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At the seaport on One Island, Red, Green and Bill are caught off guard when a peculiar old lady appears out of nowhere, and declares the two boys her chosen ones to receive the ultimate attacks. Quick with his usual cold tone, Green tells her off with a snicker, and says they have no time to deal with cranky people.

His words immediately tick off the old lady, who lets out an angry roar and thrusts her staff forward, sending two of the metal rings attached to it spinning towards Red and Green. The boys quickly call out Charizard and Saur to fend them off, but the rings seem to have a life on their own, and after twirling up into the sky, dip down swiftly to clamp around their wrists.

Stunned for a moment, Red notices that his metal ring bears the Chinese character 'grass' while Green's is carved with the character 'fire', and is surprised that the bracelets won't come off despite not being snug-fits. Green gets upset and charges forward for a punch, but the old lady brings her staff up to block his attack, and grins that it seems she has succeeded in getting their proper attention now.

Knowing that the boys still regard her as a prankster, the old lady decides to demonstrate her power, and sends out a Typhlosion and Meganium. She states that these starters are blessed with the special abilities blaze and overgrow, and the two Pokémon without warning unleash what appear to be powered up versions of a flamethrower and solarbeam.

The attacks narrowly avoid Charizard and Saur before crashing into the hull of the Sea Gallop, which is docking at the harbour, and instantly blast through a large crevice on the left edge of the liner, deforming the walls and glass windows behind the spot. Red, Green, Bill, Charizard and Saur stare in disbelief at the immense damage done on both the Sea Gallop and along the paths which the energy beams just coursed through, and gasp in awe at the deadly powers of the Typhlosion and Meganium.

Just then, the sailor who boarded Red, Green and Blue at Vermillion comes out from the control room to prepare for the next departure, and is horrified to see part of the liner wrecked. He quickly notices the old lady, and furiously demands to know what she has done. He hollers that it was her who begged him to take her to One Island for a local tour at the famous Mt. Ember and Kindle Road, and promised not to cause any trouble. Now that she has broken their pact, he has no choice but to send her back to Two Island immediately.

Bill gets a sense of nostalgia when he hears the sailor address the old lady as Brinca, and feels that he has come across the name before. Red notices Bill's sudden change of facial expression, and wonders what is wrong. Bill explains that a long time ago, there exists a myth about an old lady who lives on an isolated island far from Kanto, and guards the ultimate attacks of Pokémon. Unless his memory is playing tricks with him, that old lady from what he remembers is named Brinca.

The young inventor's doubt is quickly assured when the old lady puts on a wide grin, and introduces herself as the guardian mentioned in the legend. She states that she has lived all by herself on Two Island and guarded the ultimate attacks for the past few decades, and has in fact been waiting for the right ones to come and inherit them. Bill sweatdrops upon the revelation, and has a hard time believing that the powerful Brinca in the myth is actually such a peculiar person.

Green grunts that he doesn't give a damn as to who the old lady is, but says she has no right to restrain them with the metal rings. He adds that he gets bad karma everytime he teams up with Red, and demands Brinca to take the rings off. However, Brinca simply turns her head away with a cocky smirk, and Green instantly fumes with anger. Frustrated, he decides to leave and pulls Red along, but to their surprise, the metallic bracelets draw them backwards with an invisible force, and Brinca grins that the rings will make sure the boys are within a distance of 20 feet from her. Green loses his temper and starts to holler again, but Red stops him and slowly walks over to Brinca.

With a serious tone, Red says he was completely awe struck at the power of the attacks earlier, and while he isn't completely convinced that Brinca is the guardian of the ultimate attacks, he is willing to believe. He remarks that Green and himself need to get strong quickly in order to face a new enemy, and wants to know if Brinca really plans to pass on the attacks to them. Grinning wide and proud, Brinca drapes her staff over her shoulder and nods.

Later, on the Sea Gallop, Brinca is taking a nap on a sun chair out on the deck while Red and Green are sitting in the sheltered area not far away. The sailor makes an announcement that the liner is heading towards Two Island, and once again thanks the passengers for travelling with them. Still upset about the metal ring on his wrist, Green attempts to have Scizor break it with its pincers, but no matter how hard the steel Pokémon tries, the thin bracelet shows no signs of yielding.

Green closes his eyes to think over the baffling events that have happened so far, and wants to know why Red trusted Brinca right away. Red remarks that they have all witnessed her power at the seaport, and it is enough proof that she possesses skills beyond theirs and will be capable of helping them improve within a short time. He adds that it is also a rare chance to learn the legendary ultimate attacks of Pokémon, but Green cuts him short and says he's not doubting the old lady's ability.

Taking another look at the slumbering Brinca, Green states that there is a distinct possibility she might be an enemy, and could actually be the mastermind behind the mysterious creature that attacked them. Now that the metallic rings have chained them to her, they will have no chance to escape if she really turns out to be a foe. Red has apparently never thought of this before, and lets out a small gasp when the idea crosses his mind for the first time. Green remarks that they can't do much right now, but warns Red to stay cautious as anything is possible.

