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Night has fallen at the Sevii Islands. At the Pokémon Network Center on One Island, Celio is beginning to figure out what exactly went wrong with Pokémon Transfer System. Some time earlier, the Beast Warrior Trio's public announcement to all island residents about Red, Green and Blue have caught his notice, and he has come to discover that the wide-spread broadcast was made possible after some powerful external EM waves interfered with the Sevii Islands' own television network signals.

Revising the system log on his computer which monitors the status of the entire archipelago's Pokémon Transfer System, he notices a striking similarity in the signal interference pattern, and realizes that the malfunctioning was caused by the same mechanism, and that Team Rocket is without a doubt responsible for it.

He quickly picks up the phone to inform Bill about it, but several other staff at the Network Center suddenly rush into his room with desperate looks on their faces, and holler that they are in big trouble. It turns out that the residents on One Island have become unsettled after watching the Beast Warrior Trio's announcement on television, and are demanding Celio to surrender Red, Green and Blue whom they saw took shelter at the Network Center a few days ago.

Celio hurriedly rushes to the window to look out, and is horrified when he sees mobs of angry people gathering outside the Network Center, only held back by the gates and the frantic security guards. The residents claim to have seen the disastrous destruction on Five, Six and Seven Islands, and declare that they will not leave until Celio hands over the three teenagers who were responsible for disturbing the once peaceful Sevii Islands.

At the first-aid booth of the Network Center, Blue hears the cries of the protesting island residents, and slowly opens her eyes. She realizes that it is no longer safe for her to stay there, and struggles to get up. Grabbing her bag and the Fame Checker on the bedside table, she braces herself and begins looking around for a backdoor to sneak out from without being seen.

Meanwhile, on Five Island, a furious Red demands Jagura to repeat what he just said about Deoxys being attracted to the Pallet Pokédex holders and TR's scheme to use Green, Blue and himself to lure the creature out. Just then, a woman climbs out from the rubbles of the fallen buildings crying for help, and Red turns around to see several injured island residents trying to free themselves from the concrete blocks and boulders. The boy quickly tells Saur to hold Jagura captive with its vines, and rushes over to help the woman get up.

However, to his shock, the moment the woman sees his face, she angrily swats his arm away, and calls him a hypocrite. She hollers that they have all watched the television announcement, and that he and his two companions are the reason why the Sevii Islands are under siege. She screams that as long as the three of them are still on the run, the Beast Warrior Trio will continue their attacks, and the only sufferers will be the island residents.

Red is stunned speechless at what the woman said, and Jagura steals a giggle at himself knowing that the Pallet trainers are now despised by the Sevii Islands' people. Just then, Bill arrives at the scene on his Farfetch'd, and is glad to see the little man defeated and tied up, but he soon notices the solemn look on Red's face, and wonders what is going on. Suddenly, a rock is hurled at Red and hits him hard on the left shoulder, and all the injured island residents begin taking their fury out on the boy. Labelling him as a bad omen to their community, they demand that he either turns himself to the Beast Warrior Trio, or leaves the Sevii Islands immediately.

Ticked off by the way the people are treating Red, Bill cuts in and states that the boy is not there to bring trouble but rather solve the crisis on the islands. Being a Pokédex holder, he is not only both intelligent and skillful, but also one of the few special trainers recognized by Prof. Oak, the top authority in the Pokémon world. However, the island residents are less than convinced, and demand to see the Pokédex as a proof of Red's identity. Yet, having returned the device to the professor before he came to the islands, Red is once again at a loss of words, and has no choice but to admit that he no longer has it with him.

This causes the crowd to roar in contempt, and the people start calling Red an imposter in addition to being a bad omen. Bill furiously argues back, but Red stops him, and tells him not to bother. Disheartened, the boy turns to walk away, but suddenly feels a powerful sensation surging through his body. An unusual gust of strong wind sweeps up the sand and dust in the rubbles of the fallen buildings, and everyone wonders what is going on.

What Jagura said about Deoxys being attracted to the Pallet Pokédex holders keep flashing across Red's mind, and the boy begins murmuring and repeating the words to himself. Bill wants to know what Red is talking about, and Red remarks that although he does not understand the reason why, he could definitely feel the presence of the creature, the creature which is claimed to be lured by his own presence.

