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Following the explosion of the Galactic Bomb at Lake Valor, which managed to dry up all of its water content in an instant, the two Pokemon of Crasher Wake, Floatzel and Quagsire, strive hard to refill the lake by summoning a heavy downpour with Rain Dance. Meanwhile, on Route 213, another person is also striving hard, albeit for a different reason.

Poking his head through the Croagunk photo board's hole, Rad Rickshaw watches as Pearl engages in a fierce battle against the wild Buizel with Chatlord, Chimlord and Raylord. Rad's two Clefairies, Clefairan and Clefairin, cling on the sides of the board to accompany their trainer, and Rad wonders if the boy's heavily injured physical state would allow him to stand up to Crasher Wake's special training tonight, which he anticipates to be tough.

The Pastoria Gymleader lets out a holler and tells Pearl to strike instead of stalling time, and the boy quickly tosses out an empty Pokeball. The forceful throw hurls himself off balance as well, and he falls flat on the face just as the Pokeball makes contact with the wild Buizel, sucking it into its interior. After a few shakes, the ball remains motionless, and Pearl rejoices that he has successfully captured the Pokemon. Wake grins that it has been quite a bumpy attempt, but nevertheless a feat.

Pearl thinks to himself that Crasher Wake, his teacher now, is a water-type expert who trains a Floatzel, and feels lucky to be able to learn the right ways to use a Buizel from him. His thoughts then drift back to the two bodyguards of the Lady, who treated Dia and him as their disciples, and Pearl remembers that one of them also owned a Buizel. Reminding himself of their skills and strength, Pearl vows to become strong just like them, and hopes that he can work together well with his newly captured Buizel, whom he has decided to nickname Zellord.

However, his new teammate doesn't seem to share the same sentiment, and thrashes around in its Pokeball. The struggle causes the ball to break away from Pearl's grip and bounce off on the ground, much to Pearl's shock and astonishment. Crasher Wake walks over to pick up the Pokeball, and says Pearl would be silly to think that a Pokemon shall listen to its trainer's commands right away after a capture. He states that Pearl must first learn how to tame it, and to match its breathing with his own. Otherwise, during a battle, it will simply disobey and go against his command, something which Pearl must learn to overcome in priority during their training.

Handing the Pokeball back to Pearl, Wake reminds him that Buizel is still unnerved about the lake's explosion, and Pearl promises to keep that in mind. The boy then inquires how they should begin their training, but Wake believes that Pearl needs more preparation. In the following morning, Pearl shall chase after the air-shuttle to Veilstone and break into the enemy's hideout in the city. Even with the addition of Buizel, Pearl only has four members in his team, and the number is certainly insufficient to handle such a powerful foe.

Pearl's mind boggles at what his teacher is suggesting, and Wake gives him a nod, stating that he would need to capture a minimum of two more Pokemon tonight, building up a combo of six before he is ready to go. Pearl begins to fret as he recalls how much hassle it took to capture one Buizel, and after stealing another glance at the crowd of angry wild Floatzels crouching in the tall grass, fears that he won't be able to accomplish the goal within the night.

Crasher Wake laughs that Pearl doesn't have to stick to the Floatzels, and points towards Route 212 ahead, telling Pearl that there are more choices for him to pick from in the area, and it will be up to Pearl to decide how he wishes to construct his team. Giving the boy a friendly slap on the back, the Pastoria Gymleader voices his encouragement, and says he is waiting for Pearl to show him his willpower. With that, Pearl shares a nod with Chatlord, Chimlord and Raylord, and gets determined to face his challenge.

A while later, at Veilstone City, the three air-shuttles containing the lake pixies have made their way back to the headquarters. The rooftop of the Galactic Veilstone Building slowly opens up, allowing the air-shuttles to gradually descend and land on the mini-port on the attic floor, which is heavily guarded by Team Galactic grunts. Outside, the three TG Commanders arrive on their own means of transport, Jupiter on her Tangrowth, Saturn in his oval-shaped glass vessel, and Mars in her windmill flyer. While the latter two land their vehicles at the front gates, Jupiter simply has Tangrowth latch onto the side walls with its long vine-like arms, and hurl themselves over like acrobats do.

