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On a foggy mountainous route, Platinum, Candice and Maylene have finally arrived with their Pokemon and slowly scan the area around them. Platinum wonders if this is the Spring Path, and Candice replies that it is the agreed meeting place. Maylene remarks with a slightly annoyed tone that they might have to wait for quite some time however, since the guy they're supposed to meet is notorious for his punctuality.

However, a voice comes on to accuse Maylene for badmouthing others, and the three girls turn around to see Volkner leaning against a rock with his Raichu and Elekid, a look of boredom on his face. Apparently, the guy has arrived before them and is already waiting. Candice and Maylene both sweatdrop as they raise their eyebrows in disbelief, and mutter to each other that it is such a rare thing for him to show up so early.

Platinum stares at the blond man who wears a blue jacket and a nonchalant expression, and realizes that he is the person who has come all the way from Sunyshore to give them special training, the guy who is revered as Sinnoh's most powerful Gymleader.

Volkner sits up and wants to know where the opponent who could startle his heart is, and his words instantly put looks of confusion on the three girls' faces. Maylene states that she doesn't know what Volkner has heard, but they have come to equip themselves with stronger battling skills. The Sunyshore Gymleader frowns upon hearing the comment, and without another word, orders his Raichu to unleash a Discharge.

The shocking electric attack immediately stuns Platinum, Maylene and Candice as well as their Pokemon, and Volkner flatly states that he was told a completely different story. He turns his back on the girls and announces his departure, and Candice, still cringing from the electric shocks through her body, quickly yells for the guy to stop, requesting to know what exactly he's been told.

Volkner replies that from Byron's very own words, an opponent possessing unbelievable power has appeared, so strong that not even Maylene and Candice combined could handle. Byron made it clear that Volkner's strength is needed, and told him to come and lend the girls his strength. Judging from what he has heard, it would only be natural for him to assume that he is going to meet and fight the aforementioned powerful opponent in person, which turns out to be far from the truth.

Candice fumes with rage at Byron's tricky words, and grits her teeth in anger that the guy never explains things adequately. Volkner shrugs that his interest only lies in the opponent, not in providing training to others, and waves his goodbye to Candice and Maylene, who could only watch helplessly and are at a loss of words to convince the man to stay.

Just then, Platinum voices out and cries that everyone would be in great trouble if Volkner leaves. Her sudden remark causes the Sunyshore Gymleader to pause, and both Candice and Maylene widen their eyes in shock, surprised that Platinum is brave enough to challenge the man. Platinum reiterates that Volkner's leaving would gives everyone a difficult time, and states that the entire Sinnoh region is now threatened by an unprecedented crisis.

Volkner turns his head to look at Platinum, and after raising an eyebrow, wonders if she is the new Eterna or Hearthome Gymleader. Platinum bolts right up at the question, and sweatdrops and gaps her mouth wide open together with Lopunny. Candice screams in fury that the girl is a trainer whom she and Maylene have fought side by side with, and finds it hard to believe that Volkner couldn't recognize his Gymleader colleagues.

Platinum proceeds to formerly introduce herself, and apologizes to Volkner that Byron's words have given him false expectations. The truth is, the three of them have already been defeated by the enemy, which is the reason why the opponent is no longer around. However, if Volkner would give her the chance at a battle, she would use all her might to imitate their foe's way of fighting, and recreate the same battle sensation she personally experienced in order to let Volkner know how strong the enemy was. She hopes that the Sunyshore Gymleader would grant her to opportunity to do that, and deeply bows her head to show her sincerity.

Volkner curls up the corner of his mouth to form a grin, and finds himself intrigued by what Platinum suggested. He resumes his seat on the rock, and states that he might as well use it to kill time. With that, he calls forward his Elekid, and both Maylene and Candice get exhilarated that they've finally convinced the man to stay.

Platinum wastes no time in sending out her team, and orders Lopunny to deliver a Focus Blast. The long-eared rabbit fires off a series of energy globes towards its opponent, but Elekid adeptly evades all the attacks by jumping back and forth, and dives in to hit Lopunny with a Focus Punch. Volkner wants to know what Platinum thinks of his Elekid's agility, and brags that it has one of the most elegant footwork he has ever seen. He asks if Platinum's opponent had similarly fast-paced footwork, and the girl replies with a nod.

Platinum explains that the enemy uses a Sableye who always manages to strike first by its Shadow Sneak, freely controlling the direction and length of its own shadows, lurking not only from the sides but also from behind, just like what Lopunny will do. As soon as she says that, Lopunny sneaks up on Elekid from its back, and knocks it over with a powerful Dizzy Punch.

