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With his voice booming through the Pokégear, Bill urges Red and Green to head to Four Island immediately, and says he has something important to tell them. Red is a little startled by the urgency in the young man's tone, and wants to know what exactly happened. Bill states that the mysterious assailant who attacked them has just caused another havoc on Three Island, but insists that the boys join him on Four Island first before telling them the whole story.

He reminds them that the Tri-pass can only get them as far as Three Island, and to gain access to Four Island and beyond, they will need the Rainbow-passes which he has just sent over to Two Island's Pokémon Center. He adds that he is in the Icefall Cave right now, and tells the boys to find him there.

Later, after another brief cruise ride on the Sea Gallop sailing south, Red and Green set foot on Four Island. By the time the reach the entrance of the Icefall Cave on the north eastern coast, the sun has already disappeared from the horizon and only a faint glow of light remains in the evening sky. Red instantly begins to shiver upon stepping into the dark cave, and Green remarks that while temperature normally falls a bit during night time, Four Island is clearly much colder compared with the other islands they've visited so far.

Through the scattered clouds of white mist floating inside the cave, Red sees slumbering Delibirds and Swinubs colonizing the frozen cliffs here and there, and rationalizes that the environment is most likely created by the cold air emanating from the ice type inhabitants' bodies. Just then, something shiny lying on a boulder not far ahead catches Red and Green's attention, and the boys quickly make their way over. They pick up two identical triangular devices which are shaped like badges, and the one Green is holding suddenly gives off a beam of light from a small transparent sensor along its rim.

The beam strikes directly at an Exeggcutor standing on a cliff, and Red notices the grass Pokémon's hostility right away. Green decides that it will be the perfect chance to practice the ultimate attacks, and sends out his Charizard to order a Blast Burn. However, Bill suddenly springs up frantically in front of Exeggcutor and tells the boy to wait, and Green holds off his starter from unleashing the powerful blaze just in time.

Red realizes that the Exeggcutor is actually Bill's Exeggcute after evolution, and wants to know what Bill is doing. The young man climbs down from the cliff, and explains that he was just trying out the function of his newly invented Battle Searcher, a machine capable of detecting the battle will of others. He tells the boys that the device is able to monitor the state of mind of trainers within 100 meters, and says whenever a battle will against the device holder is picked up, it will generate a warning beam of light which points to the source.

Recalling how their mysterious assailant has always ambushed them without their prior notice, Red exclaims that the Battle Searcher can now warn them if the creature is near. However, Bill quickly puts on an embarrassed grin, and says the device can only detect the battle will of trainers but not Pokémon.

With a look of contempt, Green snickers that it won't be much help to them in that case, and tosses his Battle Searcher away. Bill hurriedly bends down to pick it up and admits that the machine is indeed incapable of alerting them about the mysterious creature, but says there's actually more to the whole deal, and it is exactly what he intended to inform Red and Green.

Bill starts explaining that he has recently made contact with the young girl, Lostelle, who witnessed the appearance of the creature on Three Island. The girl was being accosted by a gang of unfriendly bikers at that time, and the mysterious Pokémon out of nowhere materialized to dispel the bikers. Red and Green gasp with disbelief that their assailant actually helped a young girl, and Bill says while he is uncertain of the creature's intentions there, his concern lies in what follows.

Lostelle has informed him that a middle aged man appeared right after the creature left, and actually faxed him her drawings of both the creature and the man. Bill unfolds two sketches from his pocket, one of which depicts the aqua green and orange being, and the other an evil-looking man dressed in black suits, and Red bolts with a start immediately upon seeing the blood red R symbol on the man's chest, recognizing him as no other than Giovanni, the former leader of the disbanded Team Rocket.

Bill agrees that the drawing strongly resembles Giovanni, and says although it is unknown whether the man owns the mysterious creature afterall, or is simply tracking it as a wild Pokémon, the one thing they can be sure of is that Team Rocket is involved in all the happenings so far. Red grits his teeth in anger, and states that he shall then make every preparation necessary to fight Giovanni again.

Bill further adds that the reason why he chose the Icefall Cave as their meeting place is that TR grunts have been spotted around the area by the local residents, and they sure will discover something from the cave. It then dawns on Green how the Battle Searcher will help them in their pursuit of the enemies, who will no doubt hold a strong battle will against them, and Bill is glad that the boy finally sees the use of the device.

Hooking the Battle Searcher on the strap of his bagpack, Red remarks that they shall play the pursuer's role now that they have these battle will detectors, and the sensor of the machine instantly sends out a beam of light into the darkness of the cave ahead.

Red, Green and Bill waste no time in advancing forward, and soon encounter a Sneasel, Kingler and Golbat, all showing hostility towards them. Red remarks that the Pokémon seem to be guarding the internals of the cave, and Green hollers that they are clearly under the command of trainers, in this case most certainly Team Rocket members.

With a determined look on his face, Red holds up a Pokéball and prepares to send out Saur to battle. But then, a blast of cold air sweeps in from the entrance of the cave and immediately freezes the Sneasel, Kingler and Golbat. Red and Green gasp at the powerful ice attack, and hear a voice from behind. They quickly turn around, and to their surprise see a familiar young woman standing next to a Cloyster. The young woman states that no one is to tamper with her hometown, and says she shall join in the fight against Team Rocket as well…

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009: The Icefall Cave!