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Inside the TR battle airship, Silver gradually regains consciousness and wonders where he is. He bolts with a start when he notices the weird trench coat he is wearing, and memories of the recent happenings suddenly come flooding back into his mind.

Earlier, he was battling Team Rocket alongside Yellow in the Viridian Forest, and the tall woman named Storc has revealed to him that their boss, Giovanni, is no other than his biological father. The shocking news sent his mind swirling in a haze at that time, and the two TR secret agents have apparently taken the chance to snag him away.

Just then, Sneasel pops out from its Pokéball, and darts towards a nearby bed where a man lies unconscious on it. Silver moves his gaze towards the face of the man, and sees that he bears the exact same features as the statue inside the Viridian Gym, which portrays its past gymleader. Without a doubt, this man lying in front of him is Giovanni, his very own father.

Bargaining with himself over this notion which he finds difficult to accept, Silver recalls the years he spent under Mask of Ice. From a very early time, he has always wondered why the masked man chose him as one of the Masked Children, and what exactly were the criteria which the selections were based on.

Eventually, Blue raised the question for him in front of Mask of Ice, who made no effort to keep it a secret. It turned out that the first consideration was gender, which the masked man chose three boys and three girls.

The second thing was age. Since the Masked Children would be training amongst themselves and the masked man feared that they would be too unified and might rebel against him if they were of the same age, he made sure that the six children had a three-year age difference in between, with Cart at 17, Shum at 14, Karen at 11, Will at 8, Blue at 5 and Silver at 2.

Finally, each child must have an outstanding quality, be it related to their birth place or their natural talents. And in Silver's case, he was the most outstanding, because he was born from an elite family.

As Silver thinks over the words of Mask of Ice, they finally make sense to him. He realizes that Pryce has known everything right from the start, his age, his birth place, and the fact that he is the son of Giovanni. It was because of this that he sent Ho-Oh to kidnap him, to take him away from his home. Sneasel watches its trainer grip his fist in anger, and feels sad that there is nothing it can do to comfort the boy.

Silver recalls how Storc addressed him back in front of the Viridian Gym, and postulates that Giovanni and Team Rocket must have been searching for him all this time. Yet, on top of that, he knows well of their intention too, and that is to make him the successor of Giovanni in being the boss of Team Rocket. The new outfit he was forced to wear clearly shows that. Giovanni's blood runs in him, and it would be no surprise that he is expected to inherit his powers and legacy.

Silver begins giggling as he slides himself onto the floor, feeling disheartened that all his hopes have come down to nothing but this. He tells Sneasel that at the end things remain the same for him, and that is the cold reality of his fate.

He feels shameful to admit it, but he cannot deny that he has often dreamt of returning home and reuniting with his own parents, just like Blue did. He has always envisioned himself in a place showered under the warmth of the sun, spending quality time with his most trusted Pokémon, living each day in laughter, having the loving home environment just like his friend and rival, Gold.

But now he knows that they are all nothing but dreams. No matter how hard he tries to reach for the world of light outside, that world will never accept a creature born from the dark like him. No matter what he does, he will always be banished from the surface world, and sent back into the shadows. That is the reality of his life, the fate for someone who belongs to the world of darkness.

Silver straightens up himself, and takes a final look at Giovanni. He remarks that it is one thing to accept his fate, but it will be asking too much of him to respect, adore or even hold this man in front of him. In fact, for someone who runs an organization like Team Rocket which uses Pokémon for evil means, he wouldn't even accept him as his father.

With that, Silver turns to walk away while Sneasel watches with a sad look. However, a hand suddenly reaches out to clutch Silver's, and the boy hears the man on the bed weakly calling out his name.

Meanwhile, back on the mid-air battle stadium outside, Storc comments on Red and Yellow's expecting looks on their faces, and giggles that they must be waiting for her to explain what Deoxys meant by it is Red himself. However, she states that with Deoxys's background story in mind, Yellow should be able to read the creature's mind more properly this time without confusion.

Yellow quickly places her hand over Deoxys to attempt another communication, while Storc laughs maniacally that it wouldn't change anything even Yellow manages to find out the answer, because they have already used Deoxys's powers to locate Giovanni's lost son, and that their whole scheme is at its final stages.

Red grits his teeth in frustration as Yellow keeps trying to probe Deoxys's mind, and Storc wonders if they should lock up the two trainers in the same room. Oca chuckles that they certainly must, and the two secret agents simultaneously mock that it would be a very touching reunion to see.

Suddenly, the stationary battle airship begins to shake vigorously, and throws everyone off their balance. Mewtwo wants to know what is wrong, and Red states that someone is starting up the engines of the aircraft. However, before Red could finish his sentence, the whole battle airship tilts sharply to one side, and everyone begins sliding.

Mewtwo quickly extends its psychic spoon to catch Yellow and Red while securing the other end onto one of the battle stadium's poles. Red grabs Deoxys by its arm before it tumbles off, and wonders if it is another of Team Rocket's gimmicks again. Mewtwo believes that it is not the case, and states that their enemies are too, struggling to support themselves on the stadium pole right below theirs.

Holding tight onto Oca, Storc cannot understand what is going on, as the aircraft's auto-pilot system is meant to be impeccable. She wonders if they have been hijacked and looks over towards the direction of the pilot room. To her horror, Jagura stares right back into her face from the room's window, and wears a devilish grin on his face.

Storc curses out loud, and wonders how Jagura managed to escape from the store room. Jagura chuckles that he is responsible for the maintenance of Team Rocket's computer system 'r', and it would be absurd to think that he doesn't have means to hack through the electronic locks. Red, Yellow and Mewtwo couldn't help but overhear the secret agents' heated convesation, and realize that their enemy is having a fallout among themselves.

Gaining full control of the TR battle airship from the pilot's seat, Jagura states that he doesn't care about chasing after Red and the other Pallet Town trainers, nor does he care about the emotional reunion of their boss and his son. Since Storc and the others disregarded him, he will certainly not sit back and watch them gracefully emerge victorious.

The little man voices his determination to become the next boss of Team Rocket, and in order to achieve that, he shall destroy everyone who gets in his way, be it the boss, the lost son, Red or Storc. With a maniacal giggle, he pulls hard onto the direction handle, and the whole aircraft begins plummeting rapidly towards the ground…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

297: The Rebelling Jagura!

Volume 25