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On Five Island, Red gasps in shock that the TR created genetic Pokémon, Mewtwo, which has disappeared since the battle a few years ago, is standing right before his eyes. Mewtwo gently drops Lorelei onto the ground next to Red, and the boy demands to know what it has done to her. The humanoid creature remarks with a hollow voice that it incidentally found the young woman when it passed by Seven Island, and Red suddenly realizes something is very wrong.

Making sure that he is not dreaming, he begins to freak about being able to hear the genetic Pokémon speak, and wonders how it is possible. Yet Mewtwo simply brushes off his query with a grin, and extends its psychic spoon to sntach off the boy's Pokéballs from his belt. It comments that his team members' injuries are so severe that they are all on the verge of dying, and Red demands to know what it is doing. Looking straight into Red's eyes, Mewtwo is surprised that it hasn't made it obvious enough, that it is there to battle alongside with him.

Meanwhile, on another part of the island, Blue has successfully learnt the water type ultimate attack, hydrocannon. While hieroglyphic writings glow radically on the metal ring around her wrist which bears the character 'water', the girl wipes off a sweat from her forehead, and is interested to know what Brinca thinks.

The old lady's eyes widen with disbelief as she stares at the gigantic hole blasted open by the girl's Blastoise on the rocky wall ahead, and exclaims that she has never seen such a talented trainer before, being able to master the speed and power of the attack without needing the special practice at the Jump Path, Catch Path and Battle Path, her exclusive training corridors at the Cape Brink. She lets out a roar of excitement, and says it is truly a miracle.

Brinca then wiggles her staff to free the metal ring from Blue's wrist, and the girl grins that she is glad to have succeeded in such a short time. Right at that moment, Green arrives at the scene looking for Blue, and is slightly taken aback that she has managed to master the attack already. He then says the timing is in fact just right and she will have a good chance to put it to practice, and beckons her to follow.

Blue and Brinca quickly gather up themselves, and hurry after Green back to the seaport where the Sea Gallop is docked. On their way back, Green informs them that while they have initially planned to sail off when dawn breaks, they just might not be able to do so now. The three soon arrive at the seaport, where the frustrated Sea Gallop sailor is poking the waters next to his ship with a long bamboo stick, cursing at whatever he's trying to hit.

Brinca and Blue wonder if the man has gone crazy, and Green tells the two to look under the ship. To their surprise, a whole swarm of Unowns has plagued themselves around the propellors of the Sea Gallop, and have formed a network around it so tight that the sailor's poking barely caused them to move.

But the sailor refuses to give in, and grunts that the liner will not be able to sail with the propellors lodged. He then recalls seeing a dark cloud speeding across the skies above Seven Island earlier when he was on his way to pick up Brinca from Two Island, and rationalizes that the cloud was most likely these creatures as well. Thinking everything over, Green remarks that the Unowns must have been unsealed by Storc of the Beast Warrior Trio during her battle with Lorelei, and are now sent there by the enemy to spy on them and hinder their actions.

Blue points out that they actually possess the means to handle the symbol Pokémon, and Green agrees that it is time to put their ultimate attacks to some practical use. Sending out his Charizard while Blue calls out Turtley, Green wants to know how confident Blue is in accuracy. Blue remarks that she doesn't find it too big a problem, and Green says he shall follow her lead in that case as his Charizard is still having a bit of trouble with attack directions and timing.

The Sea Gallop sailor only then realizes what the two young trainers are planning, and quickly protests that it will also blow apart the ship's propellors. But Green hushes him, and says he knows what he is doing. Positioning themselves at the edge of the dock, Blue commands the ultimate water attack, hydrocannon, from her Blastoise, and Green's Charizard swiftly follows with the ultimate fire attack, blastburn. Three powerful jets of water explode from the mouth and two cannons of Turtley, and a blinding blaze erupts from Charizard's jaws. However, the two attacks keep straying from their target, and Green is frustrated that their directions are still unsteady even with each other's complement.

Suddenly, they hear Red's voice assuring them that he shall be the ones to steady them, and Saur appears out of nowhere, unleashing the ultimate grass attack, frenzyplant. A massive bundle of thorns shoot out from the Venusaur's flower, and quickly bind around flames and water streams, twirling into a three-coloured energy blast. Brinca gasps that her three ultimate attacks have been combined as one, and watches with amazement as the attack strikes right at the Unowns, blasting them up into the air while leaving the propellors intact.