The Commanders walk side by side as they head up to Cyrus's room and report their successful capture of the pixies. The Team Galactic Boss, standing next to the old scientist-like Commander, compliments them for their hard work, and with a grin, states that it is time to deliver a speech to all his grunts. With that, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and the purple-haired old man follow the footsteps of their leader, as he walks down the corridor and ends up on a platform, fashioned with a giant G-symbol, looking over a roomful of TG grunts, all assembled with blank expressions on their faces.

Cyrus addresses the members of his organization by first stating his own name, and follows with a statement that he has made over and over again, that they are all struggling to live in an incomplete world. In this world, humans and Pokemon alike, because they are so lacking, fight and maim in every possible ugly way. That is something that Cyrus hates. He hates the incompleteness with his entire body and being. He believes that the world should be complete and the world must change.

The man's face twists and darkens with fury as he speaks of his hatred, but just as quickly, softens again. He remarks that he, Cyrus, shall be the one to change it, together with every member of Team Galactic. An image showing the captured Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf, each held in a separate machine restrainer, projects on the giant screen behind the platform, and Cyrus tells his members to take a good look at the three legendary Pokemon they have caught. After much research into mythology, Team Galactic has now obtained the energy to change the world, the power that he has dreamt of.

Nodding towards the direction of the scientist-like old man, Cyrus remarks that the science technology team which Team Galactic boasts to have succeeded in extracting crystals from the body of the three Pokemon, allowing them to craft the Red Chain, which implies that their long-held dream-world is on the verge of becoming reality. He tells his grunts to report their choice of duty location to the three Commanders, and states that regardless of their decision to head to Mt. Coronet or remain here, despite that their missions may differ, their hearts beat as one, and glory will shower Team Galactic. Listening to the inspirational speech of their leader, the Commanders applaud while the whole room of grunts roars with excitement.

Several hours later, dawn has once again broken in Sinnoh. On Route 212, Pearl kneels on the floor and pants to catch his breath while Chimlord, Chatlord and Raylord do the same around him. In front of them, two Pokeballs lay motionless of the floor, each having trapped a wild Pokemon inside. Watching from behind, Crasher Wake compliments Pearl for having achieved his goal successfully, and states that he now has a full team of six.

Pearl thanks his teacher for all the things he has taught him, and with a grin, starts to climb onto the back of his Luxray, getting ready to set out on his quest. Rad Rickshaw is shocked that Pearl is resuming his journey right away after the tough night of training, and exclaims that he hasn't had enough rest yet. However, Pearl replies that he doesn't have much time left, and thanks the Cycle Shop owner for everything that he has done for him.

Pearl promises Wake to come back and report to him after he succeeds in his mission, and the Pastoria Gymleader asks joking what the boy wants as his reward. Pearl thinks for a moment, and puts on a smile as he says he would like to hear Crasher Wake sing his theme song, the one about the wrestle ring and the sea that he hums when he scrubs the floor. Wake breaks into a grin upon hearing the answer, and thinks it is a fantastic idea.

Suddenly, the sounds of a wagon gradually grows louder from behind, and Pearl turns around to see a fasting-moving carriage pulled along by two Rapidashes. A young woman sticks her head out of the carriage's window, calling out to Pearl by his name, and Pearl instantly recognizes her as Dia's Mom.

The wagon comes to a stop as Dia's Mom hops down to meet Pearl, and nervously says she has something urgent to tell him. Behind her, a young lady in lab coat and an old butler follows, as well as a familiar looking Drifblim who is wearing a worried look on its face. Pearl bolts in recognition that the Drifblim is that of Fantina's, and starts to get a bad feeling when he remembers that Dia is supposed to be keeping it temporarily before they return it to the Hearthome Gymleader.

Drifblim holds out two Pokeballs with its ribbon-like arm, and Pearl sees that one of them is Dia's Torterra, Roo, while the other is a Lickilicky, which he postulates to be Dia's new team member. Pearl anxiously asks what has happened to his childhood companion, and wonders if he has gone missing. The lab-coat lady replies that Dia isn't missing, but is in somewhere dangerous.

Holding her palms together to suppress her shaking, Dia's Mom states that Dia has battled at Lake Verity just like Pearl has at Lake Valor. However, Dia is currently inside the air-shuttle of Team Galactic, a revelation which causes Pearl to gap his mouth wide in horror...

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402: VS Buizel II

Volume 36