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As consciousness slowly flows back into Platinum, she begins to hear faint voices around her, and opens up her eyes to see two silhouettes looking down at her. Her eyes gradually adjust to the brightness of the room, and the silhouettes turn out to be the Gymleaders Candice and Maylene, whose facial expressions turn from worry to relief upon seeing Platinum come around.

Platinum immediately sits up, and finds herself kept warm by a blanket. She wonders if she has fallen asleep after all, and wants to know if Candice and Maylene are alright. The Snowpoint Gymleader grins that they should be the one asking the question, and slowly helps the girl come back on her feet.

Platinum looks around and inquires where they are, and Maylene replies that they are back at the Snowpoint Pokemon Center. Candice says it must have been quite a tremendous task to carry both Maylene and herself all the way back to the city from Lake Acuity, and expresses her heartfelt thanks to Platinum, which Maylene follows suit. However, Platinum feels baffled by the remark, and recalls that although she did bring the two Gymleaders away from the lake, she didn't manage to reach Snowpoint and the last thing she remembered was taking shelter inside an ancient building that resembles ruins.

Candice ponders on the possible location that Platinum is suggesting, and Maylene wonders if it could be the Snowpoint Temple. The name instantly reminds Platinum of her conversation with Maylene before reaching the city, and remembers that one must gain permission from Candice before entering the temple. She quickly bows to apologize to Candice, which startles the Snowpoint Gymleader and causes her to fervently assure the girl that it is alright.

Candice reveals that although she constantly keeps an eye on the Snowpoint Temple and makes sure that no one enters it casually, she actually knows little about what really lies within the ancient building and its details. She wonders if Platinum could have dreamt about their taking shelter at the temple after all, as the three of them were indeed already at the Pokemon Center when they woke up.

Maylene then reminds everyone that they have a more important issue at hand, and says they must start coming up with a new strategy to fight back their enemy. The sad and undeniable truth is, the three of them were defeated, and the lake Pokemon has been snatched away. They are now in desperate need to quip themselves with stronger power in order to deal with their foes in future battles.

In that instant, the Pokemon Center's counter lady informs Candice that the call she tried to make earlier has finally gotten through, and politely hands her the phone receiver. The Snowpoint Gymleader thanks the counter lady, but as soon as she holds up the phone to her ears, her tone turns to an annoyed one, and she right away hollers through the speaker that they have been given false information.

On the other end of the call, Byron cringes and hurriedly holds the receiver away from his ears as Candice screams at his name, and both of his Bronzongs also jump back in bewilderment. Candice yells that Byron never told them they were going up against such a powerful enemy, so powerful that they almost couldn't believe it. She states that they will be in a very dangerous position unless they boost up their battle force, and Maylene chimes in to cry that they are in dire need of special training, demanding Byron to send them someone who could provide them with proper practice to power them up. Behind them, Platinum sweatdrops at the two Gymleaders' fury, and starts to feel a little sorry for the Canalave Gymleader.

Byron promises to do what they say before hanging up the call, and gets a little dizzy as he puts down the receiver, his ears still ringing from Maylene and Candice's loud voices. He starts to get a little nervous however, about what he should do, since he himself must stay at Canalave to watch over Prof. Rowan and Sir Berlitz who are still recovering and continuing their research in the city. He wonders for a moment if he should send his son Roark, but quickly dismisses the idea as Roark would not be able to help much if the foe is too strong even for Candice and Maylene combined.

The Canalave Gymleader scratches his head with a look of despair, and realizes that there is only one suitable guy and he has no other choice. He gingerly picks up the phone to dial a number, but to his shock, the call fails to go through and he hears a message instead that the entire Sunyshore is suffering from a blackout, suspending all electrical services within the city.

Meanwhile, at Sunyshore City, the Gymleader Volkner is sitting silently inside his gym with a depressed look on his face, his jacket lying on the ground next to him. He stares at the enormous electrical gear traps in front of him, the latest equipment he has designed and set up out of boredom, and still finds them unable to lift his mood. On top of each gear, an angled pathway points away from its adjacent one, and barriers made of electricity run between voltage ports to segregate them. Unless one manages to activate the voltage ports in a predetermined sequence to spin the gears, the pathways would never line up to give access to the other end of the room.

Outside the gym, the city lies in complete darkness. Around the area where the main power generator is, two Engineers use flashlights to illuminate the fuse boxes as the Floaroma Valley Windworks Manager works to find out the reason of the blackout. Next to him, his little daughter watches with an eager look, while his Drifloon continuously floats back and forth in the air.

The Manager soon identifies that the blackout is caused by one particular building which has drawn the entire city's energy supply and put a strain on the system. He tries to mark the suspected building on a map, and tells the Engineers that the backup electricity which they have brought in from Floaroma should at least be able to sustain the city's symbol, the Vista Lighthouse, which dysfunction will result in tremendous danger to all the sailing ships that depend on its beacon light.

