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At the Cape Brink on Two Island, Red and Green remain stunned after the peculiar old lady, Brinca, revealed that she will only be teaching one of them her ultimate attacks, which means this two long standing friends and rivals will have to battle each other out to determine the inheritor. Wasting no time, Brinca ushers the boys into the Battle Path with her staff, and announces that it will be a two on two combat.

A wooden fence in the middle separates the long corridor into two equal parts, and Green soon notices that the ground is capable of slanting like those in their previous challenges. However, while the corridor of the Jump Path slants backwards and that of the Pick Path forward, this one in the Battle Path moves independently on both sides. Flying on her Dragonite again outside, Brinca comments that the battle shall determine the movements of the corridors, where the side who manages a hit will slant forward, and the side being inflicted damage will slant backwards. She points out that the person who reaches the other end of the room first will be the winner, and commences the fight with a holler.

Left with no other choice, Green releases his Golduck and Porygon2, while Red calls out his Snorlax, Lax, and Gyarados, Gyara. Both boys begin running, and Green wonders what Red's take will be. He remarks that since their goal is simply to gain possession of the ultimate attacks for fighting Blue's assailant, either one of them inheriting the skills will do. Red agrees that they do not necessarily have to give their best shot in the battle, and wants to know what Green thinks.

But then Green puts on a little grin, and says there is one thing however that bothers him. Without another word, he has Golduck ram into Lax with an irontail, and orders a tri-attack from Porygon2 which hits Gyara square-faced. The boy states that he wouldn't have cared if it is someone else, but to him, Red is a worthy opponent, and they have been rivals since the day they set out from Pallet, making him unable to resist the urge to fight with all his might. Knowing what Green means, Red grins that he feels the same, and promises to make it a good battle.

Now that both boys are determined to win, neither holds back themselves anymore. Red quickly makes up for the previous damage by a body slam on Porygon2 from Gyara, followed by a strength on Golduck from Lax. To his surprise, his side of the corridor slants backwards, and greatly reduces his speed. Brinca comments from outside that although Gyarados's intimidate ability lowers the attack of Green's Pokémon, they still scored a hit before Red's did, and thus favoured the corridor movement on Green's side.

Lagging behind, Red thinks hard for a plan, and decides to count on distant attacks. He commands a hyperbeam from Lax, and the blast manages to throw Golduck off its feet. Green quickly tells Golduck to evade by dig, and make use of the ground to mask its next moves. However, Red instantly comes up with a way to counter this strategy, and has Lax shake the entire room with a powerful earthquake.

The attack causes massive damage to both Porygon2 and Golduck, and Green grunts in frustration. But Red grins that there is more to it, and says earthquake inflicts further injuries to Pokémon using dig. A battered Golduck then re-emerges from the ground, and quickly collapses.

Brinca comments that it was a wise move of Red since flying types like Gyarados are unharmed by ground attacks even if they affect the entire battle field, and Green instantly feels his corridor slanting backwards. Red swiftly catches up and very soon advances beyond Green. The boy compliments on his Pokémon, but notices with a start that Gyara has been paralyzed by Porygon2's tri-attack earlier.

Just then, Red hears Green's footsteps nearing again, and turns around to see a shadow speeding towards him. Green grins that it is like reliving the experience of the previous Pokémon League Tournament again, and feels exhilirated by the sensation of his blood pumping throughout his whole body.

The quick shadow reveals itself to be Green's Machamp taking the air route by clinging itself onto Scizor, and Red gasps in shock as the two Pokémon charge down towards Lax…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

273: The Battle Path!

Volume 23