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At Prof. Rowan's Science Lab, Dia faces the swarm of Yanmegas, and orders Roo to deliver the Dia-special-mach-one-and-only Razor Leaf. Roo fire off the extremely speedy single leaf, but before it hits the intercom device, it gets swatted down by one of the Yanmegas' wings.

Dia gasps that it is the first time that this modified version of Razor Leaf has missed, and realizes it is not easy to deal with such a huge number of foes after all. He rationalizes that if he couldn't target the device from where he is, he has with no choice but to walk straight into the center of the swarm to do so. He starts whispering into Lee's ear, and the Lickilicky nods with a confident look as it listens to the strategy.

Hiding in the hole created by Dunsparce's tail, Roseanne starts to worry if Dia is being too self-assured, and gets the feeling that this isn't a simple tug-o-war with the foe. Her instincts as a scientist tells her that there is something about the Yanmegas that they haven't discovered yet, and she grunts in frustration as she thinks hard to figure out what it is.

Just then, her attention is drawn to Beh and Weepinbell, who have both fallen after getting zapped by the shock waves of the dragonflies earlier. Roseanne notices that a scratched Iron Ball has fallen out of the Munchlax's long fur, and starts to recall how the Yanmegas seem to attack differently each time. She looks over to see a rip on the back of Dia's clothes, and remembers it being the result of Slash, the Yanmegas' first assault, an attack from the outside. Afterwards, the Yanmegas zapped Dia and the two Pokemon with their shock waves, but neither Munchlax nor Weepinbell showed any external wounds right now. Instead, Weepinbell has regurgitated its gastric juices, and the Iron Ball hidden under Munchlax's long fur has been heavily scratched.

In that instant, Roseanne bolts with realization that it was an attack from the inside, and finally figures out that the shock waves given off by the Yanmegas do not cause harm on the external surface but creates internal injuries, possibly to a greater degree as well. She frantically calls out to Dia, who has already walked right into the swarm of ogre darner Pokemon with Lee, and warns him of the deadly danger that he is subjecting himself to.

However, the Yanmegas' beating wings once again drown out her voice, and Roseanne could only watch in horror as a powerful shock wave sweeps against Dia and Lee, before radiating out to the rest of the room, shattering the glass cupboards and bottles as well as busting all the machineries, causing dust and smoke to cloud up the entire lab.

Sebastian and Roseanne remain stunned at the intensity of the attack, and as the smoke clears, soon spot two silhouettes waving at them. To their shock, Dia and Lee remain unharmed, and the boy puts on a big grin as he thanks Roseanne for the warning. It turns out that he has heard her after all, and moreover, Lee has also succeeded in seizing the intercom device, a totally unexpected result that causes both Sebastian and Roseanne to become even more astonished.

Lee then flexes its arm muscles, and with a strong squeeze, crushes the delicate machine into a junk of metal. Almost immediately, the swarm of Yanmegas loses focus and consolidation, and without the intercom to give them directions, one by one they fly out through the front door of the Science Lab.

Dia rejoices with Sebastian that they have succeeded, and the old butler praises the boy for his strength. Roseanne, on the other hand, goes hysterical and begins to shake Dia back and forth, demanding to know how he managed to stay unharmed by directly taking in the shock waves. Dia blurts out that Lee has shielded him, but his reply clearly hasn't answered what Roseanne is really asking, and the young woman, with an annoyed tone, changes her question to how the Lickilicky stayed unharmed.

Dia explains that he knew the shock waves would case internal injuries, and has therefore given Lee protection from the inside. With that, the Lickilicky gurgles out a brown coloured item that is shaped like tent from its mouth, which it has kept in its stomach during the fight, acting as something similar to a bullet-proof garment inside. Roseanne gasps at the revelation, and Dia remarks that he actually didn't know what to do at first because it was his first time encountering a Yanmega, but his companion has always taught him to understand the characteristic of his foes before battling them, and he resorted to the Pokedex for help.

Yanmega's Dex entry wrote that the shock waves created by its churning wings can inflict internal injuries, which is why he paid special attention when the gigantic dragonflies started beating their four wings, and came up with corresponding strategies to counter them. Roseanne is at a total loss of words after hearing Dia's explanation, and Sebastian giggles that he has told her to just sit back and watch right from the start.

Meanwhile, sitting in the control room of the windmill that she has stolen from the Valley Windworks, Mars clicks repeatedly on her controller, but still sees no image and hears no sound from the screen, leading her to believe that the intercom device has broken. She tosses the controller on the ground to crush it under her boot, calling it a stubborn thing, and can't understand why Saturn loves to use such worthless machines.

