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At Jubilife City, the Poketch Company's President and his three Clowns each tosses an empty Pokeball to Dia, and the boy thanks them for their help. He turns around to face the angry Lickilicky, who is swinging its huge tongue like a pendulum, and thinks to himself that it is his first proper capture. To use a Pokeball, one simply throws it onto a Pokemon and tries to make it hit, pretty much like how the Safari Game works at the Great Marsh.

Taking in a deep breath, Dia hurls out a Pokeball, which strikes on Lickilicky's forehead and bounces off, causing the wild Pokemon to get even more furious. Without warning, Lickilicky dives into the ground and vanishes, and Dia relents that he has failed the capture and the Pokemon has escaped. However, the President believes that it is simply hiding underground, and as soon as he says that, Lickilicky's long tongue pops out from the ground behind Pooh and sends the little Shieldon flying into the air.

Dia quickly catches Pooh, and the President exclaims that it has used Dig. Just as quickly as it appeared, Lickilicky disappears into the ground again, and Dia looks around frantically, fretting about its next striking location. In the next instant, the tongue lashes out under Beh to hit it, causing the Munchlax to fall flat on its face.

The three Clowns remark that Lickilicky is highly adept with its agile long tongue, digging itself underground and lashing out to attack from a different spot, then vanishing into the ground again after the strike, adapting a hit-and-out tactic. They wonder what kind of strategy can handle it, and the Poketch Company's President hollers that Dia must capture the Pokemon as soon as possible. He cries that the campaign has gathered so many people, and they should grab the chance to turn the capture into part of their advertisement.

Dia feels slightly intimidated by the man's pushiness, and backtracks from him until he trips over the uneven ground of the hole which Lickilicky popped out from earlier. He massages his bottom in pain after the crash, and suddenly notices something when he sees the nearby hole where Lickilicky dug itself into the ground. Fiddling with his Poketch, he starts walking back and forth between the two holes, and the President wonders what he is doing.

Dia puts on a contemplative look, and without warning, digs his hand under Beh's long fur, causing Beh to laugh from the tickling. Dia gasps that Beh's hold item, the Iron Ball, is gone, and rationalizes that it must have been snatched away by Lickilicky's tongue when it struck earlier. It seems that the tongue will grab whatever item it comes into contact with, be it his Town Map, the campaign's Poketch, Beh's Iron Ball, and not just food.

Dia ponders on the thought some more, and suddenly sits down to start flipping through the manual booklet of the Poketch. The President fails to understand why he is reading that now, and Dia soon exclaims that he has found it. Switching to a different app on his Poketch, Dia states that the Lickilicky is probably not hungry as he has thought, but is collecting stuff instead, which he believes to be a hobby of the Pokemon. He explains that Beh always hides a lot of food under its fur, and it's only natural to deduce that the wild Pokemon is also hiding its collected items somewhere.

The President sees that Dia is in fact using the Dowsing Machine app, and realizes that he is trying to locate the place where the items are hidden. Dia continues to tap on the touch screen of his Poketch, and soon gets a positive signal in the bushes nearby. He quickly climbs on top of the tree on Roo's back, and in no time spots a patch of grass where numerous items are gathered, including his Town Map, the campaign's Poketch, a boot, a Proteinman Omega robot and many more gadgets.

Dia hops towards the spot, and sees that there is indeed a hole next to the items as he expected. He begins shouting into the hole, and tells Lickilicky that he loves collecting things as well, but it is not the right thing to do to steal other people's possessions. The President and the Clowns get nervous that Dia is provoking the wild Pokemon, and fear that it will pop out to attack him without warning. However, Dia grins that he knows where the tongue will lash out from next, and as soon as he says that, Lickilicky's long tongue shoots out from the ground several steps to the left of Dia, and the boy hurriedly orders Beh to catch it.

Beh throws its arms around Lickilicky's long tongue to immobilize it, and the President and everyone else who have gathered cry in disbelief that Dia wasn't just boasting when he made the claim. Dia grins that Lickilicky must treat all its collected items as treasures, and would certainly strive to protect them. Therefore, whenever it returns to the hidden spot to drop down another collected item, it will always face the other away before digging into the ground. Afterwards, it will pop its tongue out from a place that is exactly seven steps away, and his Poketch has allowed him to estimate the location accurately.

The President exclaims that Dia has used the Pedometer app for that, and is amused at how the boy incorporated all of the watch's functions into his strategy. Dia tells Beh to hold on slightly longer, and after swinging his arm in circles several times, hurls another Pokeball forward, which strikes Lickilicky on the tip of its tongue, and engulfs the Pokemon in a poof. Everyone watches intently as the ball wiggles, and all roar in excitement when it finally stops, signifying a successful capture.

The Young Couple marvels at Dia's skills, and the boy grins that he actually noticed the 7-step distance accidentally when he was backtracking away from the President's intimidating talk earlier. The crowd begins to discuss how cool the Dowsing Machine is in finding the location of hidden items, and how the Pedometer monitors the movement of a Pokemon. They exclaim that the Poketch's apps are really useful and handy, and before long, everyone is requesting to buy a copy of the high-tech device, which the Clowns eagerly tend to.

The President laughs and says he knew right from the start that his has made a great invention. The device was developed for the sake of people, and it is just natural that it will receive the appreciation it deserves.

Behind the man, Beh stuffs the Iron Ball back under its fur, and Dia believes that they should return the stolen items one by one to their original owners. He shares a grin with Lickilicky in its Pokeball, and introduces to Pooh, Beh and Roo their new companion, named Lee, taking a syllable from its species name Lickitung. The President shrugs that he should have based it on Lickilicky since it has evolved, and in that instant, the Clowns run up to him and exclaim in joy that the Poketches have been sold out.

The President gasps in disbelief at the news, and starts shaking Dia's hands frantically, thanking him for being the campaign boy and advertising for them. He also feels grateful that the stubborn Lickitung that has chased him from Lake Valor has finally been captured, and his statement causes the crowd to raise an eyebrow.

The President explains that they were conducting a campaign tour at Lake Valor yesterday, and came across a swarm of wild Lickitungs. He teased, or in better words, had a little fun with one of the Lickitungs, and it ended up causing such a big fuss. He laughs that life can be so funny sometimes, but then he turns around and sees the angry glare of the entire crowd. The people roar in fury and realization that the President's childish behaviour has started the whole thing, and begin ganging up on him and punching him while the Clowns try to save him.

Dia, on the other hand, seems to have noticed something else from what the President just said, and after a moment of thought, drags the man temporarily out from the angry crowd, and wants to know if he really conducted a tour at Lake Valor yesterday. The President, with lumps and bruises all over his face now, assures him that it was the case, and Dia gets confused because last time he was there, the only entrance to Lake Valor has been blocked. The President claims that he saw no such thing as everyone could enter the area freely, and says even the television crew were there.

Hearing that, Dia feels a wave of fear wash over his mind. Previously, Lake Valor was heavily guarded by two Scientists from Team Galactic. Now that free entry is resumed, it means that there is no longer a need to keep outsiders away, which could only signify one thing, that the preparations to attack the lakes have been completed.

Dia's legs begin to tremble as he pulls off his red nose, and tells his Pokemon to get ready, as Team Galactic is really close now...

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391: VS Lickilicky

Volume 35