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At the summit of Mt. Coronet, Cyrus stands on the Spear Pillar's platform, and continues to channel his commands to Dialga and Palkia via the two sets of rapidly spinning Red Chains around him. Shackling the two legendary deities with these crystal chains created from the lake pixies, he orders them to fight, which will bring time and space into clash, eventually resulting in the harnessing of an energy force so powerful that a new world will be created.

Dialga and Palkia both let out a deafening roar, and begin charging towards each other. Palkia digs its fangs on the chest plate of Dialga, who in turn counters by doing the same to its opponent's shoulder armour. The clash stirs up a barrage of rocks both above and underground, and Roark and the Underground Man have to duck and shield themselves with their veil and helmet. A few rocks fly past them to hit someone else standing behind however, and cause them to yelp out in pain.

Byron quickly turns around to check on them, but the two men, who are no other than Prof. Rowan and Sir Berlitz, assure him that they are alright. Rowan sighs that they must be a burden for Byron to take care of, but the Canalave Gymleader states that their roles are of no less importance than the Gymleaders. He remarks that the Gymleaders could only provide their fighting skills to handle the Team Galactic forces, but in order to deal with the legendary deities, the knowledge of wisdom of Rowan and Sir Berlitz are crucial.

Rowan nods in understanding, and wants to know if Sir Berlitz has everything set. The man turns on several display graphs on his two computer monitors, and replies that he has just started the time-space analysis. The analysis will allow them to convert any disturbance and distortion in the area's magnetic field into numbers, which are then compared against the normal values. Rowan and Sir Berlitz soon have their entire focus on the monitors' data, and are both confident that the numbers will be able to show them their chance of victory.

Meanwhile, still on the Spring Path, Volkner reads the urgent message on his Pokegear which calls for all the Gymleaders to gather at Mt. Coronet. However, he simply deletes the message, and tells his Raichu and Elekid that they should return to Sunyshore. In that instant, he senses a sudden change of atmosphere in his surroundings, and looks around with wary eyes. Yet, there doesn't seem to be anything in the fog filled path, and he decides to continue on his way. He remarks to Raichu and Elekid that the Sendoff Spring is right at the end of the Spring Path, and as soon as his says that, the area is front of him begins to distort into a vortex, causing him to raise his eyebrows in astonishment.

Back at Mt. Coronet, after having navigated through the maze-like tunnels inside the cave, Cynthia, Dia, Pearl and Platinum find themselves in open ground again on the cliff-side of the giant mountain range. Cynthia looks up to the steep climb ahead of them, and states that the Spear Pillar lies just on top of the cliff.

According to what she could make out from Cyrus's words during their battle earlier, Team Galactic was trying to craft an item called the Red Chain from the crystals harvested from the three lake Pokemon. Right before Cyrus left the scene, she overheard someone saying that preparation for making the second chain was ready. However, Dia, Pearl and Platinum managed to release the pixies before the second chain could be crafted, which means Cyrus came to Mt. Coronet with only one chain in hand. Cynthia believes that they still have a chance of victory since their opponent is under-prepared, and voice her encouragement to the young ones.

Suddenly, a loud crash is heard on top of the cliff, and shattered pieces of what appear to be pillars start tumbling down the hill. Cynthia cries for everyone to take shelter, and before they could figure out what is going on, two giant creatures materialize on top of the cliff, lashing out fiercely at one another, destroying surrounding structures as they pounce each other down. Dia wants to know what they are, and Cynthia's face darkens with horror and disbelief as she recognizes them as the mythical deities Dialga and Palkia.

Dia then hears Pearl asking him whether the legendary Pokemon are on the summit, and gets confused by the obvious answer to the question. However, Pearl's voice becomes distant as he states that he couldn't spot them, and Dia turns around in shock to see Pearl's image starting to distort. He hurriedly tries to reach out for his companion, but Pearl's arms begin to twist into a wave-like form, and both boys are bewildered by what is happening around them.