At that very moment, the gust of wind manifests itself into a silhouette, and materializes right in front of Red. Jagura instantly cheers that it has arrived, and Red realizes that he is finally face to face with Deoxys, the being that has stalked them all this time. Despite the fact that the creature is for some reason showing itself in a half transparent state, Red recognizes its appearance as the form which Blue's Ditto transformed into. But just as soon as the thought crosses his mind, Deoxys's colour becomes solid and morphs into a form with pointed ears and long tentacles, the appearance which was recorded in Blue's Silph. Scope.

Wasting no time, Red orders a thunderbolt from Pika, and the yellow rat quickly sends a powerful electric current shooting towards its foe. However, Deoxys changes appearance again, this time with a rounded head and bulky body, and easily deflects the attack. Surprised by ths third form of the creature which he has never seen before, Red remembers what Green has speculated about the enemy's multiple appearance, and realizes that instead of having multiple entities, the enemy is actually a solitary being but possesses the ability to change its body shape to suit different situation.

Jagura laughs that this signature trait of Deoxys is called form-change, and just as he says that, the orange and aqua green creature once again switches into the half transparent state which it first appeared as. Lifting himself off the ground on Aero, Red charges down from above with Pika, but Deoxys holds them at bay with the two tentacles of its right arm, and morphs its left arm into a fist to deliver a punch and knock them down.

As Red and Pika crash onto the ground, Aero struggles to stay airbourne, but Deoxys swiftly changes into its pointed-ears form, and pierces its four tentacles into the wings of the Aerodactyl, causing it to lose balance and plummet in agony. Red cries in horror and immediately has Saur catch it with its vines, but by doing so also frees Jagura from his restraints.

Red then sends out Lax and commands a megapunch, but Deoxys morphs into its bulky form before the attack strikes, and stands unfaltered as if the hit was nothing. Barely able to defend the creature's assaults while totally unable to inflict damages on it, Red thinks hard to come up with a strategy to counter his foe's special ability and reaches for his Pokédex, but quickly remembers that he doesn't have it anymore, and decides that he shall figure out the solution himself.

Retrieving Lax, Red sends out Gyara and hops onto its head with Pika, and remarks that Deoxys's pointed and tentacular form seems to excel in attacking while its bulky form specializes in defence. However, the half transparent form in which its tentacles can change into fists remains a mystery.

Down on the ground, Jagura grins that Red sure is observant, and reveals that the tentacular form is properly known as the attack form, while the bulky one is called the defense form. The little man pulls out a dark skinned device with the symbol of a beast's head on its front and points it towards Deoxys, and successfully collects the text data of the Pokémon. He giggles that they will now be able to learn even more about it, and begins jumping around with excitement.

Bill notices that the device Jagura holds is strikingly familiar, and realizes that aside from its dark colour, both its shape and functions are completely identical to a Pokédex. He immediately demands to know where the machine came from, but Jagura ignores him and simply giggles that more observation will be needed as there are more secrets to Deoxys's form change ability. Bill gets ticked off, and charges forward to grab Jagura, who adeptly slips away and taunts the young inventor to catch him.

Bill furiously chases after the little man, and recalls what Red and Green told him about Prof. Oak's mysterious disappearance and his confiscation of their Pokédexes. He is now more than convinced that Team Rocket is once again behind it, and demands to know if the professor is currently held prisoner by them.

Meanwhile, on Six Island, Oca reveals to Green that Prof. Oak has indeed been kidnapped by them, and Green immediately fumes with anger. He calls out his Machamp and Scizor, and orders them to take down the Shuckles by all means. Machamp charges up a hyperbeam while Scizor delivers a metal claw, but both attacks barely cause the swarm of Shuckles to flinch and inflict massive pain on Charizard, Golduck and Green himself instead.

Oca moves away from Machamp and Scizor's range of attack while watching Green suffer from his own companions' assaults, and muses that family can really be a powerful motivation for a trainer and his Pokémon to work together. However, he also knows that the Shuckles have strong bonds among themselves, and are just as powerful in sticking to one another. He bends down to pat some of the Shuckles still on the ground, and promises to take them all for a walk in the flower fields after the battle.