A moment later, the arrival bell goes off, and the sailor announces the liner's docking at Two Island. Brinca stretches herself out with a content grin as she wakes up, and beckons the boys to follow her. Moving with caution, Red and Green trail after the old lady while keeping a short distance, both oblivious to the fact that Blue's Ditto, Ditty, has secretly attached itself on Red's backpack.

After setting foot on Two Island, Red notices that they are the only passengers getting off, and Brinca states that no one but her lives on the island, and that the place does not welcome unskilled trainers. The three start climbing up long flights of concrete stairs while the sun beats down on them, and soon arrive at a giant wooden door with the name 'The Jump Path' written over its top. Brinca welcomes Red and Green to her front door, and the boys are surprised to learn that they will have to course through 3 kilometres of indoor corridors before reaching Brinca's house, known as the Cape Brink.

Carefully stepping through the wooden door, Red and Green find themselves in a long and empty room. Green wonders if it is where they are going to learn the ultimate attacks, and Brinca without warning swats him hard on the head with her staff, hollering that they will first need to train up their physical endurance, in particular the strength in their waist and legs. She then demands the boys to send out Charizard and Venusaur, and Green has no choice but to comply as Red does, despite his own grudge towards the old lady.

Taking a vine from Saur, Brinca orders Charizard to grab the free end, and states that as the name 'The Jump Path' implies, this corridor ahead of them must be passed by jumping. While Charizard and Saur are required to move forward and at the same time keep the vine spinning in loops between them, Red and Green will have to match their pace and take a hop everytime the vine passes underneath their feet. Until they reach the other end of the room, should either one of them trip on the vine, both will have to start from the beginning again.

Just then, a tremble is heard underground, and the whole corridor all of a sudden slants backwards, which makes the challenge even greater since it demands more physical strength. Brinca remarks that she shall monitor their progress from outside, and ushers the boys to get going. Left with no other options, Red and Green stand side by side between Charizard and Saur, and begin hopping their way along the corridor while the two Pokémon keep the vine in motion.

Both boys start to pant very soon, and Green looks out from the windows on the side to see Brinca flying on her Dragonite. He yells at the top of his voice and demands to know when the jump path ends, and the old lady giggles that it does when they get to the other end of the corridor, aggravating Green even more.

Brinca then decides to put her own mischievous attitude aside for the moment, and explains that their training mode changes every 1 kilometre. She recalls having challengers come to her 22 years ago, but those trainers spent more than 8 hours on the jump path, and barely made it through two thirds of it. She wishes the boys good luck, and hopes they will make it further than their predecessors.

Still blaming Red for his unthoughtful decision of trusting Brinca, Green hollers that the old lady is clearly entertaining herself by torturing them, and can't see how they will learn any ultimate attacks that way. Red doesn't seem too thrilled about their current situation either, but is already too exhausted to make any comments. Green then orders Charizard to spin the vine faster, yet Red happens to be giving Saur the opposite command the exact same time. Both boys sweatdrop as they give each other a look, and Red decides to have Saur follow Charizard's breathing pace instead.

A while later, Red and Green have succeeded in completing the jump path, and are panting hard to catch their breath at the corridor's exit. Brinca compliments on their hard work, and points her staff at the next wooden door ahead, where a plank on top is carved with the name 'The Catch Path'. Brinca proceeds to give each boy a Dodrio, and opens the door to reveal another long room, which ceiling is overgrown with vegetation instead of being empty like the previous one.

While the corridor slowly slants forward this time, Brinca explains that berries will fall down from the trees when they cross the room on the Dodrios. Red and Green are required to catch every single one of the berries along their way, and just like in the jump path, the challenge will be restarted everytime they miss a berry.

Wasting no time, Red and Green begin their training at the catch path, and struggle to keep themselves balanced on the fast moving Dodrios while bending their bodies back and forth to catch the falling berries. Red lets out a horrified cry when a berry slips from his hand, but Green manages to grab it before it falls to the ground, and turns around to give Red an encouraging grin.

The boys soon make it through the catch path as well, and arrive before the final wooden door. Red falls onto his knees in exhaustion and pants hard, and Green kneels down to support him by draping his companion's arm over his own shoulder. Seeing the name 'The Battle Path' written over the door, Green wonders what they will be fighting, and Brinca states that their opponents are standing right before their eyes.

Both boys are baffled by her answer, and Green demands an explanation. Keeping a stern expression on her face, Brinca says she has perhaps forgotten to mention that she will only be teaching one of them her ultimate attacks, and Red and Green realize with a start that they will need to battle with each other to determine who shall receive the inheritance.

The two long time friends and rivals remain stunned by the notion for a moment, and hold a blank stare at each other. Red's draped arm over Green's shoulder causes the metal rings on their wrists to collide, and the clanging sound quickly fills the silence between them…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

272: Two Island's Old Lady Brinca!

Volume 23