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It is past midnight in the city of Veilstone. Inside the Galactic Veilstone Building, Dia has successfully broken into Team Galactic's Headquarters. Although his quest has been quite uneventful so far, he knows that he will need some form of disguise in order to go any further. Lurking around the corner of a corridor with Beh and Pooh, he keeps his eyes on the male TG grunt who is walking towards him alone, and tells Beh to get ready.

The little Munchlax begins jumping up and down, and a handful of various Berries instantly fall out from under its long fur. Dia calculates the moment that the grunt will be passing in front of him, and rolls out the Berries just in time, causing him to slip and fall back, hitting his head hard on the ground and losing consciousness.

Dia makes sure that no one else is in sight, and drags the grunt into a storage room that contains cleaning equipment. He strips the grunt to change into his uniform, and takes the turquoise coloured mop on the floor to turn it into a wig for himself, imitating the standardized hairdo of the TG grunts. He then lurks in the corner to wait for other TG grunts to appear, and soon sees a group of them marching down the corridor.

The boy quickly retrieves Beh and Pooh into their Pokeballs, and joins in the group after the last grunt walks by, mimicking their marching steps. None of the grunts seems to take note of Dia's sudden presence as their eyes remain locked forward, and after scanning through their faces, Dia confirms the suspicion they had before, that the TG grunts do not have individual thoughts and only move in unity as a group. Dia begins to think that mingling in as a TG grunt might not be a good idea after all, and wonders how he is going to find the three lake pixies when everyone moves in such a uniform manner.

Meanwhile, Platinum is riding on Rapidash's back and dashing towards Veilstone City. She steals a glance at the Beacon Badge on her scarf, and remembers her last conversation with Volkner, Maylene and Candice before she departed...

After a tough and heated fight, Platinum finally manages to take out the Sunyshore Gymleader's Raichu and Electivire in addition to his Elekid, and earns her final Gym Badge. Candice marvels that Platinum has beaten all eight Gymleaders of Sinnoh, and Maylene cheers to congratulate her.

Volkner wants to know of Platinum's plan afterwards, and the girl states that she shall head to Veilstone City right away, and rescue the kidnapped Pokemon of knowledge, Uxie. Candice and Maylene sigh that they will have to say a temporary goodbye in that case, as they still have to get training from Volkner, and Platinum walks up to hold both of their hands, assuring them that they will meet again. Maylene agrees that very soon, they shall join forces once more at the battlefield to tackle Team Galactic and Jupiter, and the three girls clasp hands make a pact as Candice vows that the powered up thin-clothed-girls trio will certainly claim victory next time...

A few minutes later, Platinum notices the silhouette of a building with spikes sticking out from its side walls, which she believes to be where the Team Galactic Headquarters are, and realizes that she has set foot within the boundaries of Veilstone. She orders Rapidash to speed up, and as she gets closer to the building's entrance, she sees a cloud of Unowns engaging in a fierce battle with dozens of TG grunts and their Drowzees, Hitmonchans and Mankeys. The girl grins that the chaos should make their presence unnoticed, and retrieves Rapidash into its Pokeball. She looks over to the now unguarded entrance, and stealthily finds her way into the building as Lopunny tags behind her.

Three floors above, Dia continues to move with the team of Team Galactic grunts, and soon discover that the group is splitting up into three ahead. He spots that one line enters the training room, one into the battle room, while the other into the elevator, and wonders which way would lead him closer to where the lake pixies are. Without thinking, he stops his marching and begins to contemplate on the matter, and when he looks up again, he finds himself being stared down by the other TG grunts in front, who have apparently noticed his unsynchronized behavior and turned around.

The grunts begin to edge close to Dia, and the boy hurriedly backtracks. His foot accidentally lands on a yellowish circular glass panel behind him, and in a flash of light, the scenery around him completely changes, turning into an empty chamber with a flight of stairs in the middle of the room. Dia scratches his head in confusion as he wonders what has happened, and looks down to see himself standing over the circular glass panel. He spots another one just to the side, and the moment he steps over it, he immediately gets teleported to another area, this time in a warehouse behind a huge wooden box, just large enough to shield him from the group of TG grunts who are walking past.