Suddenly, he feels a sharp pain on his hand, and jumps in shock when he sees a drill coming out from the ground. Before he could react, Green's Rhydon charges out from below and throws him up into the air. Green remarks that it is basically impossible to give orders to such a huge number of Pokémon at the same time, and it is clear that one of Oca's Shuckles is directing the whole swarm of wild ones. Thus, by knocking out the Shuckle in command, the team will surely fall apart.

Keeping his eye on Oca's falling Shuckle, Rhydon delivers a powerful punch to crush it into the ground, and faints it instantly. With their leader defeated, the plague of wild Shuckles disintegrates in no time, and hurriedly returns underground. Oca crashes with his face down onto the ground, and loses consciousness as Green reveals that Scizor and Machamp were in fact attacking frantically earlier just to corner him to where Rhydon was lurking beneath. In other words, if Oca has not been so careless and consumed with his affection towards the Shuckles, Green's plan would not have worked. Taking another look at Prof. Oak's image on Oca's robot machine, Green gets really worried about his grandfather and wonders where he could be.

Out in the open seas, the sailor of the Sea Gallop looks through his binoculars, and gasps at the destruction done on Five, Six and Seven Islands. He is wondering how Red, Green and Lorelei are doing when his phone suddenly rings, and he rushes over to pick it up. To his annoyance, Brinca's voice comes booming through, and the sailor impatiently asks what she wants. Brinca yells that she will need to head to One Island as soon as possible, and demands the sailor to come pick her up on Two Island immediately. The sailor is curious of what she plans to do, but Brinca hollers that she has no time to explain, and the sailor knows better than to upset the peculiar old lady.

Putting down the phone receiver, Brinca thinks for a moment, and recalls the last conversation she had with Red and Green before they left her island. After Red's Venusaur has learnt the grass type ultimate attack Frenzy Plant, and Green's Charizard Blast Burn, the fire type counterpart, there is still one metal ring left on Brinca's staff. Red has inquired if it holds the water type ultimate attack, and when asked why it concerned him, the boy explained that the girl who was attacked by the mysterious creature onboard the Sea Gallop, named Blue, is a good companion of theirs. Being a powerful trainer who owns a Blastoise, he suggested that she would be a suitable recipient of the water type ultimate attack.

Red and Green have also told Brinca that Blue is currently recovering from her injuries on One Island, and while the two of them are setting out on their own to fight the enemy, they wish that Blue could battle alongside with them as well once she is ready.

Standing atop a small cliff to wait for the Sea Gallop's arrival, Brinca takes a look at the last metal ring on her staff which holds the water type ultimate attack Hydro Cannon, and muses to herself that perhaps the emergence of all three ultimate attack recipients is fate's way of telling her it's time to come out from retirement and get into action again.

Back on Five Island, Deoxys has once again morphed into its half transparent state. Red alerts Pika of the dark clouds looming above their heads, and the electric rat instantly understands what its trainer is thinking of. Getting themselves ready, Red and Pika hop off Gyara, and Pika quickly directs a thunder down towards the crystalline organ on Deoxys's chest. The critical hit causes the orange and aqua green creature to disintegrate immediately, and Red jumps with excitement that his guess about the organ being Deoxys's center of life force is correct. He praises Pika for its good work, and is about to rejoice when he notices Deoxys's disintegrated body suddenly reforming itself.

Jagura laughs that the Pokémon is using recover, and Red hurriedly commands another thunder from Pika. However, to his shock, the electric rat fails to pull off the attack, and Jagura giggles that Deoxys's ability, pressure, exhausts its foe's PPs, and that Pika will not be able to use thunder again.

Just then, Deoxys creates a blinding light orb in front of its chest between its four tentacles, and Jagura exclaims that it is the creature's signature attack, the deadly psychoboost which has a base power of 140. Deoxys charges its psychic force into the light orb, causing it to expand rapidly, and with an ominous shriek, turns it into a blast towards Red and Pika.

Watching the attack swiftly consume the young trainer, Jagura states that the observation is over, and folds his dark coloured dex shut with an evil smirk on his face…

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279: Full Region Attack!

Volume 23