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At the Team Rocket Warehouse on Five Island, Jagura stares at the photo in his hands, and wonders if the red haired kid in the picture is Giovanni's rumoured son. For a long time, there have been gossips among the TR grunts that Giovanni used to have a son who somehow disappeared one day, but he and Oca have always brushed it off as silly talks. Now that he has seen the photo, it seems that the rumour is true afterall.

From their own research, they know that Deoxys possesses a powerful psychic vision power once it fully matures into a Pokémon. Taking a look at Deoxys from the computer's monitor screen, the little man couldn't help but wonder if the real intention behind their boss's pursuit of the creature is to find his lost son with this special power.

On the roof top of the Trainer Tower on Seven Island, Giovanni calls out his Crobat and Beedrill, and prepares to take off to Birth Island where Deoxys rests.

Meanwhile, dawn is about to arrive at the Sevii Islands. Along the eastern coastline of Five Island, Red continues to run mindlessly, and soon trips over on the uneven sand of the beach. Gritting his teeth in pain, which actually hurts more at the heart than on his body, he pulls himself to his knees, and looks around at his scattered Pokéballs, inside which his six Pokémon are still having a hard time recovering from their injuries.

He sees the painful look on Aero's face as it wraps its punctured wings around its body, and apologizes for making it hurt so much. He trembles with guilt when he realizes just how badly Lax and Gyara were wounded from being his shield, and his chest tightens at the marked injuries over the bodies of Saur and Poli. He then releases Pika from its Pokéball, and takes it into his arms, recalling how hard the electric rat worked against the battle against Deoxys. It was the only one who managed to score a hit on Deoxys, but also the one who immediately sheltered him from Deoxys's deadly attack. Unable to hold back anymore, Red bursts into tears and hugs Pika tight, begging it to forgive him.

Up in the air, Blue slowly hovers over on her Jiggly, and her casted shadow on the sand soon alerts Red of her presence. The boy turns sideways to brush away his tears, and wants to know if Blue came to persuade him to go back into battle. But the girl gently shakes her head as she dislodges from Jiggly to sit next to Red, and remarks that she is actually there to thank him.

From the words of Green and Brinca, she has learnt that Red did not even hesitate for a second after witnessing how she lost her parents on the Sea Gallop, and right away took upon the mission to fight the enemy. Learning the ultimate attacks, throwing himself against the unpredictable enemy despite the peril, Red has fought and worked so hard all this time simply because she is his close companion, and from Red's own words, it is a reason sound enough to fight.

Red's lips curl to a slight grin as he recalls all he's been through so far, but quickly dissolves again when he thinks of the battle against Deoxys. He sighs that that impulsive attitude of his is exactly what got him into where he is right now, a trainer who has failed to save his companion's parents, a trainer who is unable to stop the destruction on the islands but subjected his own Pokémon to unbearable hurt instead, a trainer who is no longer qualified as a Pokedex holder. Still with Pika in his arms, he stands up with a disheartened look, and begins to walk away.

Without shifting her gaze from the sand beneath her feet, Blue wants to know where Red is going, and the boy states that his presence will only lead to more attacks from Team Rocket on the island residents. Since he is no longer a qualified Pokedex holder, he is unsuited for solving crisis and doesn't deserve to be there anymore.

Blue straightens herself up as she wonders if it is really what Red thinks, and Red nods with a serious look. Blue then grins a little, and says he has got it complete wrong in that case. She reveals that the real reason why Prof. Oak wanted the Pokedexes back from them is that he wishes to upgrade them to the national mode, for the inclusion data of other Pokémon species only found in other regions. Red gasps in shock when he hears the piece of information, and Blue explains that she learnt it from the professor personally when she went back to Pallet to return her own dex. In fact, she did that merely one day before Red and Green returned there… At Oak's Science Lab in Pallet Town, the professor congratulates Blue when the girl breaks the happy news to him about finally being able to get in touch with her long separated parents. Oak compliments on Blue's new outfit, and learns that Blue will be meeting her parents at the seaport of One Island the next day. He opens a drawer and offers to give Blue the passes needed for travelling at the Sevii Islands, but Blue explains that she already owns both the Tri-pass and Rainbow-pass, since she has actually visited the islands before when she headed off on her own journey to face her bird-phobia, during which she captured Moltres on One Island's Mt. Ember.

Blue then reaches into her bag to return her Pokedex to Oak, and the professor laughs that he has almost forgotten himself. Oak remarks that he shall take Red and Green's when they arrive, and hopes Blue wouldn't mind the wait for the upgrades to complete. Blue assures him that she will be busy having some much needed family bonding with her parents, and won't need the Pokedex for a while. She tells Oak to take all the time he needs, and says her goodbyes as she trots out from the lab with her Pokémon in high spirits while Oak waves at his doorway.

