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At Dia's home back at Twinleaf Town, Dia's Mom slams the front door shut and sits down to catch her breath together with Roseanne and Sebastian. Her Glameow crawls up to her with a worried look, and she gently pats it on the back. Sebastian pants that he feels lucky to be alive, and Roseanne voices her disbelief that their foe is such a big and powerful organization. She wonders what has happened to Dia, and the old butler starts to question himself whether he did the right thing to follow Dia's order to leave him alone and bring his mother to safety right away. For all they know, Dia could have succeeded in protecting the lake Pokemon, or he could have failed, but Sebastian guesses that the boy is still somewhere near the lake, and he hopes that he is fine.

A worried look washes over the face of Dia's Mom as she thinks of what could have become of Dia. She soon notices that the new pair of shoes she bought Dia is missing from the doorway. Instead, she spots Dia's old pair of shoes, and bolts right up before asking Sebastian if Dia has set foot back at home before he headed out to the lake. Sebastian replies with a nod, and Dia's Mom hurriedly rushes up to Dia's room. She flings open the door of his wardrobe and exclaims that the new jacket she bought him is gone as well.

Rationalizing that Dia must have taken it with him, her face then lights up with excitement, and she cries that they should be able to get in touch with Dia since there is a mobile phone inside the jacket's pocket. Sebastian and Roseanne cheer up at the news as well, and Dia's Mom hurriedly makes the call.

Somewhere, Dia hears something ringing, and digs into his bagpack to find a mobile phone in his new jacket. He takes another bite from his pretzels that he is sharing with Beh and Pooh, and mumbles a 'hello' as he answers the call. Right away, he hears the excited voice of his Mom, and immediately exclaims in equal thrill.

He apologizes to his Mom for getting himself involved in such dangerous acts, but his Mom assures him that it is fine, and says she is just glad to be able to reach him. Her eyes slowly well up with tears of joy, and she wonders if her boy is doing alright. Dia replies that he is, and grins that he is actually together with Mesprit, the lake Pokemon that he was trying to protect. Dia's Mom is grateful to hear the good news, and remarks that they should save the conversation for later, which will no doubt be a long one. She wonders how long it will take for him to get home, and says she shall make some Berry grill for everyone.

However, to her surprise, Dia states that he is unable to come back right away, for he is still caught up in some situation. Suddenly, the sound of heavy engines rumbles on Dia's side, and Dia's Mom has to hold the phone away from the unexpected loud boom. The sound makes her worry return again, and she immediately asks where Dia is.

Turning around to look at the pink lake Pokemon who is trapped within the restrainer, Dia reveals that he is currently inside Team Galactic's air-shuttle trying to help Mesprit, and his reply causes his Mom, Roseanne and Sebastian to gasp and exclaim in shock and horror...

Meanwhile, a heavy snowstorm is hitting the vicinity of Lake Acuity hard. Following their bitter defeat by Team Galactic's Commander, Jupiter, in the battle to protect the Pokemon of knowledge, Uxie, Platinum is struggling through the adverse weather condition to bring her two fallen companions, Maylene and Candice, back to Snowpoint City.

With Empoleon walking close to shield her from the storm, Platinum slowly makes her steps through the snow-laden ground, but finds her body getting weaker and weaker. Behind her, Rapidash carries the two unconscious Gymleaders on its back, their bodies worn from the tough fight. In front, Lopunny continues to lead the way, and soon spots the silhouette of a huge ancient-looking building. It turns around to signal to Platinum, who after a shiver, decides to take shelter there temporarily.

Inside the building, Platinum gets Rapidash to create a ring of fire around them in order to keep Maylene and Candice warm, and leans her own body against the fire horse, who has crouched down to support its trainer. The girl thinks back on their showdown with Jupiter, and is still in awe at how strong their opponent was, so strong that they were unable to do anything as they watch Uxie being taken away.

Suddenly, a low-pitched cry echoes across the hall where the girls are, and Platinum wearily looks over to the other end of the room, which is so dimly lit that she could barely see where it leads to. She queries whether the cry comes from a wild Pokemon, and while fighting to keep herself awake, slowly pulls out a Pokeball, wondering if she is still able to make a capture. The fact is, she barely knows where this ancient building they are taking shelter in is, and truly hopes to cause minimal hassle before she regains the strength to take Maylene and Candice back to the city.

Taking another look at the fallen Gymleaders, Platinum eventually succumbs to exhaustion, and falls asleep on Rapidash. The Pokeball rolls off from her hand towards the other end of the hall, and finally stops in front of a gigantic humanoid silhouette, which has moss-like materials growing on its shoulders, and three pairs of circular lights glimmering on its body...

Back at Lake Valor, Rad Rickshaw frantically calls out Pearl's name as he tries to shake him awake. However, the boy has passed out from his injuries and exhaustion, and remains motionless in the man's arms, while the two Clefairies, Clefairan and Clefairin, look on with worried expressions. Around them, Magikarps flop around helplessly on the barren ground, devoid of the rich body of water that used to fill the area.

Just then, the sound of engines buzzes above them, and Rad looks up to see the air-shuttle of Team Galactic glide past, heading towards the direction of Veilstone. The Cycle Shop owner gasps that the lake creature which Pearl was trying to protect must be trapped within, and starts to breaking into a frenzy about what he should do.

Rad: I should chase after the air-shuttle right away...! (begins to run)
Rad: Nono~ Wrong choice!! It will be quicker to get to Veilstone by my Bike...!! (starts climbing onto his bicycle)
Rad: Oh nono~ Wrong choice!! I need to tend to Pearl's injuries first...!! (runs back towards Pearl)
Man: All of those of wrong choices!! What this scene needs right now... is Rain Dance!!!

The booming voice of a man suddenly comes on, causing Rad Rickshaw and his Clefaries to jump with startled looks. Out of nowhere, a hooded man appears along the rocky edge of the lake, and two smaller silhouettes crop up next to him, both having their arms raised towards the sky.

In the next instant, dark clouds gather to block out the sun, and heavy rain starts to pour. Rad looks up in astonishment at the unexpected change in weather, and sees that water is starting to pool at the bottom of the dried lake again, gradually allowing the Magikarps the move their fins once more. The Cycle Shop owner exclaims at the man's ability to affect nature like that, and lets out an even bigger gasp when the man unveils his hood, revealing himself as Crasher Wake, the water stream masked man, who has come with two signature Pokemon, Floatzel and Quagsire.

Rad Rickshaw dashes over to meet Wake excitedly, and cries that he has been a fan since his student years. He claims never to have missed a single broadcast of the Sinnoh Pro-wrestling aired during the Variety Hour at 8pm every Friday night, and Crasher Wake gives a whole-heartedly laugh, telling the man to calm down.

The Pastoria Gymleader then steals a glance at what has become of Lake Valor, and feels sorry for having arrived late after hearing the news about the evil scheme. He curses Byron for not letting him know earlier, and lets out a sigh before bending down to pick Pearl up onto his shoulders. He tells Rad that it will take some time before the lake is filled to its original level again, but says at least it will be enough to keep the Magikarps happy for now.

Wake shifts Pearl around, and the boy lets out a small grunt while remaining unconscious. The Pastoria Gymleader could see how heavily wounded he is, and wonders why the boy has been battling on his own. He recalls the time when he came to his gym as a trio with his friends, and although he only had a brief impression of Pearl's hasty and impatient personality, it actually reminded him of someone else he knows.

Looking at Pearl's face now, it may be true that he has been defeated, but it still shows a certain sense of determination, the determination of a man who has a strong devotion to battle, something which again reminds him of that old acquaintance of his...

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400: VS Quagsire

Volume 36