The Engineers express their heartfelt thanks to the man and his daughter for coming all the way from Floaroma to help out, but the Managers brushes it off with a grin, and decides to go seek out the culprit building which has caused the system to overload.

Making their way through the city streets with the help of a map, the Windworks Manager and his daughter eventually find themselves standing in front of the Sunyshore Gym, which they believe to be the building drawing away the whole city's electrical supply. Their suspicion is confirmed when the Manager pushes open the front door, and instantly comes face to face with an intensely lit room, so bright that the little girl and Drifloon have to turn around and shield their eyes.

The Manager and his girl hurry up the stairs, and soon spots Volkner sitting alone in a corner. The man raises his voice to ask if Volkner is the Gymleader in charge of the place, and Volkner wonders if he is having a challenger at last. With a monotonous tone, he states that it is not often that challengers manage to come and fight him, but all of them ended up being boring battles. He hopes that he is finally facing a trainer who could remind him how fun it is to battle, and proceeds to call send out his Raichu and Elekid.

The Windworks Manager immediately bolts up in horror at the turn of events, and cries that Volkner has misunderstood. He quickly hands Volkner his name card to introduce himself, and says he has come all the way from Floaroma to investigate on the reason of the city's blackout. The Sunyshore Gymleader reads that the man is the Valley Windworks Manager, and with a shrug of his shoulders, tosses the name card away, relenting that he is still devoid of challengers even after renovating the gym's equipment.

It is only then that the Manager notices the enormous electrical gear traps and voltage ports in the next room, and exclaims in disbelief at its extravagance. He immediately fumes with rage and hollers that it is no wonder all the energy supply has been drained. He hurries over to switch off the spinning gears one by one with the help of his daughter, and begins yelling at Volkner for occupying Sunyshore's entire electrical storage, acting as if the city belongs to him only.

Volkner halfheartedly acknowledges his bad doings, but states that it is equally bad that he doesn't get any battles that could astonish his heart. With that, he stretches out to take a yawn, refusing to hear any more of the Manager's accusations.

Just then, the telephone rings, and the Sunyshore Gymleader picks up to mutter a toneless 'hello'. However, what he hears from his caller catches his attention, and life seems to come back into his eyes as he terminates the call. The Manager wonders what is going on, and Volkner begins to sit up and pull on his jacket. With a grin, he states that there is a turn of events, and seems like something that could astonish his heart has finally come up after all.

Back at the science lab of the Galactic Veilstone Building, preparation work for crafting the Red Chain is nearing its final stage. In the middle of the room, the rectangular platform box that sits between the separate restrainer machines of Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit flashes on and off, and the purple-haired old man checks on his computer monitor to ensure that the energy transmission signals are secure between the devices.

Soon, a faint blue hue glows on the electrical circuit board beneath the platform box, and the senior TG grunt who has his own thoughts informs Cyrus that everything is now ready. The Team Galactic Boss wears a grin on his face as he walks towards the control board, and muses that Red Chain can only be crafted by using the crystals extracted from the bodies of Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit, the legendary pixies which they have collected from the three lakes of Sinnoh.

Cyrus signals to scientist Commander to proceed, and places his hands on two glass panels. In no time, the panels start to light up, and activate the harnessing mechanism installed within the three restrainer machines. An agonizing pain immediately courses through the bodies of Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit, and they all glow with a faint red as an intense rumbling sound fills the room. Cyrus feels a powerful backflow of energy through his hands, and looks over to the central platform to see that a crystalline material is gradually taking form, shimmering with a sharp bright redness that seems to be out of this world.

A minute later, the senior TG grunt informs Cyrus that the procedure is complete, and the man gradually withdraws his hands. The grunt wonders how many sets of chains they would be needing, and Cyrus, after catching his breath and regaining his poise, remarks that they need to shackle both time and space, which means they will require two of the chains.

Cyrus states that the mythical creatures they seek include Dialga, the temporal Pokemon that governs time, as well as Palkia, the spatial Pokemon that governs space. When time and space overlaps and meets under his control, forming a double spiral, universe will be born and something entirely new will be created. The Team Galactic Boss starts to get carried away with his thoughts again and begins to laugh maniacally. As his face twists with a lunatic smirk, he hollers that he will soon be able to reset this incomplete and ugly world to zero, and craft a whole new one.

Listening to the man's grand speech, the scientist Commander makes no comment, but secretly snickers at his immaturity. The senior TG grunt reports to Cyrus that the crystalline mineral they have harnessed so far will only be enough to create one chain, but they must give time for the three lake Pokemon's body conditions to return to their baseline before they are able to do any further extraction. Cyrus nods to the grunt's words, and turns to walk away from the science lab.

Later, the man walks past the mini-airport on the attic to return to his room on the other side of the building, and stays oblivious to a faint stirring under one of the three air-shuttles. The stirring makes sure that Cyrus is out of sight, and gradually climbs out from his hiding place, revealing himself to be no other than Dia. The boy crouches next to Beh and Pooh, and vows to himself that he will find a way to help Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit...

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