a tree, and the President exclaims that it is a wild Lickitung. Dia gets excited upon seeing a species of Pokemon that he has never met before, and rationalizes that it must be the same culprit who snatched away his riceballs and the Town Map. He wonders if the Lickitung is still hungry, and decides that he will nickname it Lee after it joins his team.

The President is shocked that Dia is planning to capture it, and with a grin, the boy sends out Pooh, Beh and Roo to fight. Lickitung quickly gets into a combative stance as well, and curls itself into a ball to charge forward. It knocks Dia's three Pokemon up into the air, and the President hollers that it is a Rollout attack.

Pooh adeptly lands on its feet, just as Lickitung swings its tongue hard onto it. The little Shieldon withstands the powerful smack with its tough body, and with a forceful upward tilt of its armour like face, sends Lickitung tumbling backwards. The licking Pokemon gets furious, and lashes out its tongue to wrap around Pooh before slamming it repeatedly onto the ground.

Suddenly, Lickitung begins to tremble and glow, and in a flash of light, evolves into a Lickilicky. The President exclaims at the evolution, and tells Dia to hurry up with his capture. However, Dia giggles that he has forgotten one thing, and wonders if the President could lend him a Pokeball for use, causing the man to collapse onto the ground...

(Original Japanese Jokes)
There are no jokes or Manzai in this chapter except Dia's One-Shot Gag, which is similar to previous chapter.

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390: VS Lickitung

Volume 35