Dia quickly ducks behind the wooden box as the grunts leave the room, and breathes a sigh of relief at his narrow escape. He realizes that the circular things on the floor must be warp panels that connect different areas within the building, and thinks that perhaps they will help him locate the three lake pixies quicker if he manages to find the right ones. Of course, there is also the concern that by stepping on the wrong one, he might end up in the room full of enemies. However, he has already come so far, and he shouldn't let fear stop him. After sharing a nod with Beh and Pooh through their Pokeballs, he makes up his mind, and runs over to step on another warp panel.

As luck would have it, Dia ends up in places that are not guarded by any TG grunts each time he teleports, and he starts lowering his guard as he jumps from warp panel to warp panel, hoping that the next one will lead him to the lake pixies. He goes through yet another warp panel, and lets out a cry when he comes face to face with the zoomed up face of a Chatot this time, who is equally startled to see him. Dia and the parrot Pokemon yell out in shock as they turn to get away from one other, but almost immediately, realize in synchrony that actually they know each other.

Dia spins around to see that it is indeed Chatlord he is seeing, and beams with joy as he runs up to it. Chatlord happily greets the boy as Dia, which it then corrects itself as Diamond, and the two pull each other close to share an excited hug. Chatlord shows Dia the two Pokeballs it is holding in its claws, and Dia gasps in bewilderment as he finds Roo and Lee in them. He thanks Chatlord for delivering the items, and after pulling out the Pokeballs of Beh and Pooh as well, calls out his full team.

Dia grins happily that everyone is together again, and just as he is about to announce the next step of their plan, a familiar voice comes on to query whether his idea of the next step involves the sudden appearance of a powerful foe who has come to battle him. Dia hurriedly spins around to see the cloaked senior TG grunt who has his own thoughts, and the man giggles that it has been quite some time since they met at the lost and found warehouse. He teases that Dia must be seeking the room that holds three captured lake Pokemon, and gestures to the door behind him, which he states to be what Dia is looking for.

Dia notices the name 'Science Lab' on the door, and wonders what Team Galactic is doing with the lake pixies. The senior grunt grins that nothing is being done as the pixies are currently taking a rest, but states that it doesn't mean he will let Dia get into the room easily. With that, the grunt sends out his Chingling, Staraptor and Gible, and orders them to attack. Chingling immediately performs an Uproar, and causes Dia, Lee and Pooh to hold their ears in pain. Gible hurls itself forward with a Dragon Rush, and sends Beh and Roo crashing against the ground. Staraptor then dives in with a Brave Bird, and sweeps both Lee and Pooh off their feet.

The senior grunt says they shall resume their experiment very soon, which has been successful so far, and reveals that they are extracting crystals from the bodies of the three Pokemon in order to craft the Red Chain. They currently still lack one of the two chains that are needed for their scheme to work, and the harnessing procedure will start again once the pixies have had enough rest, which is why they are at a crucial moment that no interruption is permitted.

Dia gets a little upset after hearing what Team Galactic is doing to Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit, and grunts that he has no idea what the evil organization's scheme is, but as long as it causes pain and horror to the three lake pixies, he will definitely stop it. The senior grunt laughs at Dia's childish claim, and points out that his team of Pokemon is already tiring from the brief little fight they've had. He really doubts what else they have up their sleeves, and mocks that with no one else to count on, anything Dia attempts to do will be futile.

Just then, Dia hears a faint beeping sound, and bolts up in surprise at the extremely familiar tone. Nostalgia washes over him as he recalls that it is the same sound made by the Pokedexes when he meets up with Pearl and the Lady, the Pokedex resonance that they like to call the 'Morning Sound'. Taking a glance at Chatlord, Dia rationalizes that Pearl must be somewhere near, but with the resonant beeping of his Pokedex, it means that the Lady is also around. A sense of warmth and security fills Dia as the beeping gets louder, and he realizes that he is no longer alone. Somewhere in the building, Pearl and the Lady are also present, and it is only a matter of time before the three of them meet up.

Unfortunately, the Pokedex's beeping sound catches the attention of the senior TG grunt as well, and the man's eyes widen in exhilaration as he cries that it is the device that he is yearning for...

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407: VS Chingling

Volume 37