Initially, she has planned to hunt for information related to legends and mirages from Rowan's Science Lab, and therefore borrowed the device for use since she has to standby for this whole lake business. However, this little side mission has turned up nothing, and she should perhaps just head directly to the destination now.

Soon enough, the TG grunts in charge of the controls alert Mars that they have arrived, and starts to descend the flying windmill while lowering Mars's seat down the stairs and towards the doorway. As soon as they land, the red-haired woman gets outside with her Purugly, and cheers that they have made it to Lake Verity. In front of her, a giant lake spans across several hundred yards, and sticking out of the surface in its center is the tip of a solitary little isle.

Back at Prof. Rowan's Science Lab, Roseanne remarks that Dia is lucky to possess such a powerful item, but Dia reveals that it is actually not his but belongs to someone else. The truth is, it is one of the many items Lee has snatched out of mischief, and while he has made an attempt to return all the goods to their rightful owners, this one particular piece does not hint at its origin, and he is having trouble returning it, which is in fact the last item he has at hand.

Hearing that, Roseanne takes a good look at the tent-shaped item, and gasps in recognition that it is what she has been looking for, the Protector, one of the most important materials kept at this Science Lab which focuses on studying Pokemon's evolution. The young woman turns around and begins to throw a tantrum about the Protector getting all sticky with drool, but just as quickly slumps her shoulders again as she thinks of how it also saved her life because of that.

Just then, Dia takes a big sneeze, and his Arabian king attire begins to fall apart. Roseanne gasps that his garments have been ripped far more severely than they appear, and Sebastian quickly tells Dia to wait as he shall get him a new one from the Mansion. However, Dia says it wouldn't be necessary, and says he can simply find some extra clothes at home, which is really nearby. Roseanne wonders if he meant his real home, and the boy grins with a nod, explaining that he hails from Twinleaf Town. With that, Dia dashes out from the Science Lab with Pooh, Beh, Roo and Lee, and begins to head home.

A few moments later, dawn starts to break and the skies gradually turn a shade of light blue and yellow. At Lake Verity, Mars cheerfully spins around, and asks her grunts to show her the strategic data files. The astronaut-attired people hand her a handheld computer, and Mars is surprised to see that it even contains information on the lake's temperature and the area's humidity. She checks that the set point has been laid down, the post-explosion simulation to capture the legendary Pokemon is ready, and giggles that it is finally the day to carry out their lake scheme.

However, except boss Cyrus, no one really knows which of the three lakes, Lake Valor, Lake Acuity or Lake Verity, is going to be bombed, for there is only one Galactic Bomb. Mars feels exhilarated and cannot wait for the bomb to go off. Just then, she hears a familiar buzz, and looks up to see that her Yanmega has returned.

Meanwhile, Pearl and Rad Rickshaw continue on their way to Lake Valor as they cycle through a thick forest. Still thinking about the bronze statue, Pearl decides to be verbal about it, and asks Rad what it really is. The Cycle Shop owner finds it hard to come up with an answer because it is just an ordinary statue without a name, but has nevertheless been around for quite some time. In fact, it already existed when his great-great-grandfather was still alive, but even then, everyone simply called it the Eterna Pokemon Statue.

Pearl remarks that the statue gives off quite a menacing atmosphere, and Rad laughs that it certainly does. The man then says the statue used to have those kind of plates which are carved with explanatory words, but they have been removed now for some reason. Back when he was a little boy, there were two of them, which always made him wonder why since there was only one statue. Pearl finds it odd as well, and wonders what were written on the plates.

Rad says he could only remember it vaguely, but the first one was something like:

'The creation of Dia...the giver of time. In laughter, there is tears. And, likewise it is with time. The same time flows on. For it is the blessing of Dia..."

The second one, wrote:

"The birth of Pal...the creator of parallel dimensions. Alive, yet not alive. Everything drifts in space. To arrive in the same universe...It is the blessing of Pal..."

Rad grins that all his predecessors in Eterna know these words by heart, as they were quite famous in the city. Pearl begins to ponder on these two Pokemon that are said to give time and create space, and Rad adds that there is a chance that the evil organization's scheme is related to it as well, causing Pearl to put on a confused look.

Rad explains that the main reason why he was captured was because of his legacy. His family has spent many generations in Eterna, and no one else knows more about the city's history, including that of the statue, better than he does. Pearl gasps with shock upon hearing that, and Rad recalls that back inside the Galactic Eterna Building, he was interrogated by a menacing man via an intercom device installed with a speaker and a remote control camera. The man forced him to reveal everything he knows, in particular those pertaining to Dialga and Palkia...

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394: VS Yanmega II

Volume 35