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At the Galactic Veilstone Building, Cynthia scouts along the long corridors of Team Galactic's headquarters, but to her dismay finds not even a single soul in sight. She checks through every open door on her way, yet discovers nothing but empty rooms that seem to suggest that the place has already been abandoned.

She eventually returns to the front door of the science lab on the second floor again, and though she doesn't really expect to come across anything since her battle with Cyrus started there, she hits the electronic switch anyway just to make sure. However, when the door slides open, what she sees causes her to bolt in surprise. Sprawled across the floor are three familiar-looking young trainers, two boys and one girl, lying unconscious next to their Pokemon between three empty captive devices.

Cynthia hurries over to check on them, and after a few shakes, manages to wake them up. The young trainers groggily sit up, stretching and shaking their heads to clear their minds, and Pearl soon regains enough focus to notice Cynthia, whom he recognizes in an instant. The young woman remembers the boys' names as Diamond and Pearl, and Platinum volunteers her name after realizing that she has never formally revealed it to Cynthia.

Cynthia is baffled as to what the three of them are doing in the building, and Pearl explains that they have come to rescue the three lake Pokemon. Platinum elaborates that they have successfully hit the release buttons simultaneously on the three restrainer machines, which not only freed the pixies but also opened up the ceiling above, allowing the Pokemon to escape.

Pearl vaguely recalls seeing a blinding flash emanated by Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf, but his thoughts are interrupted when Cynthia suddenly lets out a gasp of disbelief after finally digesting the fact that the three young trainers have liberated the lake Pokemon held captive by Team Galactic.

Dia grins sheepishly but sighs that they have sacrificed their Pokedexes in return during the process. Cynthia wonders what he meant, and Dia explains that their opponent was immensely interested in the Pokedex. By distracting their opponent with the Dexes as baits, they have managed to get near the switches to release the pixies.

Cynthia silently lets out a sigh herself after remembering what the Pokedex represents, how it not only signifies a union between humans and Pokemon, but also the bond between humans. To let go of such an important symbol of their growth and journey so far must have taken a lot of courage on the youngsters' parts, something which Cynthia understands well.

Dia remarks that the blinding flash given off by the three pixies must have caused them to lose consciousness, and Platinum voices her agreement. Cynthia commends the three trainers for everything they've done so far against Team Galactic, and says they have certainly achieved so much more than one could expect from kids their age. She recalls hearing about their heroic fight at the Celestic ruins from her Grandma, and thinks that their involvement in all this isn't by chance alone, but that fate has led them here.

Dia, Pearl and Platinum grin in unison upon hearing Cynthia's words, and Pearl only then realizes that thanks to the deadly struggle against the enemy earlier, they have actually overlooked the fact that the three of them are reunited once again. Platinum feels thankful that everyone returned from their tasks safely, and the three young trainers each hold out a hand to share a fist-bump.

The three then collapse onto their knees with a sigh of relief, which makes Cynthia worry if they are alright. Pearl and Platinum grin that they are simply getting a sense of liberation after seeing each other, and Dia giggles that his hunger also just kicked in.

At that moment, Pearl finally notices the scratches on Cynthia's face, and wants to know what has happened to her. The young woman's smile instantly fades from her face, and with a serious look, she reveals that she has been battling the boss of Team Galactic, Cyrus, which causes Dia, Pearl and Platinum to gasp in surprise.

Cynthia leads the three trainers to the corner of floor where her battle with Cyrus escalated earlier, and the young ones are bewildered to see the extensive damage done to the area, which wall has been blasted open and everything else lies in rubbles on the crumbled ground. Unable to hide his shock, Pearl wants to know who Cynthia really is, and the young woman wonders if they remember where they first met in Eterna City. Dia states that it was on the grassland next to a building that has spikes coming out from its side walls, and Cynthia reveals that the building was also a base of Team Galactic. While it appeared that she was simply walking past the area by chance, she was actually on a mission to rescue someone from the building at that time.

Pearl bolts in realization and wonders if it was the Cycle Shop owner, and Cynthia admits with a nod. She states that all this time, she has been chasing down Cyrus, who is an extremely dangerous man. Even though the three lake Pokemon have been rescued, Team Galactic's scheme surely didn't stop there, and according to Cyrus himself, he has gone off to Mt. Coronet. Cynthia has come back into the building to look for traces of the organization's evil schemes, but it seems that the headquarters is now just an empty shell, and the grunts fighting the Unowns near the entrance are the only ones left behind.

Dia looks around and sees that the cloaked grunt they were fighting is nowhere to be found either, and Cynthia remarks that the battleground has apparently changed to Mt. Coronet's Spear Pillar now, which they should head to right away.

