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Evening starts to fall in Sinnoh. On Route 214, Pearl continues to head north, and aims for the enemy's headquarters in Veilstone City as his destination. Along the way, he has encountered numerous groups of Team Galactic grunts, blocking the paths leading to Veilstone with different sets of Pokemon. Fortunately, with his team of six, Pearl has managed to take them out one by one, and is finally reaching the southern gates of the city.

Climbing atop a small cliff which leads to a cave opening, Pearl looks out through his pair of binoculars, and sees that the gate doors are heavily guarded. At least a dozen of TG grunts have surrounded the entrance, each of them equipped with a Drowzee, Hitmonchan and Mankey. Pearl thinks to himself that the evil organization has really taken extra means to ensure that intruders cannot enter the vicinity of the city, and even at his current high-up position, which has given him the advantage to look over the entire Veilstone and its borders, he could barely find a weak spot for him to break in.

Just then, he feels something tug at his scarf, and turns around to see two familiar looking Unowns, one in form D and the other in P. Pearl gasps in recognition that the pair of symbol Pokemon are the same ones that sought their help in Solaceon Town before, and remembers how they nicknamed the two Hasty and Relaxed due to their personalities. The boy wonders what they are doing in the cave, and wants to know why they have left their home at the Solaceon Ruins.

Unown-P yanks on Pearl's wrist to gesture him into the cave, and they soon reach the other end of the tunnel, which terminates in a rocky wall that has a giant fissure split across it. Pearl examines the fissure to see that it leads to a narrow passageway behind, and the appearance of the cracks seem to suggest that the fissure is only recently formed. With that thought in mind, the boy suddenly bolts with realization, and quickly flips out his map to check on the area between Solaceon Town and Veilstone City. As he suspected, this cave they are in lies directly to the east of the Solaceon Ruins, which means the two must have somehow connected, allowing the Unowns to reach there.

Pearl is about to query what has caused the two areas to link up when a radical hits him, and he realizes that the powerful explosion of the Galactic Bomb has likely created the fissure. Unown-D and Unown-P nod to confirm Pearl's suspicion, and the boy wonders if their other companions are alright. The two promptly send out telepathic signals through the cave fissure, and in no time, numerous Unowns emerge to join them, causing Pearl to exclaim at their huge number of members.

Unown-P then floats towards the cave entrance as it puts on a confident look, and slaps itself with its little tail, almost like a person would do when he takes on a mission and proudly slaps himself on the chest. Pearl is apparently able to read the Pokemon's gestures, and lets out a gasp as he asks if it is offering to help him break into Veilstone. Using action as a response, the entire group of Unowns charges out from the cave under the lead of Unown-D and Unown-P, and begins storming towards the southern gates of Veilstone.

The Team Galactic grunts guarding the gate jump in surprise when the cloud of black creatures swiftly approaches them. Yet before they even have time to react, the Unowns unleash ripples of powerful energy to knock them off their feet, and send the Drowzees, Hitmonchans and Mankeys flying. Watching the situation through his binoculars, Pearl cheers for the Unowns, and exclaims at how strong Hidden Power can be when used as a group attack. He decides that it is about time to break in, and sends out Taulord to climb onto its back. With its great body mass and inertia, the wild bull Pokemon easily charges straight through the flailing crowd of Team Galactic grunts, and manages to set foot within the borders of Veilstone.

Pearl calls out his entire team, and orders everyone to head for the Galactic Veilstone Building where the TG headquarters are. He muses to himself about being back in the city finally, and remembers how it was also evening time when he engaged in a fierce battle there with Team Galactic before. However, while the fight last time was an unexpected one, he now has a goal to achieve, and that is to rescue the willpower Pokemon, Azelf, who was kidnapped from Lake Valor by the evil organization.

Getting closer to the Galactic Veilstone Building, Chatlord spots that its entrance has an even greater number of grunts and Pokemon on guard, approaching nearly a hundred, and hurriedly hovers back to flap its wings frantically at Pearl. The boy could guess from its gestures about the building's tough security, and Chatlord confirms it by repeatedly chattering the term 'tough'. Fortunately, Pearl has little to worry about. The Unowns have managed to catch up with them after taking care of the grunts at the southern gate, and are dashing straight for the huge crowd of foes at the building entrance like a swarm of flies.

