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At Lake Acuity, Platinum, Maylene and Candice let out a gasp when their attacker introduces herself as Jupiter, the leading Commander of Team Galactic. The purple-haired woman remarks that she ranks as a trio with Mars and Saturn, but compared with the two, she is honestly not as compassionate.

Maylene hollers that they must free Candice from the Mud Bomb's restraint first, and orders Riolu to break the solid mould. However, Jupiter coldly states that she will need her permission in order to do that, and Gastrodon instantly unleashes a barrage of mud blasts to knock the fighting Pokemon back. Platinum decides to use water to melt the hardened mud, and releases Empoleon from its Pokeball. Yet, Jupiter nods wordlessly at Sableye, and the jewelled creature lunges itself forward to deliver a kick onto the king penguin, knocking it down.

Jupiter snickers that she has already warned them of her lack of compassion, and proceeds to send out a giant blue Pokemon completely entangled in vines. Platinum recognizes it as the vine Pokemon, Tangrowth, and Maylene tells everyone to be careful. Glaring at the three girls, Tangrowth opens up its arms and unleashes a blinding Flash to disturb the vision of its foes. This ends up creating multiple shadows for Sableye, who makes use of the chance to launch four simultaneous Shadow Sneaks, targeting at Riolu, Empoleon, Platinum and Maylene.

Platinum struggles to get back on her feet, and exclaims that Tangrowth has used its numerous vines to control the direction of the light beams and therefore the position of the shadows. Jupiter smirks that the move has resulted in an unexpected effect, and Candice grinds her teeth in anger at the sight of her injured companions.

The Snowpoint Gymleader grunts that no one can ever hold her down for long, and with a roar, frees herself from the mud cast by releasing Abomasnow from its Pokeball. Jupiter compliments her for being able to move her mud-jammed fingers within the solid mould, but Candice barely pays heed to her words, and focuses on commanding Abomasnow to attack. She tells the frosted tree Pokemon to ignore all of Sableye's shadows and aim at bringing down Tangrowth alone, but Jupiter voices her doubt about its feasibility and nods at Tangrowth.

The vine Pokemon immediately grips onto the Bluk Berry it holds, and unleashes a fire-type Natural Gift, setting Abomasnow on flames and knocking it over with the super-effective attack, causing Candice to cry out in shock. The purple-haired TG Commander then looks up into the sky as she hears the sound of engines approaching, and sees one of their three air shuttles hovering towards the center of the lake.

Platinum bolts with a start and wonders if it carries the bomb intended to dry up the lake, and Jupiter coldly confirms her suspicion. She states that, however, while two identical air-shuttles have headed towards Lake Valor and Lake Verity at the same time, only one of them holds the Galactic Bomb. Platinum puts on a look of surprise upon hearing that, and Jupiter goes on to say that Saturn and Mars, who are responsible for Valor and Verity respectively, both have high hopes that the bomb will go off at the lake they are responsible for. However, including herself, none of the Commanders really know which lake is going to get blown up.

Meanwhile, at the Verity Lakefront, Dia is still rushing towards the lake with his Pokemon while Sebastian and Roseanne give chase from behind. Having learnt from his Mom's letter that she has come to Lake Verity to collect ingredients for the berry grill, he couldn't help but panic about her safety, and groans that it is the worst timing ever, since this is the day that the bombing is supposed to take place.

Finally making it to Lake Verity, Dia pants to catch his breath, and starts looking around for his Mom. However, he soon hears the sound of engines approaching, and looks up to see an air-shuttle flying in from a distance.

In that instant, Sebastian and Roseanne manage to catch up with him, but the boy hurriedly pushes them into the bushes and cries that they must hide immediately. He gestures towards the air-shuttle high above, which no doubt belongs to Team Galactic, and says the Team Galactic members must have already arrived. He peeks through the grass towards the opposite shore, and indeed spots a whole gang of TG grunts assembled next to a giant windmill.

Sebastian grunts that those are the evil people who schemed upon the Lady, and Roseanne is equally furious when she recalls how they messed up Prof. Rowan's Science Lab. The two of them get so blinded by their anger that they completely forget about their situation, and are about to rush out and confront their enemies. Fortunately, Dia and Lee hold them back just in time, and tells them to calm down and stop doing stupid things.

Laying down a mat of snacks and tea for everyone to share, Dia takes a bite from a doughnut and says he must first find his Mom before he works to thwart Team Galactic's plot. It will be impossible for him to run about and call for his Mom with their enemies around, which is why he will bestow the task upon Beh. Apart from the fact that the little Munchlax and his Mom can recognize each other, Team Galactic will also treat Beh as a simple wild Pokemon and not pay much attention to it.

Once Beh finds his Mom, it will lead her back to where they are hiding now, and Sebastian and Roseanne must bring her to safety right away by escaping on the carriage. Sebastian and Roseanne both let out an exclamation upon hearing his plan, and the young assistant wonders what Dia's part will be. The boy answers by pointing at the air-shuttle, and says he will find a way to break into it.

Roseanne is surprised that Dia has means of flying, and Dia reaches into his bagpack to pull out a Greatball containing a Drifblim. He explains that the Pokemon was lent to them by Fantina to travel from Hearthome to Canalave, and while he has already planned to return it as soon as he sees her, it seems that he will have to lend its strength once more.

The boy then tells Sebastian and Roseanne to wait there patiently while he finds the best position to go air-borne with Drifblim, and hopes that they will take good care of Beh and his Mom. With that, he disappears into the bushes, and slowly crawls his way under the coverage of the leaves. Thinking that Pearl and the Lady must be facing Team Galactic at Lake Valor and Lake Acuity as well, he knows that he must do his best, and pats himself on the cheeks to lift his spirits.

Soon, he spots Beh standing not far ahead, and happily crawls up to it, asking if it has found his Mom yet. The little Munchlax wears an anxious look and nods pensively, and Dia feels grateful that it didn't take too long. He urges it to get her back to the carriage while he starts his mission with Drifblim, but Beh begins to shake its head frantically, and Dia wonders what is wrong.

Just then, a voice from behind tells him to drop the Great Ball at hand, and Dia spins around in horror to see his Mom held captive by a red-haired woman and her Zubat...

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396: VS Gastrodon

Volume 36