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Pearl gaps his mouth wide in horror and disbelief when he hears that Dia is currently inside Team Galactic's air-shuttle. Dia's Mom explains that from what Dia told her, after he hopped onto the restrainer trapping Mesprit, he has ordered his Torterra to fire off a Razor Leaf. At the same time, he also sent out his Lickilicky to help pull apart the capture net while he kept the Team Galactic Commander busy by a storm of Razor Leaves.

Unfortunately, Dia's tactics failed. The Razor Leaf ended up cutting off the part of the capture net where Lee, his Lickilicky, was holding onto, causing the long-tongue Pokemon to plummet into the lake together with his Torterra, Roo. Dia himself was retrieved along together with the restrainer through the hutch, and was brought on board the air-shuttle.

At first, Dia thought it would only be logical for the TG Commander Mars to come after him, and therefore hid himself. However, the air-shuttle took off without any hassle, and Dia, after pondering on the matter, figured that Mars probably wasn't aware of Lee being sent out, and thus mistook the two splashes on the lake to be caused by Roo and himself, when actually it was Roo and Lee. That would explain why she believed Mesprit's capture to be uneventful, and didn't think of the possibility that he was actually on board.

Pearl's eyes widen with bewilderment listening to Dia's Mom, but he doesn't understand how Dia managed to tell her that. Dia's Mom explained that she placed a mobile phone in Dia's new jacket, which he took with him, and was therefore able to make contact. Sebastian adds that according to Dia, whom he addresses as Sir Dia, all the Team Galactic members left the lake afterwards, and it was Drifblim who retrieved Torterra and Lickilicky from the waters.

Pearl sweatdrops and starts to have black lines running down his face when he hears the term Sir Dia, and wonders who the old man is. Sebastian politely introduces himself, and takes a bow to Pearl as he explains that he is the butler of the Berlitz family. Pearl gasps in realization that he was referring to the Lady, and Sebastian immediately shakes Pearl's hands passionately, addressing the boy as Sir Pearl and voicing his excitement to finally meet him.

The young lady in a lab coat also introduces herself as Roseanne, Prof. Rowan's assistant, and Pearl's mind starts to boggle at Dia's current perilous situation. After a moment of hesitation, he picks up the Pokeballs of Roo and Lee, and announces that he shall set off to Veilstone City right away. He promises to deliver the two Pokemon back to Dia once he sees him, and assures Dia's Mom that he has faith his childhood companion will be fine.

Pearl is about to climb onto Raylord again when Rad Rickshaw stops him, and shows him his Bicycle which he has finished maintenance on. Pearl thanks the Cycle Shop Owner, and begins paddling away while Chatlord hovers next to him. Everyone waves him off to wish him good luck, and Crasher Wake states that Pearl is certainly one kid with strong willpower. Just within one night, he was able to learn all the tricks that he has to teach him, which is not something easy to do.

The Pastoria Gymleader tells Dia's Mom that her son seems to be a great boy as well to have bestowed such a big mission upon himself, and Dia's Mom thanks him with a smile. She sighs that it really came as a shock to her when what she thought was an ordinary travel for Dia turned out to be something so big and dangerous, but after hearing her son's powerful emotions towards his task, she is finding her way to accept it.

She remembers her conversation with Dia over the phone, and recalls being completely freaked out when Dia told her that he was going to fight Team Galactic. She called him an idiot to involve himself in such things, but Dia told her to remember the times they watched Proteinman Omega together. Knowing that his Mom is in his room, he told her to take a look at all the posters, books, even DVDs and movie specials he collected on the series. He reminded her of the song that he used to sing along when it played on TV, and how he would use his set of puppet toys to imitate the different members of the show.

Venusaur would always be his commander, calling together its teammates at times of crisis. Pikachu would be Protein-Brain the leader; Poliwrath Protein-Liner the motor train; Gyarados Protein-Ship the speedy boat; Aerodactyl Protein-Balloon the flyer; and Snorlax Protein-Rescuer the huge truck. Together they would unite as one, and become Proteinman Omega, and defeat the demons and stop their evil schemes to rule the world.

All this time, Dia thought that the things which the villains do are only made-up stories. But no, they do exist in reality. There are really people out there who live and think that the entire world belongs to them. They are cruel in ways that are unbelievable, hurt people in ways that are unbelievable, speak lies in ways that are unbelievable, do despicable acts in ways that are unbelievable, and snatch things in ways that are unbelievable. Dia would allow none of those, and he will do something to stop them, which is what his emotions are telling him to do, something he hopes that his Mom would understand...

A few moments later, on Route 214, Pearl is cycling through a mountainous path when Chatlord, who is flying in front, suddenly signals for him to stop. Pearl pulls his Bicycle into a halt, and climbs onto a huge boulder to his right, which allows him to spy on the winding road ahead. Not far from where he is, a group of six Team Galactic grunts have lined up to block the path, each with a Meowth and a Grimer, and Pearl wonders if Team Galactic is trying to stop people from entering Veilstone City.

Just then, part of the rock that Pearl is leaning on suddenly breaks off, and immediately catches the attention of one of the Meowths. The six TG grunts look up to discover Pearl, and instantly send their Pokemon coming after him. Pearl lets out a grunt of frustration, and reaches for his Pokeball to send out his new team member, Zellord.

However, the Buizel turns around to dig its fangs into Pearl's head instead, and the boy cries that he is not its opponent this time, upset that the little sea weasel is still refusing to follow his orders. Yet, the truth is, Zellord has something else in mind. As soon as the Meowths and Grimers get close enough, it begins to spin its fork-like tails to blow up a tornado of dust to blast at them.

Pearl grins that Zellord finally turns its anger on the right targets, and compliments it for its battle spirit. Grabbing the chance that his enemies are temporarily blinded by the dust, Pearl sends out another new team member, a Diglett, nicknamed Diglord, who quickly rumbles just beneath the ground's surface to knock the Meowths and Grimers off their feet. One of the Meowths glares angrily at Diglord and lashes out its claws, but the mole Pokemon adeptly evades the attack with its speed, and pops in and out of the ground from different spots to mock its opponent. This ticks off the Meowth, who calls upon the others to gang up on Diglord, and the little Diglett soon finds itself surrounded from all directions.

Pearl grins that it is time for the final shot now that his foes are clustered together, and proceeds to send out his final new team member, a Tauros, nicknamed Taulord. The wild bull Pokemon charges into the unsuspecting Team Galactic grunts, and sends all of them flying off and crashing down with their Pokemon, passing out one by one.

Pearl is grateful that his first trial in pulling off a combo worked successfully, and congratulates all his new teammates, hoping that their trust will grow stronger as they work more together. In that instant, one of the Grimers who have remained conscious slowly sneaks up on him, but before it could land a surprise attack, Raylord spots it and delivers a Shock Wave to knock it out. Thanking his Luxray, Pearl looks proudly at his team of six, and states that he is ready to break into the Galactic Veilstone Building...

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403: VS Grimer

Volume 36