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At the Team Galactic Headquarters inside the Veilstone Galactic Building, on different ends of the second floor, Pearl and Platinum find themselves suddenly shrouded in white smoke, and are no longer able to see their surroundings. Zellord coughs repeatedly from the fumes that it has inadvertently inhaled into its lungs, and Pearl starts to wonder why the fire extinguishers have been activated.

On Platinum's side, the girl notices that her hearing is starting to get impaired, and together with Lopunny, hold their hands up against their temples as they gradually feel a faint but persistent pain inside their heads. She rationalizes that some powerful ultrasonic waves must have clashed in the area, creating a strong positive interference and drowning out all other sounds.

Both young trainers refuse to given in despite their obstacles however, and keep moving forward with their Pokemon with determination. Now that the beeping sound from the Pokedexes can no longer guide them, they must count on their instincts to seek each other out and together rescue the three lake legendaries, Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit.

Searching blindly through the white fumes around them, Pearl and Platinum somehow manage to make it to the science lab, and are edging closer and closer to where the pixies' restrainer machines are. Next to that of Mesprit's, Dia kneels on the floor and is still trying hard to find a way to free the Pokemon from its trap, albeit to no avail.

Pearl is all of a sudden hit by the realization that he could have counted on Raylord's X-ray vision all this time to penetrate through the white smoke, and quickly sends out his Luxray to seek out Azelf. Raylord starts scanning the area with its powerful eyes, and in no time spots the restrainer machine which holds the blue pixie captive. It affixes its gaze towards the direction while using its tail to pull onto Pearl's arm, and the boy immediately understands what it means. He hurries over with a desperate look on his face, and feels himself overwhelmed with joy and relief when he finally sees the willpower Pokemon again.

At almost the exact moment, Platinum stumbles upon the restrainer machine of Uxie, and cries out in exhilaration at the sight of the yellow pixie. Meanwhile, Dia stays close to Mesprit and wonders how close Pearl and Platinum are now. With all the smoke and sound interference around, there is no way for him to tell their proximity anymore. He cringes at the thought that it might be harder to him to reunite with his companions in that case, but still believes that he made the right choice in distracting the TG grunt from the Pokedex's beeping.

A few feet away, the cloaked senior TG grunt continues to shield his ears from the intense sound battle between Chatlord and Chingling, and knows that he will be at a disadvantage until the ultrasonic clash is over. Unable to see things clearly himself because of the smoke, he grunts that he will not allow any chances for the three pixies to be rescued, and vows to make it as difficult for them to leave as possible. He pushes another button on the wall, and this time causes two walls to rise from the ground between the three restrainer machines, equally segregating the science lab into three chambers.

Dia, Pearl and Platinum all gasp at the sudden appearance of the room separators, and notice that the white smoke is slowly clearing up. Pearl bangs his fists hard on the wall with Zellord, but soon finds it to be a futile act. He decides to help Azelf first instead, and starts looking around the restrainer machine. Almost immediately, he spots a button that has the word 'Release' printed on it, and quickly pushes it. However, the restrainer seems to show no changes, and the blue pixie remains expressionless as it sits in its trap.

Raylord taps Pearl on the shoulder, and the boy wonders what is going on. The Luxray gestures beyond the wall while using its X-ray vision to see through it, and Pearl guesses from its body language that the Lady and Dia must be on the other side and are having the same situation with Uxie and Mesprit.

Pearl starts to bang on the wall again to call out to his companions, but a Sludge Bomb suddenly blasts at him and knocks Zellord, Raylord and himself off their feet. The boy sits up to see a Haunter smirking at him, and exclaims that the enemy's Pokemon has infiltrated the chambers. Indeed, in the two adjacent chambers, Platinum and Dia are also under attack by the grunt's Pokemon. In the central chamber, Empoleon and Lopunny are being slapped around by Cradily's vine-like arms, while on Dia's side, Beh and Roo are both tackled down by Gible's agile moves.