In the Underground, Sir Berlitz alerts Prof. Rowan that the distortion values have fallen into extremely abnormal range. Byron rushes over to look at the monitor screen, and sees a blue silhouette battling fiercely with a pink one, causing the graphs and charts around them to flash with warning. The Canalave Gymleader is surprised that the legendary creatures are fighting, and Rowan admits that it is indeed highly bizarre. In the past, on a distant land, two mythical Pokemon known as Kyogre and Groudon have engaged in a deadly clash that expanded the sea and land. The two were natural enemies to one another, and thus battled through their instincts.

However, in Dialga and Palkia's case, it is completely different as the two deities share no innate opposition in their existence. The only reason that could explain their current clash is that someone else is forcefully making them fight one another, and that someone is obviously the boss of Team Galactic, Cyrus. Byron grunts in frustration upon the revelation, and knows that in order to stop Dialga and Palkia, they will have to stop Cyrus first.

Meanwhile, above ground, Jupiter is the only Team Galactic Commander who remains standing. On the left, Saturn lays unconscious inside his broken vessel, while his Octillery, Croagunk and Abra are buried underneath a pile of rocks. On the right, Mars sprawls across the floor on her fallen Purugly, as her Zubat and Bronzor lay defeated next to her. Maylene and Candice stay in combative stances behind Abomasnow and Riolu, while Jupiter stands next to her Tangrowth, still keeping a calm expression on her face.

Roark and Wake rush over in an attempt to render help, but Candice and Maylene stop them, and voice their wish to take on Jupiter on their own. The purple-haired Commander taunts the two with a smirk, and orders a Natural Gift from Tangrowth. Candice immediately has Abomasnow deliver an Ice Shard while Maylene commands Riolu to fire off an Aura Sphere, and both sides end up getting hit simultaneously.

However, while Abomasnow and Riolu manage to stand their grounds, Tangrowth loses the focus in its eyes, and gradually tumbles backwards. Jupiter, her body wounded by the explosive force from the attacks, winces in pain, and soon collapses on the floor as well. Maylene and Candice sigh in great relief that they have finally beaten Jupiter as they vowed, and wish that Platinum was there to see it. Everyone else congratulates the two, and all six Gymleaders decide to ascend the stairs to confront Cyrus next.

Roark: There is only Cyrus left now!! Let's get up to that Spear Pillar platform!!
(Everyone runs up the stairs)
(Stairs start to curve and distort)

Roark: There is only Cyrus left now!! Let's get up to that Spear Pillar platform!!
(Everyone runs up the stairs)
Roark: !?
Candice: Huh...
Maylene: What!?

Byron calls out to Roark from beneath with a baffled tone, and wants to know why they are pacing back and forth repeatedly on the stairs. Roark finds himself at a loss of words at what is going on, and Fantina cries that while the platform appears to be just a step away, they cannot get near it for some reason. Roark states that the space around them is acting weird, and Crasher Wake notices that they seem to be stuck in a time loop as well.

Byron quickly turns around to seek Prof. Rowan's advice, and the professor, after a moment of thought, tells the Canalave Gymleader to get everyone back underground first. The Underground Man's team of Dugtrios immediately works their way to bring the six Gymleaders back into the tunnel, and Rowan steps forward to address them. He explained that what they were experiencing was due to the clash between Dialga and Palkia, which has resulted in a severe distortion in time and space.

Roark bolts in surprise upon hearing the term, and Rowan elaborates that within the distortion, things that are near would become far away, things from above would turn below, and things in the past would become recurrent. Right now, this focus of distortion is rapidly expanding due to the ongoing clash between the deities, and this distortion is preventing everything from approaching Cyrus. Gardenia begins to fret and wonders if there is anything that they could do, and Rowan states that there seems to be one only way to go near Cyrus now.

Back on the platform, Dialga and Palkia continue to wrestle each other ferociously. Between them, a globe of energy starts to take form, and gradually becomes brighter with every clash. Cyrus hollers in excitement upon seeing the energy globe, and cries that the focus to swallow everything has finally appeared, a focus that would wipe out this incomplete world and make everything complete. The man breaks into tears of joy as he announces his success, and orders Dialga and Palkia to further escalate their battle. The temporal dragon lets out a roar as the spatial dragon rampages, and almost immediately, the energy globe inflates rapidly like a balloon.

