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On the second floor of the Galactic Veilstone Building, Cyrus puts on a grin, and muses to himself upon the revelation of Cynthia's name. He smirks that he has certainly heard about her, and if he isn't mistaken, she is not only an ordinary someone who explores and investigates mythology, but also the Sinnoh region's current League Champion.

Cynthia is slightly taken aback that the Team Galactic Boss knew about her and gets hesitant for a moment, but quickly regains composure. She states that there is no need for formality in that case, and assures Cyrus that she does not go easy on opponents simply because they know of her status as the Champion. With that, the young woman orders a Shock Wave from Spiritomb, and the super effective attack manages to take out Cyrus's Honchkrow in one hit.

Cyrus remains expressionless as he watches the black bird fall, and appears to be completely unfazed by his Pokemon's quick defeat. Cynthia on the other hand, starts to get fervent, and declares that she has come in order to vanquish the evil scheme of Team Galactic. She points an angry finger at Cyrus, and vows to bring him down here and now.

The Team Galactic Boss barely raises the corner of his mouth, and calmly sends out his Weavile to fight. The sharp claw weasel quickly engages in a close-up combat with Spiritomb, and neither seems to be gaining the upper hand. Cyrus muses that both Pokemon have Pressure as their ability, which is exerting such a heavy tension in the room. He points out that Cynthia's Spiritomb is an extremely capable Pokemon, as its ghost and dark type combination gives it no weakness at all. Coupled with its high defense and special defense, it is certainly a force to be reckoned with, which is why in order to win, he must hammer it with super powerful attacks.

In that instant, Spiritomb suddenly tumbles sideways, and retrieves its ghostly body into the Odd Keystone. Cynthia gasps in shock at this eccentric behavior of her Pokemon which she has never seen before, and Cyrus wonders if she knows what has happened. The Sinnoh Champion stares at Spiritomb's Odd Keystone in confusion, and soon realizes that it has been inflicted with the frozen state after seeing the thin layer of frost on top of it. She rationalizes that Weavile must have slowed it with Icy Wind and subsequently frozen it with Ice Beam, and quickly tosses an item towards Spiritomb.

However, Weavile catches her action in time, and hurls out a red feather to pin down the Aspear Berry she attempted to use, which causes Cynthia to bolt in surprise. Cyrus grins that Berries are certainly convenient as status ailments, but the move Embargo effectively prevents their use. The Sinnoh Champion grunts in frustration, and has no choice but to retrieve Spiritomb into its Pokeball. She then calls forward Milotic, and gets it to immediately deliver a super effective Iron Tail to ram Weavile up against the wall.

Cynthia remarks that if Cyrus knows of her Champion status, he should be aware of where her hometown is as well. The Galactic Boss smirks that he would take a wild guess for it to be Celestic Town, and Cynthia tells the man to save his pretense as he clearly knows it. She hollers that Cyrus destroyed the sealed entrance of the Celestic ruins and forced his way in some time ago, and believes that it was through the fresco paintings inside that he learnt of the locations of the three legendary lake Pokemon.

Cyrus sees no reason to deny it at all, and admits that the wall paintings indeed helped him identify that Uxie rested at Lake Acuity, Mesprit at Lake Verity and Azelf at Lake Valor. He has known of the names and existence of the Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf for a long time. However, even with the help of various scriptures he has found, he was unable to figure out the respective locations of the three pixies. The fresco paintings finally made it clear for him, and it was at that moment that he decided which lake to lay the Galactic Bomb on.

Cynthia demands to know why Cyrus chose Lake Valor, and the man grins that the thing called spirit is broken down into three parts: knowledge, emotion, and willpower. Amongst them, the thing that means most to him is willpower, which is why he has chosen to bomb Lake Valor that houses the Pokemon of willpower. With willpower, he shall prevail; with willpower, he shall control; with willpower, he shall conquer.

Putting on an evil grin, Cyrus motions to Weavile, and the dark Pokemon digs its sharp claws into the tail of Milotic, causing the water serpent to writhe and wince in pain. Cynthia gasps in horror, and Cyrus states that Milotic's weakest point is its tail, which is extremely vulnerable to the piercing of sharps, especially when it is empowered by the attack Strength.

Cynthia quickly yells for Milotic to retaliate, who blasts out a stream of water from its mouth to drench Weavile. The attack causes Weavile to immediately let go and begin squirming in agony on the floor. Cyrus could tell that it is no ordinary water move, and Cynthia grins that after taking damage from the steel type Iron Tail, which Weavile is weak against, more than half of the its health points have been taken away. By using Brine at this stage, the move's power is doubled thanks to its effect in adding salt on one's wounds.

Cyrus shoots a cold look at Weavile, who has fainted from its injuries, and releases his next Pokemon, a Gyarados. The water dragon lets out a roar as it thrashes around its long body, and Cynthia could tell from its appearance that it is one of Cyrus's major powerhouses. She states that it should be an interesting battle, and orders Milotic to attack. However, Gyarados easily evades an Iron Tail, and ducks away just in time before Milotic's Twister hits. It then dives out of the way when Milotic charges in for a Tackle, and the move ends up breaking a hole on the wall instead.

