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At Lorelei's house on Four Island, Green, Bill and Lorelei gasp with shock as they watch the Beast Warrior Trio's public broadcast on the television, announcing their planned massive concurrent attacks on the entire Sevii Islands. Slouching on the bed next to them, Red continues to wince in pain from the injuries he had earlier, and the whole island suddenly starts to tremble. Green, Bill and Lorelei immediately rush towards the window to look out, and are horrified when the top of the Icefall Cave explodes into pieces, and the Beast Warrior Trio emerge with evil grins on their faces on their Pokémon out from the rubbles.

Riding on his Steelix, Jagura chuckles that he shall lead the first wave of attack, and heads towards Five Island. Oca and his Shuckles sit in a basket suspended by eight Hoppips, and states that he shall unleash his powers on Six Island. Storc and her Persian, on the other hand, hover on a Starmie and make their way towards the direction of Seven Island.

Green grits his teeth in frustration as he watches his foes depart to begin their massive attack plans, and Lorelei is still taken aback by the idea that the entire Sevii Islands is now under siege. Bill remarks that although they now know for sure that Team Rocket is behind everything, they still have yet to learn of their intentions, and more importantly, why exactly are they targetting Red, Green and Blue. Green grunts that he doesn't have an answer for that, but says he only knows that they could not sit around and wait to be found.

The boy states that he shall head off to chase after the Beast Warrior Trio, and Red struggles to get up after hearing that, volunteering to come along. Green quickly tells him not to be silly and stay behind until his injuries from Forretress's explosion heal, but Red points out that there are three enemies at hand, and they should at least have three people on their side as well to fight them. Lorelei then proposes that Red heads for Five Island, Green Six deals with Six Island, while she herself takes care of Seven Island, and wants to know what the boys think. Grateful that an old foe is now a companion, Red feels deeply moved and thanks the young woman for her help and quickly accepts the offer.

Later, on the speedy liner Sea Gallop, Red, Green and Lorelei are heading towards the three southern most islands of the archipelago underneath the starless evening sky. The sailor is busy scrubbing the dock clean, and mumbles to himself in annoyance that his ship has now turned into a taxi. Green overhears him and wants to know if he has a problem, and the sailor quickly laughs it off under the boy's cold stare, saying that he is just glad to have them as his passengers again.

Five Island soon comes into view, and Red promptly sends out Aero, and wishes his two companions good luck before taking off on the prehistoric flyer. Getting ready themselves, Green calls out his Charizard as well, while Lorelei releases her long time companion, Lapras, from its Pokéball.

On Five Island, Jagura stays airbourne on his Steelix, and grins that it's time to begin the fun. Confident and proud in his Pokémon' strength, he fears that he will end up blowing off the entire island, and proceeds to order a dragonbreath from his metal serpent. The powerful blast explodes into the luxurious buildings of Resort Gorgeous on the northern coast of the island, and immediately sends residents screaming and running out onto the streets. Jagura continues his savage towards the south, and soon destroys the Memorial Pillar, which is a place for grieving dead Pokémon, on the opposite coast of the island as well.

The little man soon gets bored unleashing all the attacks from above, and plans to do a direct hit instead. He orders one of his Forretresses to use explosion in the PokémonCenter of the island, and the steel bagworm gladly throws itself through the windows of the two-storey building, and charges itself up for the attack. However, after waiting for some time, Jagura still hears no explosion, and flies down on his Steelix with a baffled look to check on his Forretress. To his shock, he sees Red towering over his fainted Pokémon, and the boy grins that the same attack never works twice.

Jagura gets infuriated at Red's mockery, and hollers that no one gets to talk to him that way. Yelling that he shall switch to brutal force since Forretress's explosion fails to work, he orders a crunch from Steelix, and the giant metal serpent instantly clamps down on Red with its deadly jaws. But just as Jagura is about to cheer over his victory, he feels his Pokémon trembling, and notices with a start that Red's Poliwrath has actually pushed apart Steelix's fangs with its powerful arms.

Sitting in Steelix's mouth, Red grins that his Poli was in fact the reason why Forretress's explosion was stopped, and states that this most trusted companion of his since childhood has the ability damp, which prohibits all kinds of explosive attacks. The boy adds that apart from being a dependable friend, Poli is also an excellent fighter, and adeptly leaps off Steelix as the big blue frog delivers a focus punch on its foe.