In that instant, the ground surrounding Cyrus cracks and crumbles, and in a flash of light, Roark, Gardenia, Maylene, Wake, Fantina and Candice emerge with their Pokemon within the boundary of the Red Chains. Cyrus bolts in shock that the Gymleaders have ambushed him from underground, but his intruders give him no time to think and start attacking the two spinning Red Chains with their Pokemon.

Indeed, owing to the time and space distortion, it is virtually impossible to go near Cyrus. However, Rowan has figured out that the zone immediately around Cyrus bounded by the Red Chains should be free from the effects of the distortion, and breaking into this zone directly is apparently the only way to reach Cyrus. Now that the Gymleaders have successfully breached Cyrus's safety zone, their prime mission is to destroy the Red Chains, which are the culprits responsible for shackling the legendary deities and forcing them into battle.

Watching each of the Gymleaders' Pokemon grab a portion of the Red Chain to work on, Cyrus's rage causes him to lose composure and he immediately calls out his entire team to attack them. While Weavile thrusts its sharp claws into Mismagius, Honchkrow dives in to peck at Roserade and Gyarados blasts a Hydro Pump at Rampardos. However, the Gymleaders' Pokemon remain unfazed and simply focus their attention on the Red Chain, staying oblivious to all the hurt and damage inflicted on them by the enemy.

Soon enough, one of the Red Chains crumbles into pieces, and the giant energy globe between Dialga and Palkia explodes into a shower of light as it shoots up into the sky. Down underground, Sir Berlitz sees that all the values on the monitor screen have returned to normal range, and states that the time and space distortion seems to have vanished. He wonders if the Gymleaders have succeeded in breaking the Red Chains and stopped the legendary deities, and Rowan sincerely hopes that they really have, and that peace can be restored to the people and Pokemon of Sinnoh.

However, the professor suddenly bolts in horror, and asks Sir Berlitz if the monitor's values have really returned to normal. Sir Berlitz is baffled by Rowan's question and wonders what is wrong. Yet, as soon as he turns around, he is terrified to see that Rowan's body has started to curve out of shape. Apparently, the time and space distortion has begun to involve the Underground as well.

Above ground, the Gymleaders are shocked to see that Dialga and Palkia are still battling each other despite having shattered one of the Red Chains. Cyrus states that once the two deities have started to clash, there is no way to stop the new world from being created. However, the destruction of one of the chains has halved the effect of his willpower over the legendary creatures, and that is something that he cannot forgive. Grabbing the broken Red Chain with his hands, which are trembling with rage, the Team Galactic Boss turns hysterical and roars at the Gymleaders that he will make them pay for their deed.

Back on the cliff side of Mt. Coronet, Pearl gasps that space is starting to get distorted, and watches in horror as the images of Dia, Platinum and Cynthia get bent out of shape in front of him, making him unable to tell whether his companions are at a distance or actually standing right before him.

Pearl: This, this...!?
Dia: Peaaarl~!! Hang in there! I'll help you right away...!! (reaches out hand together with Beh)
Pearl: This, this...!?
Dia: Peaaarl~!! Hang in there! I'll help you right away...!! (reaches out hand together with Beh)
Dia: ...!

Dia: (confused) Hm~?
Platinum: It seems like the same thing just happened twice...
Dia: (confused) Hm~?
Platinum: It seems like the same thing just happened twice...
Platinum: !!

Platinum steals a quick glance at her Poketch, and sees that the screen displaying time is having heavy signal interference, showing nothing but a swirl of dots. Cynthia exclaims that apparently not only space is getting distorted, but time as well. She hurriedly beckons the three young trainers to come along, and drags Platinum over by the hand while Dia and Beh help Pearl reach them before continuing their climb up the cliff side.

