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Reading through the ancient scripture, Platinum realizes that the attacks which Dia and Pearl suffered were Roar of Time and Spacial Rend. When Palkia delivered the slash that tore through space around Dia, it was unleashing the Spacial Rend attack. When Dialga turned back time and undid the events leading to its frozen state, it was using Roar of Time.

Out on the platform, Dia and Pearl are trying all their might to hold down the legendary deities. Dialga flings its head around and tries to shake off Lee and the boys, but the Lickilicky holds its tongue firm around the horn of the temporal dragon, just as Chatlord delivers its smacks from the other side. Struggling to stay balanced, Pearl notices that Platinum and Cynthia seem to be occupied by a scroll of written material, and alerts Dia to it. Dia believes that they must be trying to figure out the key to win the battle, and is convinced that if anyone can do it, it will be the Lady.

Cynthia gets Garchomp to shelter herself and Platinum, and closely monitors the status of the fight while Platinum works hard on the scripture. The Champion remarks that Dialga and Palkia have diverted their full attention on them and stopped fighting against each other ever since their arrival, and wonders if it is because they are no longer compelled to clash, that the person who shackled and ordered them to clash is no longer present. The young woman keeps scanning the area around them with wary eyes, and ponders if it is possible that Cyrus is really gone.

Suddenly, a low grumble mocks their act as being stupid and futile, and Cynthia immediately recognizes the voice as that of Cyrus. She quickly looks around, but finds no trace of the man. The Team Galactic Boss continues to remark that the center which engulfs everything is the center of a new world, and it will soon expand to eat up all matters that are incomplete. In that instant, Cynthia notices an inconspicuous cloud of smoke shrouding the grounds in between the fallen pillar ruins, but before she could react, a blast of energy charges out from the black fog and hits Lee directly, knocking the Lickilicky onto the ground and hurling off Dia and Pearl at the same time.

Cynthia and Platinum rush to the boys' aid, but Pearl assures them that they are doing fine, and urges the Lady to continue decoding the ancient scripture. He too, recognizes the voice as that of Cyrus's, the same man who overpowered them at the Celestic Ruins, and points out that the man has cloaked himself within Honchkrow's Haze.

Pearl is about to warn Dia to stay away from the dark fog, but in that instant, the haze clears to reveal Cyrus's silhouette looming over the boy. Standing right in front of Honchkrow, it almost appears as if Cyrus himself is sprouting a pair of black wings from his back, giving off the impression that he is a fallen angel rising from the dark. The man states that there is no longer a need to give orders to Dialga and Palkia, for the creation of a new world is already unstoppable.

At the bottom of the platform stairs, the TG Commanders Jupiter, Mars and Saturn gather themselves together as a tall lean woman wearing the Team Galactic uniform stands among them. The purple-haired woman comments that the time and space distortion is apparently to be getting more and more intense, and says although just like the Gymleaders, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn have endured a long and tough battle, their poise and calmness compared with the high spirits of the Gymleaders seem to make them less susceptible to the effects of the dimensional distortion. She giggles that instead of feeling embarrassed for their defeat, it would be a nicer option to congratulate themselves on having stronger minds.

Saturn gets irritated by the woman's snide attitude, and barks that it is not funny at all. Mars asks Jupiter who the woman is, and Jupiter explains that she is one of Team Rocket's Beast Warrior Trio, Storc. The woman grins that her official identity, however, is a Team Galactic member, a comrade of theirs, who only became a Team Rocket agent for undercover purposes.

Jupiter wonders if Mars and Saturn remember when Cyrus started the 'New Universe Creation Scheme' a few years back, he has asked everyone to collect Pokemon which are related to space and the stars. Saturn recalls that there was indeed such a time, and Mars remembers gathering species like Clefairy, Lunatone, Starmie, Solrock, Staryu and Cleffa.

Storc remarks that there are many Pokemon associated with the stars and space, but she eventually learnt of the existence of a creature claimed to be the strongest, one that is said to harness the powers of space, a Pokemon named Deoxys. Giovanni, the leader of an organization called Team Rocket, was trying to get his hands on Deoxys. Knowing that, she became a spy and joined Team Rocket, showing apparent loyalty to Giovanni, while in truth, waiting for the time to snatch Deoxys and present it to Cyrus.

