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In the Icefall Cave on Four Island, Red, Green and Bill gasp in shock when they recognize their unexpected visitor as Lorelei, one of the Kanto Elite 4 who are a gang of trainers even more powerful than the gymleaders. Not having seen or heard about the young woman since the big showdown on Cerise Island, Red is completely taken by surprise at Lorelei's sudden appearance, and wants to know what brings her there.

Lorelei nonchalently takes out her compact mirror, and grins that Four Island is her hometown, a beautiful and natural island untampered by civilization's pollution. Yet, it has recently come to her awareness that someone is causing trouble in her hometown, and thus she is making a return to defend it. Just then, the frozen Sneasel, Kingler and Golbat behind her manage to defrost themselves, and begin charging towards her. But Lorelei has anticipated their moves by noticing their reflection in her compact mirror, and snaps her mirror shut as Cloyster cuts in and fends the three Pokémon off with its tough shell.

The young woman wonders if fate has intended for her to meet up with Red and Green again, and proceeds to order a spike cannon from Closyter. The sharp missiles instantly knock Sneasel and Kingler back, and send them crashing hard onto the rocks. Red and Bill gasp at the power of the attack, and while Golbat manages to evade the first barrage of spikes, it eventually gets pinned down as well.

Lorelei then wants confirmation that Team Rocket are really the ones lurking in the Icefall Cave, but Red and Green have reserves about revealing the information, and remain silent after stealing a glance at each other. Lorelei realizes that the boys don't really trust her as she was a former foe, and decides that she shall find it out herself.

Just then, a gigglish voice booms that it will be a right guess to say Team Rocket is choreographing the activities in the cave, and the whole place begins to tremble violently. Red quickly calls out Saur, and an explosion all of a sudden blasts through one of the rocky walls, sending boulders flying everywhere. A giant dome-shaped machine equipped with several circular metal arm extensors break out from the rubbles, and a little man wearing a TR uniform with a handfree speakerphone sits between two Forretresses and chuckles that the wild Pokémon who attacked earlier were indeed under their command.

Without warning, two metal arm extensors shoot out towards Red, Green, Bill and Lorelei, and tightly clamp around their waists as well as their Pokémon before they could react, lifting them up into the air as the little man hops down from the machine. The little man trots over to the fallen Sneasel, Kingler and Golbat, and after shooting them a look of contempt, deems them as weak creatures unworth of keeping.

Using the handheld controller of his machine, he swats them off with another metal arm extensor, and turns around to pat his two Forretresses, giggling that only useful Pokémon deserve his care. Angered that Team Rocket is treating the wild Pokémon in her hometown as tools, Lorelei clutches her fists in fury, but could do nothing as the tough metal arm extensor keeps her immobile.

The little man then remarks that perhaps the wild Pokémon aren't completely useless afterall, since they've assisted him in capturing the Pallet trainers Red and Green, just as they have planned. Unable to free themselves from the restraints, the two boys give each other a knowing look, and simultaneously order the ultimate attacks, Frenzy Plant and Blast Burn, from Saur and Charizard. However, the little man swiftly uses his controller to tilt the metal arm extensors clamping around them downwards, and the powerful blasts explode into the ground instead.

The little man merrily hops around, and applauds at the strength of the skills, but chuckles that they still do no good if they can't score an accurate hit. Suddenly, a woman's voice comes on to tell the little man to stop fooling around, and Red and Green are shock that the enemy has other companions around. The little man is upset at the accusations, and begins to argue back, and two other silhouettes soon materialize out from the darkness of the cave, showing themselves as a tall lean woman with sly facial features standing next to a Persian, and a big burly man with a Shuckle in his palm and another sitting on his head, both wearing the same TR uniform with handfree speakerphones just like the little man.

The woman smirks that they should perhaps introduce themselves, and reveals her name as Storc, the little man's as Jagura, and the big man Oca, stating that they are the secret agents of Team Rocket, the Beast Warrior Trio who directly serves under their leader. Red bolts with a start when he hears the term leader, and demands to know who it is. Storc nonchalently remarks that it is naturally the great Giovanni, and Red instantly grits his teeth in anger, fully convinced that their old foe is back and is causing trouble with the weird orange and aqua green Pokémon.

Unable to hold back his fury, Red hollers that Team Rocket better give a full explanation on why they are attacking Green and himself, Blue, and most importantly Blue's parents, but Jagura simply makes a face and sticks his tongue out in mischief. Totally infuriated now, Red has Saur deform the metal arm extensor around him with its powerful vines, and slips down from the space created to charge towards his foes.

Lorelei frantically yells for the boy to stop, but it is too late. Jagura is apparently well prepared for this, and his Forretress without warning pulls off an explosion. Just as the deadly force is about to consume Red, Lorelei sends out her Slowking from its ultraball, as dust and sharp rock fragments created by the attack quickly fill the whole area and blind everyone's vision.

When the smoke finally clears, Oca grins that it is finally over, and says he may start to feel lonely now that their little friends are gone. But Storc cuts in, and tells him not to be so sure just as yet. She soon sees a big hole left behind on the ground where Red, Green, Bill and Lorelei were, and remarks that the young woman's Slowking has helped them escape with dig just before the explosion got them. She turns around to Jagura, and blames him for letting his mischief get into their way again, but the little man tells her not to worry and that he has it all planned out.

Meanwhile, in a little house on Four Island filled with Pokédolls, Red, Green, Bill, Lorelei and their Pokémon are panting hard to catch their breath, with Red obviously having suffered more injuries than the others. Green looks around at the vast number of dolls sitting in literally every single corner of the room, and sweatdrops as he wonders who would own a house like this. Lorelei gets slightly offended by the remark, and warns Green to keep his opinion to himself while he's staying at her place.

Lorelei then says the enemy is much more powerful than she thought, and orders Red, Green and Bill to remain in the house for the moment, and not to leave without her permission. The television in the room all of a sudden switches on by itself, and the images of the Beast Warrior Trio instantly appear on the screen. Chuckling with his high pitched voice, Jagura states that their current announcement is broadcasted in every single house across the Sevii Islands, and declares that Team Rocket shall unleash a concurrent attack on all the islands. He then holds up a circular bearing the photos of Red, Green and Blue under the title 'Wanted', and giggles that the only way the residents could stop the attacks will be to hand over the three Pallet trainers to them…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

277: The Beast Warrior Trio Enters!

Volume 23