Cynthia starts to get wary of her enemy's outstanding agility, as she could barely land an attack. Cyrus smirks that Gyarados boasts a speed that could hardly be matched by any opponent, and in that instant, the morning sunrays start to pour in from the wall opening, which brightness causes Cynthia to shield her eyes with her hand. The young woman realizes that dawn has broken, and is slightly taken aback that her battle with Cyrus took so long.

The Galactic Boss motions to Gyarados, and the water dragon immediately hovers out of the building through the wall opening. Cynthia wonders what it is doing, but the blinding sunlight is making it hard for her to visualize anything. Eventually, she could make out the silhouette of Gyarados, and sees that it is using Dragon Dance. As soon as her realization kicks in, Cyrus grins that it is time to unleash its ultimate powers and orders a Giga Impact.

Gyarados's eyes turn red with fury, and in the next split second, it charges back into the building and aims straight for Milotic, sweeping it across the room with an explosive force and blasting it out through the wall on the other side of the floor.

Cynthia cries out in horror, and manages to retrieve Milotic just in time before it tumbles off into the oceans below. Cyrus states that when Gyarados appears, its rage never settles until it has razed the fields and mountains around it. He puts on a grin, and wonders where its rage should continue next.

Cynthia hesitates for a moment, and decides to call for Garchomp. Releasing the land-shark from its Pokeball, the Sinnoh Champion climbs onto its back, and thinks to herself how unexpectedly powerful her enemy is. She starts to wonder if she has what it takes to deal with such a powerful opponent, and soon notices the rage on Garchomp's face. Indeed, this isn't the first showdown between Garchomp and Cyrus, but it is already their second encounter. Having witnessed the ruins getting destroyed in front of its eyes in Celestic, Garchomp must be holding tremendous grudge towards the man.

Just then, the communication machine next to Cyrus receives an incoming alert, and the voice of the cloaked senior TG grunt comes on to notify him that preparation is all set for crafting the second Red Chain.

Cynthia's Garchomp leaves no time for the man to respond however, and lunges towards Gyarados to dig its fangs into its opponent, causing the atrocious Pokemon to wince in pain. The two Pokemon hold their gaze on each other in extreme hostility, and Gyarados thrashes its long body vigorously to hurl off Garchomp, who adeptly flies up and hovers in midair.

Cynthia clings onto the back fin of Garchomp, and is bewildered by the intense anger that her Pokemon is showing. She could sense that Garchomp is preparing itself to use its most powerful attack, but worries if it be will alright as the move is still incomplete and the dragon Pokemon hasn't exactly assimilated the attack fully yet.

However, Cynthia knows that she really has no choice considering their current situation and Garchomp's emotional state. The mach Pokemon begins to draw its head and upper body back with a roar, and as Cynthia yells out the name Draco Meteor, it swipes its right arm downwards and a crack of blinding light instantly appears in the dawning skies.

Meteors coated in burning flames rapidly pour down from the crack like rain, and plummet towards Gyarados and Cyrus, who are both stunned and shocked by what they are seeing. Each falling meteor causes a small explosion as it lands, and by the time the attack is over, one huge chunk of the Veilstone Galactic Building, the part where Cyrus is standing on, has already been turned into rubbles.

As the smoke clears, Cynthia could hear Cyrus praising the powerful scene she just showed him, and the man wonders if it is a Pokemon attack as he has never seen it before. Cyrus crouches on the back of Gyarados, his face now charred and his clothes torn and ripped from the attack, and gazes with an amused look at a small piece of meteor in his palm that he has managed to catch. He recalls how the meteors showered relentlessly on him from the sky, and remarks that an incredible attack like that proves that the universe is filled with such degree of energy.

Cyrus sighs that there is one bit of shame to it however, and says due to rage, the attack has not been able to reach its full potential and ended up hitting weakly. In that instant, Garchomp starts to sway and lose balance, and wears a painful look on its face as it struggles to stay airborne. Cynthia has to tighten her hold on Garchomp to prevent herself from falling, and Cyrus smirks that he doesn't have to prove himself. He states that despite the massive number of falling meteors, the attack didn't manage to faint Gyarados. On the other hand, Cynthia's Garchomp is suffering from the recoil damage caused by this overtly powerful move, which is apparently overwhelming its body.

The Team Galactic Boss reminds Cynthia that when dealing the trump card, one must take note not to unveil the cover and expose weakness, which she clearly did due to her anger. He remarks that attacking before reflecting on one's own strength is a foolish act that only those who couldn't control their emotions and spirit, which by nature is an incomplete thing.

Cyrus grins that their exciting time has to come to an end, and tells Cynthia that he is really glad to stand as her opponent just before he completes the second Red Chain to shackle time and space. He states that he must set off to Mt. Coronet now, and hopes they will meet again. With that, Gyarados stirs up a Twister with its tail, blowing Garchomp and Cynthia back, and when the dust and smoke clears, Cyrus and the water dragon are no longer there. Cynthia ponders on the terms 'time' and 'space' which Cyrus mentioned, and suddenly realizes that the man is talking about Dialga and Palkia.

Alarmed, the Sinnoh Champion knows that something catastrophic is going to happen if Cyrus doesn't get stopped...

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409: VS Spiritomb

Volume 37