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With a grin on his face, the cloaked senior TG grunt points at Dia's Pokedex, and states that it is the device that he is yearning for. Ever since he came into contact with it at the lost and found warehouse, he was unable to get it out of his mind; its ability to show the habitat of Pokemon, their distribution, size, cries, traits and many more. At that time, it baffled him as to why an ordinary child could have possession of such a high-tech extraordinary machine, and his query and interest eventually led him to research upon the Pokedex via the extensive information network of Team Galactic.

Finally, he was able to find out that this Pokedex is a device co-invented by the Pokemon national authority, Prof. Oak, as well as the authority in the evolution research, Prof. Rowan. The machine is bestowed upon young boys and girls, who are called Pokedex Holders, and they each set out on a journey to collect data on Pokemon.

The senior grunt continues his speech as he orders another attack from his Pokemon, and Dia is knocked off his feet towards the other side of the room, his turquoise mop wig falling off as he crashes. The grunt states that the existing Pokedex Holders so far did not only collect data, but for some odd reason, have always somehow gotten themselves involved in fateful big battles in each region, including the Mask of Ice incident in Johto, which stirred up the legendary Ho-Oh and Lugia, as well as the clash between the ancient titans Groudon and Kyogre in Hoenn.

The grunt adds that each set of Pokedex is made up of three copies, and when the authentic owners of each piece gathers within a certain proximity, the Pokedexes will beep in a resonant sound, signifying the closeness of their companions, something he also learnt from his research.

Dia puts on a frown as he listens to the grunt's words, and after a moment of hesitation, orders Lee to deliver a Power Whip. The Lickilicky lashes out its tongue to whack against the TG grunt and his three Pokemon, and send them crashing into a pile. Dia commands a follow up attack, and Lee begins wrapping its tongue tightly around Staraptor, Chingling and Gible to unleash a Wring Out.

The truth is, although Dia always knew that the Pokedex is a superb device, he has never heard about the fateful encounters it entails until now, and his mind is trying hard to digest all the information he has just taken in. However, he knows well enough that the utmost important issue at hand is to rescue the three lake Pokemon, and decides to leave his contemplation to later, and starts dashing towards the door leading to the science lab.

As the automated door slides open, Dia gasps in horror when he sees Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit trapped within restrainer machines that are connected to a central platform in the room, their faces lined with agony and anguish. Dia couldn't believe the pain that he is witnessing, and cries that the three lake Pokemon are in suffering. He quickly runs towards the restrainer machines, but as soon as he steps through the door, the senior TG grunt throws himself on top of him and pins him against the floor.

The grunt states that time is still needed for them to harness the second set of crystals, and he will not allow anyone to interfere with their work. Dia calls out to Roo, Beh, Lee and Pooh, and tells them to leave the enemy alone and rescue the pixies instead. The four Pokemon instantly let go of the Staraptor, Chingling and Gible, and begin to rush towards the science lab.

However, the TG grunt sends out two more of his team members, a Haunter and a Cradily, and orders all five of his Pokemon to attack in unison. Staraptor fires off a Hyper Beam, while Gible unleashes a Twister and Chingling a Signal Beam. Haunter hurls out a barrage of Sludge Bombs, and Cradily adds in to deliver a Solar Beam. The five spirals of energy charge straight for Dia's Pokemon, and Pooh, with a confident look on its face, turns around and uses its shield-like face to take in all the blasts. The TG grunt laughs that it is a futile attempt for one Pokemon to stand against five others' attacks, and Dia voices out his encouragement to his little Shieldon, his face still squished against the floor by the grunt.

Meanwhile, on the third floor of the building, Pearl hears the beeping from his Pokedex, and gasps in pleasant surprise that not only Dia, but also the Lady is currently inside the building. On the first floor, Platinum exclaims at the resonant beep that her Pokedex is making, and cries that it is the 'Morning Sound', which means that both Diamond and Pearl are somewhere near. Pearl and Platinum simultaneously feel relieved that they don't have to search aimlessly inside the big building anymore, for they could simply follow the direction where the beeping sound of the Pokedex gets progressively louder, and they will be bound to meet up with each other sooner or later.

Back at the doorway of the science lab, Pooh starts to quiver from the five attacks that it is taking on, and the senior TG grunt laughs that it is reaching its limit. However, in the next instant, the little Shieldon's face tightens with a surprised look, and its body begins to glow with an intense light. In a blink of the eye, it evolves into a Bastiodon, and causes both Dia and the TG grunt to gasp in shock, the former with excitement and the latter with disbelief.

Pooh's shield-like face shimmers with a metallic glow, and like a mirror, reflects the five energy blasts back towards the TG grunt's Pokemon, throwing them backwards. The TG grunt hollers that it is the Metal Burst move, which retaliates the damage done on the user back to its foes with much greater power, and watches in horror as the Bastiodon charges forward to send his team flying with an additional Iron Head attack.

Beh makes use of the grunt's momentary distraction to kick him off Dia, and the boy quickly climbs back to his feet and runs up to compliment Pooh for its great work. He notes that Pooh is still holding onto the Metal Coat they obtained on Iron Island, and grins that the item has further boosted its steel type attacks.

Dia then wastes no time in rushing into the science lab, and drops to his knees by the side of Mesprit's restrainer machine, asking if it is alright. The pink pixie keeps a blank look on its face without any response however, and in that instant, Dia notices that the beeping from his Pokedex has gotten much louder. He knows that Pearl and the Lady must be approaching near where he is, but gets nervous at the same time since the senior TG grunt seems to know more about the resonant sound than he does. He worries that the grunt will use the sound to predict the arrival of the Lady and sneak up on her to hold her captive, and gets frustrated as to what he should do.

The boy sits on the ground with his arms crossed to ponder on the matter, and Chatlord flies over to join him. Upon seeing the little Chatot, Dia gets an idea, and wants to know if it is able to make the grunt not hear the Pokedex's beeping. Chatlord repeats the phrase 'not hear' as it hovers towards the TG grunt, and without warning, starts unleashing a Chatter. The grunt's Chingling quickly retaliates with an Uproar, and the clash of the two sound-based attacks instantly creates a powerful positive interference, sending wave after wave of ultrasonic energy radiating in the area.

The TG grunt holds up his hands to cover his ears in agony, and feels an intense pain coursing through his head. He stumbles against the wall behind him, and unknowingly hits an emergency button with his elbow, which activates the air vents on the floor's entire ceiling, and causes white smoke to quickly fill the room.

Somewhere else on the same floor, Pearl and Zellord bolt at the sudden clouding around them, and wonder what is going on. On the other side of the floor, Platinum and Lopunny are baffled by the same thing, and look around in confusion as they find themselves cloaked in white smoke. Pearl and Platinum are certain that they have made it to the right floor judging from the loud beep on their Pokedex, but now that their vision is severely impaired, both young trainers are temporarily stunned as to what they should do next.

Back inside the science lab, the senior TG grunt is troubled by the roomful of smoke, and realizes that he has accidentally hit the emergency fire extinguisher button. He grunts that he must find a way to clear up this mess, and get the lake Pokemon ready to harvest the crystals again as soon as possible. Believing that he will be able to accomplish the task, he contacts Cyrus via his Pokegear to inform him that things will proceed as planned.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the building, Cyrus has his own intruder to deal with...

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408: VS Haunter

Volume 37