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As the time and space distortion continues to span out from Mt. Coronet with the dark purplish void as its focus, the laws of physics governing the entire Sinnoh region begin to twist and collapse. Standing on the platform at the Spear Pillar, Pearl bolts in shock when the Pick a Peck of Color Flower Shop from Floaroma Town suddenly appears behind him. Platinum turns to her left, and lets out a cry of surprise when she finds herself staring at the Super Contest stage at Hearthome. At the same time, a large meadow materializes ahead of Dia, and the boy gaps his mouth wide open in astonishment.

Pearl picks up a pot of flower from the wooden benches, and shares a look of bewilderment with Platinum when they realize that it is not an illusion they are seeing. Apparently, the conflict in time and space has gotten increasingly bigger, and just as Cyrus claims, the time and space distortion has expanded to involve the other parts of Sinnoh.

At the Sinnoh Police Headquarters, an officer continues to interrogate the two Team Galactic Scientists arrested from Lake Valor. He demands them to disclose where all the Team Galactic members have gone now that the Veilstone Galactic Building is empty, but the Scientists swear that they have no idea and they were simply ordered to guard and lock down the entrance of Lake Valor.

The officer gets frustrated, and leaves the room to report to a man who is wearing suits under a long brown trench coat. He feels ashamed not to be able to get anything out of the Scientists, and wonders if the International Police force would like to take over the case themselves. The man in long trench coat, being an international police officer, assures his associate that it is already good enough, and says they shouldn't interfere with the regional work of the Sinnoh Police too much.

The man places a police cap on his Croagunk, who returns the gesture by saluting, and just as he is about to leave, notices a chubby guy sitting on the side bench. The local officer explains that the man is just an ordinary citizen who helped escort the Scientists to the police station, but it seems like he wants something from the two men himself as he has apparently been waiting for the interrogation to end.

The chubby man, being no other than Dr. Footstep, takes a yawn and sees that the police have no intention of releasing the Scientists any time soon. He has initially hoped to get some more footprints from the Kricketune and Drapion that they own, but decides that he would just go home instead since it is taking too much time. He proceeds to step out from the Police Headquarters, but to his shock, instead of the busy street he is expecting, he finds himself standing on a platform surrounded by ruin-like structures, where large pillars are being distorted out of shape.

Meanwhile, similar phenomena and anomalies have started to occur in various places throughout Sinnoh. In a blink of the eye, one's surroundings could change to that of a completely different place, and a slight shift in physical position will cause one to end up somewhere far away. At the Super Contest Hall, in the middle of a performance, the contest judges Keira, Dexter and Jordan suddenly find themselves in a room filled with graveyards and ghost-type Pokemon, and look around to see that they have somehow ended up inside the Lost Tower. At Hearthome City, the computer technician in charge of Sinnoh's Pokemon Storage System, Bebe, leaves her house with her Glameow, and gasps in shock when she sees that she is standing on the Pokemon Ranch of Hayley.

As more and more people get affected, they begin to discover that the same cross-dimensional events are taking place over and over again, almost as if time is repeating itself. Intense confusion and panic quickly spread across the entire region, and people one by one halt in their actions, for fear of winding up somewhere unexpected once they try to move. However, the anomalies only seem to get worse by the minute, and places start to interconnect even without movement, causing situations that are potentially hazardous. At Hotel Jubilife, the Ninja Boy, Tube Boy and Poke Kid from Veilstone City unknowingly lands on the golden Staraptor statue on the rooftop, while at Solaceon Town, the Rancher and his daughter who run the News Press all of a sudden come face to face with the wild Steelix on Iron Island.

Back at the Spear Pillar, Cyrus stares down at Dia, Pearl and Platinum, and wonders if they are feeling frightened. He states that the feeling of fear originates from an incomplete spirit, and to counter this emotion called fear, one must use willpower to suppress it. When one adds in knowledge, willpower can be further strengthened and solidified. He believes that when emotion, willpower and knowledge support and suppress each other perfectly, things will become complete. Unfortunately, in this world, one of these three components is always lacking, and those who insist on their own way end up going astray, creating an incompleteness that is already beyond repair.

Therefore, in order to restructure this incomplete world, the only way is to start from zero, to create a universe from scratch that will give birth to everything perfect. With that, Cyrus pulls out his black-feathered quill, and writes the word 'universe' on a paper. He states that the word 'universe' encompasses the meanings of time and space, which is why when Dialga's 'time' clashes with Palkia's 'space', a focus that will engulf everything incomplete is created, a focus that will become the seed of the new universe.

Waves of energy slowly swirl around the dark purple void high up in the sky, and just like a vacuum, it begins drawing things into itself. Cyrus laughs that the eradication of incomplete beings has finally commenced to pave the path of a new world, and Dia, Pearl and Platinum gasp in horror when the fallen Gymleaders start rising from the ground and upwards towards the void due to the suction effect.

Pearl hurriedly throws himself onto his teacher, Crasher Wake, to halt his ascent, while Platinum sends out Empoleon to grab hold of Candice and Maylene. Lee strikes out its long tongue to secure around Roark and Gardenia, and Dia uses all his might to pull against Fantina's long dress, slowing her rise. Tossing out the Pokeball of Drifblim, which Pearl returned to him along with Roo and Lee earlier, Dia seeks help from the balloon Pokemon, who immediately wraps its long arms around its original trainer to fight against the upward force created by the void.

Platinum and Pearl feel like they are gradually losing it, and Dia voices out his encouragement to his companions. He orders Moo to unleash a Blizzard against the void, but Cyrus mocks his attempt, and states that attacks that are made of matter do nothing to a dimensional portal. Dia refuses to give up, however, and says he shall enter the portal himself to close it from the other side in that case. Beckoning to Moo, the boy hops onto the Mamoswine, and charges straight towards the dark purple void, his action causing Pearl and Platinum to cry out in horror.

In that split second, Platinum's bagpack begins to stir, and something inside unzips the bag to pop out in a flash of light. Instantly, Dia feels himself being tugged downwards, right before he gets engulfed by the void, and turns around to see a gigantic golem-like Pokemon stopping his motions by clutching onto Moo.

Cynthia bolts in surprise at the appearance of the Pokemon, which has three pairs of jeweled cores on the front of its body and green moss growing on its back, and asks Platinum what is going on. The girl wears an equally bewildered look, and replies that she has no idea either, even though it came popping out from her bagpack. She then remembers noticing an extra occupied Pokeball among her belongings on their way to Mt. Coronet, and realizes that this giant Pokemon must have entered her Pokeball somehow somewhere.

The colossal golem places Moo onto the ground, and in that instant, the suction force created by the void comes to a halt, releasing Pearl, Platinum and the Gymleaders back on the platform. The giant Pokemon then motions to Dia, and picks him up on top of itself, almost as if acknowledging the boy as its chosen trainer.

Pearl and Platinum don't understand what the giant is trying to do with Dia, and start to wonder whether it is a friend of foe. A familiar voice answers their query by stating that the Pokemon is definitely a friend, and says its footprint tells him that it has been waiting patiently for the time when it would lend its power to a trainer in a fight to safeguard Sinnoh.

As the colossal Pokemon faces Dialga and Palkia with Dia sitting on its head, Pearl and Platinum notice a chubby man kneeling on the floor next to the giant golem with a cloth in hand, copying its footprint, and gasp in recognition that it is Dr. Footstep whom they encountered before near Pastoria City...

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415: VS Dialga & Palkia V

Volume 38