A few moments later, Cynthia is paddling hard on her bike while Dia, Pearl and Platinum hover on Garchomp next to her like they did before. The group speeds past Café Cabin, and continues north on Route 210. Platinum clutches tight on Garchomp's back fin, and finds it amusing that they are finally heading to Mt. Coronet, the destination which they originally set out for. Pearl thinks what Cynthia said about fate certainly has a part in it, and Dia believes that there must be a reason why the three of them travelled together towards the same goal on this day at this very moment.

As Dia speaks, Platinum suddenly remembers something, and reaches into her bagpack to fiddle through her belongings. She tells Dia that there is a gift she planned on giving him after they reunite, and reveals it to be a Pokeball. Dia gets a little confused with it, and Platinum grins that there is actually a Pokemon inside. She explains that there were groups of ice Pokemon gathered at the Snowpoint Gym, and following her gym challenge, the Gymleader Candice suggested she befriend some. One of the Pokemon she saw reminded her greatly of Dia, which is why she captured it for him.

Dia looks through the transparent shell of the Pokeball, and sees a Mamoswine, who stares back at him while making the sound 'moo' repeatedly. Dia makes up his mind on its nickname, and puts on a big grin as he tucks the Pokeball away with his others.

Platinum's mentioning of the Snowpoint Gym catches Pearl's interest, and he wonders if she has made a challenge on her own. Platinum grins that she did, and not only has she beaten the Snowpoint Gymleader but also subsequently that of Sunyshore City. The girl proudly shows off the eight Gym Badges pinned on her scarf to the boys, and both Dia and Pearl immediately exclaim in unison, congratulating her for conquering all the gyms in Sinnoh.

Platinum voices her gratitude, but then realizes that she has forgotten to bring a Pokemon for Pearl. She starts to apologize, but Pearl assures her that it is alright, as he has already completed his team of six. He giggles that what matters more is the Lady has managed to emerge victorious continuously in her gym challenges even without the company of Dia and himself, and he regards it as something truly remarkable.

Dia reiterates his thanks for Platinum's Pokemon, and the girl is glad that Dia liked it as she expected. She begins to zip up her bagpack, but suddenly notices something else inside. Yet, her attention is quickly diverted when both Dia and Pearl call out to her and alert her that they are approaching their destination. Indeed, the group has arrived at the entrance of the eastern cavern of Mt. Coronet. Wasting no time, Cynthia paddles even quicker on her bike, and leads everyone into the dark tunnel.

Meanwhile, at the Spear Pillar, Cyrus uses the powers of the Red Chains, and draws out the two mythical deities from their respective alternative dimension through the dark portals. On the left, a navy blue quadripedal dragon gradually takes form, sporting metallic spikes from its crown, tail and chest plate, which center is glimmering with a pentagonal diamond that glows with the same electric blue hue flashing along the markings of its body. Cyrus acknowledges it as Dialga, and says its heart beats are equivalent to the flow of time.

On the right, a dusty pink bipedal dragon materializes into form, on its back a pair of folded wings and on its shoulders two huge globular armours, each framing a perfectly circular pearl in the middle that flashes an orange-tinge of pink, contrasting the purplish hue that runs on the markings on its body. Cyrus refers to it as Palkia, and says its breath is capable of stabilizing space.

The Team Galactic Boss laughs that the day has finally come for them to be summoned, and asks the two deities to open their eyes and fulfill his wish. In that instant, both creatures snap their red eyes open, and as they set foot on the ground, Cyrus grins that the time has come for everything to be settled. He muses that the two legendary mighty forces shall now clash at Sinnoh's summit, and sets the two Red Chains spinning even faster as both Dialga and Palkia begin to roar and emanate ripples of wave energy from their bodies.

A rumble instantly courses through the entire platform, which can even be felt down below the flight of stairs where the TG Commanders and Gymleaders are. Roark, Gardenia and Fantina wonder what is going on, and Saturn grins that their Boss has probably initiated the ceremony, bringing them yet another step closer to success. He shoots of look of mockery at the Gymleaders, and praises their feat to have made it to Mt. Coronet's summit. He sighs that their endeavors could only go so far unfortunately, and Roark demands to know what he is talking about.

Mars giggles that Team Galactic's scheme has already entered a stage that can no longer be stopped, and suggests the Gymleaders to just give up. Roark, Gardenia and Fantina refuse to back down however, and declare that no matter how futile their attempts are, they will continue to fight, as their hearts to protect Sinnoh will forever remain unchanged.