Meanwhile, Unown-P and Unown-D stay behind with Pearl, and the boy orders everyone to turn left and seek for another route to break into the TG headquarters. The fact is, after thinking over their previous encounters in Veilstone, Pearl has come to the conclusion that there is another entrance to the building. Last time, Dia was ambushed by a Team Galactic grunt at the Game Corner's lost and found warehouse, which front door was supposed to be locked before Dia's entry with the Manager. However, the Galactic grunt managed to find his way in despite that. Coupled with the fact the grunt has claimed the warehouse to be part of his territory, there must be a secret path that connects the warehouse to the Galactic Veilstone Building.

Pearl gets Taulord to slam open the locked doors of the lost and found warehouse, and dispatches his team to look for a possible secret passage. While Chimlord, Raylord and Diglord scout the floors, Chatlord flies close to the ceiling while Zellord hops between the shelves to search. Soon, the little Buizel spots a red button on the wall, and pushes it with its snout. The block of shelf below immediately creaks open to the side, and Pearl sees that there is indeed a secret flight of stairs leading down.

Pearl turns around to thank Unown-P and Unown-D, whom he calls Hasty and Relaxed, and grins that the two of them do make a perfect combo, which reminds him of his companionship with Dia, a bond that always made him feel strong when the two of them were together. Recalling what he heard from Dia's Mom, Pearl believes that Dia must be currently inside the building, and without further hesitation, begins running down the stairs to seek for his companion.

He soon reaches the lower ground floor of the Galactic Veilstone Building, and cautiously makes his way to the staircases, hiding behind walls and blocks to make sure his path is clear. He then waves Chatlord over, and states that things make get out of hand once he encounters the enemy and engages in a battle. He wants Chatlord to split up and take an alternate route, and hands it the Pokeballs of Roo and Dia's Lickilicky, telling it to look for Dia and return the items to him. Chattering the words 'look for Dia', the little Chatot grabs the Pokeballs with its claws, and starts flying off to another direction while Pearl continues to dart for the stairs.

At the meantime, inside the science lab on the building's second floor, a long crystalline chain that sparkles in red spirals above the crafting machine in the middle of the room. Cyrus wears a smile as he marvels at the beauty of their first Red Chain, and remarks that its shade of red is more glamorous than anything else that exists in this world. Behind him, the senior TG grunt that has his own thoughts voices his agreement, while on the far end of the room, the scientist-like old man continues to type away on his machine without a word.

Just then, the visual-audio intercom machine beeps again, and Cyrus puts on an annoyed look, wondering why he is being interrupted repeatedly. He turns around to answer the incoming call, and finds his three Commanders reporting an intrusion to the city. Jupiter states that their guard on the southern gates of Veilstone on Route 214 has been breached by someone, and a small battle is going on at the building's entrance. She wants to know if they should head down to deal with their intruder, but Cyrus thinks it is not worth their time to handle the insignificant matters. Instead, he wants the three of them to head towards Mt. Coronet first, and says he shall meet them right before the Spear Pillar on the mountain summit after he completes the second Red Chain.

Mars and Saturn cheerfully acknowledge the order, while Jupiter simply turns and climbs onto Tangrowth. Cyrus then terminates the call, and the scientist-like old man mumbles something to himself before walking out of the lab. The TG grunt with his own thoughts then inquires if they should proceed to move the first Red Chain, and Cyrus replies with an affirmative nod.

In that instant, the wall behind Cyrus suddenly gets blasted down, and a young woman's voice comes on to greet the Team Galactic Boss, stating that it took quite some hassle and patience to meet him. With a cold tone, Cyrus demands to know who it is, and turns around to see the silhouette of a young woman wearing a long coat standing on a Garchomp. The young woman remarks that Cyrus is indeed a shadow-like presence, and says she barely found any trace of him in both the Eterna Galactic Building and the Veilstone Galactic Building. Knowing that it serves no purpose to chase down his Commanders of grunts, she has patiently waited for him to take action himself, and is glad that she finally gets the chance to stand face to face with him.

She then shows her face by stepping into the light, and introduces herself as Cynthia, an explorer and researcher of the Sinnoh region's mythology. Without another word, she sends forward her Spiritomb to attack, and Cyrus quickly releases his Honchkrow to counteract...

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406: VS Honchkrow

Volume 37