Dia orders a Wood Hammer from Roo, and the Torterra quickly rams the huge tree on its back onto Gible. Platinum gets Empoleon to lunge towards Cradily with an Aqua Jet, and Pearl also commands Chimlord to unleash a Flame Wheel on Haunter. However, neither of the attacks seem to be causing significant damage, and Pearl hollers that his foe is really tough and persistent.

Platinum agrees that the enemy seems determined to fend them away from the restrainer machines, and in that instant, the three trainers realize that they can finally hear each other.

Pearl: (excited) Can you hear me Ms Lady?
Platinum: (thrilled) Pearl! It's Pearl, right!?
Dia: (overjoyed) The Lady~!! Pearl~!!
Platinum: Diamond!!
Pearl: Dia!!

Dia: (gleeful) Chatlord and Chingling have tired themselves and the ultrasound waves are beginning to fade~
Pearl: (confused) Huh?
Dia: (grins) It was my idea~
Pearl: (beams) Listen! The restrainer machines trapping the three lake Pokemon each has a button on the side that writes 'Release'!!
Platinum: (surprised) Really!?
Pearl: (frowns) Yes, but nothing happened even after I pushed it!!

Pearl takes another look at the Haunter that is keeping him away from Azelf's restrainer machine, and starts to wonder if the buttons work only if all three are pushed together, which could explain why their foe has deliberately split them up into three chambers. Platinum believes that Pearl might be on the right track, but points out that they wouldn't be able to get close to the machine when the enemy's Pokemon are guarding the devices so closely. Pearl grunts that the small space makes it impossible for them to send out every single team member to fight, since the clash would certainly end up hurting the pixies.

Just then, Dia gets a thought, and states that they should use their Pokedexes as baits. Pearl and Platinum bolt in shock and confusion at what Dia is suggesting, and Dia explains that this special cloaked TG grunt has a very strong desire for the Pokedex. Although it appears that the man is simply thwarting them from rescuing the three lake Pokemon, his true intention apparently lies elsewhere, and Dia could sense that it is directed at the high-tech devices. It would be logical to assume that the grunt's Pokemon are aware of their trainer's wants, and will innately react to get hold of the Pokedexes once they see them.

Pearl's mind boggles at the idea, and a million thoughts run through his head as he stares at his orange Pokedex. He finds it hard to swallow that they would be giving up these devices that not only resonate upon their union but also symbolize the bond and connection between the three of them. Dia gazes down at his blue Pokedex, and admits that he feels the same dilemma. However, he also believes that it is the only way to save Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit.

Platinum remains silent for a moment, and gradually puts on a grin as she voices out her agreement to Dia's proposal. She wraps her hands tight around her red Pokedex, and remarks that the high-tech machines are important items that bond people to people, as well as people to Pokemon. Yet, she has faith that these strong bonds that they have created will not be lost even if the Dexes are gone.

Dia and Pearl both feel a sense of release and relief after hearing Platinum's words, and the three young trainers decide to proceed with the plan. Holding up their Pokedexes to wave at their foes, Dia, Pearl and Platinum watch as Gible, Cradily and Haunter respond immediately, and without further hassle leap away from the restrainer machines to pounce forward. The Dexes are snatched away by the three Pokemon almost simultaneously, and the three Holders quickly run towards the restrainers, their hands reaching out for the 'Release' buttons.

As all three buttons get pushed synchronously, Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit jolt back to their senses instantly with a faint cry. The walls segregating the room rapidly retreat into the ground, and the science lab's ceiling begins to slide open to expose the dawning skies. Wasting no time, the three lake Pokemon promptly take off into the air, and jet through the ceiling's opening to leave the building as Dia, Pearl and Platinum watch excitedly, thrilled and relieved that they have accomplished their mission. The pixies give off an intense flash as they disappear into the clouds, and further light up the skies.

