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At Lake Verity and Lake Acuity, the opened hutches of the air-shuttles have drawn the keen focus of everyone, but no further event seems to be taking place. Sitting on her Yanmega, Mars feels slightly disappointed that even though the countdown is complete, nothing has followed, not even a single bang or blast. Jupiter realizes that the Galactic Bomb isn't going to be detonated at her lake after all, and patiently waits for what is bound to ensue.

Meanwhile, at Lake Valor, a powerful wave of energy radiates across the whole lake, and nearly rips apart the bodies of Pearl and his three Pokemon. The explosion instantly dries up the lake's huge body of water, and the Magikarps that live inside get thrown into circles. Rad Rickshaw's two Clefairies, Clefairin and Clefairan, struggle to hold onto the Cycle Shop owner, both bewildered by the tremendous force that threatens to blow them away any second. In fact, the intensity of the bang is so great that a quake can even be felt at the Great Marsh Observatory Gate.

As the energy ripples of the explosion gradually subsides, Pearl opens up his eyes and gasps in horror when he takes a look at his surroundings. The entire lake has been evaporated with not a single drop of water left, and numerous Magikarps flap helplessly against the barren ground, which used to be the bottom of the lake. At that moment, Pearl finally realizes that the target of Team Galactic is Lake Valor after all.

Laughing maniacally, Saturn is completely overwhelmed by the power of the Galactic Bomb, and feels overjoyed that boss Cyrus has chosen his lake to blow up at the end. He giggles that this is a proof of their team leader's trust in him, and is elated that he is the most highly regarded Commander of all. Stealing a look of contempt at Pearl's three Pokemon, he hurls them away from his vessel by delivering a swing with the hand-extensor, and tightens his grip around Pearl's collar. He wonders what the boy thinks of Team Galactic's power now that he has witnessed it, and snickers that anyone who tries to oppose them is just seeking to fail.

Recalling the issue that they have yet to settle before the explosion, Saturn demands that Pearl stop evading his question, and asks why he has come to the lake's central isle the first thing upon arrival. Pearl grunts that he has no intention to hide anything, and says it is simply because he has already come to this place before, and inadvertently stumbled into an empty cave on the small isle back then.

According to his companion Dia, who was standing on the shoreline of the lake at that time, an intense flash was given off by the small isle when Pearl was on it. Pearl's own vision has been blurred by the blinding light, and left him with just his feelings when he entered the cave. The truth was, he had trouble remembering what exactly happened and had no idea what emanated the flash when Dia asked him about it. However, some time after the incident, he tried to dig deep into his memory, and started to recall seeing something inside the cave. On the surface of an irregularly shaped body of water, he saw the reflection of Pokemon, a beautiful Pokemon with a blue coloured head. That was the reason why he came back to the central isle, for he wanted to use his Luxray's see-through ability to find out what was really hidden inside.

Saturn breaks into a maniacal cheer upon hearing the explanation, and roars that what Pearl saw was no other than Azelf, the legendary Pokemon that governs willpower, who probably woke up temporarily during the incident he mentioned. With that, Saturn starts speeding into the cave with Pearl still in captive, and passes down an order to his grunts to stand by and get Formation A ready. He states that the central isle is no doubt where Azelf resides, and with the lake bottom exposed by the explosion, it should have awakened from its sleep and is bound to appear soon.

Dashing towards the irregularly shaped body of water, which has two squared patches on the bottom left and top, Saturn keeps his gaze intently on its surface as a ripple begins to form. Then, a two-tailed pixie with a blue head that resembles a cone gradually materializes out of it, and stares back at them with big yellow eyes.

At the same time, the land begins to rumble vigorously at both Lake Verity and Lake Acuity. Inside the central isle cave at Lake Verity, a pixie with four pink appendages on the sides of its head slowly rises from a well of water that has patches on the bottom right and top. Similarly, inside the isle cave at Lake Acuity, a yellow pixie whose head is shaped like a helmet appears out of a puddle of water which patches are on the bottom left and right.

Outside the caves, everyone who is stationed at the two lakes could feel the intensity of the rumble, and Dia wonders if it is an earthquake. However, he quickly knows that this is no simple earthquake, as he can even feel the air trembling around him. Mars starts to get excited, and says it is finally appearing. On Platinum's side, Candice gasps with confusion at what is going on, and Jupiter states that the explosion has succeeded in bringing about the simultaneous awakenings.

In the next instant, the pink pixie shoots out from Lake Verity's central isle cave, while the yellow one charges out from that of Lake Acuity. Indeed, these two are no other than Mesprit, the legendary Pokemon that governs emotions; and Uxie, the legendary Pokemon that governs knowledge.

From the Rapidash carriage, Sebastian points towards the sky, and says a strange pink creature has appeared. For both Maylene and Candice, it is their first time to see the yellow Pokemon. However, for Dia and Platinum, they are hit with a strong sense of nostalgia, and are sure that they have seen these two pixies before.

Candice demands to know why the lake Pokemon appeared even though the bomb didn't go off at Lake Acuity, and Jupiter turns to face her with a cold look. She states that the three Pokemon that Team Galactic seeks, Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit, are linked by an invisible bond, and are even thought to have come from the same egg. If changes occur to the body of one, the other two will also feel the effect, which is why regardless of which pixie has been awakened by the explosion, Uxie will also rise from its slumber.

The purple-haired woman snickers that it is probably too difficult for the girls to understand anyway, and tells them to take one final good look at Uxie as she is going to capture it. With that, she calls forward Tangrowth, who begins to ensnare the yellow pixie by extending its long arms made of vine.

Maylene hollers that they must stop it, and Candice immediately orders Froslass to attack. However, Jupiter commands a Stone Edge from Gastrodon, and a sharp boulder instantly jams hard into Froslass and Candice, dealing a critical hit and slamming them onto the ground. Maylene then gets Meditite to use Power Swap on Sableye, and follows with a Rock Tomb, sending a barrage of flying rocks towards its foe.

Jupiter compliments that it is a well thought move, but smirks that it is still too weak. With a twinkle in its eye, the jewelled creature unleashes a Punishment, and hurls both Maylene and Meditite off their feet and crashing against the floor. Seeing both Gymleaders and their Pokemon knocked out, Platinum gasps in horror, and Jupiter calls their attempt a futile one, as they clearly stand no chance in defeating her or interfering with Team Galactic's schemes.

In that instant, a dome-shaped object is lowered from the air-shuttle's hutch, and Jupiter states that it is the restrainer of the legendary Pokemon, another important item that the aircrafts carry. She explains that all Tangrowth has to do is to corner Uxie until it enters the shooting range of the restrainer, named Formation U, and the device will do the rest. As soon as she says that, the dome-shaped object detects the yellow pixie's presence within its calculated proximity, and shoots out a net to snag it.

Platinum exclaims at the capture of Uxie, and quickly sends out Rapidash to burn down the net. However, Jupiter reiterates that no one can thwart their schemes as long as she is watching, and hands Tangrowth a Passho Berry, allowing it to unleash a water-type Natural Gift. The attack slams hard on Rapidash and knocks it unconscious, and Platinum could only watch helplessly as Uxie is taken into the air-shuttle by Formation U.

Feeling defeated, the young lady falls onto her knees as the air-shuttle begins to take off...

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398: VS Tangrowth

Volume 36