Watching Blue gradually disappear from sight, Oak feels truly grateful that the girl has finally found her parents, and brushes off a tear of joy from his eyes. He decides that he should probably get back to work, and stretches himself out before re-entering the lab. Just then, a seed the size of Pokéball rolls in from the door and stops right next to his feet. Without warning, vines spurt out from it and quickly entangle the professor. Oak gasps in surprise, and looks out from the door to see a big man floating down from the sky in a basket suspended by several Hoppips.

The man grins that he has longed to see what the famous Pokedex looks like, and causes the ground to tremble when he jumps down. He remarks that the devices are the dream boxes carrying the precious data of the adventures and battles of very special trainers, and feels glad that the insider information about Prof. Oak retrieving the dexes from the holders is true.

Oak demands to know who the man is, but quickly gets pushed back and crashes into his cupboard, scattering the contents in its drawers as well as a box of Fame Checkers on the floor. The big man marches over to the big desk in the room, and reaches for Blue's Pokedex. Oak makes sure that his unexpected visitor isn't looking, and presses the record button on one of the checkers. He then calls for his Kangaskhan and Fearow, which has evolved not too long ago, and commands them to attack. But the big man adeptly holds up two Shuckles to fend off the assaults, and grins that he is Oca of the Beast Warrior Trio, the secret agent who specializes in defence.

Without much effort, Oca's Shuckles toss Kangaskhan and Fearow towards each other, which causes them to faint from the powerful crash against themselves. Oca grabs Oak by the collar of his shirt to lift him off the ground, and demands to know where the two remaining dexes are. Struggling to breathe, the professor mutters that the other holders will return the following day, and he will take it back from them when they do.

Oca pauses to think for a moment, and recalls his two missions at hand. First, he needs to snag all three Pokedexes. Secondly, he must lure all three Pallet trainers to the Sevii Islands. Looking around in the lab, he suddenly notices the scattered Fame Checkers along with some Tri-passes, and decides to make it seem to the Pallet trainers as if everything is Oak's idea. Left with no other choice, the professor reluctantly records the messages about confiscating the Pokedexes on the Fame Checkers to Red and Green, and leaves behind a Tri-pass for each of his three most trusted trainers… As dawn breaks at the Sevii Islands, Red gasps in disbelief when he finally hears what really happened back at Pallet. Blue explains that one thing that Oca missed was that the Fame Checker to her has started recording the moment he barged into the Science Lab, a deliberate hint left behind by Oak to inform them of the actual situation.

Red then shifts his gaze to the ground and appears to be lost in thought again. Blue remarks that she knows exactly what Red is thinking, that despite knowing the real deal behind the confiscated Pokedexes, it still doesn't change the fact that they currently don't possess the strength the defeat Deoxys. Red remains silent to the statement, and dips his gaze even lower. Instead of trying to convince Red out of it, Blue simply puts on a gentle smile and says it is a reasonable thinking, causing the boy look up in surprise.

Blue acknowledges that only Red can understand the fear and painful sense of defeat because he alone faced Deoxys one on one. Green and herself have no right to force him back into battle, and that is why she is not there to do that. However, she states that she has made up her mind to fight, and holds up her wrist with a grin. To Red's shock, Blue is wearing the metal ring which bears the water type ultimate attack.

Just then, Brinca appears out of nowhere and is rapidly pulled towards Blue by the attraction between her staff and the metal ring. The old lady screeches to a halt once she is within 20 feet from the girl, and hollers that she knew someone must have gotten one of her metal rings when her staff started yanking her away. She wonders when and how Blue stole it from her though, as it has never happened before, but Blue simply puts on a smirk, and giggles evilly.

Surprised by all this, Red wants to know why Blue is inheriting the ultimate attack from Brinca, and the girl reaches for a Pokéball to send out her Blastoise, Turtley. She grins that it's funny how Red should ask since he's the one who recommended her to the old lady, and brings her arm around that of her water starter, promising herself that she shall master the water type ultimate attack, hydrocannon.

At that moment, Blue's Ditto, Ditty, who has hid itself as part of Red's backpack all this time, comes out from its camouflage, and hops merrily back to its own trainer. As Blue and her Pokémon begin to walk off with Brinca, Red suddenly stops her and warns that Deoxys possesses very deadly powers, that not even the ultimate attacks will work.

But Blue requests that Red not speak the words, and says she has decided to fight for the sake of meeting her parents again and fight for her own fate, the fate that is no one else's but hers. With a slightly sad but determined look, the girl resumes her path, confident that she is strong enough to take on any challenges ahead.

As the sun slowly rises from the horizon, Giovanni's Crobat lowers him next to Dexoys's black delta shield on Birth Island, and the orange and aqua green creature which is still in recovery steals an uneasy glance at the dark attired man. Giovanni puts on a smirk and tells Individual 2 that it must be hurting from all the injuries Red has inflicted to it during their battle, but says it is however the perfect chance for him to capture it.

Sending out an Aggron, the Team Rocket leader orders his Pokémon to charge forward, and hollers that it is time that he gains possession of Deoxys's space powers…

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282: A Holder's Qualification!

Volume 24