The fainted symbol Pokémon drop into the waters one by one as the sea calms from the energy explosion, and everyone turns around to see Red with Lorelei in his arms. Red apologizes for keeping them worried, and says he has now found his reason to fight, and will not turn away from the battle anymore. He is fully prepared to take on his destiny, and has thus returned to fight alongside with them.

Blue puts on a smile of relief while Green grins that Red is free to do whatever he likes, and Brinca states that she has faith in him, and was sure that he would come back. The Sea Gallop sailor is then surprised that Red has rescued Lorelei already, and wonders how he was able to travel to Seven Island without the ship. Red laughs that it wasn't him who saved her, and alerts everyone to their new companion. Green and Blue look around to see what Red is talking about, and both freak out when Mewtwo all of a sudden stands right in their face.

A few hours later, the Sea Gallop sailor has made sure that everything on the ship is working fine, and announces that they are ready to sail off again. While Red, Green, Blue and Mewtwo stay on the deck, Brinca stands atop the liner and hollers that it is time for revenge. On the deck, Green and Blue take another look at Mewtwo, are still slightly taken aback by the unexpected appearance of the genetic Pokémon. Blue mutters that she still doesn't get it, and Green agrees that he is also baffled as to why the creature is there.

Overhearing the two's conversation, Red explains that it there there to fight with them, and says a Pokémon as powerful as Mewtwo is a valuable companion to them, as his own team members have all been severely injured, and the destruction of the PokemonCenters made it impossible for him to heal them. He adds that Mewtwo probably knows more about the current incident than they do, and they could perhaps acquire more insight from it. However, Green still isn't too convinced, and is curious to know how Red is able to understand what Mewtwo thinks. Red admits that he finds it odd at first as well, but Mewtwo is apparently capable of telepathy, and has spoken to him directly like a voice in his head.

Seeing the sweatdrops on Green and Blue's foreheads, Red is surprised that they didn't experience the same thing, and suddenly hears Mewtwo's voice again. Speaking through telepathy, Mewtwo reveals to Red that he in fact, is the only one in the group that could hear its words. Mewtwo explains that it didn't know it possessed such an ability in the past, but after he became a trainer Pokémon, and later returned to be on its own again, the experience it accumulated led it to discover this skill. At least, that is what it has rationalized.

However, it does not reach out to everyone with telepathy, because to it, humans are generally not trustworthy. Apart from its previous master, Blaine, there are only two other trainers whom it trusts, one being Red, the only person that has been able to capture it in a ball, and the other, a young trainer wearing a straw hat, who has fought alongside with it against Lance of the Kanto Elite 4.

Red knows that the straw hat trainer is in fact Yellow, and is thinking over the genetic Pokémon's words when Green suddenly slaps him on the shoulder, alerting him that Seven Island has come into view. Green tells him to take a look at his VS Seeker, and Red discovers that its transparent sensor is shooting off a beam of light. He then notices that Green's VS Seeker as well as Blue's, which she must have received from Bill earlier, are both giving off a light beam towards the same direction, indicating someone with a battle will against all three of them is nearby.

The three light beams converge to top of a building on the northern coast on Seven Island, and Brinca states that it is the Trainer Tower, a facility which challenges the skills of trainers by timing their battles. Just then, the old lady notices a cloud of dark spots edging towards them from the tower, which soon shows themselves as Unowns. Blue wonders why the symbol Pokémon are there again, and Red remarks that the creatures are most likely serving as minions to Team Rocket now after being unsealed.

Green points out that the presence of such a large number of guarding force suggests that the Trainer Tower is the headquarters of the enemy, and proposes breaking into the building from above on his Charizard. But then, Mewtwo pats him on the shoulder, and telepathically remarks that they shall enter via his barrier ball. Without another word, the genetic Pokémon creates a transparent globe with its psychic powers around Red, Green, Blue and itself, and before the three young trainers know what is happening, they are all lifted off the ground.

The barrier ball starts shooting towards the Trainer Tower, and any Unown that cuts in the way is instantly knocked off by a powerful psychic force. Mewtwo grins that they should get in the tower in no time as it will help them take out all foes of any kind and in any number…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

284: Mewtwo Joins The Battle!

Volume 24