During her days as a Team Rocket agent, she became aware of the evil plots secretly going on within the organization, as well as those that take place in other regions. Occasionally, she showed mercy and lent help to a few, like the Team Aqua leader of Hoenn, for she felt it would be a pity to have such fine evil man vanish from this world.

Jupiter recalls that Storc didn't have a very good experience while trying to get Deoxys, and the tall woman admits that she has been thwarted by an irritating group of trainers who called themselves the Pokedex Holders. During her fight for Deoxys, her left leg was hit by a special ice-type attack, which almost made her paralyzed, and she had to retreat and wait for assistance from her comrades in Sinnoh. However, during the battle, she also witnessed something extremely interesting that made her suffering worth, the petrifaction of humans.

At the Vermillion City of Kanto, when Deoxys was about to fly away, she sent out a Pokemon in an attempt to catch it. However, this pitch-black Pokemon who is an expert in inflicting nightmares clashed with Mewtwo, and the collision between their attacks caused the five Pokedex Holders to turn into stone, an effect that was completely unexpected.

She then decided to spend time solving the mystery behind the mechanism of the petrifaction while continuing to chase after the Deoxys, which was named Individual 2. Although this deviated from her original mission, she still felt it would be worth the effort. When the Team Galactic Grunts finally came to her rescue, she made up her mind not to return to Sinnoh as of yet, but knew she needed someone to remain in the organization to substitute for her role. She thus chose one of the Grunts, and implanted her own mind and idea into his. All Team Galactic Grunts normally work under a synchronized group will, having unified thoughts and actions. For this individual Grunt, she freed him from this restraint, and allowed him to have his own thoughts. To be exact, he was having her thoughts, her actions, essentially being her replica.

Storc beckons to the silhouette that has been hiding in the shadows, who reveals himself to be the cloaked Grunt. The young man has his eyes closed, almost as if in a trance, and Storc explains that she found him in the rubbles of the Veilstone Galactic Building. Saturn realizes that this was the Grunt who has been working directly under Cyrus, and feels annoyed that he is treating himself just like a Commander. Mars spats that it is ridiculous, but Storc simply responds with a giggle.

Jupiter wants to know what happened to Deoxys eventually, and Storc explains that while chasing it, she was actually being hunt down Mewtwo. Apparently, the genetic Pokemon was still trying to find a way to reverse the petrifaction of the trainers he became connected with, and if she has to be completely honest, she fled to the Spear Pillar in the first place to evade Mewtwo's zealous pursuit.

Storc then decides to lift her control over the cloaked Grunt, and places a finger on his forehead. While she has implanted her negative emotions towards the Dex Holders in him, his obsession with the Pokedexes was something that developed as a side effect, and not of her original intention. Pulling up the Grunt's ragged cloak, she sees three Pokedexes coloured and red, blue and orange respectively, all stuffed neatly in the small pocket of the garment.

Just then, a voice thanks her for the explanation, and Storc looks up to see a man dressed in blue suits with a hat, standing next to a Lucario. Saturn demands to know who he is, and the man introduces himself as Riley of Iron Island. Without another word, the aura-user orders a Close Combat from Lucario, but Storc motions to her Starmie and easily blocks the attack.

Riley points at the cloaked Grunt, and believes that he must be the person spying on Dia and him. He holds up the broken speaker-camera intercom device which Dia destroyed, and says while he was tracking down the aura of the person who dispatched this machine, he detected yet another aura behind it, an aura that clearly roots from evil intentions. He is now certain that Storc is the source of this aura, and commands Lucario to keep attacking.

Lucario thrusts its palms forward to deliver a barrage of Aura Spheres, but Starmie adeptly blocks each one of the blasts, taking minimal damage due to its type advantage. Storc tells Jupiter, Mars and Saturn that it is perhaps time to flee the scene, and the three Commanders gather themselves to leave while Storc keeps Riley busy.

Back on the platform, a dark purplish void has gradually started to open up where the energy focus created by Dialga and Palkia was. The massive pillars around continue to skew and distort, and Cyrus states that it is already impossible to stop this world inhabited by incomplete beings from being swallowed up. He grins that this center which engulfs everything shall expand and grow, making distant things near, shifting the past into present. As long as the time and space distortion keeps expanding at this rate, this incomplete world shall soon come to an end...

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414: VS Dialga & Palkia IV

Volume 38