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As her parents disappear into the darkness of the black hole in a blink of the eye, Blue holds a blank stare at the vanished opening, and refuses to believe what has just happened. Feeling disoriented, she slowly backs herself against the rear of the deck and keeps questioning why, while the agony inside starts to overwhelm and consume her. Without warning, her consciousness completely slips away, and she falls off the edge of the ship.

Having witnessed the whole process, her two closest companions, Red and Green, bolt in horror, and quickly dash to her rescue. Red sends out his Poliwrath, Poli, from its Pokéball, and the giant blue frog manages to catch the girl a split second before she lands onto the rocky shore below. Red and Bill hurry down to the dock to check on her, while Green closely inspects the area where the black hole was located earlier. He takes a look at Blue's fallen Pokémon, and suddenly has a feeling that the enemy is still around.

The boy swiftly sends out Scizor, whose powerful pincers make contact with something right away, and orders it to clamp down with a vicegrip. However, the invisible being slips away without effort, and Green knows that whatever the thing was has left the scene.

Holding Blue in his arms, Red yells up to Green from the dock, and says they have to take her to the hospital immediately. Bill then notices a diary lying on the ground, and decides to pick it up before heading after the boys. Around the corner, an eerie silhouette of someone holding a staff stands silently and watches over everything that has just happened.

A few hours later, at the Pokémon Network Center which is situated right next to the seaport, Blue remains unconscious and lays resting in a bed, while Red and Green stand close to her bedside with worried looks on their faces. Bill thanks Celio for helping them out, and Celio says it's fortunate that the Network Center has a first aid booth where medical equipments are available.

He remarks that Blue's fainted Pokémon are now being healed in the HP restoration machine, and should return to their full health in due time. The trainer herself however, seems to have suffered a great deal of emotional distress, which is seriously affecting her mental stability. He states that psychological damages usually take longer to recover, and says it all depends on how strong the girl is. Celio then excuses himself to get back to work, and Bill thanks him again, promising to join him a moment later to work on the transfer system.

Remembering what Bill has told them earlier when Celio was tending to Blue, Red wants to know if it's true that the girl has come to One Island to meet her parents. Bill beckons his Farfetch'd over to retrieve from it the diary he picked up at the pier, which happens to be Blue's, and turns to the page where the girl wrote about the reunion. The entry proves that the middle-aged couple whom they saw engulfed by the black hole on the deck were indeed Blue's parents, and Red sighs that it is no wonder the incident is inflicting Blue with such an intense pain.

Green remarks that the most important thing they should do at the moment is to find out what really happened, and flips through the diary, hoping to find something useful. He soon discovers that the entry of the previous day spoke of Blue's visit to Prof. Oak back at Pallet, and that the girl has in fact given back her Pokédex to the professor just like them. Red gasps in disbelief, and points out that they have all encountered an almost identical pattern of events, first having returned the dexes, and then being ambushed by a mysterious assailant.

Green agrees that coincidence alone isn't likely the explanation, and stuffs the diary back to Bill, who shoots him a look of discontent. The boy then reaches into his pocket to pull out a broken machine he picked up on the deck, and Bill recognizes it as Blue's specially modified Silph Scope. Green remarks that while the device has been severely damaged, the replay system seems intact. He rationalizes that it may have captured the process of Blue's battle with the assailant, and proceeds to regenerate the machine's latest recording.

What they see sends shivers down their spines. An aqua green and orange creature with long ears lashes out its four tentacles and brutally delivers its assaults, while Blue's Pokémon could do nothing but stand and get hit. Bill hollers that it is something he has never seen before, and isn't even sure if it is a Pokémon. While Bill is still feeling unsettled about the creature, Red and Green have collected themselves, and state that although their enemy's true identity and intentions behind its attacks remain unclear, they will hunt it down and defeat it.

Without another word, the two boys turn around to leave the Network Centre, and head back to the seaport. Bill hurriedly chases after them, and demands to know if they have already figured out a way to win. Red admits that they haven't, but from the creature's power and speed they see on the Silph Scope's recording, they have little doubt that it is the same being which attacked them back at Pallet.

Bill argues that the new foe appears to be possess strength far beyond imagination, and wonders how Red and Green are going to deal with it. Green snickers that it is a silly question, and says the only logical way is to power up themselves. Bill gets upset at the boy's sarcasm, and hollers that he has not met a single trainer whose skills match those of Red and Green in the past five years, let alone surpass them. He doesn't see how it will be a simple task for the two to further improve themselves, and calls their plan ridiculous.

A bitter look appears on Red's face, and the boy mutters that they are well aware of that, but it is the only right thing to do. He and Green both know how important it was for Blue to finally reunite with her parents, and as close companions of the girl, it is their obligation to safeguard her from harm, and a reason sound enough for them to fight. Bill falls silent once he realizes Red and Green's sentiments, and the boys start re-evaluating the possibility of levelling up themselves within such a short period of time.

Suddenly, a voice comes on to say such means do exist, and the three quickly turn around to find themselves face to face with a peculiar old lady who's wearing a traditional robe and holding a staff with six metal rings fastened onto it. The old lady states that One Island is known as the knot island where karma gathers, and grins that the moment she saw Red and Green get off the Sea Gallop at the seaport, she knew they share with her a mysterious karma, and are the chosen ones to receive her ultimate attacks…

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271: Inside The Silph Scope!

Volume 23