Volkner remains expressionless at the fall of his first Pokemon, and proceeds to ask about the enemy's defense mechanism. He sends Raichu forward to set up a Light Screen, and Platinum switches in Empoleon to deliver a Blizzard, which easily gets deflected away from the energy barrier that surrounds Raichu.

Platinum replies that her foe had a solid-hard defense with Gastrodon, who not only managed to take powerful hits, but also fired off numerous Mud Bombs to trap the opposing trainer and Pokemon, disabling their movement and rendering them unable to attack any further, just like Empoleon's Blizzard is doing now. The ice and snow deflected by Raichu's Light Screen gradually pile up around the electric rat, and in no time form a frozen dome to keep it immobile.

Volkner mutters his acknowledgement, and narrows his eyes as Raichu brings out an Aspear Berry to munch on. Using the power of the berry, it breaks free from its frozen state, and delivers a Thunderbolt, which hits Empoleon right on, and causes the king penguin to fall back in a paralyzed state, making Platinum jump with surprise.

Volkner then reaches for a metal plate attached to his belt chain, and retrieves a Pokeball from it. He requests to know how the enemy's major powerhouse fared, and calls out Electivire, his own main Pokemon. Platinum sends Rapidash out to the battlefield, and states that the enemy uses Tangrowth as her star Pokemon, who is able to extend a large number of vines from its body to work with its long arms, and unleash powers that are completely startling.

The Sunyshore Gymleader snickers at Platinum's choice of words, and wonders if the startling power matches up with that of his Electivire. Bending its knees to gain potential energy, the gigantic thunderbolt Pokemon lets out a roar as it leaps into midair, and rams itself straight into Rapidash, delivering its extremely powerful Thunder Punch attack, uprooting grass and bushes in the area and also sending rocks and boulders flying.

The sand and dust stirred up slowly clears, and Volkner snickers once more as he sees the startled faces of Maylene and Candice. However, Platinum flatly states that the foe had far more power than this, and Volkner quickly raises his eyes to meet hers, a frown forming on his face. Platinum shows the Sunyshore Gymleader that Rapidash is still standing despite its injuries, and says it was unable to after taking hits from Tangrowth.

Looking straight into Volkner's eyes, Platinum remarks that she isn't exaggerating the strength of her foe, and says she goes by the name of Jupiter, one of the Commanders of Team Galactic. She adds that the mastermind behind the organization, whom the Commanders called Boss, hails from a place where the sun shines, and Candice and Maylene gasp at Platinum's words. They wonder where she got the information from, and Platinum explains that it was said by Jupiter herself after Candice and Maylene lost consciousness and Uxie was taken away. At that time, the TG Commander voices her gratefulness to finally be able to get away from the snow, something she has trouble with, and mentions that she prefers to be on streets where the sun shines, just like the place where her Boss was born.

Volkner brings his finger to his mouth for contemplation, and thinks that Team Galactic sounds like a really interesting foe. He grins however, that he has a deeper interest in Platinum right now, and says he is extremely impressed at how despite her defeat, the girl was able to remember and learn her foe's every single Pokemon move, characteristic, pattern of attack, and all the things that her opponent has said. Platinum replies that although she couldn't obtain victory, she did manage to obtain knowledge.

The Sunyshore Gymleader giggles at the response, finding himself completely floored by Platinum's sincerity, and starts to straighten himself up as he remarks that they still have a battle to settle. Platinum wonders what he means, and Volkner reaches into his pocket to flip out the Beacon Badge, stating that he will reward her this symbol of claiming victory over him if she manages to take out every single one of his Pokemon later. Platinum is shocked by what she hears, and Volkner gestures to her scarf, which already has seven of Sinnoh's Gym Badges pinned on it, believing that it is only natural for her to want the eighth and last one.

Volkner adds that although the battle will be considered an official gym challenge, he shall give them the practice and training they wish for during the process. Candice and Maylene immediately beam with surprise at his words, and wonder if they've heard it wrong. Volkner remarks that after he is done with Platinum, it will be the two Gymleaders' turn, his reply causing the two girls to clasp their hands and rejoice at the good news.

And so, Platinum resumes her battle with Volkner, and calls forward Empoleon as the Sunyshore Gymleader continues to use Electivire. With Candice and Maylene cheering from the side, the king penguin throws itself forward and quickly engages in a close-up combat with the thunderbolt Pokemon...

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405: VS Electivire

Volume 37