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High up on the outdoor combat field of the TR battle airship which is in its stadium mode, Giovanni gasps in surprise when Mewtwo's psychic blast comes charging back down from the skies in the form of a psychic spoon, and stabs right through the crystalline organ on Deoxys's chest.

The DNA Pokémon's eyes widen with horror as its crystalline core shoots off electric sparks like a broken machine. Its body then slowly trembles, and begins morphing uncontrollably between its attack, defense and speed forms.

Giovanni recalls the way Mewtwo fired off the psychic blast earlier, which Deoxys deflected into the skies, and realizes that it was intended to be an ambush all along. He demands to know if Red was lying about not having a plan, and that his seemingly non-existent strategy was in fact to lower Deoxys's guard, making it believe that it has the upperhand all this time.

Mewtwo grins and denies of Red's involvement in the trick. It says the only direction the boy gave was to target Deoxys's crystalline chest organ, which it took the liberty to fulfill by its own tactics. It claims that its style of combat is simply to trust and follow the orders of its master, and keep its focus only on completing the task at hand, regardless of the strategy required.

Giovanni keeps a stern face at Mewtwo's statement, and murmurs something inaudible to himself. Mewtwo then looks over to its opponent, and sees Deoxys struggling to keep its own body stable. Apparently, the DNA Pokémon has trouble controlling its form change ability, and is currently stuck in its normal form.

Red remarks that they shouldn't be too content as of yet, and shows Mewtwo Pika's Pokéball, inside which the electric rat is frantically jumping around and trying to warn them of something. Red understands that Pika is reminding him of their fight against Deoxys on Five Island, during which they managed to halt the creature's motions temporarily when they hit its crystalline core with a thunder. Yet, Deoxys eventually healed itself with recover, shortly before it fired off its surpreme attack in revenge.

Mewtwo wonders what attack Red is talking about, and the boy explains that it was named by one of the TR secret agents as psychoboost, a power move which managed to wipe out all six Pokémon on his team with one hit.

Mewtwo assures Red that there is nothing to worry about, and says it won't give room for Deoxys to recover this time. It raises its arm, and Red looks up in surprise to see a barrage of psychic blasts showering down from above. It turns out that Mewtwo's original psychic blast has divided itself into multiple energy cores up in the skies after being deflected away by Deoxys, and the psychic spoon which stabbed through Deoxys's chest organ earlier was only one of them.

Giovanni gasps in horror and quickly orders Deoxys's to morph into its defense form, but the aqua green and orange creature fails to initiate the process, and the barrage of psychic blasts slams onto its back like a meteor shower, knocking it down to its knees.

Mewtwo grins at the sight of Deoxys's battered state, and decides that it is time to determine the winner of the battle. Red reminds it to stay alert, but Mewtwo tells the boy not to fret, as it is already familiar with the signs and pattern of their opponent's form change ability. The psychic mutant then creates another psychic spoon and charges towards Deoxys, who attempts to morph into its defense form again. However, Mewtwo has figured out that the key to countering this special ability is to strike before the morphing fully kicks in, which is currently slowed down due to the damage of Deoxys's core earlier.

Mewtwo lands a blow before Deoxys could succeed morphing, and forces it to defend with its forearms. Deoxy's poor defense status in the normal form gives it a hard time withstanding Mewtwo's consecutive strikes, and the DNA Pokémon is soon kncoked against the wall.

Mewtwo then prepares a final swipe at Deoxys's head, hoping that it will come to its senses and snap out of Giovanni's control. But just as the psychic spoon is about to hit, a sharp and terrible pain freezes Mewtwo in midair, and the psychic mutant gasps in shock and horror as it feels two tentacles piercing out from its chest after stabbling through its back. It turns around in disbelief to see two of Deoxys's attack form tentacles withdrawing themselves from its body and back into the ground, and finds it impossible as Deoxys itself is still in its normal form.

The unexpected ambush causes Mewtwo to collapse to its knees, and it suddenly notices cylinders of seven-coloured lights surrounding the body of Deoxys. The cylinders gradually subside, and reveal that Deoxys is actually in its attack form.

Red recognizes the light as aurora, and realizes with a start that Deoxys has been camouflaging itself with the aurora all this time to appear as if it is stuck in its normal form. He is surprised that Deoxys possesses such kind of ability, and Giovanni grins that it was a really dangerous moment, but is glad that Deoxys has finished with its recover as well while in the camouflage.

The man then remarks that he has initially hoped they wouldn't get to this point, but apparently Red and Mewtwo are too good opponents not to take that step of their interesting battle. He decides that the only way he could pay them his fullest respect is to unleash Deoxys's most supreme attack, and the DNA Pokémon swiftly forms a blinding light orb in front of its chest between its four tentacles, preparing to fire off its deadliest psychoboost, just like it had on Five Island, only that it is doing it in its attack form this time, which greatly multiplies the power of the move.

Meanwhile, at the rear end of the TR battle airship, Yellow hovers on her Butterfree, Freesk, and wonders how she should get in now that the door which admitted Storc and Oca's shuttle is closed. She reaches for the Pokéballs in her pouch, and sends out Ratty, who begins gnawing at the metal body of the battle airship. With its hyperfang, the Raticate soon manages to cut out a circular opening, and Yellow quickly steps in, deteremind to find Silver.

Inside the battle airship, Storc and Oca enter the control room, and Banette joyfully tag along while keeping Silver suspended in mid-air under its hypnosis. Oca takes a look at the multiple monitor screens which display the images captured from various surveillance cameras on the aircraft, and notices that the straw hat trainer they faced earlier has broken into the battle airship.

The big man begins to get unsettled as he remembers what Storc said about the trainer, but Storc on the other hand, is more concerned about Silver's hideous outfit which would disgrace his reunion with Giovanni. She orders Banette to lower down the boy, and walks over to a cabinet to start picking out clothes. She soon makes her choice, and pulls out a trench coat designed in the same fashion as the Beast Warrior Trio's uniform, with a flaring dark collar connected to a flowing cape behind. She quickly fastens the outfit on top of Silver's existing one, and grins that everything looks much better now.

Addressing the boy as Sir Silver, she giggles that it is time for him to awaken as the new devil prince of Team Rocket…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

293: The Deceiving Aurora!

Volume 25