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In the early morning hours of Sinnoh, the city of Veilstone still sits in silence as most of its residents remain asleep in bed. However, inside the Galactic Veilstone Building that stands on the northern border right next to the glimmering sea, things have already started to stir.

An old man with dusty purple hair wearing glasses and a lab coat enters the science lab on the second floor, and is a bit annoyed to see that things aren't ready. Sitting in the middle of the room are three separate restrainer machines, and between them stands a rectangular platform box, wired with electrical circuit boards.

Suddenly, the old man senses a presence behind him, and turns around to see the senior TG grunt who wears a cloak. The grunt politely greets the old man as Commander, but before he could finish addressing his name, the old man puts up a hand to stop him, and tells him to cut out the formality.

The scientist-like Commander turns on the monitor screen which shows the drawings of Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf positioned according to their lake locations, and impatiently states that until they can obtain the pixies of knowledge, emotion and willpower, they will not be able to craft from their crystals the Red Chain to shackle the mythical Dialga and Palkia. The senior grunt tries to pacify the old man's frustration, and assures him that the Galactic Bomb is already on its way to its designated lake. Once it goes off, it will only be a matter of time before they get hold of the three legendary Pokemon.

Meanwhile, Dia and his Pokemon have finally made it back to Twinleaf Town. Thanks to Lee's tree-swinging skills, they have arrived earlier than expected. Dia excitedly shows Roo, Pooh and Lee where his home is, and says the one right next to his is that of Pearl's.

Far behind them, Sebastian and Roseanne are trying to catch up with them on the Rapidash carriage, and the old butler remarks that Twinleaf Leaf truly smells fresh and free. For Roseanne, after the happenings of the previous night, she has decided to come along with them, since she could honestly feel an impending danger to Sinnoh.

Arriving home, Dia announces his return as he enters the front door, but to his surprise, his Mom is nowhere to be found. He remembers calling her yesterday about his homecoming, and finds it odd that she isn't waiting for him in the house.

Until now, his Mom still doesn't know about what he is really doing on his journey, and is still under the impression that he is on a trip from winning the merit prize at the Manzai Grand Prix. Back then, her Mom was overjoyed to hear about his prize when he called her right before he embarked on his journey. She complimented his performance which she saw on screen, and even told him about how she appeared on TV during her younger days as well when she emerge victorious in a Pokemon Contest. In fact, that one photo she took with Judge Dexter is still being displayed in their living room.

Dia wonders how he should reveal the truth to his Mom, and decides to get himself changed first. Running upstairs into his room, he places down the new Proteinman Omega robot next to his existing big collection of merchandise from the series, and flips through his wardrobe to find another set of his usual attire. Above one of the drawers, he sees a note on top of a new blue jacket, and reads that it is a new garment his Mom bought him for the cold weather.

As Lee helps him pull on the jacket, he notices that there are also writings on the back of the paper, which his Mom has explained about her plans to make a special berry grill to celebrate his return, with a portion big enough to serve 10 people. However, Dia's eyes widen with horror when he reads that she has gone off to Lake Verity to collect the ingredients, and immediately throws off the jacket and dashes out of his room.

At the front door, Sebastian clears his voice and gets ready to knock while Roseanne simply yells out for Dia. However, the door suddenly slams open without warning, and smacks right into their faces as Dia bolts out with his Pokemon. Picking up their glasses, Sebastian and Roseanne put on baffled looks as they watch the boy hurry off to the direction of Lake Verity, and wonder what exactly is going on.

In the meantime, at the northernmost part of Sinnoh, just around the area of Lake Acuity, the young lady, Platinum, is also heading towards her designated lake. With the gymleaders Candice and Maylene as her company, she braces through the hardship of running across the snow land, and is getting closer and closer to her destination.

The three girls soon arrive at the base of a cliff, and Candice suddenly calls for a halt. She remarks that they could take a short cut from there, and sends out Abomasnow, telling everyone to cling onto the frosted tree Pokemon. She then orders a Rock Climb, and Abomasnow immediately starts ascending the cliff, causing Maylene and Platinum to gasp in surprise.

In no time, they reach the top, and Candice merrily hops off with a cheer while Platinum is still flabbergasted at the steep height they have just climbed. The Snowpoint Gymleader laughs that the formation of their thin-clothed-girls trio has inspired her to be even more focused, and Maylene sweatdrops that she doesn't recall agreeing upon such a name.

The girls proceed to make their way through a small forest ahead, and in a matter of minutes, come face to face with a vast frozen lake that is covered with clear white snow. Platinum exclaims that it is Lake Acuity, and Candice wonders if it is her first time there. Platinum remarks that she initially thought it was the case, but her father told her otherwise.

On the day she left Canalave, after she was assigned to head for Lake Acuity, she has asked her father what kind of place it would be. Her father was surprised that she didn't remember visiting it when she was little, and Platinum was equally surprised to learn that she has actually been there before. Sir Berlitz explained that the visit was for investigating the distribution of Pokemon species, and recalled that Platinum even gave him a scare temporarily when he lost sight of her at the side of the lake. At that moment, the image of a pixie-like creature with two long tails flashed across Platinum's mind, which resembled the familiar fresco she saw in the ruins of Celestic Town.

Platinum falls into contemplation again as she thinks of the pixie-like creature, and Candice and Maylene find her story interesting. The two gymleaders then begin to look around and believe that they must have arrived earlier than Team Galactic. Candice remarks that she doesn't find anything odd about the lake so far, but Riolu suddenly senses two watchful eyes from behind. Maylene follows its gaze and sees two faint flashes in the snow, and wonders what it could be.

Her query is soon answered when a purple creature with jewelled eyes crawl out from its hiding place, and Maylene instantly recognizes it as the darkness Pokemon, Sableye. The Veilstone Gymleader calls Riolu forward, but the Sableye unleashes a Shadow Sneak, and strikes hard at the emanation Pokemon.

Candice grunts in frustration and gets ready to toss out a Pokeball, but a pink Gastrodon suddenly appears out of nowhere and clamps onto her right arm with its mouth. It then spits out a powerful blast of mud to immobilize her, and Maylene gasps that it is the Mud Bomb attack. Struggling to free herself from the sticky material, Candice warns that these are clearly trained but not wild Pokemon, and hollers in desperation that Team Galactic has arrived after all, which causes both Maylene and Platinum to bolt.

As soon as the Snowpoint Gymleader says that, a foreign female voice giggles that they seem clever enough to make the right guess, and a woman with bundled up purple hair appears behind the Sableye, dressed in the TG signature astronaut suit. She grins that they will definitely be interested to see what will happen at the lake, and introduces herself as Jupiter, the leading Commander of Team Galactic...

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395: VS Sableye

Volume 36