On the other side of the building, Cyrus and his Gyarados, who are about to check on the progress of the second Red Chain, are stunned by the sudden intense flash. The Team Galactic Boss's eyes immediately widen with shock, as he realizes that it could only mean one thing, that the three lake legendaries have been released, and it is clear that the second Red Chain's crafting has not been completed.

The man grinds his teeth in anger, and grunts that it will not be possible to capture the three pixies again. It seems that his only choice is to resort to the artificial Red Chain created by the scientific technology of Team Galactic, which despite certain limitation, possesses the same property as the real one. With immense frustration, Cyrus releases Magnezone from its Pokeball, and orders it to take him to the Spear Pillar immediately.

One hour later, morning has fully arrived in Sinnoh. High up at the Spear Pillar on the summit of Mt. Coronet, the Team Galactic Commanders, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are patiently waiting at the base of a flight of stairs, which leads up to a platform that has columns of broken pillars erected next to what appears to be the remains of some ancient chambers.

Mars rejoices that Team Galactic's fateful morning has finally come, and Saturn, who is still sitting within his glass vessel, grins that they have done so much for this scheme. He recalls the various minor preparatory works they went through at the beginning, and then the projects which were on much larger scales afterwards, and remarks that it indeed excites him greatly to witness this final step at last.

Jupiter remains emotionless towards her companions' exhilaration however, and simply keeps her gaze on the distant skies. She soon spots the silhouette of a Magnezone drawing close, and states that the Boss has arrived. However, to their shock, as Cyrus comes into sight, he appears to be heavily wounded and his clothes are all torn and cut. Saturn hurriedly moves forward to inquire about his Boss's condition as he climbs off Magnezone, but the man returns his question with a glare, and Saturn instantly draws back in fear.

Cyrus turns to Jupiter and asks if things have been smooth since the previous night, and the purple-haired Commander assures him that it has been uneventful. She tells the Team Galactic Boss not to worry about intruders during the 'ritual', as they will guard their positions well, and make sure that no one gets past them during the ceremony. With that, Cyrus starts heading up the stairs, and makes his way towards the platform.

Just then, something rumbles underground behind the Commanders, and a handful of thorny vines suddenly break out from the floor to strike at them. Mars giggles that the intruders have apparently arrived after all, and quickly gets Purugly to destroy the vines with a Slash. From another direction, the ground bursts into a barrage of boulders, and begins hurling towards Saturn. The blue-haired Commander laughs that they seem to have more than one, and orders Octillery to freeze the flying rocks with an Ice Beam.

A purple shadow then materializes above them, and Jupiter, being the first to detect its presence, commands Gastrodon to shoot it down with a Mud Bomb. The attack misses however, and the shadow reveals itself to be a Mismagius. In that instant, more ground crumbles, and Roark, Gardenia and Fantina soon rise from the pit and get into combative postures as they stare down at the TG Commanders with Rampardos, Roserade and Mismagius. Saturn mocks that three intruders seem too little, and Mars wonders what they expect to achieve with such a small battling force.

Meanwhile, up on the platform, Cyrus has already set the two Red Chains in motion. Positioned side by side, the two crystalline red chains spin and coil horizontally in mid-air, and gradually take on speed. The Team Galactic Boss remarks that everything is ready for the creation of a new world. All will end, and everything will begin.

Throwing up his arms and raising his voice, he demands that the portal to another dimension be pried open, and the two sets of Red Chains immediately whip out at one another. The two form a double spiral as they seemingly merge into one, and start spinning rapidly in a circular fashion around Cyrus. Two vertical beams of light materialize out of thin air, and each gets gradually enveloped by a dark round energy globe.

Soon, the silhouettes of two creatures start to take form within the globes, and Cyrus exclaims that he finally gets to wield the powers of Dialga and Palkia. With a roar, he uses the forces of the Red Chains to pull the two mythical deities out from the dark globes, and hollers that the moment has come for time and space to clash...

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410: VS Cradily

Volume 37