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Charging down towards Lax, Scizor releases its grip on Machamp, and the fighting Pokémon swiftly wraps its four arms around the giant Snorlax, pulling off a powerful seismic toss to hurl it across the room. Red gasps that the entanglement of Machamp's four limbs exposed Lax's weak points, and the attack was furthered powered up by the momentum created by Scizor's speed.

Lax struggles to climb back onto its feet and leaps forward for a tackle, but Green orders a final blow from Machamp, and Machamp adeptly hops sideways before ramming its right leg hard into Lax, causing the plump Pokémon to trip over badly and crash into unconsciousness. Red grunts that it is the attack lowkick, which power increases proportionally with the foe's weight, and works perfectly for heavy Pokémon like Snorlax.

Outside, flying on her Dragonite, Brinca watches the battle with a content look on her face. She is impressed by the fact that despite the loss of Golduck, Green remains unstumped by the setback, and has quickly switched in two other Pokémon to reverse the situation.

Back inside Ultimate Attacks Unleashed, Green orders Scizor to steelwing Gyara, and the paralyzed sea dragon has great trouble evading the attack with its reduced speed. Red quickly calls back Gyara and Lax, and sends out Pika and Aero to fight. Aero immediately engages in a fierce midair battle with Scizor, and keeps ramming its head into the steel bug with a take down. Red remarks that his Aerodactyl will not be hurt by recoil damages since it has the rock head ability, and both boys soon realize that they are on a par with each other's speed and progress.

Aero soon gains the upperhand in spite of the type disadvantage, and clamps around Scizor's neck with a dragon claw. Green retrieves Scizor, and Red grabs the opportunity to have Pika thunder Machamp. However, to his shock, the electric current suddenly deflects away, and gets drawn to the Rhydon Green just sent out instead. Rhydon's drill on its head absorbs all the charges without receiving any any injuries due to it being a ground type, and Green grins that it is the effect of the lightning rod ability, which attracts all electricity in the battle field.

Each with one Pokémon down, Red and Green are edging close to the other end of the room with almost identical team status. Green reminds Red that the winner is determined by who reaches the goal first but not the number of Pokémon remaining, and says judging by their running paces, he shall be the one to inherit the attacks.

Aware that his own speed can't match that of Green's, Red knows he will need the favourable corridor movements to help him out. While Pika's electric attacks can no longer be counted on, it is still able to pull of physical attacks. Without further hesitation, Red orders Pika to hop up towards the ceiling, and has it unleash an irontail with the aid of momentum in the fashion of Green's Scizor and Machamp earlier.

The electric rat curls itself into a ball with its tail hardened, and keeps spinning down towards Machamp until its tail rams hard onto the forehead of its unexpecting opponent. The damage inflicted quickly causes Green's corridor to slant backwards and that of Red's forward, and in the nick of time makes both boys reach the other end of the room at the exact same moment.

Panting hard to catch their breaths, Red and Green wonder who has won the match, and what decision will be made now that they have apparently had a draw. Green yells out for Brinca to be the judge, but to his surprise receives no reponse from outside. Both boys curiously slide open the door to check what's going on, and instantly see the shadow projection of Brinca being restrained at the neck by something on the rooftop. Red and Green gasp in horror when they look up and see an aqua green and orange creature with long tentacles, and recognize it as the same being that they saw attacked Blue on the Sea Gallop from the Silph Scope.

However, before they could react, the creature lashes out two more tentacles to grip around their necks, and the boys quickly send out Charizard and Saur. Struggling against their restraints, Red and Green know that they have to come up with something quickly before they all get destroyed. Suddenly, the metal rings Brinca clamped around their wrists begin to glow, and hieroglyphic writings soon appear on them.

Brinca strains her voice against the pressure around her throat to murmur what sounds like attack names, and Red and Green notice right away that Charizard and Saur seem to be responding with a similar glow as the metal rings. Red rationalizes that it must be the ultimate attacks Brinca talked about and wonders what to do, but Green hollers that they have no time to ponder. Deciding to give it a shot, the boys mimick what Brinca has just said, and yells out the names Blast Burn and Frenzy Plant…

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274: Ultimate Attacks Unleashed!

Volume 23