Ramming its powerful fist forward, Poli catches Steelix off guard, and sends it crashing through the walls of the PokémonCenter. Jagura struggles to balance on his Pokémon, and fumes with both rage and humiliation. He hollers that he shall strike with the tail instead if attacking with the mouth fails, and quickly orders an irontail from Steelix. To his shock, something flashes in Poli's eyes, and the big blue frog manages to grab the metal serpent's tail before it hits, and hurls it down onto the ground with a seismic toss.

Jagura holds his head in pain as he struggles to sit up from the fall, but Pika swiftly points its electrified tail next to his throat, and the little man looks up to see Red towering over him with a victorious grin. The boy wonders if Jagura understands why he has failed the match, and states that his Poli has used mindreader before Steelix unleashed its irontail, and was thus able to anticipate its foe's movements and evade the attack.

Knowing that he has been completely outwitted and outpowered this time, Jagura remains silent and puts on a nervous look. With Pika keeping Jagura in his place, Red looks around at the numerous collapsed buildings and ensuing flames burning on Five Island, and cringes at the massive destruction done. He grabs Jagura by the collar, and hollers that it is unacceptable that Team Rocket is hurting so many innocent people just to hunt down Green, Blue and himself. He demands to know what exactly they want from the three of them, and whether of not the fear of them interfering with TR's evil plans is the only reason behind everything.

Jagura stutters with his words under Red's furious interrogation, and slowly reveals that the Pallet trainers are in fact not feared, but rather essential for their plan to work. The truth is, Giovanni has ordered them to make use of Red, Green and Blue to lure out the DNA Pokémon Deoxys, and thus it is of utmost importance for them to capture the three young trainers.

Meanwhile, on Six Island, Oca and his two Shuckles have just flattened out all the residents and their Pokémon who tried to stop them. The fallen trainers are piled one on top of each other along with their Pokémon, and have either fainted or are wincing from their injuries. The big man grins to himself that the people on Six Island are even weaker than he imagined, and wonders if he should begin his attacks from the Pattern Bush all the way to the Altering Cave or start from the Ruin Valley towards the south of the island.

Just then, a voice yells for him to stop, and Oca turns around to see Green surfing towards the coastline on his Golduck. Oca grins that he is glad that his preys are coming to him instead of needing to hunt them out, and Green leaps onto shore while sending out Charizard. Not wanting to waste any time, the boy immediately orders a flamethrower, and the fire dragon breathes out a blast of burning flames from its mouth towards Oca's Shuckles.

However, as the smoke clears, Oca smirks that his Pokémon won't be burnt by weak attacks as such, and Green notices with a shock that both Shuckles have suffered nearly no damage at all by retreating into their tough and durable shells. Suddenly, numerous holes start to appear on the ground where Green, Golduck and Charizard are standing, and wild Shuckles pop their heads out with less than friendly grins. Without warning, the creatures leap out altogether from the holes and swarm themselves onto Green, Golduck and Charizard. Green struggles to free himself from their constraints, but to no avail. He soon notices that both Charizard and Golduck are badly poisoned, and realizes that the Shuckles have unleashed toxic on them.

Seeing the frustrated and painful look on Green's face, Oca giggles that it's always interesting to see people suffering, but says he still prefers the cute looks of his Shuckles as he reaches down to pat his Pokémon. The big man then states that all living things are one big family, and that having a family is a very important thing in life. He remarks that family must play a big part in Green's life as well, and puts on an evil smirk as he calls forward a column-shaped machine with two arm extensors holding up a screen. To Green's horror, it displays an image of his own grandfather, Prof. Oak, battered and being chained up against a wall.

Back on Five Island, Red is still trying to digest what Jagura just said. Hearing the name Deoxys, he realizes that it is the mysterious orange and aqua green Pokémon which attacked Blue on the Sea Gallop. He tightens his grip around Jagura's collar, and presses him for an explanation, but the little man pledges that he honestly doesn't know and has only been told by their leader that Deoxys is attracted to the Pallet Pokédex holders, and will appear wherever Red, Green and Blue gather…

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278: Full Region Attack!

Volume 23