With that, they send Rampardos, Roserade and Mismagius charging forward, and Saturn laughs that Team Galactic Commanders hardly break a sweat dealing with three opponents. He calls out Octillery to fire off an Octazooka, but another voice suddenly comes on to say that their forces are definitely more than three, and another part of the ground crumbles to shoot out a Hydro Pump, which manages to cancel out Octillery's attack before it touches Rampardos. Crasher Wake then materializes with his Floatzel, and promises Saturn that more people are coming.

Almost immediately, the ground crumbles again in another spot, which reveals Maylene and Candice with Riolu and Abomasnow. The girls hop high up into the air to announce their arrival, which causes Mars to jump back with a startled look, while leaving Saturn bewildered that people are appearing one after another.

Roark: Oreburgh Gym! The guy known as the Rock, Roark!!
Fantina: Hearthome Gym! The alluring soulful dancer, Fantina!!
Gardenia: Eterna Gym! The master of vivid plant Pokemon, Gardenia!!
Candice: Snowpoint Gym! The diamond dust girl, Candice!!
Maylene: Veilstone Gym! The barefoot, fighting genius, Maylene!!
Wake: Pastoria Gym! The torrential masked master, Wake!!
All six: We are the Sinnoh Gymleaders!!

Watching the six Gymleaders gather and get into combative stances with their Pokemon, Saturn becomes irritated and cries that the end result will be the same regardless of how many people have come. Jupiter remains calm however, and points out that compared with how many people have come, the important issue would be how the people have come.

Saturn doesn't understand what she is talking about, and Jupiter remarks that their Team Galactic grunts have locked down and stationed at each and every path that leads to Mt. Coronet. They have also dispatched dozens of flying intercom machines to guard the aerial routes, and it seems unlikely that the Gymleaders could get past all of these without being noticed, which implies that they must have arrived via methods that they did not foresee.

In that instant, both Mars and Saturn bolt with realization, and divert their gaze downwards. Their suspicion is immediately proven right when Byron's voice comes from beneath the ground, and compliments the Commanders for their correct guess.

Placing a foot on his spade, the Canalave Gymleader looks upwards with a proud grin, and states that together with his son, Roark, and their kin, the Underground Man, their family members are experts in digging through tunnels underground. Thanks to the special Explorer Kit invented by the Underground Man, they have successfully established the Underground, an extensive network of routes that connect the entire Sinnoh from below the surface.

In order to evade the watchful eyes of Team Galactic from above ground, the Gymleaders have moved towards Mt. Coronet from their respective cities via the underground tunnels, and subsequently ascended the mountain with the help of the Underground Man and his team of Dugtrios, who are still working hard to expand their territory around the Spear Pillar's underground.

Byron calls out to the Gymleaders above ground, and wants them to give their best shot without holding back. Roark assures his five other Gymleader companions that the Underground Man and his father will be giving them all the support they need, and motions everyone to start attacking. With that, the six Gymleaders each send two Pokemon forward, and begin charging towards their enemies. The three Team Galactic Commanders are barely fazed however, and share an amused grin with one another. Mars giggles that it will be a 3 on 6 battle, and Saturn nods that each of them shall deal with two Gymleaders, which in Jupiter's mind, is more than enough.

In no time, a fierce battle breaks out in the area, with Mars taking on Gardenia and Wake; Saturn fighting Roark and Fantina; and Jupiter fatefully battling Maylene and Candice again. Gardenia gets Roserade to unleash its vines on Bronzor, while her Cherubi teams up with Wake's Quagsire to deal with Purugly, as Floatzel handles the fast moving Zubat. Roark's Rampardos gets into a close up combat with Croagunk, while Fantina's Mismagius blinks around Abra to counter its Teleport, and Onix and Duskull both focus on holding on the versatile Octillery. Meanwhile, Candice's Abomasnow arm wrestles Tangrowth, as Froslass sends a blast of snow at Sableye while Maylene's Riolu and Meditite double team on Gastrodon.

Purugly soon gets the upper hand after dealing a Fury Swipes on Cherubi, but just as it is about to lay the final blow, Cherubi disappears underground, and the startled plump cat sees through a hole on the ground that Byron has dug Cherubi to safety with his spade. The Canalave Gymleader heals Cherubi with a Potion, and the refreshed cherry Pokemon dashes above ground again, charging straight for Purugly's chin and knocking it backwards. Byron rushes to help Rampardos next as the Underground Man feeds Meditite a Berry, while the Dugtrios continue to expand the tunnel's size.

Byron has no doubt that it is only a matter of time before they take down the Commanders, but his real worry lies in the two legendary deities, who have apparently not done anything since their emergence, yet exudes an overwhelming tension which release seems imminent...

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411: VS Dialga & Palkia I

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