Up on the Spear Pillar, the legendary deities, Dialga and Palkia, leap up from the ground into midair to charge against each other, and subsequently release a blast of energy from their mouths, creating a giant clash of forces and a bang, distorting the space around the area even more. Dia struggles to keep himself steady, and Pearl cries that the distortion is getting bigger and bigger. Cynthia states that the distortion of time and space is clearly due to the collision between Dialga and Palkia, and Dia, Platinum and Pearl simultaneously put on looks of confusion upon hearing the names.

Cynthia explains that the blue coloured creature is Dialga, the Pokemon that governs time; while the purple one is Palkia, the Pokemon that governs space. A closer look at the beings gives Dia the impression that he has seen them somewhere else before, and Pearl gasps in agreement as their appearance slowly conjure up images in his head. At that moment, Platinum exclaims in recognition, and remembers them as the dragon-like creatures depicted by the frescoes at the entrance of the Celestic Town ruins.

As soon as Platinum mentions it, memories of those wall paintings become vivid in the boys' minds. Yet, Pearl cries that it is not only the frescoes, and points out that these two Pokemon also resemble the giant eerie bronze statue back in Eterna City. Having seen Dialga and Palkia now, he could tell that the statue was a hybrid between the two, and he has reasons to believe that the ancient people who created the statue long ago must have witnessed the legendary deities inside the time and space distortion just like they are now. Dia wonders what he means, and Pearl explains that the distortion has caused Dialga and Palkia's appearance to overlap and merge with one another, which led to the ancient people's misinterpretation that the two deities were of one single entity and thus created a statue that has features of both Pokemon.

Pearl states that this unusual anomaly must be put to an end as soon as possible, and they must do everything to stop it from expanding. Cynthia agrees with his words, and says if the distortion is allowed to extend beyond Mt. Coronet, it would spread terror across the land and the entire Sinnoh would be at peril. The young Champion attempts to make a step forward closer to inspect the battle above, but she suddenly loses balance from the effect of the distortion and trips over herself. Platinum quickly runs to her aid, and Cynthia grins that the battle back at Veilstone took a toll on her body after all.

However, Cynthia states that under such circumstances, they must keep on fighting regardless, and proposes to head straight for the Spear Pillar in one go. Dia, Pearl and Platinum voice their agreement, and all four of them cling onto Garchomp as the land-shark Pokemon dashes up the cliff side like a jet plane. Up in mid-air, Dialga and Palkia continue their struggle, and soon spot Garchomp as it approaches. They simultaneously unleash a Twister on their intruder, and send everyone crashing against the ground on the Spear Pillar's platform.

Dia and Pearl, being thrown off Garchomp, climb back on their feet, and check on each other that they are alright. Dialga and Palkia both let out a roar as they tower over the boys, making them both tremble with fear. Pearl steals a glance at Dia, and knowing what Pearl is trying to say, Dia admits that it is the first time that he experiences such an overwhelmed feeling in front of a Pokemon, almost as if he is about to be crushed.

Yet, Dia reaches into his pocket for the Pokeball containing the Mamoswine which Platinum gave him, and says this gift from the Lady is filling him with a courage to overcome this crushing sensation, like a voice telling him to stay strong and brave. Indeed, he has never battled along this new team member before, but he shall bestow his trust upon it, and says he has even created a nickname for it already. With that, Dia releases his Mamoswine, which he refers as Moo, and climbs onto its back as he orders it to charge forward.

At the bottom of the stairs leading to the platform, Jupiter winces from her injuries and struggles to sit up. The silhouette of a woman suddenly appears behind the smoke and dust caused by the clash with the Gymleaders earlier, and remarks that the battle seems much tougher than originally expected. Jupiter wants to know why she has only come at this time, and notices the awkward movement of the woman's left leg. She realizes that she must still be in pain, and the woman admits that the damage caused by the special ice attack doesn't seem curable.

Jupiter tosses her a roll of black leather-like garment for use, and says it is a warmth supporter identical to hers. The woman thanks her as she coils the garment around her left leg, and steps out of the smoke to reveal herself as a tall lean woman with sly facial features wearing the Team Galactic uniform, her light purple coloured hair tied up into three pigtails. Next to her stand her three Pokemon companions, a Starmie, Persian and Banette...

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412: VS Dialga & Palkia II

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